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The present pamphlet is the fifth in a series of yearly publications containing predictions and prophecies for the coining year. The first was issued in the fall of 1931, covering the year of 1932. Each fall since then one of these booklets has been prepared and issued weeks before the beginning of the year. Before the first few months of 1932 had passed, so many of the predictions made in the booklet for that year were being fulfilled that a great demand arose for additional copies, and throughout the year 1932 our first booklet was reprinted by newspapers and magazines and ordered in great quantities by large institutions for general distribution. Edition after edition of these booklets has been printed and circu lated each year not only by us but by many large firms, banking institutions, and humani tarian movements. The accuracy of the state ments made in these books and the general interest in them has made them not only pop' ular with many hundreds of thousands of persons in the U nited States and in some for eign countries, but has caused them to be an ticipated year by year.

Reliable Basis
It is to be noted that the predictions and prophecies contained in these booklets are not
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based upon any weird, speculative, or mythical system, nor upon spiritualistic dictations nor any form of necromancy. They are not the result of astrological configurations, transrevelations, nor crystal gasing. The survey of facts and possibilities is made through a careful study and analysis of large charts and diagrams of world conditions outlined in cycles of periodicity with definite curves and lines of possibilities and indicated probabilities, much like the charts and curves of the actions or trends o f business in any specific field or like charts that are made of the rise and fall of market quotations. These charts, diagrams, and world studies have been made for many years in advance and are preserved in the archives of the Rosicrucian organization of Europe for the sole purpose of guiding human effort and forewarning students of universal history so that they may be prepared for the trend of worldly affairs. Such charts and diagrams are unbiased in regard to religion, politics, economics, and national distinctions. They have been a de pendable guide to leaders of large human af fairs in many countries for a century or more. A s early as 1909 these charts plainly indicated the trend and tendency toward a world war in 1914, and they later plainly indicated the economic disturbance of 1929. It was not until after the universal or international economic and political crashes of 1929, however, that it was decided to is3ue such booklets as these
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and make the principal facts public in the form of predictions and prophecies for the coming year.

Advance Information
Each booklet is written and published several months prior to the new year and many thou sands of copies are in circulation before the Christmas holidays. The present booklet was written during the week of August 25 to 31 of 1935 from notes and tracings of diagrams and charts and data gathered in Europe during the summer of 1934, at which time the 1935 booklet was pre pared. M any of the statements contained in these booklets will be given to the public, as usual, in a number of public lectures before the beginning of 1936, and copies of this book let will be in the hands of the editors of most of the American newspapers before the be ginning of the year. (Issued during month of November, 1935.)
N O T B A ll or part o f the matter contained in this booklet may be republished or quoted, pro viding explanation is given that it is from a booklet published by A M O R C , die Rosicrucian Brother h o od .

Copyrighted, 1935 B y A M O R C , R o s ic r u c i a n B r o t h e r h o o d San Jose, California, U . S. A .

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1936 A N D C O N FLIC T S
N C E more we spread out before us the charts and diagrams which constitute maps of the trends, tendencies, and cycles of world events. For many centuries these famous records have clearly portrayed the fixed lines of action and the probable lines of reaction of human and worldly events.

tion, they will cross other lines and create a disturbance, a contest, or a conflict, or an emotional reaction which will be the beginning of another new line of action resulting in a definite trend or tendency. N o matter how we may argue the point, we cannot deny the fact that there is a very definite tendency shown by the actions and re* actions of all nations and people in regard to political, economic, social, moral, religious, and scientific matters. The great economic depression which followed the financial crash of 1929 revealed to many analytical students of human affairs the accuracy of converging lines of human affairs and the dependability of such data in the anticipation of worldly events. . N o t alone do the tendencies of economics or the trend of financial matters leave an indelible line upon the pages of history and cast their shadows like long wavering lines in ad' vance, but so do the tendencies of human affairs. W h en these cycles and their periodicity of action are studied by the careful student of all world affairs, he soon discovers the reliability of such charts as a means for anticipating and predicting those events which are but one cycle in advance of the present time.

Cycles of actions, periods of activity, lines of motion, progress, retrogression and possible reaction moving one within another across large sheets of parchment have traced curves of motion affecting every concerted action of groups of individuals or nations of people while other lines, interwoven, indicate sectors and curves of positive human reactions result' ing from the Cosmic impulses which urge the thinking minds and volitions of people in all parts of the world. W h en we realise that the mass of humanity throughout the world is a mass of thinkers acting and reacting upon impulses from within and without, yet tending toward general trends and moving forward or backward by group reactions, it is easy to understand that certain movements in one direction or another will produce results in parallel lines or at tangents. A n d where unusual lines of action move from a straight line diagonally in a different direcPage Six

General Conditions for 1936

The latter half of the year 1936 will see the world more topsy-turvy in its political, social,
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religious, and human-relation affairs than in any year since 1929. Many old customs, conditions, beliefs, and standards will be reversed, modified, rejected, or amended. The fire of the crucible will begin burning very definitely and effectively in the summer months, and will manifest its process of change in many places even more intensely at times than will be revealed to the public for several years to come. A strange awakening and arousing of the privilege or right of personal expression will sweep over the civilised countries of the Western W o rld , beginning gradually in the spring, and increasing like a tidal wave until it reaches its greatest strength of the year dur ing the fall. It will even manifest itself in some parts of the Near and Far East, and in the Orient.

government rule will unite to demand a re turn to fundamentals, with tremendous power and success. Before the close of the year we shall see old political groups, regimes, parties, cliques, and diplomatic circles impeached, exposed, accused, and rejected by the radical demands of rational thinkers. Even at the beginning of the year 1936 there will be evident a restlessness in political circles as a result of exposures and investiga tions made during the closing months of 1935, and as a result of alliances, agreements, and secret ties o f various forms brought about through the mutual discussion of war possibili ties. W h ile these matters will not disturb the peace and prosperity of nations very greatly during the winter of 1935-1936, nor the spring of 1936, it will gradually affect the mass-mind by the summer of 1936, and in the fall of the year the outer manifestations of this effect will be noticeable. N ew political parties and associations will be formed by leaders rising from the ranks of restless masses, and these will win the support of the populace through their offerings of better and more equalized distribution of gov erning powers and control. The youth movement" will continue to grow, expressing its power in the larger coun tries through formation of new political and social circles. These will take into their hands
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Political Exposes
The power of personal opinion will rise as a great awakening in many lands, and move into action many reforms, new movements, and plans of popular control. The mass-mind of the people will become a threatening power in many countries, especially in the modem and progressive ones. It will cause an ava lanche of changes in many places. Various separate movements seeking to sim plify the complex forms of regulations and
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the selecting and approval of men and women for important directive positions. Even in the heavens and the earth there will be during the summer and fall of the year a number of upheavals of surprising nature. N e w facts startling facts will be discovered and revealed regarding the Cosmic laws in the atmosphere above, and in the domain of astronomy. Many severe earthquakes will occur during the latter part of the year in districts new and old, and where similar manifestations have been and have not been made before. Freak wind and rain storms will occur in many places, and even volcanic eruptions will occur in places sometimes removed far from centers of civilization, and mostly during the latter half of the year. The restlessness in Europe, and parts of the Near East which began in the latter part of 1935 will be eased considerably in all of its outer manifestations before the beginning of the new year, and the doubts and fears in the minds of many nations as to just what will happen and when, will be settled by the final and ultimate outburst of stored-up energies, antipathies, disagreements, and unsound and unwarranted suspicions. Some disputes will be settled by local warfare, others by arbitration, and others by indefinite postponement. But the disturbed atmosphere will be highly clari fied by the action of the several countries in volved resulting in very little disturbance of the peace and economical conditions of other countries.
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Despite the very great efforts put forth in the latter part of 1935, and throughout the early part of 1936 to make it a year of peace and the laying of a foundation for permanent peace, war will again rage in some of the sec tions of the Far East before 1936 goes to rest. Differences and disputes held in abeyance during 1935 as if held in check by an invis ible Cosmic rule, as we predicted in 1934 will break into new flames of passion and burst into martial contest. T w o outstanding causes will be discovered as the real bases for the conflicts of 1936, though such discovery may not come until the years 1938 and 1939; these are religious unrest and intolerance, and racial prejudice and ex ploitation. The cycle for the periodical rise of the color question is at hand, and will reach its first active phase early in 1936. It will start as a challenge from the blac\s to the whites, but will eventually fan into fiery fury the sleeping ambitions of the yello w and brow n races. Even in the United States the color question will become a vital issue, and some sad events will cause fury in some of the states. In the East the challenges for power and territory among the y ellow s and the w hites will be ex pressed again with greater disaster and less
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real satisfaction to all concerned. Great Britain will find the color and race question of serious consequences in some of her colonies, and even close at home.

existing between various nations, and much diplomatic unpleasantness will follow. New feuds and animosities will result. The United States of America will modify some of the pacts and agreements she has made, and while sincerely attempting to keep free from entangling alliances, mercenary statesmen and corporation influences will at tempt to prevent the U . S. A . from establishing a truly neutral position. The result will be many embarrassing revelations. The U . S. A . will harken to the cyclic in fluences expressing through the emotions of the people, and will take a strong official stand against many forms of warfare. It will develop some new forms of legislation against industrial interests in war materials, and in various ways try to limit the subtle, insidious influ ences in its own land toward war for war profits. Even some of the states will adopt restrictions in this regard, or attempt to do so, resulting in a dispute on certain points relating to federal and state rights to control certain war-materials industries.

Uprising of Dark Races

A strange incident of the color question will be the agitation on the part of the darker races of various lands against the white race, the claim being that the white race is attempt' ing to dominate all other races and interfere with their expansion and development. France will find herself facing a similar problem, but will see more loss of life among those living under French protection than any of the other European countries. Russia will find continued treachery in her domains, and differences with several large powers will result in exposes that will slowly wreck the integrity of the Soviet Govern' ment. She will find month after month that her masses of people have not been contented, satisfied, nor deceived into passivity. Through the uprisings in Russia one of its great leaders will close his eyes in defeat and criticism. A survey of the functionings of the League of Nations and its inability to cope with cer tain problems will lead to the discussion in many lands of the advisability of reorganizing the League or creating a new W o rld Coun cil. This in turn will bring into the limelight the complexity of treaties and agreements now
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New U. S. Anti-War Movement

A new anti-war movement will be bom in the United States, at first as a spontaneous expression of Cosmic inspiration in various classes and groups of people in various sec tions of the land, and then forming into one or two nation-wide movements. It will become
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a popular m ovem en t in many sections, and will effect a threatening influence upon the minds of many statesmen. M any o f the friendly (!) alliances between nations will be strained or broken as statesmen frankly accuse one another of insincere and secret ambitions A t several periods during the year when the cyclic lines of the United States, France, Great Britain, and other countries cross one another the peaceful, friendly relationship between the U . S. A . and France will be sorely tried. A new leader of political salvation and Utopian possibilities will arise in the U . S. A ., England, and France. Each of these countries will experience bitter contests in political circles. In the United States there will be found during 1936 a stronger inclination toward the recent new regime and its great leaders than has been suspected or anticipated.. It will have a very important bearing upon the future political parties and candidates. The Constitution of the United States will once more be carefully analysed, and there will be many proposals regarding changes and interpretations, violations and modifications. A new spirit of Americanism, not wholly nor typically democratic will be bom during the year, and will become a subtle influence af fecting party policies for a number of years to come.
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Germany and Austria will have several political conflicts of a more serious nature, although some of these will be kept from the public through anesthesia, and M r. Hitler's popular power will be greatly diminished, and treachery will be uncovered in his own ranks. A popular movement will arise in Germany demanding a return to true German political principle as a protest against M r. Hitlers unique and surprising decrees and regulations. Austrias political integrity will be strengthened by the contests and conflicts she wnll be forced to face. Her material, political strength will be somewhat weakened, but a strong, subtle influence rising among her loyalists and true natives will strengthen her moral support. This will increase in coming years, and we shall see evidence of this before 1938.

British Empire Disturbed

Distinct unrest will cause many unhappy conflicts and disagreements during the latter part o f the year among the Balkan states and the Small Entente. A new uprising in India will be calmed quickly only to break out again in an insidious form hidden from much of the world, but creating much annoyance to Great Britain. Some political trickery or treachery in Egypt will present a problem to Great Britain, but will result in some new regulations which most o f Egypt will resent almost wildly, but in a
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few years they will prove to be fortunate indeed. In the Philippine Islands treachery will cause an outburst involving some statesmen in the Far East, but this will be settled more peacefully than at first expected. The U . S. A . will greatly strengthen its air and naval powers and increase its coastal protection in a number of places, and in general advance in preparedness; but it will adhere to its reluctance to go to war, and will set a good example to the rest o f the world in regard to the consideration of human interests in all political and national disputes. The U . S. A . is just entering a new cycle of peace, and with a few deflections will maintain an attitude that will win it the title of peace-maker of the world.

church services, especially in the Western W o rld and particularly in the United States. In some lands in the East and W est, re ligion will be the cause of protests and local uprisings, and in several places the protests will be against foreign missionaries who have consciously or unconsciously contributed to political unrest and disturbances. In some places the whole scheme of foreign mission ary work will receive much investigation, and in England and America there will be a demand that this unnecessary expense be greatly modified. In America the gradual formation of a new religious movement of an international nature will be given more publicity and an increased following. It appears to be a religion without a sectarian God, and in this sense will be unique to modem times.


Clash of Cults
The development of certain religious cults, especially two which appear to have leaders of the black race as gods or demi-gods, will lead to much criticism on the part of orthodox white persons. Some exposed scandals or seri ous misrepresentations among these colored cults, will shock the public and the police, and lead to government investigations. The cults will claim, as a defense and countercharge, that the whites have tricked the colored cults for the sake of these scandalous exposiPage Seventeen

Throughout Western Europe and North America the "youth movement will continue to have an important influence upon religious and political affairs. Continued modifications in the doctrines of the various religions, except Jewish and Roman Catholic, will be very evi dent causing dissension among old-timers and much joy in increased church attendance. The Roman Catholic church will enjoy a new cycle o f increased membership or devotion at
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tions. This will lead to some bitter conflicts between certain groups of white and colored assemblies and start a small race war in various large cities. The Pope's intelligent, sympathetic influence in certain national and international problems will assist in bringing some serious possibilities for conflicts to an early settlement. The year 1936 begins a new cycle of world-wide inlluence for the Roman Catholic church through some important messages emanating from the Vatican. It is the beginning of a cycle that crosses the cycles of many international affairs and rises to great strength, attracting peace and support. In the Christian Science church an im portant change and development will be the beginning o f its new cycle during which it will increase its membership in some lands, but de cline or stand still in most o f the United States and Canada. There will be some demands for modifications, but the church will consider 1936 a good year and so it will be!

The gold standard will fluctuate in official recognition, but on the part of the public there will be much increased desire to return to it. N ew plans for the standardization of a fun damental unit of value for all exchange will be considered by many eminent committees and political councils. W a rs will reduce valuation and net incomes in many foreign lands, while in the U . S. A . a new era of economic pros perity is being born. It will result, before the end of 1936, in many conflicts between labor and capital. A n d there will be much unhappi ness and disaster attributed to this conflict. Communistic activities in all parts of the world will greatly increase because of local wars or conflicts, and radicals will play very serious parts in many of the unfortunate dis putes between labor and capital, especially in the U . S. A . The existence in this country of insidious communistic agitation and influence, will rise to more universal recognition and con sideration, and there will be a demand on the part of the seriously thinking populace for Uncle Sam to clean house. During the process of purging the country of these radicals, a really serious and more far-reaching diseased condition of politics created by these radicals will be exposed. Real estate will take a boom in the U . S. A . and in England, as more of the working and saving class will develop the idea that the best investment is in land not paper. Various old-age pension plans in the coun tries of Europe and North America will be
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Throughout the world the development of the new cycle of economic conditions, which cycle started in 1933 very mildly, will continue to upset all old standards, beliefs, and practices.
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improved to give greater help to the aged and poor. The so-called Townsend Plan as now promulgated will not be adopted in the U . S. A . during 1936, though the plan will grow in popularity and become a formidable influence in Washington. The greatest obstacle this plan will have to overcome during the early and latter part of 1936 will be the malicious attacks o f persons within its own organized ranks. Foolish ones will listen to and follow the hypocritical leaders of these attacks, thereby giving strength to insidious campaigns to pre vent the plan" being adopted.

Some surprising discoveries relating to germs will be announced in Germany, Eng land, and the U . S. A . A t the very beginning of the year, or just prior to it, announcements will be made in America of the final and long-sought-for analysis o f the nature of some puzzling forms of blood poisoning, and this will result in the quick finding of a successful form of treatment. Am ong the startling state ments regarding various surprising discoveries that will be made will be one that germs are not infectious as heretofore believed, and a new school" of belief in the existence, nature, and action of so-called germs will start in the U. S. A . with the help of an eminent authority in Canada. By the close of 1936 the matter will still be in dispute among the technical experts. However, some new serums will be given to the world, and some surprising facts in the treatment of various diseases. One new point will be the development of a method for the stimulation of natures own processes for destroying diseased tissue and cells in the human body. Through the prep arations and activities of war a number of achievements in various fields of science will be revealed. Some fascinating and important improvements will be made in regard to avia tion, coupled with some new facts regarding Cosmic conditions as related to aviation. The
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Labor Improvement
Labor will improve and increase in most parts o f the civilized world, especially in W e s t ern Europe and North America. Canada will have during 1936 a very positive improvement in unemployment, and the United States will come second in this regard. There will be an agitation in various parts of North America for an improvement in the wage scale, and this will be granted in many lines, but in most other lines a continuance or expansion of em ployment will be accepted as satisfactory for the time being. M any of the luxuries o f life will have increased sales in 1936, showing an increase in the tendencies to spend, and a breaking down of the fear of spending, which has become a part o f the attitude of the public in Western Europe and America in recent years.
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mechanics of flying will be improved and made safer through some important discoveries announced in 1936. Television will approach a higher degree of practicability, and a few new inventions or improvements in this regard will be announced. Through the use of radio in new applica tions, human life will be safeguarded to a greater degree and healdi will be improved. There will be an important announcement regarding the nature of light and color, and their origin, and a sort of substitute for light or a new kind of light will be announced. In connection -with the newer facts learned about light and color will be the announce ment of improvements in color photography which have been under observation and evolu tion during the past year, as announced in our previous booklet, and this and some other tech nical improvements will greatly affect the moving picture industry.

difficult to pick out any month in any year of modern times when there would not be found some warring conflict taking place in some of these distant countries. For this reason, the peace that has reigned over Europe during 1935 has been most remarkable. It should be noted that during 1935 there were three or four occasions when the news papers of the world were filled with predic tions that war in Europe was imminent, especially during the early spring and summer of 1935. The newspapers and eminent states men warned the world that relations between Germany and France w e r e being greatly strained, and the relations between Austria and Italy, Germany and England, and other countries were at the breaking point. Despite the fact that everyone expected terrific con flicts in Europe during 1935, and despite the fact that not a single prophetic publication but our own booklet predicted peace for Europe in 1935, the conditions in Europe were such as to give every opportunity for the develop ment of peaceful and productive interests, adding greatly to the prosperity and happiness of the continent. W e have purposely avoided in most of our predictions any reference to the lives of in dividuals, unless the individual is eminendy related to some national or international situ ation. It is for this reason that we refer to the life of the Prince of W ales. W e call at tention to the fact that the life cycles of this popular young man, and the tendency over
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Whatever wars disturb the peaceful activi ties of human beings during 1936 will be gen erally in lands or territories outside of Europe. In parts of Africa, Asia, and lands distant from Europe, there will be warfare and con flicts during the latter part of 1936, and in various months of 1937. In fact, it would be
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his personal affairs, indicate that he will be greatly tempted to marry during 1936. In fact, there are two occasions when such a mar riage may take place either during M ay or June, or September or October of 1936. If he resists these two opportunities as he may do there will be another very definite urge and set of conditions that will tempt him into mar riage during March or April of 1937. In deal ing with an individual, we must keep in mind that the will power and personal volition of the individual may at any time disturb the curve of tendencies. This is not so likely to happen with a line of tendencies representing the mind of t h e mass of a nation. And H . R. H . the Prince of W a les is possessed of excellent will power, as we shall learn some day when he is in a high position.

enable each man and woman to make the ut most of the opportunities of life, and to find that power of effort which will bring the largest award in prosperity and happiness.


The Rosicrucian Order has ever been, throughout the centuries, a human brotherhood devoted to the mutual promotion of the best interests of the individual. It is not a mer cenary movement, nor a mere fellowship of good-will and social advancement. It is a co operative organization, and a school at one and the same time, offering to each individual a vast amount of knowledge and a great course o f study in the development and mastership of individual characteristics and personal abili ties. Through its world-wide affiliations and through its nation-wide contacts in every line of effort in each country, it is enabled to ad vise its members and students in every human capacity, and to point out to them the best opportunities, and the most efficient methods for attaining happiness, and a full realization of personal ambitions based upon a happy, contented life through understanding the outer self and the inner self and their relationship to human affairs. The Rosicrucian Order does not deal with any of the superstitions of the day, nor practice any form o f magic that eliminates personal
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The time is rapidly approaching when men and women will realize that a well-developed understanding of their innate powers and per sonal attributes will help them to master the problems that confront them from day to day. Through a knowledge of the laws of nature functioning in man mentally and physically, man is enabled to maintain a higher degree o f representation in the affairs of life, and to achieve a higher degree of his ambitions. It is the distinctive abilities of each individual prop erly awakened and judiciously applied that
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Make 1936 the Bright Spot In Your Lite

effort, but it does seek to aid each of its members in developing the personal, potential powers that distinguish one individual from another and make each individual a specialized worker in his particular field, and a master of his destiny. It offers its instructions free to those who affiliate with it, and promise to aid in the great work of disseminating helpful, constructive knowledge, and have abiding faith in the ultimate victory of right over wrong. Its membership is limited to those of good moral repute who are sincere and earnest in their desires to improve themselves, and assist in the improvement of their fellowmen in the building of a better and more peaceful nation in each part of the world, and in advancing the highest ideals of civilization. Radicals, fanatics, extremists, atheists, cranks, and mal contents are neither desired nor admitted to the organization.

The Rosicrudans invite every man and woman of constructive thinking and ambitious ideals, to send for its fr ee literature, or to read in any of the largest public libraries through out the country, its monthly periodical, called "T h e Rosicrucian Digest" or any of its many books issued under the name of A M O R C , and which contain an outline of its ideals and principles. W e particularly invite you to write for the intensely interesting book entitled, "T h e Secret Heritage, which you can secure without cost, by using the coupon below. Do not fail to obtain it, as the information which it contains may result in a favorable turning point in your life.
(R em em ber T h e Rosicrudans are N O T a re ligious organization.)

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N O T E Additional copies o f this booklet may be had without cost by writing to the address above. Page Twenty-six