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The Shandong Miracle Song

Angels discovered singing end-time song in a rural Chinese worship service! In May, 1995 I received this most electrifying report from a friend who for several years has been the leader of a ministry to China. To protect him and his contacts in China, I must not reveal his name. But for you to better understand his credibility, let me explain that I have known him for many years. He is a graduate of a prestigious theological seminary and is a former pastor. My friend is an intelligent and balanced servant of God. He is not given to sensationalism. The following is a summary of his recent report to me. The whole province of Shandong, in eastern China (population: 57 million), was in the midst of a sweeping revival. For fear of arrest, believers meet secretly in house churches, often by candlelight. At a 1995 meeting in Shandong, everyone was singing "in the Spirit" together (1 Corinthians 14:15), not in their own language, but "as the Spirit gave them utterance," all in harmony but all singing different words. Someone audiotaped the meeting. Later, when they played back the cassette, they were shocked! What they heard was not what had happened there at all -- but the sound of angels singing in Mandarin -- a song they had never heard before, and with a musical accompaniment that had not been there!!! When my friend first heard the tape, before anyone told him what it was, he exclaimed, "Those are angels!!" Actually, there was no other explanation. Below are the actual translated words sung by the angels! Note that the words express ideas with which these rural Chinese peasants were not familiar. (Original Chinese version follows). "The End is Near: Rescue Souls" 1. The famine is becoming more and more critical. There are more and more earthquakes. The situation is becoming more and more sinister. People are fighting against each other, nation against nation. Disasters are more and more severe. 2. The whole environment is deteriorating. Disasters are more and more severe. People's hearts are wicked, and they do not worship the true God. Disasters are more and more severe. 3. Floods and droughts are more and more frequent. There is more and more homosexuality and incurable diseases. Disasters are more and more severe. 4. The climates are becoming more and more abnormal. The earth is more and more restless. The skies have been broken. The atmosphere is distorted. Disasters are more and more severe. Chorus:

The end is near. The revelation of love has been manifested. Rise up, rise up, rescue souls. The end is near. Rise up, rise up, rescue souls. The above English words were translated from the original Chinese below by two native Chinese Christians in Beijing who have personal knowledge of the church and the pastor where the incident happened: