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Interview Script Dwi : Today I am in SMP Muhammadiah kota tegal and right now I will to make an interview with

one of English teacher in this junior high school , with miss tia, hai miss tia, how are you today? Miss Tia : very well thanks,

Dwi : Ok may we start the interview? The first questions is how many students are there in your class? Miss Tia Dwi Miss Tia Dwi Miss Tia Dwi Miss Tia Dwi Miss Tia Dwi Miss Tia Dwi Miss Tia Dwi : : : : : : : : : : : : : : In my class maybe between.. 34 .. yes.. And how many hours do you teach in a week for one class? I teach maybe times, Ehm eight times? so do you teach eight hours?or not? Sorry? How many hours do you teach? Eight hours maybe? Yes, eight hours in 4 meeting. Ok, do you use media in teaching English? Yes sometimes I use the media like LKS, photo, and then I use the LCD. Do you give them homework in every meeting? No just sometimes, and its not homework, but homefun, So u make the home work more fun? Yes of course.. What the difficulties do you find in teaching learning process?

Miss Tia : Maybe the students cant accept the knowledge, because we are cannot transfer well, so the students cannot understand what we say, so we can ehmm we can have many ways to transfer the knowledge to our students Dwi : What do you expect from the students?

Miss Tia : much much words. Dwi : learning process? Miss Tia Dwi : :

What,, maybe the students dont have many vocab so they cannot speak

And what will you do to cope the problems met by you in teaching

Uwhh my problems? What will you do to cope the problems in your teaching process,,

Miss Tia : Oh..Ok, I behind the school, we have one boarding which have many vocabularies in there so the students can read read it and of course they have many many vocabs for a week, Dwi Miss Tia Dwi Miss Tia Dwi : : : : : So you.. They can get new vocab from the board, So maybe you use the media for solving the problem? . Next is, what do you expect from government to cope the problem?

Miss Tia : From government,, ehmm,, I think the government can give much like of LKS and of course book of English, new English book,, because we use all of English book, Dwi book? Miss Tia Dwi Miss Tia Dwi Miss Tia : So you hope the government to give the teacher new edition of English

: : : : :

Yes of course,, I hope so And then do you like teaching English? Owh because I English teacher, so I like so much,, So do you teach with fun and enjoyed it? Of course yes, I have many *** with my students.

Dwi : And the last is What is the most difficulty in learning process from your Point of View as an English teacher?

Miss Tia : The most difficulty from me, for me and for maybe for others teachers, is the way to transfer our knowledge about English to our students, that difficult, the homework for teacher.. Ok, Dwi : This is the end of interview session with miss Tia, I think thats all of my questions, see you next time and wassalamualaikum wr wb. :D

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