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Who has been appointed the director of the Institute of Banking Personal Selection?

Ans- Anup Sankar Bhattacharya Who has been appointed the Chairman of Indian Bank Association? Ans- Alok Misra Former _______ batsman Mark Ramprakash announced his retirement from cricket. Ans- England Who has been elected chairman of the Governing Board of World Association of Nuclear Operators, Tokyo centre? Ans- S.K. Jain Alan Isaac has taken over as the _______ President of the international Cricket Council. Ans- 8th Who has been elected, unanimously, to the chair the 12th session of intergovernmental Group of Experts on Competition Law and Policy, UNCTAD in Geneva? Ans- Ashok Chawla Who has taken over as Director General of the ICWA? Ans- Rajiv Bhatia Jan Eliasson of ____ was sworn in as the UN Deputy Secretary-General. Ans- Sweden Who has been conferred the Indian business Leader of the Year award? Ans- K.P. Sing Who has won the Mens Singles Title of the Wimbledon Championship 2012? Ans- Roger Federer. Who has won the Womens Singles Title of the Wimbledon Championship 2012? Ans- Agnieszka Radwanska. Well known ______ Arun Prakash died in New Delhi. Ans- Novelist Who has won the Womens doubles Title of the Wimbledon Championship 2012? Ans- Serena Williams and Venus Williams

Founder Director of NIA Radha Vinod Raju died. What is the full form of NIA? Ans- National Investigation Agency. Who has won Mens Doubles Title of the Wimbledon Championship 2012? Ans- Jonathan Marray and Fredrik Nielsen Renowned _________ dance exponent Guru Hare Krushna Behera died. Ans- Odissi. Who has won the Mixed Doubles Title of the Wimbledon Championships 2012? Ans- Mike Bryan and Lisa Raymond. Who has joined as Director General of Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan? Ans- Saleem Ahmed. Who is S. Narsing Rao? Ans- Chairman, Coal India. Jagadish Shettar was sworn in as the _______ Chief Minister of Karnataka. Ans- 27th Five billion minds in _____ decided to establish World Population Day on July 11. Ans-1987 Who is the author of the book Mind Positive, Life positive? Ans- S. Joginder Singh. Parimarjan Negi is associated with the game of _____. Ans- Chess. Lee Hsien Loong is the __________ of Singapore. Ans-Prime Minister. Australian fast bowler _______ announced his retirement from all forms of International cricket. Ans- Brett Lee Derek Mitchell assumed the charge as the first USA Ambassador to Myanmar in the past ________ years. Ans- 22.

P.M. Rungta died at the age of 84. Who was he? Ans- Former BCCI President Hina Rabbani Khar is a well known political leader of __________. Ans- Pakistan. Thimpu is the Capital of ________. Ans- Bhutan. Sariksha National Park situated in __________. Ans- Uttarakhand. Kobe Steel is one of the prominent steel makers ________ , Which is the Worlds second largest steel producing country. Ans- Japan. Who is C.S. Verma? Ans- Chairman, SAIL Beni Prasad Verma is currently _______ Minister of Indian Government. Ans- Steel. Who are the members of RIA? Ans-Russia-India-China Sunita William is an ________ astronaut. Ans- American Sushil Kumar Solanki is associated with the game of _________ Ans- Wrestling. Richard Zanuck died in Los Angeles. Who was he? Ans- Film-Producer. Who has taken over as Controller General of Accounts on 1st July 2012? Ans- Jawahar Thakur India and Bangladesh jointly celebrated the ______ anniversary of legendary poem Birodhi. Ans- 90th

Who has constituted a Committee to implement the recommendations of Justice Dharmadhikari Committee report in a time bound manner? Ans-Air India Renowned _____ Poet Hiren Bhattacharyya passed away on 4 July 2012. Ans- Assamese Who was elected the new President of Mexico on 1st July 2012? Ans- Enrique Pena Nieto. Union Minister of Human Resource Development Kapil Sibal inaugurated _______ teacher training programme. Ans- 10,000. Who has been appointed as the Chairman and Managing Director of Neyveli Lignite Corporation on 1st July 2012? Ans- B. Surender Mohan The Headquarter of International Atomic Energy Agency is Located at ________. Ans- Vienna. Summer Olympics of 2016 will be organized in ________. Ans- Brazil. What is the full form of NASSCOM? Ans- National Association of Software and Companies. Which stock exchange has recently got its approval from SEBI for equity trading? Ans-MCX-SX Head office of which bank is in Lucknow? Ans-SIDBI Which term is used in banking? Ans-Credit What is the full form of FII? Ans-Foreign Institutional Investor. What is the full form of GAAR?

Ans- General Anti-Authority Records. Where is the headquarters of the International money fund? Ans-London ASBA scheme is related to purchase of ________. Ans- IPO. Head office of which bank is in New Delhi? Ans-Punjab and National Bank Dinar is the monetary unit of _________. Ans- Iraq Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy expects the import of the fuel to grow by how much percent this fiscal? Ans-28 percent India ranks ________ for total foreign wealth deposited is Swiss Banks. Ans- 55th Ashok Leyland has bagged another order from which countrys Road Transportation Corporation for 88 AC buses? Ans- Bangladesh The RBI extended how much percent interest subsidy scheme by another year on rupee export credit to the labour-oriented small scale sectors, recently? Ans- 2 percent Which firm has received the 2012 World Business and Development Award at the Rio+20 United Nations Summit in Brazil? Ans-ITC The government has decided to charge _______ percent of gross revenue as licence fee from all telecom service providers from 2013-14. Ans-8 According to CMIE, steel prices are likely to go up by how much percent this fiscal? Ans- 5.7 percent

According to CMIE, India Inc is expected to post ________ percent growth in its profit in the current fiscal Ans- 21.6 India is set to become the __________ largest shareholder in the IMF Ans- Eight The CII has inked a pact with which group to establish the India Wildlife Business Council? Ans- World Bank The IMF and the World Bank had approved the cancellation of _______ in debts owed by Ivory Coast. Ans- USD 4 billion. Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance of Japan Picked up how much percent stake in Max New York Life Insurance for Rs 2731 crore, recently? Ans- 26 Cairn Energy, recently, sold 3.5 percent stake for over Rs 2,000 crore in an open market deal. Where are its headquarters? Ans-UK The World Bank has allocated USD ________ of assistance fund for developing countries in the fiscal year of 2012. Ans- 52.6 billion Indias spices export rose by how much percent in 2011-12 fiscal on account of increase in value realisation of spices? Ans- 36 percent Reliance Globalcom has launched a subsea cable service in which country that will substantially increase the countrys communication and broadband links to the outside world? Ans-Iraq Which company has entered into a strategic partnership with china Ming Yang Wind power group for developing up to 2,500 MW clean energy projects in India? Ans- Reliance Group The Union Cabinet approved the proposal for extending the scheme of interest subvention of __________ on housing loans up to Rs. 15 lakh.

Ans-1% The CCEA has approved the export of ________ tonnes of wheat from the central pool stocks. Ans-2 million According to the latest Rubber Board data, Indias synthetic rubber consumption rose by how much percent last fiscal? Ans-3 percent According to the Central Electricity Authority, peak power shortage of the country crossed _______ from April to June. Ans- 11,000 MW Collections from direct taxes rose by how much percent during the first quarter of the current financial year? Ans- 6.77% Indias jobless rate stood at what percent during the last fiscal? Ans- 3.8 percent ADB and the Govt. Of India have signed a ____________ loan for 1st tranche of railway Sector Investment program. Ans- US$ 150 million Which India company has signed a MoA with Kobe steel of Japan for setting up a 0.5 million tonne per annum iron nugget making plant? Ans- SAIL Who is the first Islamist president of Egypt? Ans- Mohamed Morsi Wimbledon cup is associated with the game of _______. Ans- Lawn Tennis The seventh G-20 summit was held in Los Cabos, _________ Ans- Mexico Antonis Samaras was sworn in as the new ______ of Greece on 20th June 2012. Ans- Prime Minister.

Wimbledon Championship 2012 was the ______ edition of the championship. Ans- 126th The three day World Economic Forum on India-summit will be held in ______ this year from November 6-8. Ans- Gurgaon India has signed a MoU with whish country to boost its bilateral ties in the tourism sector, recently? Ans- Israel The Union Cabinet cleared RS 5000-crore Metro Rail Project for ______ which will be the first city in Kerala to have such a transport facility. Ans- Kochi The UN has added the Achanakmar-Amarkantak region in ___________ and Madhya Pradesh to a list of global biosphere reserves. Ans-Chhattisgarh Which city of India emerged as the most competitive city, according to institute for competitiveness? Ans- Delhi How many Indian companies have made it to Fortune magazines 2012 list of worlds 500 largest companies? Ans-Eight