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Pandiyan Magal Historical Fiction with Happy ending

The time after Kulothunga Chola-I came to power after Athirajendra Chola between 1070 - 1120. He was the first of the later Cholas. History depicts that it was during the reign of the later Cholas that the entire Chola dynasty came to an end in 1279.

Characters Cholas
Arayan Mathuranthakan - Male Protagonist. Handsome, just, smart and a very brave person. He is skilled in all warfare and a disciple of Narayana Bhattar. He is in love with the Chola princess Ammangai. Narayana Bhattar - Highly skilled Guru in administration and warfare apart from being a poet. He is revered by all the Kings including Cholas, Cheras and Pandiyas. Kulothunga Chola-I - Chola King who has brought peace after the sudden demise of Athirajendra Chola. Bhuvana MahaDevi - Wife and Queen of Kulothunga Chola-I. Vikrama Varma Chozhan - Eldest Son of Kulothunga and Heir apparent. Smart, handsome, just and brave. He is in love with the Pandiya Princess Karkuzhali. Raja Rajan - Second son of Kulothunga Chola-I. Ammangai - Good natured and bewitchingly beautiful princess, daughter of Kulothunga Chola-I and younger sister of Vikrama Varma Chozhan. She is in love with the male protagonist Arayan Mathuranthakan. Nambi Pallavararyan - Able and intelligent minister of Kulothunga Chola-I. Sri Vallabhan - An important Chola Chieftain. Karunakara Pallavan - Naval chief of Cholas. The hero of Sandilyan's Kadal Pura. Kalingarayan - An important Chola Chieftain. Jayanthan - Spy of the Chola Kingdom and later becomes assistant of Arayan Mathuranthakan. Samuthrabanthan - Arayan Mathuranthakan in disguise as a Chera spy.

Jatavarma Pandiyan - A good Pandiyan King assassinated by his cousin brother Marthanda Varman. Mangaiyarkarasi - Wife and the Queen of the Jatavarma Pandiyan. After the King's assassination she is taken care by Narayana Bhattar.

Karkuzhali - The crown princess of the Pandiya throne. She is being rescued and brought up by a Chera Chieftain after her father was assassinated during her childhood by her paternal relatives. She is in love with the Chola Prince Vikrama Varma Chozhan. Marthanda Varman - The person who assassinates the Jatavarma Pandiyan to get the throne for his nephew Maravarman. Maravarman - The aspirant for the Pandiya throne. An inept pea brained person. Kulasekara Varman - Another price in Pandiya Kingdom. Jagaveera Pandiyan - Kulasekara Varman's father. A petty King

Cheralathan Bhaskaravarman - A young and meek king. As he is young and his ministers and weak, his ministers and chieftains make him a puppet and take advantage thereby ruining his reputation. Gangatharan - A powerful Chieftain in Cheras Kingdom. He is so powerful that he even makes the young Chera King a puppet.

Parakkirama Bahu - Crown Prince of Sinhala Kingdom. Cunning by nature wants to have hold in Pandiya Kingdom by marrying off his sister to a Pandiya Prince. Anjana - Scheming and beautiful Sinhala princess. She wants to marry a Pandiya prince to ensure a base for Sinhalese in Pandiyan Kingdom. Veerabahu - A Chieftain of Sinhala Kingdom. An opportunist and a cunning person. Maarkeeyan - a Chieftain of Sinhala army, whose main aim is to kill the Pandiyan Princess,

The time is turbulent for the Chola Kingdom. The King has gone North along with his second son to suppress the revolt in Vengi while the Crown prince Vikrama Varma Chozhan has heed south to control the unrest created by the Pandiyas. The Pandiyas have become a perennial source of trouble ever since their good King Jatavarma Pandiyan had been assassinated. No details about his queen and the Pandiya princess were known. The Pandiya Kingdom have been split and ruled among five petty kings who fight among themselves for the Pandiya throne. Meanwhile Marthanda Varman had sent a marriage proposal on behalf of his nephew Maravarman asking the Ammangai's hand so that Maravarman would be able to rule Pandiya Kingdom. The Chola King had rejected the proposal knowing that Maravarman is a worthless person. Maravarman plans to abduct the Ammangai and forcibly marry her. He waits for a chance to fulfil his desire. The Chola Minister Nambi Pallavararyan gets information about Maravarman's activities arranges the tight security for Ammangai. But one cannot stop the inevitable. The princess an ardent devotee of Perumal, on her usual routine goes to the Tiruvaheendapuram temple. She is abducted from the temple by a group of masked horsemen of Maravarman. In fact

Maravarman had planned to take over the Melamangalam fort belonging to the Cholas knowing that in that fort is not properly guarded. Maravarman plans to marry Ammangai forcibly and after that the Chola King would be forced to help him. After abducting the princess, Maravarman and his uncle meets in a secluded palace. Marthanda Varman does not like the idea of kidnapping the Chola Princess as he is aware of Cholas power. So he advises to be careful and he leaves to see it that Melamangalam fort is captured and asks him to join later. Arayan Mathuranthakan is on his way from Kanchipuram where his Guru had asked him to go on an important mission. On the way he sees some horseman gathering near a secluded palace. Sensing some trouble he follows them and overhears the conversation between Maravarman and Marthanda Varman. Being highly skilled he easily overpowers all the soldiers of Maravarman and injures Maravarman on his shoulder. Ammangai on seeing the duel faints there. Arayan puts her in a Pandiya Chariot and drives it away to the Chola Palace. In the meanwhile Pandiyas capture the Melamangalam fort and the information is known to Nambi Pallavararyan by Jayanthan. Nambi Pallavararyan is furious about it and at that time he receives news about the abduction of Ammangai. Nambi Pallavararyan is furious and plots to retrieve Ammangai as well as the fort. At that time Arayan arrives on the chariot with Ammangai. Nambi Pallavararyan is pleased with Arayan and on knowing that he is the disciple of Narayana Bhattar thanks him for the timely help for the Royal family. Nambi Pallavararyan had heard about Arayan Mathuranthakan as one of a great warrior that Narayana Bhattar had ever created. He is taken by surprise on his majestic look like a Prince and gives him a warm welcome. Arayan Mathuranthakan briefs him about the encounter with Maravarman. On knowing that, Nambi Pallavararyan is pleased with himself to have met a great young warrior in Arayan Mathuranthakan. Arayan Mathuranthakan also makes a request to Nambi Pallavararyan that he could help in getting the Melamangalam fort back. On getting the approval from Nambi Pallavararyan he plans to split the available soldiers in Chola army into two and attack. One batch would attack straight away and another would make a surprise attack. He also ensures that the Chola Prince would block off any support Pandiyas would be expecting from the South. Meanwhile the injured Maravarman recuperates inside the Melamangalam fort and the Pandiyas who are unaware of Arayan Mathuranthakan are surprised about their failed attempt. Meanwhile Arayan Mathuranthakan leads the Chola Army to Melamangalam by dawn and before noon the Melamangalam fort is recaptured. Marthanda Varman, Maravarman and other accomplices flee from there. Vikrama Varma Chozhan is very much pleased with Arayan Mathuranthakan and feels that he has done the impossible by rescuing the princess before it became news and also recapturing the Melamangalam fort in a day. He makes friendship with Arayan Mathuranthakan. Arayan Mathuranthakan says that he is on a mission as ordered by his Guru. He also requests a letter from the Crown prince so that he can meet the King. Vikraman gladly accepts his request. They then discuss and suspect that Cheras must be helping Pandiyas and it has to be stopped. Arayan Mathuranthakan says that he would start that work once his mission is accomplished. Meanwhile both Ammangai and Arayan Mathuranthakan fall for each other but Arayan Mathuranthakan on mentioning on his common man' status to Ammangai she is upset and goes away without saying anything as Arayan Mathuranthakan looks on. Nambi Pallavararyan informs Arayan Mathuranthakan that they

suspect a Cheras naval Base in the south as their sea vessels have been attacked. Arayan Mathuranthakan tells him that he is going to Pothigai and after his mission is finished he would see this task. He takes leave and goes to Pothigai. Meanwhile Marthanda Varman along with the help of the Chera King plots for the Pandiya throne for his nephew. The Cheras want some areas of the Pandiyas for themselves and even the Sinhalas who are ready to help him want their princess to be the Pandiya Queen. All the deals are accepted and finalised when Gangatharan meets them. Gangatharan asks Marthanda Varman and Maravarman to visit the Chera King to finalise the deal. Meanwhile Ammanagi comes to know from Nambi Pallavararyan that Arayan Mathuranthakan has gone to Pothigai fort which a dangerous place. He has gone inside the fort after capturing and getting the necessary information from a Chera spy. She is upset with the news and prays for his good return. Arayan Mathuranthakan is taken into custody as he enters the Pothigai fort. He does not fear and asks the acting chief to keep in jail till the chief comes to enquire him and also he wants to meet the chief. Actually the chief of the fort has died and his foster daughter Karkuzhali is the chief now. The assistant chief wants to get rid of her and be the new chief. So he hatches a plot to kill her. That night with the help of a loyal guard of Karkuzhali, Arayan Mathuranthakan meets Arayan Karkuzhali. He discloses the reality that she is a Pandiya princess and her mother is waiting for her in Kanchipuram. He gives her a Pandiya royal seal which is also in the necklace worn by her. She believes him. Arayan Mathuranthakan also says that assistant chief wants her to be killed and has arranged a meeting for her tomorrow with Chera Chieftain. On her way there she would be attacked and killed. He also asks her to proceed but his men would rescue her to safety to Kanchipuram where her mother stays. She agrees and Arayan Mathuranthakan asks her a favour of giving the Chera's royal ring. He says that he has some job to be done using that royal ring. Upon knowing his mission she says that there is a secret Naval base of Cheras in Vizhinjam. The assistant chief of the fort comes and informs her of the meeting with another chieftain. She agrees to go. On the way Jayanthan kills the rebels. The assistant chief smelling some problem on hearing that Arayan Mathuranthakan has escaped and before escaping he had met Karkuzhali tries to kill her but is killed in the process. Jayanthan rescues Karkuzhali on the Chariot and informs her about the plan of Arayan Mathuranthakan. They go to Kanchipuram where Karkuzhali reunites with her mother. Arayan Mathuranthakan disguises himself as Samuthrabanthan a Chera spy and hoes to Vizhinjam to meet Gangatharan. Gangatharan has not seen Samuthrabanthan before. So he suspects but upon seeing the royal ring of the doubts are cleared. Samuthrabanthan also represents the actual facts to Gangatharan in different way to create an illusion that chozhas are weakened by constant wars. Samuthrabanthan also informs that he had come to know that the daughter of Jata Varma Pandiyan is still alive and she is the Crown princess. As long as she is there is no point in helping Marthanda Varman. He also says that he came to know about that from Narayana Bhattar. Gangatharan then writes a letter to the Chera King about this. As Cheras cannot directly get involved in this, it is up to the Sinhalas to eliminate the Pandiya

Princess and make the throne ready for Maravarman thereby their princess Anjana could become the Pandiya queen. Gangatharan asks Samuthrabanthan to take this letter and pass it to the Chera King immediately. He also writes a letter to Veerabahu on his plan to eliminate the Pandiya princess. Samuthrabanthan goes to the Chera Capital and meets the king and passes the message. There he finds that the Chera King is a weak person and is puppet. After delivering the message he takes leave of them returns to his resting place. On the way he decides to return to Vengi where he wants to the Chola king with the information he has gathered. As he reaches his place he finds the Sinhala Princess and Chieftain waiting for him. While discussing about the Pandiya Politics Samuthrabanthan informs Veerabahu that Pandiyan princess is alive and as long as she is alive Maravarman cannot become Pandiya King. Veerbahu accepts the responsibility to eliminate the Pandiya princess after seeing the letter of Gangatharan. Meanwhile Marthanda Varman and Maravarman who are also in the Chera Capital try to meet Veerbahu but they could not. They come to know that Veerbahu and the Sinhala Princess have gone to meet the Chera spy Samuthrabanthan. After meeting Samuthrabanthan, both of them ignore Marthanda Varman and Maravarman. So Maravarman tricks Samuthrabanthan to isolation and tries to capture him to get the information but his henchmen are beaten by the Samuthrabanthan. Marthanda Varman comes and apologises to Samuthrabanthan for the foolishness of Maravarman. Later Samuthrabanthan discloses that Pandiya Princess is still alive and as long as she is alive Maravarman can never become the King. Before leaving for Vengi Samuthrabanthan gets the information that a person named Maarkeeyan has been brought to assassinate the Pandiya Princess and that his name is Maarkeeyan. He then takes leave of the Sinhala Princess and Veerabahu and starts his journey. In the meantime Karkuzhali along with her mother come to Uraiyur as royal guests. Being of the same age both Ammangai and Karkuzhali become friends. Also Vikrama Varma Chozhan and Karkuzhali develop a liking for each much to the pleasure of the Chola queen. Karkuzhali wants to make a visit to Madurai to her palace and also the Meenakshi Amman temple. Vikrama Varman already knows from the message from Arayan Mathuranthakan that Karkuzhali's life is in danger. But not to disappoint Karkuzhali decides to go ahead. Meanwhile Maarkeeyan arrives for his mission. Maarkeeyan and Maravarman hatch a plot to kill the Pandiya princess. Maravarman tries to get info about her from the Old minister of Jata Varma Pandiyan but could not get anything. Vikrama Varman, Ammangai and Karkuzhali see the Madurai palace and leave for Kallazhagar temple. Maarkeeyan follows them and finds that Vikraman has not accompanied them to Kallazhagar temple. He plans to capture them in eth temple. So Maarkeeyan and Maravarman set off with some soldiers to the temple. There to their surprise they find Narayana Bhattar and Vikrama Varman waiting for them. In that encounter the soldiers are killed, Maarkeeyan is captured but Maravarman flees away as usual. Later Vikrama Varman proposes to Karkuzhali and she gladly agrees to it. Samuthrabanthan comes to meet Vikrama Varman and informs about the Political situation of the Cheras and Pandiyas. That night much to the surprise and pleasure

of Ammangai she finds that Samuthrabanthan is none other than Arayan Mathuranthakan. She is very much happy to see him again. But Arayan Mathuranthakan leaves on the same day to Vengi. On his way to Vengi, Arayan Mathuranthakan comes to know that in Bellary, Rajarajan has been captured by Jayatunga a vassal of Vengi. Arayan Mathuranthakan with the help of Jayanthan gets the help of the Chola army around rescues Rajarajan and kills Jayatunga in a duel. After this victory, The Chola King announces to his royal counsel that Samuthrabanthan has made a great help by creating confusion in the minds of Cheras and Sinhalas that Maravarman is not the right choice for the throne and they have halved their support. Also The Sinhala Princess has refused to marry Maravarman. Also Maarkeeyan has been captured making the Sinhalas position worthless. So he announces now that the Vengi war is almost over, they need to crush the Maravarman and bring peace in Pandiyas region. Arayan Mathuranthakan then explains his strategy of splitting into groups and proceeds to avoid any kind of suspicion to the enemies which is accepted by the royal counsel whole heartedly. Later the Chola King discloses Arayan Mathuranthakan as Samuthrabanthan to his selected members. At that time they come to know that Maarkeeyan has escaped on his way to prison and that Maravarman is in Eelam. Meanwhile Maarkeeyan after escaping from the soldiers abducts Karkuzhali on her way to temple and leaves for Eelam. Vikraman searches for Maarkeeyan but could not find him. He alerts his personals to get Maarkeeyan and also sends information on this to the Chola King. He then thinks that Maarkeeyan would heed to Naagai sea port to take Karkuzhali. So he alerts his troops in Naagai port. Maarkeeyan takes Karkuzhali to Naagai port from where he decides to take her to Eelam. Karkuzhali tricks his henchmen and take refuge in a nearby Buddhist Monastery. A Buddhist monk well versed in warfare rescues Karkuzhali and takes her in a chariot to Chola Palace in Uraiyur. On the way Maarkeeyan stops them but the Buddhist monk easily defeats him. Also seeing the arrival of the Chola soldiers, Maarkeeyan jumps into a river and escapes. The monk then hands over Karkuzhali and leaves back to Monastery. The monk was none but a prince before turning to the path of Buddha. Maarkeeyan on escaping again tries to leave for Eelam in a sea vessel. But his luck run out at last and he boards the ship of Karunakara Pallavan who captures him again. Maravarman tries his luck to get the help of Sinhalas in Eelam. But the Sinhala King says that as the Crown princess is alive people would not accept Maravarman as the King and so he has to get the matter is resolved. Also since Anjana does not like Maravarman they decide to opt for another better prince for Pandiya Kingdom Kulasekara Varman. Both Parakkirama Bahu and Anjana set off to fix up Kulasekara Varman as the Pandiya King with the help of Cheras. Kulasekara Varman is not happy that his father is going against the Cholas and that too for Maravarman. Meanwhile Parakkirama Bahu tries to talk with Jagaveera Pandiyan by assuring his son the throne of Pandiyas. But Jagaveera Pandiyan refuses to it. On seeing that Parakkirama Bahu drops the idea and takes Kulasekara Varman for a visit. There Kulasekara Varman meets Anjana and immediately falls for her beauty. Slowly he falls into her web and becomes her doll. Maravarman comes to know of the activities of Parakkirama Bahu and is upset. Marthanda Varman convinces Maravarman to be patient but Maravarman wants to meet Jagaveera Pandiyan before they go to fight the battle against

the Cholas. Meanwhile Kulasekara Varman is smitten by the beauty of Anjana and is totally brainwashed. Once when both Parakkirama Bahu go to meet Jagaveera Pandiyan they find Marthanda Varman and Maravarman there. Marthanda Varman questions Parakkirama Bahu's friendship with Kulasekara Varman. Parakkirama Bahu is upset and cleverly says that both Marthanda Varman and Maravarman did not help Maarkeeyan. So he came in search of him and met Kulasekara Varman. Marthanda Varman is speechless for this. Jagaveera Pandiyan makes the situation better by discussing about the war situation. Arayan Mathuranthakan and Kalingarayan along with their group move downwards to meet the Pandiyas. On the way they encounter the Kanga territory. They wait for Jayanthan to bring news about Kanga King before attacking. Jayanthan comes and passes the news that Kanga King has joined forces with another king Singhanan and plans to make a surprise attack at night. Arayan Mathuranthakan and Kalingarayan plan a counter strategy and defeat the enemies by surprising them. In the Battle Kanga king is killed and Singhanan flees away from the battle field. Kanga fort is captured. At that time Kalingarayan gets news that Maravarman had started the war by capturing the border areas. Arayan Mathuranthakan takes leave of Kalingarayan and proceeds to Chera Kingdom as Samuthrabanthan. Meanwhile the Chera troops under Gangatharan get ready to wage war for Maravarman. Gangatharan waits for Samuthrabanthan. Samuthrabanthan comes and states the fact that both Marthanda Varman and Maravarman expect the Chera army near Kottaru where the final battle is to be fought. He also passes the letter with the royal seal from Maravarman. He then takes leave from Gangatharan and goes to meet Marthanda Varman and Maravarman. Kalingarayan meanwhile defats and kills Ruthra Pandiyan one of the five Pandiyan kings and takes possession of his kingdom under Cholas rule. At the same time Marthanda Varman, Maravarman, Jagaveera Pandiyan, Parakkirama Bahu and Samuthrabanthan are involved in the strategy for final war for Pandiyas. After the discussion Samuthrabanthan goes for a walk in the beach and meets Jayanthan and hands over a letter. At that time Madadevan a bodyguard of Maravarman spots him there. Madadevan recognises Jayanthan and finds out that Samuthrabanthan is none other than Arayan Mathuranthakan. He tries to take Arayan Mathuranthakan to custody but Jayanthan stabs him with a knife. When they both try to dispose the body, they see some native people coming over there. Jayanthan asks Samuthrabanthan to leave and he would take care of Madadevan. At the same time Parakkirama Bahu comes there from his vessel. The native people see Madadevan's body and before dying he takes the name of Samuthrabanthan. Unable to come to a conclusion Parakkirama Bahu asks the native people to bury Madadevan and not tell anybody. Parakkirama Bahu gets suspicion about Samuthrabanthan but he invites Samuthrabanthan to his vessel where he meets Anjana. Marthanda Varman and Maravarman are upset about the activities of Parakkirama Bahu. They know that Parakkirama Bahu is in favour of Kulasekara Varman as Anjana also prefers Kulasekara Varman. They think there may be a scheme to eliminate Maravarman. They wait for Samuthrabanthan as they feel that he may know about any such schemes. Meanwhile in the ship Parakkirama Bahu tells Samuthrabanthan that Kulasekara Varman is a better choice and that they need his help to prevent Cheras from helping Maravarman. Samuthrabanthan agrees to it and takes leave of them and

comes ashore. There he gets a message from unknown source that Chola troops have left Uraiyur. Samuthrabanthan feels that time has come for him to move back to his own self. He decides to meet Marthanda Varman and Maravarman before leaving. There Marthanda Varman and Maravarman get to know that there is a scheme going on against them. He also says that Parakkirama Bahu plans to make Kulasekara Varman as Pandiya King after war and eliminate Maravarman and get Anjana married to Kulasekara Varman. He also plants suspicion that Madadevan's body was found by the native people and Parakkirama Bahu had ordered them to bury it. He also discloses that Anjana is in Korkai and he had met her in the ship. Both Marthanda Varman and Maravarman are stunned by this information. Samuthrabanthan takes leave of them. After that Marthanda Varman and Maravarman call on the native people and they say the same thing along with the fact that Madadevan before dying he took the name of Samuthrabanthan. They are confused totally. Finally before the final battle the Cholas send an envoy to Pandiyas. They reject the charges and state that they are ready for war. The war starts and as expected the Pandiyas are decimated on the first day. Jaga Veera Pandiyan is killed. The Sinhalas ships are attacked by the Chola Navy and they run for cover back to Eelam. Another Chola army headed by Kalingarayan on their way to Chera Kingdom defeat Ravi Varman killing him and along with Narayana Bhattar takes into Captive the Chera King. Along with Sri Vallabhan, Arayan Mathuranthakan defeats Gangatharan and destroys the Cheras naval base. On the second day of the battle all the Pandiya Kings are killed and as usual Marthanda Varman and Maravarman make and escape. But as they escape they are stopped by Arayan Mathuranthakan. Then only they understand that it is Arayan Mathuranthakan who acted as Samuthrabanthan but is too late. In the small battle all the Pandiya soldiers are killed. Maravarman is taken as captive but Marthanda Varman escapes again. The battle has been won by the Cholas. Sinhalas driven away, Cheras made to submit and all the Pandiyas eliminated. Madurai is set for the Grand return of the Crown princess Karkuzhali and her Marriage with Vikrama Chozha Varman. The people of Madurai rejoice over this. But Marthanda Varman hatches a plot to kill Karkuzhali on the day of her marriage and rescue Maravarman. By taking the help of old Pandiya soldiers he tries to rescue Maravarman and decides to shoot down Karkuzhali with the poison arrow. Jayanthan overhears this and with some twists Maravarman's escape plan is foiled and Marthanda Varman is killed by Arayan Mathuranthakan. All ends well. Arayan Mathuranthakan is made a chieftain and he is gifted a fort. The story ends with the marriage of Ammangai and Arayan Mathuranthakan and the couple happily going to the Tiruvaheendapuram temple, the place which triggered the beginning of their unison.