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Pawar is the oldest and THE BIGGEST corrupt in Indian history ever ! Just few highlights of his long career in corruption. ......Pawar was the chief minister of Maharastra under whose protection and blessings Dawood ibrahim grew his empire from a chhadak chhap tapori to organised underworld gang to a international terrorist Pawar provided safe passage to dawood n his chamcha for escaping to Dubai after Mumbai serial blasts.He allowed misuse of ports to unload Dawoods weapons and drugs throughout 80's and 90's. ......Pawar first time breached barier of scams in 1000 crore in Indian history by masterminding stamp paper scandal with his aide Telgi. ....Pawar is middlemen between swiss banks and other overseas safe haven for all politicians black money with his partner Hasan Ali.....which runs in thousands and thousands of crores hawala. ....Pawar as agriculture minister imported junk food grain from overseas at higher price and same time exported Indian food grain at lower price so he can make BIG money in dallaali. Even supreme court said to agriculture minister that on one side hungry people r dying and other side food grain is rotting in govt storage ! ....Still Pawar was not happy to destroy aam adami's life enough so he took over BCCI/cricket which is only joy for miserable Indian people to forget day to day struggle ....and he launched circus called IPL ...so Indian cricket is gone downwards only after that and even tried to buy Pune team for his daughter despite being clear conflict of interest

.....Under Pawar's corrupt watch as agriculture minister few lakhs Farmers committed suicide in his own state never mind rest of India ! still shamelessly defends and say now suicide rate is coming down !! In Indian history never in such large numbers farmer committed suicide ! Not even during British rule ! ....Pawar has appointed so many corrupt chamcha who r doing scams in THOUSANDS of crores and earning for him..like Ajit pawar had done dozens of scam in last 10 years ...latest 72,000 crore irrigation scam. or Praful Patel who destroyed Air India so other private players get benefit ! .....for Lahassa less said is better they bent all rules and regulation for this project even change course of rivers for this project ..he never worried a bit about Vidarbha farmers dying without water but for lahhasa , he will even change rivers direction !! well list is simply endless and YES as Congress think 72 crore is minimum amount for Central ministers scam for Pawar it stars at atleast 5000 crores ! And this crook Pawar always hide like all other crook under sickular grab ! In India u can get away with any type corruption just raise sickular flags ! HE LAUNCHED NCP BECAUSE HE DONT WANT TO WORK UNDER A FOREIGNER SONIA BUT HE is the BIGGEST arse leeker OF sonia in entire India may be just after Dogvijay Singh.