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Castia Hunter ENC 1101 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 1130am-1220pm 0045

Summary Gee, James Paul. "Literacy, Discourse, and Linguistics: Introduction. Writing About Writing. A CollegeReader.Boston.Bedford/St.Martins. 2011. 481497. Print.


10/26/12 I would like to begin by saying that this piece was very text heavy and reliant on the knowledge of certain vocabulary words. A lot of ideas were thrown out at one time and it In this journal James Paul Gee gives a new spin on made it difficult to understand. Although it was definitions that in the past have had an alternate difficult text, I was able to use context clues meaning to me as a student. For example, on page 483 and Gees examples in order to obtain a better Gee defines language as being the things that you say meaning. Overall, the main idea that Gee was and what context you say it in. His example about trying to get you to understand was that asking for a light in the bar clearly exemplified what he discourse is solely based upon language and meant by the previous statement. Most importantly, how you use it. Discourse has discourse Gee distinguishes the difference between a discourse within it because thats how people and a Discourse. A Discourse is saying (writing)communicate, but it is not what it is based on. doing-being-valuing-believing combinations. The Discourse is a natural born thing and it is not example that helped me to better understand something that you strive for exactly, it just is. Discourse is the example that stated that my family This changes my outlook on what a Discourse would be a discourse. That really helped me to relate to Community really is. At first, we were taught what he was saying because I was born into my family, that a discourse community is a group of therefore my beliefs, values and the way that I form my people that share common goals and have their thoughts and sentences are based off what they have own lexis. If you wanted to become apart of a taught me. The discourse is the language that you use certain discourse community then you would in order to make your thoughts and the context that you observe the group, learn their ways, and their want them taken in to connect. Gee then goes on to say language. Now a Discourse Community is that youre either in a Discourse or youre not, but something that you cannot become apart of and the people who are in the Discourse have learned your just born into it. Its a difficult concept to through working with and observing people already in grab because how do you determine who is that Discourse. Another term that was important to right? or whose theory you should accept? understand was mushfake. Mushfake in my perception is just mashing the basic knowledge of a Discourse and other gained skills in order to try to mimic another Discourse.