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Dear Graduate,

Our requirements for eligibility for the W.V.V., Chapter 3 Memorial Scholarship are:

You must attend an accredited college, University, Technical or Vocational school, our
preference is that it be in Wisconsin, but this is not mandatory. Enrollment must be in the fall
semester following graduation from high school.

You will need to produce evidence of your enrollment in school. The school should sent a letter
Of your enrollment form the office of the registrar. You will receive your scholarship at the
beginning of the second semester of the freshman year. The scholarship is for $300.00

Non-notification to Wisconsin Vietnam Veterans, Chapter 3 Inc., will mean you are not intending
to further your education and you will not receive the scholarship.

Congratulations and our most sincere best wishes.

Alex Olson, Chairman

Wisconsin Vietnam Veterans
Chapter 3 Inc.
Box 14
New Glarus, WI 53574

Address City
Phone Date of Birth
Father’s Name Occupation
Mother’s Name Occupation
How many children in your family & their ages

How many children will be in post high school next year

What are your career plans

Where will you attend School

Have you been accepted What is your major
Minor/Other areas of interest

What do you estimate will be your cost of the first full year of
your education (consider room and board, tuition, books and fees)
Have you applied for &/or received any
other scholarships, if so what are they and the amounts

How do you plan to finance the cost of your education

Have you saved money for your education, if not, why not. If you
have saved, how much

Are either of your parents an American Veteran,Father Mother

Are either of your parents a Vietnam Veteran, Father Mother
Are either of your parents military disabled, Father Mother

What is your grade point average Class Rank

Applicant’s Essay
Directions: On an additional page you are to type three (3)
concise paragraphs. The first should state your future
vocational plans and why you have chosen this field. The second
should indicate your education plans and why you have chosen a
certain school to attend. The third should state why you feel
you need financial help. List the specific reasons, such as “my
father is hospitalized and cannot worked to send me to school”, or
“my parents are deceased and I have no means of support”, etc.
Please type and single space.

Please list on the remaining portion of this page the

extracurricular and community activities you have been involved
in during your high school career.