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Following are the detail of proposal and terms & condition for recruitment. 1.

Professional Fee Professional fee for search assignments will be paid based on the position recruited for, as per the Following matrix Level Professional fee S.no 1 2 3 4 5 Executive level level 1 level 2 level 3 level 4 level 5 CTC Level up to 4500 pm 5000-7999 pm 8000-9999 pm 1.2 -3.5 lakh pa 3.6 lakh pa & above charges (per candidate ) INR 2,000.00 INR 3,000.00 4.2 % of the CTC 8.33 % of the CTC 10 % of the CTC Replacement period 45 days 45 days 60 days 90 days 90 days
INR = Indian Rupees

pm= per month, pa = per annum , CTC = Cost to the Company,

2. Computation of CTC The Cost to company would be equivalent to the gross annual emoluments excluding gratuity (In case of permanent positions) and any service/performance-based incentives. 3. Replacement In the event of the candidate leaving the Company within replacement period from joining:ATC consultant will undertake to rework on the assignment free of cost Or fulfill any other vacancy or amount to be adjusted with other requirement fulfilled 4. Traveling Expenses Outstation Candidates meeting the Company representatives for interview/discussions at the Companys behest then to-and-fro journey expenses will be as per the Companys rules, which is not related to ATC in any manner 5. Correspondence with Candidates All correspondence with the candidates including interview scheduling and intimation of the Selection outcome will be the responsibility of the company/ ATC consultant (if the information to Consultant is forwarded) 6. Interview/short listing letters to the Candidates: Upon the short listing decision by company either Company/Consultant will inform the candidates of the selection. After the candidate accepts the Companys offer and subject to clearance of medical Tests. Company will inform of the Gross Annual Emoluments offered to the candidate, for Billing purposes & information). 7. Success Factor

F-27, first floor, Yashwant Plaza, Indore email : info@ascentconsultancy.com,

The Company will pay ATC consultant on the selection of candidate. Success on the assignment for the Purpose of this agreement will be construed to mean the candidates completion of replacement period in the Company, The information of such candidate who leaves within the replacement period to be provided at earliest to ATC consultant. 8. Payment of professional fee to ATC. ATC will raise invoice after 7 days of candidates joining, Service Tax @ 12.30% will be payable by the Company on the billed amount, wherever such taxes are levied. All bills to be settled within 7 days of raising the invoice / debit note. 9. Quality Standards We understand the requirements and skill sets demanded by the Company across various functions accurately and send only quality resumes, which match the Companys requirement. We screen resumes and candidates before they are sent to the Company. This would ensure better conversion rate for ATC consultant. 10. Ethical obligation The Company shall not in any capacity Head Hunt or approach any employees from consultant to service any of its channel partners, associates or clients. If any of our provided Candidates is found to be working in your organization, without our concern, then the company is liable to pay the professional fee. 11 Validity of terms The above terms are valid till further notice, and are subject to change from time to time. Consultant in writing will communicate any revision in terms and conditions to the company. 13. Changes in taxes Company will pay excess amount of change in tax % rate from prevailing amount This has to be applicable from date when levied by government

F-27, first floor, Yashwant Plaza, Indore email : info@ascentconsultancy.com,