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Basic Principles

a. Sovereignty over natural resources and the obligation not to cause harm Principle 21, Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, June 16, 1972 b. c. d. 2. Principle of Prevention Sustainable Development Intergenerational Responsibility Oposa v. Factoran, 224 SCRA 792 (1993) Sources of Environmental Laws

2.1 International Agreements a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. Stockholm Declaration (1972) 1992 United Nations Conference on the Environment and Development Rio Declaration on the Environment and Development Copenhagen Accord Manila Declaration on Resources Efficient and Green Industry (Sept. 11, 2009) Kyoto Protocol United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer International Tropical Timber Agreement of 1983

2.2 Constitutional Provisions a. b. c. d. e. Article I Article II, Section 15 and 16 Article XII, Section 2 Article XII, Section 5 Article XIII, Section 7

2.5 Civil Code provisions related to the Environment - Human Relations (Articles 19-32) - Magbanua v. Intermediate Appellate Court, G.R. Nos. L-66870-72, June 29-1985 - Nuisance (694-707) - Rodriguez, Jr., et al v. IAC, G.R. No. 74816, March 17, 1987 - Easements (634-681) 2.3 Laws and Administrative Issuances - P.D. No. 1151, June 6, 1977 - P.D. No. 1152 (Philippine Environment Code) - P.D. No. 1586, June 11, 1978

2.4 Overview of the Rules of Procedure for Environmental Cases (A.M. No. 09-6-9-SC, April 13, 2010) a. b. Objectives Salient Features

1. a. b. c. d. e. -

Revised Forestry Code (P.D. No. 705)

State Policy Multiple Land Use Definition of Terms The DENR Ysmael v. Deputy Executive Secretary, 190 SCRA 673 (1990) Forest Management Bureau Supervision Review Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies i. Sunville Timber Products, Inc. v. Abad, 206 SCRA 482 (1992) ii. Paat v. Court of Appeals, 266 SCRA 167 (1997) iii. Ysmael v. Deputy Executive Secretary, supra f. g. h. i. j. k. l. m. n. o. p. Jurisdiction i. Lagua v. Cusi, 160 SCRA 260 (1988) Classification Heirs of Amunategui v. Director of Forestry, 126 SCRA 69 (1983) Republic v. Naguiat, 479 SCRA 585 (2006) De Ocampo v. Arlos, 343 SCRA 716 (2000) Director of Forestry v. Villareal, 170 SCRA 598 (1989) Topography (Sec. 15) Areas needed for Forest Purposes (Sec. 16) Republic v. Court of Appeals and Lastimado, 89 SCRA 648 (1979) Reservation in forest lands and off-shore areas International Hardwood and Veneer Co. v. UP, 200 SCRA 554 (1991) Multiple Use (Sec. 19) License agreement (Sec. 20) Duration of license (Sec. 27) Size of forest concessions (Sec. 28) Reforestation (Sec. 33) Industrial tree plantation (Sec. 34); Incentives (Sec.36) Control of Concession Area (Sec. 38)

q. r. s. t. u. v.

Regulation of timber utilization (Sec. 39) Swampland and Mangrove Forests (Sec. 43) Visitorial Powers (Sec. 44) Authority of Forest Officers (Sec. 45) Mining Operations (Sec. 47) Mineral Reservations (sec. 48)