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Navigating HFM

Navigating HFM at Vitran

Start HFM 1. Internet Explorer 6
https://kronos.vitrancorp.com/hfm/ home/launchpage.asp

Accessing HFM 3. a) Cluster KRONOS b) App Reporting

2. a) User name / password b) Log on

Navigate Desktop 4. File Menu a) Set as Default b) Set Preferences c) Log Off 5. View Menu a) Masthead and View Pane b) Advanced mode or Basic mode - set to Basic

Navigate View Pane 6. Select task Manage Documents 7. a) Select Manage Doc b) View Data Forms c) View Data Grids d) View Reports

Alternative Reports Log on 8. a) Open IE6 and enter

http://ladon.vitrancorp.com/ workspace/

b) Log on Logoff 9. Log off

Start 1. Launch Internet Explorer and enter https://kronos.vitrancorp.com/hfm/home/launchpage.asp in the address bar. Note: Turn off Pop-Up Blocker

a) Click Launch Application to open the HFM Log on

page. 2. Enter your User Name and Password

a) Leave the Domain field blank b) Click Log on to open a Browser View

Accessing HFM 3. On the next screen, select a) KRONOS (under Cluster) b) Reporting (under Applications)

to open the HFM Desktop

The Goal Getters 2007

Navigating HFM

Navigate the HFM Desktop 4. From the File menu:

a) Select Set as Default Application b) Select Preferences and set your preferences (e.g. number formatting, language) c) Select Logoff to log off.

5. From the View menu:

a) Select Masthead and View Pane to view or hide these features

(notice the check mark beside them when selected).

b) Select Advanced Mode to switch to it, or alternately Basic Mode

to return (you are in Basic Mode when Advanced Mode is displayed, and vice versa i.e. clicking a mode switches to it). Note: Set to Basic Mode Navigate the View Pane


Navigate the View Pane to select an appropriate task, data grid or data form.

The Goal Getters 2007

Navigating HFM

Manage Documents (Note you may also select data grids and data forms through Manage Documents to do this see below)

7. a)

Click Administration to open this menu, then Select Manage Documents to open that desktop (see below).

The Goal Getters 2007

Navigating HFM

Click Data Forms to view them.

Click Data Grids to view them.

The Goal Getters 2007

Navigating HFM 8. Alternative Logon for Reports

Launch Internet Explorer and enter https://ladon.vitrancorp.com/workspace in the address bar. Note: Turn off Pop-Up Blocker

Log Off 9. To Logoff the HFM or Reports desktop, select Logoff from the File menu.

The Goal Getters 2007