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Esmeralda Matamoros Period 3 Otto Industrial revolution The industrial revolution had many effects but it wasnt worth

the pain due to child labor, unsanitary factories, and city bosses abusing workers. The industrial revolution had many job opportunities for people at the time period but the down fall was that oftenly children were put to work in industrial factories. In the 1800s kids made up 5% of labor forces (Otto). For children to be able to work in factories they had to leave their schools. They had no choice but to leave school and work to maintain their family. The fact of them losing a school education caused long term effects of them growing up to have the only education on how to work on a machine, which will pass down to their kids of not being correctly educated. some might not see this as a problem but with time the number of children working in factories started to increase it starts to affect the whole country because they stay in the same area of being poor making the richer richer and the poor poorer. Girls sometimes took factory jobs so brothers could stay in school (Otto). The country was changing but the state of mind wasnt girls at a very young age were being pulled out of school so they work in factories as they grew older they had no education making them to count on men to live. Some may not see this as a problem but women have always been put at the bottom making them inferior. Women didnt have any rights threw time in history because they werent given the education to stand up for themselves and change society. Working in factories since they were little girls made not know how to do anything but how to work in industrial factories. Children and young girls were losing their education and not succeeding in life because they were working to survive. Many children were injured or experienced stunted growth because of the hard work (C.A standard work book). Children were put to work to death. Working at the ages of 7-15

Esmeralda Matamoros Period 3 Otto when their bodies werent fully formed caused a lot of injuries due them being in the same position and motion causing their bones to form in the position there arms or legs were in while they were in the factories. Some children didnt make it past their twenties because of the long term effects it caused many deaths at that time period. Due to fact that industrial factories were growing rapidly factories there wasnt any sanitation or safety. Worked in factories that were unsanitary, and were exposed to harsh and toxic chemicals regularly (Selam Nuri, eHow Contributor). Workers didnt have kind of rights or voice if they simply complained about getting sick or trying to blame factories for causes of deaths or injuries they were quickly replaced with someone else. There was no such thing as a union that protected workers and gave them equal rights. Many deaths were being caused by the un-sanitation of factories. There was no such thing as gloves or masks so they consumed all the bad things in factories like toxins and chemicals that caused long term effects on the body. Taken out of pickle would often be found sour, and how they would rub it with soda to take away the smell and sell it to be eaten... (Upton Sinclair the Jungle). Workers were forced to not have any sanitation in factories making it un safe for others to consume it. Many people were getting sick and they had nobody to blame. City bosses won votes by giving people jobs but there was a great abuse in workers. After an unfair trial, Jurgis is sentenced to a month in prison ( the jungle). City bosses bought themselves into anything they could treat workers any way they wanted and there was never a consequence. Immigrants and workers always got it bad because they had no rights as employees of factories owned by city bosses. They had no choice but to listen to their bosses because they gave them money that let them live. So much injustice happened between workers and bosses.

Esmeralda Matamoros Period 3 Otto Up to this day workers at times are being abused. They are the cause and inspiration to bosses now how to treat workers. They changed history by the way they treated workers. Overall the industrial revolution caused many good and bad things but in the end it wasnt worth it due to abuses towards children, workers and deaths caused my unsanitary factories. Was it really worth all the pain for such little gain. Just because laws were passed to try to make a difference doesnt mean the un justicenes actually stopped. Abraham Lincoln passed a law to stop slavery yet it continued for many years could this be the case again.