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Bicol, the philippines decemBer 2 - 8, 2012 p5.00

vol. xx, no. 23

RDC Bicol OKs P1.484B infra projects for tourism devt

By Marlon a. loterte

Young writers vie for top honors in Robredo essay contest

By rosalita Base-Manlangit

LEGAZPI CITY -- The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), regional office here has included in its priority projects for 2013 the Convergence Program on Enhancing Tourism Access in Bicol amounting to P1.484 billion.
DPWH 5 Regional Director Danilo Dequito said that the Regional Development Council (RDC) had already endorsed the DPWH and Department of Tourism (DOT) convergence program through Resolution No. 35, series of 2012 Projects under the program include the improvement of Tabaco-Malinao-Buhi Road in Albay amounting to P591 million; President Cory Aquino Boulevard, inclusive of the construction of two bridges in Camarines Norte, with P450 million allocation; Iriga-Buhi Road in Camarines Sur, with P368 million; and, ViracPajo-Antipolo-Igang Road in Catanduanes, amounting to P75 million. These road projects, according to Dequito, will provide safe, efficient, convenient and easy access to tourism identified areas fortifying Bicols tourism roadmap for development. Bicol RDC chair and Albay Gov. Jose Salceda has initiated and been pursuing the strategic approach, through the Albay Masbate Sorsogon Tourism Alliance (AlMaSorTA) and the Catanduanes-Camarines SurCamarines Norte Tourism Link (CCTL), to accelerate tourism development and
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DAET, Camarines Norte -- Young writers from the six provinces of Bicol region will compete for the regional championships of the Bicol 2012 essay writing competition on the legacy of Secretary Jesse M. Robredo on Dec. 8 in Naga City.
Among the themes that the writers will develop is leadership, taking off from a quote attributed to the late interior and local government secretary: The most important ingredient of leadership is character. Most of the proficiencies can be learned, but whats inside you is

something thats difficult to change. The young writers are the 12 provincial first placers who will compete for the regional champion in category I (6 secondary winners) and category II (6 tertiary winners) coming from the six provinces of the region. Daet Mayor Tito Sarte-Sarion, publisher of the Bicol Harvest Magazine and proponent of the essay writing competition, said that Harvey Keh, founder of the Kaya Natin Movement, will also lead the activity being one of the stakeholders of the contest. He said that members of the board of judges will include: Bam Aquino; Atty. Leni Robredo, widow of Sec. Robredo; Mark Yu, president of Seaoil, one of the sponsors; Mayor
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(Atty. APA chairs Acyatan & Co., CPAs-DFK International is PICPA past president and Hall-of-Famer, past chair of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement Awardee). PRODUCTION: One of the Philippines favorite fruit is the banana. The plant grows easily in this part of the world with ample rain and good sunshine. Of course, its main weather adversaries are our typhoons and floods. This year despite the storms we experienced, the damages to our bananas, both at the (Mindanao) plantation level and smaller farms are minimal. Our public markets in Bicol and Southern Tagalog are teeming with bananas for sale. The good news is that Philippines bananas are now being documented for clearance as exports to the USA. The variety being cleared is the Highland Cavendish which are produced in the mountainous areas of Davao and Bukidnon (where the big banana plantations are located). Our banana export to China which was threatened to be cut-off is still on-going, even increasing despite the Western Phl Sea controversy. INDUSTRY: The banana industry is worth P34 billion with half a million workers, and 5 million Pinoys as beneficiaries. As a local fruit bananas are worthy import substitutes for the Chinese fruits which are now flooding our markets. If the USA export clearance is secured, we may also export our bananas to the nearby US territories of Hawaii, Guam and the Marianas. All our fruit exports must pass the strict quarantine protocols of

decemBer 2 - 8, 2012

sunday reflection
Jesus commends a poor widow
Life is filled with in-between situations. We work toward success, but have yet to achieve it. We plan for a home, but havent yet built it. We train to win a championship, but havent yet won it. these in-between times are crucial. todays readings talk about life where there is beginning but not yet completion, hope but not fulfillment, expectation without realization. the Jeremiah passage offers hope to the people at a time when there is no Davidic king. the author teaches that god will provide, the future will bring change. in this in-between time there must be continued trust in gods promise to David. its true that the fulfillment of this promise lies in the indefinite future, but there is still an obligation to hope in the present. Writing about twenty years after the death and resurrection of Jesus, Paul tries to strengthen his thessalonian converts in their new faith. For Paul, an essential part of the Christian message is the Parousia, or the Second Coming. Without that event, the drama of salvation is incomplete. Paul believes the Parousia is imminent, but preparation is required. Paul asks two things: (1) an increase in mutual and universal love, and (2) the attainment of the Christian goal. The goal is holiness expressed in loving concern for one another. The Parousia is not imminent for Luke. When the Parousia does occur, it wil be a day of redemption for the oppressed and a day of vengeance on the oppressor of Gods people. Constant prayer and vigilance will remove all fear about the return of the son of Man. The Second Coming will make salvation complete. - John Craghan, Th.D., S.S.I.

Growing Bananas
opinions unlimited
destination countries. Among our banana importing countries are: Japan, Indonesia, Korea and Malaysia. We have recently opened banana markets in Russia, Belorussia, Mongolia and the countries of the Middle East. We have to upgrade the production and safeguards for potential exports of such local varieties as Senorita, Saba (fresh or chips), Bongolan, Latundan and Lacatan. There is need to research on the preference of banana consumers as to taste and sweetness. SPENDING: The Administration was blamed for the sluggish economic activities last year, attributed to the intentional delay in releases of infrastructure budgets. This year infra spending was up by 65% (January to October) aggregating to P165.7 billion during the 10-month period. The increase in major disbursements was traced to the Public Private Partnership (PPP) program for infrastructure. The governments finance team says the sustained strength in spending augurs well for the continuing, positive expansion of our economy. This bolsters the financial management theory that spending for all types of activities spreads wherewithal for workers which stimulates consumption and production. Economic propulsion is further expected with the increased OFW FX inflows for Yuletide, and the escalation of fund outflows for the 2013 elections. DELINQUENCIES: Monetary Board records show that in the last nine months, the non-performing loan (NPL) ratios of our universal and commercial banks improved to a much lower 2.05%. The ratio was 2.56% for the same period last year. As yardstick of financial performance, the NPL pertains to loans that remained unpaid 30 days after their maturities. The ratio is computed against the total loan portfolios of the concerned banks. The scenario is welcome situation for business investors positively augured by continuing downtrend in interest rates. Instead of just putting their excess funds in low-earning bank deposits, businessmen are encouraged to venture into business or expand existing investments. The upsurge in trading at the stock market is being triggered by the low returns on deposits and placements. We pray that this ecotrend stays and holds. PROVERB: Let us apply our hearts to positive instructions, focusing attentive ears to words of knowledge.

Wimpy Fuentebellas Qualifications & Chinas Provocations

Now that the candidates for the May 2013 election have already filed their cerfificate of candidacy, they should already present their bio data to the people to know their qualification to the position they are aspiring for. This will give the voters ample time to know the candidates. The situation of the candidates are like the applicants for a position in the government. Fo example, the applicants for teachers, policeman, nurse, clerk, etc. They submit their bio-data. These are helpful informations in evaluating the fitness, competence and capability of the candidates. Atty. Felix William B. Fuentebella, better known as Wimpy is running for Congressman in the 4th district of Camarines Sur. He intends to continue the progress and development of Partido. In brief, the following are his qualifications: 1. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of the PhilippinesDiliman - 1993-1997; 2. Bachelor of Laws - San Sebastian College Recoletos, College of Law - 20042006; 3. Admitted by the Supreme Court to the Philippine Bar - May 4, 2009; 4. Former Congressman in the 4th District, was the Benjamin of the House;

from my window
5. Former Chairman of the Partido Development Administration Board; 6. Appointed by President Benigno S. Aquino as Commissioner of the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board; 7. Appointed by President Benigno S. Aquino as Assistant Secretary of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council, Representative of Vice-President Jejomar Binay in the Cabinet Cluster meetings. I hope the camp of his rival, Aga Muhlach will also present his bio-data for the information of the people. ***** At first, China sent ships to Scarborough

Shoal or the Bajo de Masinloc which is within the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Philippines claiming it belongs to China because everything in the China Sea belongs to China, according to their ancient maps and tradition. Therefore, it was just right for President Noynoy Aquino to seek a united front of ASEAN countries to solve their dispute peacefully during the ASEAN Summit. But the host country, Cambodia, is an ally of China. Since it was presiding the ASEAN meeting. it did not cooperate to have the resolution suggested by President Aquino passed. Then China issued Chinese electronic passport which bears a controversial map declaring disputed islands in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) as Chinese territory. The Philippines and others have protested this new Chinese passport as it tended to force contending parties to recognize Chinas claim to disputed territories upon stamping the travel document with entry visas into their country. After inter-agency consultations, our Department of Foreign Affairs reportedly said Philippine visas will instead be stamped on a separate visa form. This
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love your country, hate your country

This country is one place on earth that you will both love and hate. You will love it with ardor because it is your birthplace and the home of people closest to your heart. But you will hate it because of its thieving officials who are not satisfied with a few millions loot. Not all officials are thieves, however. There are honest ones but you can count them by your fingers. It is a great misfortune to be born in an impoverished country, to suffer the onslaught of bad fortune. It is a double misfortune to have such men in public office. Their primary interest is putting money into their bulging pockets. What is theirs is theirs, people would say, what is yours is theirs, what belongs to others belongs to them. Why have we fallen into such abyss? The late Bicol University professor, Dr. Carling Gegantoca, would frequently remind not to hate the sinners but their sins.I used to write fiery columns denouncing the unrepentant officials for their greed.

A QuestiOn Of PRivilege

salvador d. flor

Head, Advertising Associates 0920-533-7766

lee g. dullesco ii

They would change, he said, referring to the officials. He was a good man. He believed in the goodness of a human being. Today, I do not see anything resembling a change of heart of these people, a turning into a new leaf despite calls for renewal of right-thinking individuals. It warms the heart, however, to know that there are men who wont give up the fight

to turn this country into a livable place for the common man. The only trouble is that they are in the minority, too small a group to make any difference. A voice in the wilderness? ***** A defective justice system, for instance, has made the life of the ordinary man one of continuing frustration and disappointment. The wheels of justice grind very fast for the rich litigant but very slow for the wretchedly poor. I was a victim of the horrendous justice system. I could not take the Bar exams because of the notoriously delayed resolution of my case. The acquittal by the Supreme Court, however, mollified my resentment. My name is emblazoned in the SCRA but what is in a name. My childhood dream is now so remote. This is not stretching my imagination. too far. It is happening everyday, the
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decemBer 2 - 8, 2012

Bikol reporter

PnP deploys more cops in masbate for 2013 polls

By danny O. CaLLeJa LEGAZPI CITY The Philippine National Police (PNP) in Bicol has deployed additional policemen to augment its personnel in Masbate province to ensure the safe and fair conduct of the mid-term elections in May next year. PNP Bicol Regional Director Chief Supt. Jose Arne de los Santos based at Camp. Gen. Simeon Ola, said the PNP regional headquarters here over the week sent 58 policemen, all with ranks of Police Officer 1, in Masbate in connection with the implementation of the polices Task Force SAFE 2013 or Secure and Fair Elections. SAFE 2013, he said is a nationwide campaign focused on dismantling private armed groups (PAGs) and the intensification of efforts against the proliferation of loose firearms that are both necessary to ensure peaceful and orderly elections. Masbate has been identified as among the election hot spots in the country. The other areas include Maguindanao, Abra and seven other provinces where local positions at stake in the May elections are hotly contested among powerful political clans and political lords. Masbate is considered as the Murder Capital of Bicol and this label was earned from its bloody political history and the proliferation of loose firearms that are mostly in the hands of private armies employed by local politicians and their followers. Police records show that there are at least 3,000 licensed firearms in the possession of some 1,300 registered civilian owners that include private security agencies in the province while loose firearms are estimated to be more than 4,400. The Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) in Masbate has been working on the early implementation of a gun ban in the province ahead of the election period that starts in January next year to totally rid local communities of guns including those that are licensed. These loose firearms in the province are remnants of the over 4,000 that were either confiscated or surrendered by politicians who were pressed hard by the Special Task Force Masbate (STFM) into giving up their guns and voluntarily disbanding their private armed groups.
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dOe, Pia hold oil industry forum

By ANALIZA S. MACATANGAY The Department of Energy (DOE) and the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Camarines Sur Information Office conducted a multi-sectoral advocacy campaign on downstream oil industry from Nov. 28 to 29 at the Regent Hotel here. The discussion focused on the Liquid Petroleum Products (LPP) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) laws, rules, and regulations, among others, in line with the governments thrust in ensuring a competitive market under a regime of fair prices, adequate and continuous supply of environmentally-clean and high quality petroleum products. The advocacy drive was called for under Republic Act 8479 otherwise known as the Downstream Oil Industry Deregulation Act of 1998. Media practitioners from different outlets from Camarines Sur attended the first day of the forum from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. including local chief executives and administrators of various local government units in the province. DOE-OIMB Director Zenaida Y. Monsada, together with other DOE officials served as resource persons during the forum. The second part of the interfacing on Nov. 29 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. included personnel from the LGUs business and licensing office, municipal treasurer, Bureau of Fire Protection heads of office or employees and LGU staff directly involved in the approval of transactions in the municipal offices. After the forum, DOE officials, and the participants proceeded to the nearest gasoline station for the actual calibration.

ROusing ResPOnse


The two-day mobile Passport Servicing held november 23 and 24 at the CamSur Convention Center received an overwhelming response from those who have long awaited the service facility, affording them savings in terms of travelling expenses and effort going to the Consular Office in Legazpi. 1,141 individuals registered and availed of the service while 902 passports were processed and due for release on december 15, 2012. Coordinated and sponsored by Gov. Lray villafuerte and son, migz, thru the auspices of the CamSur employment Center (CSeC), 16 department of Foreign affairs (dFa) officers and staff came to process the applications and were awe-struck with the heavy turn-out of applicants.

CSC: Govt execs running in 2013 elections are deemed resigned

By sally a. atento LEGAZPI CITY The Civil Service Commision (CSC) regional office in Bicol issued a provision on the deemed-resigned rule for public officials and employees who filed their Certificates of Candidacy (COC) in the May 2013 elections. An employee who files a certificate of candidacy, even if later on disqualified or has withdrawn, is still considered resigned, CSC Information Officer Yoyie Jalmanzar said during the Ugnayan sa Bicol radio program of the Philipine Information Agency here. This rule is in line with the guidelines issued by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) on the filing of COCs for the 2013 elections dated September 2012. Jalmanzar said Section 4 of the said COMELEC resolution states that:Any person holding a public appointive office or position, including active members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and other officers and employees in governmentowned or controlled corporations, shall be considered ipso facto resigned from his
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BPi meets the Press, gives investment tips

one should at least try to salvage at least 10 percent of his income every month and put it in his savings account. While saving, BPI offers a chance to still invest your money through their BPI Save Up, Automatic Savings Plus insurance. Through this program, account holders can pick up from among the wealth goals that BPI designed for varied purposes : Lifestyle Planning, Education Planning or Retirement Planning. BPI also offers Ka Negosyo Credit Line with ATM Card and the BPI Family KaNegosyo. Both offers a wide array of opportunities for the account holder to manage his finances and invest on it, even while in other countries. The Ka Negosyo credit line also allows entrepreneurs to get their cash through ATM withdrawal with low interest credit line. For aspiring entrepreneurs who want to venture on their first business project, the KaNegosyo franchising scheme of BPI can help them realize their goals by embarking on a light payment scheme, enabling them to start their business with lesser worries on where to get their starting capital. The Bank of the Philippine Islands also offers a wide variety of Unit Investment Trust Fund Savings Scheme: the BPI Short Term Fund which aims to generate liquidity and stable income by investing in a diversified portfolio of primary short term fixed income instruments. They also offer Odyssey Peso Bond Fund, which aims to achieve capital appreciation and income growth in Philippine Peso terms over a period of time. The benchmark of the fund is the HSBC Philippine Liquid Bond Index, which it aims to outperform. Or clients may choose the Odyssey Philippine High Conviction Equity Fund which endeavors to attain long term capital growth for peso investors. They also have BPI Equity Value Fund which intends to achieve for its participants

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) as part of its early Christmas treat for members of the local media here, spearheaded a party cum investment briefing at The Avenue Plaza Hotel recently. The BPI sponsored activity was both a treat and a venue for media practitioners to consider on embarking on a financial planning, obviously as the best way to save up for the future. The core of the event was specifically bent on instilling to the participants the art of financial discipline. BPI honchos gave a hefty dose of advice to the attendees on how to manage their earnings and particularly shared the basic concepts of beefing up their savings or investments. For one, proper budgeting counts a lot which include calculating your monthly income, tracking your daily expenses and determining how much you spend on monthly bills. It is also important that

long term capital growth by investing in to the equity securities issued by the Philippine domiciled companies or they may try the BPI Premium Bond Fund which aims to achieve capital appreciation and income by investing in a diversified portfolio of primary medium-term fixed income instruments. Indeed, saving while putting up your money for investment is one of the best Christmas resolutions that one can embark on this season. -Lizel S. Macatangay

Bikol reporter


decemBer 2 - 8, 2012


jokee Botor-reyes

atty. moraleda represents UneP in an academic forum in south Korea

With its determined stance when it comes to pursuing quality education, the University of Northeastern Philippines (UNEP) through its dynamic and young University President Atty. Remelisa Alfelor-Moraleda will not cease to find ways to embark on worthy endeavor to realize the object of its aspiration. Just recently, Moraleda represented the university before the gathering of 143 participants during the 11th Asia University President Forum 2012 held at Busan , South Korea . The participants came from 68 universities representing 17 countries from different nooks and corners of the world. The activity endeavors to create linkages for any upcoming and possible collaboration amongst the stakeholders and attendees towards the globalization of all the higher educational institutions in the world. Moraleda, both delighted and full of pride with her participation in the said international event, stated that this is just the beginning of more international collaboration geared towards putting UNEP in the forefront of quality education. The participation of UNEP in this International

Developing a second (third Career) after retirement

There are still great opportunities for the elderly (senior citizens thats who they are) to look forward to even one has reached retirement age. If being 60 means being old, that state is certainly not the end of mental and physical activities nor the end of dreaming and idealism, At 60 or over, one is still capable of living an active social life. It is true that society puts a high premium on youth, so, it seems the old do not fit into this social structure. More avenues, therefore, need to be explored and opportunities can be opened to enable them to share wisdom and skills for the benefit of the youth. Tapping of resources and reaching out to positive attitudes are key factors to a meaningful old age. Old age is the chance to embrace a career of their choice when better circumstances warrant the fulfillment of their long thought of desires and goals. Senior citizens are entitled to the right to be useful, the right to freedom from want and old age, the right to a fair share of the communitys recreational, education and medical resources, the right to obtain decent housing suited to the needs of later years, the right to the moral and financial support of ones family, and the right to love and die with dignity. Senior citizens are encouraged to open a time deposit from a substantial portion of their retirement benefits in a bank which offers a high rate of interest, invest their money in money market of high yielding blue chips, invest in saving bonds or the likes, be a member of a credit union or a cooperative, join civic clubs and religious organizations and those who have inclinations or interest in creative endeavors should join classes or be members of clubs where their talents or skills can be tapped and developed, engage in productive endeavors such as insurance underwriting and real estate agencies, engage in backyard farming or poultry raising whenever feasible put up a stone. It is not unusual to hear of retired public school teachers or government employees getting part time jobs as college instructors or consultants in private firms using their experience. Some opt to stay at home and engage in worthwhile hobbies that could bring them money. Some make successful hobbyists, engage in cross stitching and embroidery. Some engage in painting or sculpture. Some are into writing their memoirs or fictions. Some are advisers of known politicians and businessmen. A senior citizen can still chose another career which could simply be raising healthy grandchildren or getting involved entirely in the church. whatever it is, after one has retired, it seems it is not all is late to develop another career.

Forum ushers in a new era for our university. On its 65th year, we can say that UNEP is now ready for the world as it continues to nurture global achievers and continues to work for a global market of learners and prepare Filipino students for the international labor market, in preparation for ASEAN 2015, Moraleda added. Moraleda added that
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developing Love of Country Through Our national Language

Filipino as a subject in high school opens the mind of our young students on the values of having a national language. I am specifically very keen on using the great works of literature by many of our prominent Filipino writers in Filipino whose works have struck the nationalistic spirit of our young students. The great Jose P. Rizal, our national hero saidAng hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling wika ay masahol pa sa malansang isda. This statement needs no explanation and it holds a lot of water. As a Filipino and as a Filipino teacher, I think there is no better way to build the nationalistic spirit among our children in school (both in the elementary and high school) than to use our literature written in either Filipino or even in a foreign tongue. That some masterpieces are written in English does not defeat the idea that nationalism can be developed in many ways and infused in the minds of the youth in different languages as long as it tackles nationalism. Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo by Rizal were written in Spanish but they certainly opened the nationalism of the Filipinos that eventually led them to fight for the independence that we now cherish. The realism of the Filipino novel documents the happenings of the past that was focused on the feelings of a people who sought independence dictated by their love of country. Liwayway Arceo in her short story entitled Titser broached the idea of a young lady who has to fight odds to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher and holding on to that profession to instill among her students the idea of love of country and in what profession can that sense be instilled but in teaching. A very admirable contemporary Filipino writer loved for her novels which later found their ways as movies mustered the art of injecting love of country in her two best sellers. Gapo and Dekada 70. Gapo talks of the plight of Filipino women whose life in Olongapo is centered on catering to the whims and advances of the American service men. The novel, likewise, opened the eyes of the Filipinos, especially our women to capitalize on her innate modesty and spirituality rather than succumb to the call of materialism in exchange of the mighty dollar. That piece of literature touched countless mothers the spirit of nationalism in a way since it practically draws down and eventually led to the end of the rule of the American in the military bases in the country, specifically in Olongapo and Angeles. There were many lessons learned from that literary masterpiece. In her Dekada Setento, Luwalhati Bautista pinpointed the martial law regime that triggered student power in the seventies. Although the students were fighting the military rule imposed by a fellow Filipino, it was love of country that led then to seek arms while others joined a revolutionary movement against the dispensation of the time, all done in the spirit of nationalism or love of country. As a Filipino and a Filipino teacher, it has dawned upon me long, long time ago to use the subject I teach as a stepping stone to build nationalism among my students particularly via the literature that has certainly gone to an unimaginable heights towards the pursuit of love of our country and our own culture. _______________________ Marilou Bagacina Morada - teacher ii rinconada national technical Vocational school Sto. domingo, iriga City

inner chess
By J. henry daniCan

Judy ann santos: its all about good choices

Celebrity mom Judy Ann Santos is ending year 2012 and welcoming 2013 with more exciting projects! Currently hosting MasterChef Pinoy Edition, Judai is also shooting a new fantasy film entitled Si Agimat, Si Enteng Kabisote at Si Ako with Vic Sotto and Bong Revilla and a soap opera on ABS-CBN. Plus, there are various projects lined up for her. Basically, this year and next year will be very busy years for me, she shares. Despite her hectic schedule, Judai sees to it that she stays healthy, fit and beautiful all the time. Living a happy life is a big factor in being physically fit. Pag nakikita ka ng tao, iyung aura mo sa bahay, yun yung dinadala mo sa labas ng bahay, she says, adding that her family is her inspiration. Making good choices Judai says she tries to make only good choices. For example, she opts for healthy food and shows her little ones the right way of eating. When the urge to indulge junk food hits her, she says Iisipin mo kung worth it ba? Tama ba? In the end, she eats nutritious food. She also chooses to spend time exercising with Ryan which explains that undeniable glow. Also in the list of her choices are shows and movies that inspire her, such as Meryl Streeps The Bridges of Madison County and The Devil Wears Prada. Streep is one of her idols because her versatility as an actress and the way she portrays a variety of roles with such depth of character is worth emulating. As for music, Judai is partial to Bossa Nova with its combination of samba and jazz grooves that she finds cool and light. On the other end of the spectrum, she also likes the music

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decemBer 2 - 8, 2012
Republic of the Philippines Province of Camarines Sur Municipality of Canaman -0o0Sangguniang Bayan EXCERPT FROM THE MINUTES OF THE SANGGUNIANG BAYAN OF CANAMAN, CAMARINES SUR IN ITS REGULAR SESSION HELD ON MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2012 AT 9:00 OCLOCK IN THE MORNING AT THE SANGGUNIANG BAYAN SESSION HALL, CANAMAN, CAMARINES SUR. PRESENT: Hon Henry P. Ragodon Vice Mayor - Presiding officer MEMBERS Hon. Nelson Legaspi Hon Beatriz Sayson Hon. Larry Nico Basmayor Hon. Joseph Sanchez Hon. Rolando Espiritu Hon. Loreto Trampe Hon. Honesto Bermudo, Jr. Hon. Digno Caudilla Hon. Rommel Amaro Hon. Trisha Marie Delovino-Bautista OFFICIAL BUSINESS: none ABSENT: none xxx h)

Bikol reporter

mUniCiPaL OrdinanCe nO. 2012-161



an OrdinanCe inSTiTUTiOnaLizinG The diSaSTer riSK redUCTiOn and manaGemenT SySTem in The mUniCiPaLiTy OF Canaman, CamarineS SUr Sponsored by: Hon. Larry Nico Basmayor Seconded by : Hon. Trisha Marie D. Bautista Be it ordained by the Sangguniang Bayan of Canaman, Camarines Sur assembled in session, that: SeCTiOn 1. TiTLe and GOverninG PrinCiPLeS: a) This Ordinance shall be known as the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Ordinance of Canaman. b) It shall be the governing principle of the municipality during disaster that while it is the duty of the State to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens, it shall be the reciprocal duty of every citizen to obey all laws and orders of the duly constituted Government designed for their safety and well-being. SeCTiOn 2. LeGaL BaSiS This Ordinance is in accordance with Sec. 16 and 17 of RA 7160 and suppletory to the mandates of the following statutes and respective IRR: a) PD 9003 (An act providing for an Ecological Solid Waste Management program, creating the necessary institutional mechanisms and incentives, declaring certain acts prohibited and providing penalties, appropriating funds therefor, and for other purposes. b) PD 1566 (strengthening the Philippine disaster control, capability and establishing the national program on community disaster preparedness; and c) RA 10121-Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction Management Act of 2010, and others latest issuance relative thereat. SeCTiOn 3. mUniCiPaL POLiCieS On diSaSTer riSK redUCTiOn and manaGemenT It is the policy of the municipality in disaster risk reduction and management: a) to take all positive action to reduce the vulnerability of its inhabitants to any disaster that may strike, b) to establish institutional capabilities for protecting citizens from adverse effects of disasters, c) to respond effectively to actual occurence of disasters and other risks, and d) to provide for recovery in the aftermath of any damage or other debilitating influence on the normal pattern of life in the community. SeCTiOn 4. deFiniTiOn OF TermS. For purposes of this Ordinance the following shall refer to: a) Calamity a state of extreme distress or misfortune produced by some adverse circumstances or event or any misfortune or cause or loss or misery caused by natural forces. b) disaster - a serious disruption of the functioning of a community or a society involving widespread human, material, economic or environmental losses and impacts, which exceeds the ability of the affected community or society to cope using its own resources. The result of the combination of: the exposure to a hazard; the conditions of vulnerability that are present; and insufficient capacity or measures to reduce or cope with the potential negative consequences, Disaster impacts may include loss of life, injury, disease and other negative effects on human, physical, mental and social well-being, together with damage to property, destruction of assets, loss of services, social and economic disruption and environmental degradation. c) disaster risk - the potential disaster losses in lives, health status, livelihood, assets and services, which could occur to a particular community or a society over some specified future time period. d) early Warning System - the predetermined set of capacities needed to generate and disseminate timely and meaningful warning information from monitoring, detection, dissemination and community response to enable individuals, communities and organizations threatened by a hazard to prepare and to act appropriately and in sufficient time to reduce the possibility of harm or loss. A people-centered early warning system necessarily comprises four (4) key elements: knowledge of the risks; monitoring, analysis and forecasting of the hazards; communication or dissemination of alerts and warnings; and local capabilities to respond to the warnings received. The expression end-to-end warning system is also used to emphasize that warning systems need to span all steps from hazard detection to community response. e) emergency - unforeseen or sudden occurrence, especially danger, demanding immediate action. f) Forced evacuation an order from competent authority to forcibly evacuate residents of a barangay to an appropriate evacuation destination to protect their lives during the onslaught of disaster. g) hazard - a dangerous phenomenon due to a substance, human activity or condition that may cause loss of life, injury or other health impacts, property damage, loss of livelihood and services, social and economic disruption, or environmental damage.

mitigation - structural and non-structural measures undertaken to limit the adverse impact of natural hazards, environmental degradation, and technological hazards and to ensure the ability of at-risk communities to address vulnerabilities aimed at minimizing the impact of disasters. Such as, but are not limited to, hazard-resistant construction and engineering works, the formulation and implementation of plans, programs, projects and activities, awareness raising, knowledge management, policies on land-use and resource management, as well as the enforcement of comprehensive land-use planning, building and safety standards, and legislation. i) Pre-emptive evacuation an order from competent authority to legally evacuate resident of a barangay to an appropriate evacuation destination to forestall their exposure to an imminent disaster. j) Preparedness - pre-disaster actions and measures being undertaken within the context of disaster risk reduction and management and are based on sound risk analysis as well as pre-disaster activities to avert or minimize loss of life and property such as, but not limited to, community organizing, training, planning, equipping, stockpiling, hazard mapping, insuring of assets, and public information and education initiatives. This also includes the development/enhancement of an overall preparedness strategy, policy, institutional structure, warning and forecasting capabilities, and plans that define measures geared to help at-risk communities safeguard their lives and assets by being alert to hazards and taking appropriate action in the face of an imminent threat or an actual disaster. k) Protocol a set of standardized procedures governing the communication, and operation of the different organized groups or teams to effectively deliver the needed information, resources and services in the event of disaster. l) rehabilitation - measures that ensure the ability of affected communities/ areas to restore their normal level of functioning by rebuilding livelihood and damaged infrastructures and increasing the communities organizational capacity. m) response - any concerted effort by two (2) or more agencies, public or private, to provide assistance or intervention during or immediately after a disaster to meet the life preservation and basic subsistence needs of those people affected and in the restoration of essential public activities and facilities. n) risk - the combination of the probability of an event and its negative consequences. o) vulnerabilitysusceptibility of a community, system or asset to the damaging effects of a hazard. Vulnerability may arise from various physical, social, economic, and environmental factors such as poor design and construction of buildings, inadequate protection of assets, lack of public information and awareness, limited official recognition of risks and preparedness measures, and disregard for wise environmental management. SeCTiOn 5. mUniCiPaL diSaSTer riSK redUCTiOn and manaGemenT COUnCiL. a) Pursuant to RA No. 10121, Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council is hereby strengthened. The composition of which are as follows: Chairperson: Municipal Mayor Vice Chairperson: Municipal Vice Mayor Members: Municipal Planning and Development Officer The Head of the LDRRMO Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer Municipal Health Officer MAENRO The Head of the Gender and Development Office Municipal Engineer The Head of the Local Veterinary Office Municipal Budget Officer The Division Head/Superintendent of Schools of the DepED The highest-ranking officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) assigned in the municipality of Canaman The Municipal Chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) The Municipal Fire Marshall of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) The President of the Association of Barangay Captains (ABC) The Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) Four (4) accredited CSOs One (1) private sector representative. b) The MDRRMC shall have the following powers, duties and functions: 1) Approve, monitor and evaluate the implementation of the MDRRMPs and regularly review, test and develop the plan consistent with other national and local planning programs; 2) Ensure the integration of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation into local development plans, programs and budgets as a strategy in sustainable development and poverty reduction; and 3) Recommend the implementation of forced or pre-emptive evacuation of local residents at risk, if necessary. c) Meeting, Quorum, Presiding Officer and Secretariat: 1) The regular meeting of the MDRRMC shall be held once every three (3) months or oftener on dates and place determined by the Council. The majority of all the members of the MDRRMC shall constitute a quorum in order to transact business and conduct meetings. 2) The Chairman or the majority of all its members may call for a special meeting as maybe deemed necessary. The MDRRMC shall promulgate its internal rules to govern the conduct of its meetings. 3) The Chairman shall be the Presiding Officer while the MDRRMO, referred to in Sec. 6 of this Ordinance shall serve as the Secretariat. SeCTiOn 6. mUniCiPaL diSaSTer riSK redUCTiOn and manaGemenT OFFiCe a) There is hereby created a Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (MDRRMO) under the control and supervision of the Office of the Mayor and a Barangay Risk Reduction and Management Committee (BDRRMC) in every barangay to be headed by the Punong Barangay. b) The MDRRMO shall be managed by a Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer (DRRMO) who shall be a Head of Office assisted by three (3) staff responsible for: (1) administration and training; (2) research and planning; and (3) operations and warning.

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decemBer 2 - 8, 2012
DRRMO. It shall serve as the nerve or command center for coordination of all units and service sectors and other agencies of the government as well as NGOs and private sectors at the onset, during and post disaster activities. b) The OpCen shall be activated on the onset of a disaster by the Municipal Mayor or DRRMO as Emergency Operations Center or EOC to serve as the nerve center for: 1) disaster and alert monitoring, 2) multi-agency operational coordination, 3) response resource mobilization, 4) information management and 5) program coordination for operations capability upgrade. c) As a matter of protocol and as may be required by the MDRRMC through the DRRMO, pre-designated personnel from MDRRMC member offices or agencies shall render duty (24/7) at the EOC. d) The operational procedures of the OpCen shall be set forth in the Manual to be formulated under Section 12 of this Ordinance. SeCTiOn 8. diSaSTer riSK redUCTiOn and manaGemenT PLanS and PrOGramS. a) The Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plans and Programs (DRRMPP for brevity) shall complement the mandates of RA 10121 otherwise known as the Philippines Disaster Risk Reduction Management Act of 2010 to authorize a program for pre-disaster mitigation; to provide for the direction and coordination of disaster preparations, response, and recovery; to streamline the administration of disaster relief; to appropriate and/or control the municipality costs of disaster assistance and for other purposes. b) The DRRMPP shall provide a blue print for the municipalitys prevention, mitigation, preparedness, and response protocols in the event of a disaster to minimize the destructive effects of disasters within the municipality. c) The DRRMPP shall be formulated with assistance from the DRRMO by the MDRRMC and in close coordination with the Municipal Development Council (MDC) to ensure the integration of the DRRMPP into the municipal development plans and budgets. d) The MDRRMC shall, in close coordination with the DRRMO, update any existing disaster management or risk mitigation plan of the municipality, outline the current disaster management system and structure that is in place including any propose enhanced system and/or structure in the future and define the responsibilities of individual members, sectors and units at each level of the structure. e) The MDRRMC shall identify list of disaster programs and projects from the duly approved BDRRMP of every barangays to be integrated in the DRRMPP with preference to those disaster-prone barangays that can be highly affected in the event of disaster. f) The updated and comprehensive DRRMPP should provide for the coordination of disaster planning, preparedness, response and recovery by different service sectors and specify the disaster management roles and responsibilities of each service sector including the national government agencies, non-government organizations and private sector. g) The DRRMPP shall be reviewed annually as to its relevance, comprehensiveness and effectiveness. SeCTiOn 9. deCLaraTiOn and TerminaTiOn OF STaTe OF CaLamiTy. The declaration and lifting of the state of calamity may be issued by the sangguniang Bayan upon recommendation of the MDRRMC, based on the results of the damage assessment and needs analysis pursuant to Sec. 16 of RA 10121. SeCTiOn 10. mandaTOry earLy WarninG SySTem. a) In coordination with PAGASA and other line agencies, the MDRRMC shall institutionalize an Early Warning System (EWS) that shall be peoplecentered that comprises four (4) key elements: knowledge of the risks; monitoring, analysis and forecasting of the hazards; communication or dissemination of alerts and warnings; and local capabilities to respond to the warnings received. b) The warning to be provided by the EWS shall be timely warning so as to provide the community enough lead-time for responding, reliable so that those responsible for responding to the warning will feel confident taking action, and simple so as to be understood. SeCTiOn 11. mandaTOry inSPeCTiOn OF LOCaL GOvernmenT inFraSTrUCTUre PrOJeCTS and PUBLiC BUiLdinGS. a) The MDRRMC shall require the Office of the Municipal Engineer (OME) to conduct a mandatory inspection every year of LGU lifelines as well as all local government infrastructure projects and public buildings relative to their strength, rigidity and resistance to wind and seismic loadings. The OME, in coordination with the DRRMO, shall formulate the mechanics and procedures in the conduct of the public infrastructure audit or inspection in accordance with the mandates of the National Building Code and other relevant laws and directives to be integrated in the Manual as referred in Sec. 12 of this Ordinance. b) In the event external expertise is required, the MDRRMC is encouraged to communicate with the nearest DPWH Office. SeCTiOn 12. manUaL On diSaSTer riSK redUCTiOn and manaGemenT. a) The MDRRMC, with the assistance of the DRRMO, shall formulate a Manual on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management or Manual for brevity within a period of six (6) months immediately after the approval of this Ordinance, and become an integral part of this ordinance. b) The Manual shall prescribe the different protocols in the operation, coordination and management of the different service sectors in the event of disaster. It shall also focus on the procedures and strategies at the onset, during and immediately after the disaster to ensure that lives and properties are protected and saved. c) The Manual shall be reviewed every three (3) years after its adoption by the Sanggunian to evaluate its relevance and effectiveness. SeCTiOn 13. PUBLiC edUCaTiOn and COmmUniTy PreParedneSS. a) The municipal government shall undertake, but not limited to the following activities to alert the community to local hazards and provide information on preparedness and risk reduction strategies in order to protect lives and properties: 1) Provide an area within the its jurisdiction where hazards maps and contingency plans for major hazards are prominently displayed; 2) Disseminate information through internet and printed materials such as newsletters, brochures and pamphlets;

The budgetary source, compensation and hiring procedure for the MDRRMO shall conform to the rules and policies of the CSC and the DBM, among others. 2) The MDRRMO shall have the following qualifications: i. Must be a resident of the LGU; ii. Must be a civil service eligible (professional or its equivalent); iii. Preferably with civil defense /DRM experience c) The MDRRMO or BDRRMCs, in coordination with concerned national agencies and instrumentalities, shall perform the following duties and functions: 1) Design, program, and coordinate disaster risk reduction and management activities consistent with the National Councils standards and guidelines; 2) Facilitate and support risk assessments and contingency planning activities at the local level; 3) Consolidate local disaster risk information which includes natural hazards, vulnerabilities, and climate change risks, and maintain a local risk map; 4) Organize and conduct training, orientation, and knowledge management activities on disaster risk reduction and management at the local level; 5) Operate a multi-hazard early warning system, linked to disaster risk reduction to provide accurate and timely advice to national or local emergency response organizations and to the general public, through diverse mass media, particularly radio, landline communications, and the installation of tide staff and rainwater gauges in designated areas within the Municipality of Canaman; 6) Formulate and implement a comprehensive and integrated MDRRMP in accordance with the national, regional and provincial framework, and policies on disaster risk reduction in close coordination with the municipal development council (MDC); 7) Prepare and submit to the local Sanggunian through the MDRRMC and the MDC the annual MDRRMO Plan and budget, the proposed programming of the MDRRMF, other dedicated disaster risk reduction and management resources, and other regular funding source/s and budgetary support of the MDRRMO/ BDRRMC; 8) Conduct continuous disaster monitoring and mobilize instrumentalities and entities of the LGUs, CSOs, private groups and organized volunteers, to utilize their facilities and resources for the protection and preservation of life and properties during emergencies in accordance with existing policies and procedures; 9) Identify, assess and manage the hazards, vulnerabilities and risks that may occur in their locality; 10) Disseminate information and raise public awareness about those hazards. vulnerabilities and risks, their nature, effects, early warning signs and counter measures; 11) Identify and implement cost-effective risk reduction measures/ strategies; 12) Maintain a database of human resource, equipment, directories, and location of critical infrastructures and their capacities such as hospitals and evacuation centers; 13) Develop, strengthen and operationalize mechanisms for partnership or networking with the private sector, CSOs, and volunteer groups; 14) Take all necessary steps on a continuing basis to maintain, provide, or arrange the provision of, or to otherwise make available, suitably-trained and competent personnel for effective civil defense and disaster risk reduction and management in its area; 15) Organize, train, equip and supervise the local emergency response teams in ensuring that humanitarian aid workers are equipped with basic skills to assist mothers to breastfeed; 16) Respond to and manage the adverse effects of emergencies and carry out recovery activities in the affected area, ensuring that there is an efficient mechanism for immediate delivery of food, shelter and medical supplies for women and children, endeavour to create a special place where internally-displaced mothers can find help with breastfeeding, feed and care for their babies and give support to each other; 17) Within its area, promote and raise public awareness of and compliance with this Ordinance and RA 10121 and legislative provisions relevant to the purpose of this Ordinance and RA 10121; 18) Serve as the secretariat and executive arm of the MDRRMC; 19) Coordinate other disaster risk reduction and management activities; 20) Establish linkage/network with other LGUs for disaster risk reduction and emergency response purposes; 21) Recommend through the MDRRMC the enactment of ordinances consistent with the requirements of this Ordinance and RA 10121; 22) Implement policies, approved plans and programs of the MDRRMC consistent with the policies and guidelines laid down in this Ordinance and RA 10121; 23) Establish a Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Operations Center; and 24) Act on other matters authorized by the MDRRMC. d) The BDRRMCs shall be a regular committee of the existing Barangay Development Council and shall be subject thereto. The Punong Barangay shall facilitate and ensure the participation of at least two (2) CSO representatives from existing and active community-based peoples organizations representing the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in the barangay. e) The sanggunian shall appropriate funds for the operation and management of the MDRRMO subject to existing laws and regulations. SeCTiOn 7. diSaSTer OPeraTiOnS CenTer. a) There is hereby created a Disaster Operations Center or OpCen under the control and supervision of the Municipal Mayor and management of the

decemBer 2 - 8, 2012
3) Conduct public awareness programs or activities advising the community about local characteristics of potential hazards and possible impacts such as fora, symposium among others; 4) Provide public education on how individuals can prepare themselves for disaster events; 5) Have an information dissemination plan; and 6) Allow and encourage public access to the protocols and strategies embodied in the Manual. b) A DRRM Training Center shall cater to trainings of public and private individuals and organizations in disaster risk reduction and management, including emergency response, search and rescue operations, and capacity-building programs, among others. Suitable location for the establishment of the Center shall be determined by the MDRRMC in consultation with the MDC and other concerned stakeholders. c) All secondary and tertiary schools, including the National Service Training Program (NSTP), whether private or public, including formal and nonformal, technical-vocational, indigenous learning, and out-of-school youth courses and programs, under the supervision of either DepEd, CHED or TESDA, in coordination with the OCD, the National Youth Commission (NYC), the DOST, the DENR, the DILG-BFP, the DOH, the DSWD and other relevant agencies, shall integrate disaster risk reduction and management education in the school curricula pursuant to Section 14 of RA 10121. d) The BDRRMCs and the SK councils shall encourage community, specifically the youth participation in disaster risk reduction and management activities, such as organizing quick response groups, particularly in identified disaster-prone areas, as well as the inclusion of disaster risk reduction and management programs as part of the SK programs and projects. SeCTiOn 14. LOCaL diSaSTer miTiGaTiOn POLiCieS. a) It shall be the policy of the Municipality to prohibit activities that may hasten or aggravate the impact of disaster such as, but not limited to, the following: 1) Littering, throwing, dumping of waste matters in roads, sidewalks, canals, esteros, parks and other places/establishment, causing or permitting the same; 2) The open burning of agricultural wastes such as rice straws and solid waste; 3) Squatting in any high risk areas; 4) Construction of any establishment in high risk areas; 5) Open dumping, burying of biodegradable or non-biodegradable materials in flood prone areas. b) Violations of these provisions are subject to fines, penalties or imprisonment as may be provided by the RA 9003, Municipal Ordinance no. 2005-108 (Canaman Ecological Solid Waste Management and Sanitation Ordinance of 2005) and other existing laws. SeCTiOn 15. evaCUaTiOn. a) It shall be the responsibility of the municipality to establish, maintain and manage evacuation centers in strategic, accessible but safe places. The standards and guidelines to establish, maintain and manage evacuation centers shall be set forth in the Manual to be formulated under Section 12 of this Ordinance. b) Forced Evacuation shall be enforced upon orders of the following competent authorities: 1) President of the Philippines or any Cabinet Secretaries upon order by the President or any legitimate National or Regional DRRMC; 2) Chairman of the Provincial/Municipal upon recommendation of the P/M DRRMC; 3) Punong Barangay being the Chairman of the BDRRMC upon recommendation of the BDRRMC and after assessment of the situation, there is a need to undertake the pre-emptive or forced evacuation to ensure the safety of the residents against imminent danger in the event of a disaster provided that the Punong Barangay shall immediately inform the MDRRMC Chairman through fastest means. 4) The Municipal Mayor and/or Punong Barangay or their authorized representative acting upon their direct order shall not be liable during the enforcement of forced evacuation. Provided, however, that no use of excessive force and bad faith to forcibly evacuate affected residents to a safer ground, pick-up points and/or appropriate evacuation destination. 5) The Municipal Mayor and/or Punong Barangay may encourgae any person who has the capacity and capabilty to assist in the implementation of forced evacuation provided that it will not endanger the life of said person. SeCTiOn 16. nOn-COmPLianCe TO FOrCed evaCUaTiOn Any person who willfully and deliberately disregard or opposed the order of forced evacuation issued by the Municipal Mayor or Punong Barangay or competent authorities shall release the latter from any liablility for the formers injury or death attributed to his disobedience. During evacuation, priority shall be given to those persons or residents who willfully comply with the order of forced evacuation. SeCTiOn 17. mUniCiPaL diSaSTer riSK redUCTiOn and manaGemenT FUnd a) Annually, the Municipality shall set aside not less than five percent (5%) of the estimated revenue from regular sources as the Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Manangement Fund (LDRRMF) to support disaster risk management activities such as, but not limited to, pre-disaster preparedness programs including training, purchasing life-saving rescue equipment, supplies and medicines, for post-disaster activities, and for the payment of premiums on calamity insurance and construction of evacuation centers. The LDRRMC shall monitor and evaluate the use and disbursement of the LDRRMF based on the LMDRRMPP incorporated in the local development plans and annual work and financial plan. Upon the recommendation of the DRRMO and approval of the Sanggunian, the LRRMC may transfer the said fund to support disaster risk reduction work of other LDRRMCs which are declared under state of calamity. b) Of the amount appropriated for LDRRMF, thirty percent (30%) shall be allocated as Quick Response Fund (QRF) or stand-by fund for relief and recovery programs in order that situation and living conditions of people In communities or areas stricken by disasters, calamities, epidemics, or complex emergencies, may be normalized as quickly as possible. c) Unexpended LDRRMF shall accrue to a special trust fund solely for the purpose of supporting disaster risk reduction and management activities

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of the MDRRMC within the next five (5) years. Any such amount still not fully utilized after five (5) years shall revert back to the general fund and will be available for other social services to be identified and prioritized by the MDC. SeCTiOn 18. PrOhiBiTed aCTS. a) Any person, group or corporation who commits any of the following prohibited acts provided under Section 19 of RA 10121 shall be held liable and be subjected to the penalties as prescribed in Section 20 of the said Act: 1) Dereliction of duties which leads to destruction, loss of lives, critical damage of facilities and misuse of funds; 2) Preventing the entry and distribution of relief goods in disaster-stricken areas, including appropriate technology, tools, equipment, accessories, disaster teams/experts; 3) Buying, for consumption or resale, from disaster relief agencies any relief goods, equipment or other aid commodities which are intended for distribution to disaster affected communities; 4) Buying, for consumption or resale, from the recipient disaster affected persons any relief goods, equipment or other aid commodities received by them; 5) Selling of relief goods, equipment or other aid commodities which are intended for distribution to disaster victims; 6) Forcibly seizing relief goods, equipment or other aid commodities intended for or consigned to a specific group of victims or relief agency; 7) Diverting or misdelivery of relief goods, equipment or other aid commodities to persons other than the rightful recipient or consignee; 8) Accepting, possessing, using or disposing relief goods, equipment or other aid commodities not intended for nor consigned to him/her; 9) Misrepresenting the source of relief goods, equipment or other aid commodities by: i) Either covering, replacing or defacing the labels of the containers to make it appear that the goods, equipment or other aid commodities came from another agency or persons; ii) Repacking the goods, equipment or other aid commodities into containers with different markings to make it appear that the goods came from another agency or persons or was released upon the instance of a particular agency or persons; iii) Making false verbal claim that the goods, equipment or other aid commodity in its untampered original containers actually came from another agency or persons or was released upon the instance of a particular agency or persons; 10) Substituting or replacing relief goods, equipment or other aid commodities with the same items or inferior/cheaper quality; 11) Illegal solicitations by persons or organizations representing others as defined in the standards and guidelines set by the NDRRMC; 12) Deliberate use of false or inflated data in support of the request for funding, relief goods, equipment or other aid commodities for emergency assistance or livelihood projects; and 13) Tampering with or stealing hazard monitoring and disaster preparedness equipment and paraphernalia. b) In addition to the enumerated prohibited acts under paragraph (a) of this Section, it shall be unlawful for any person to wilfully obstruct, hinder or delay any emergency services or loot the dwellings, properties and livestocks of evacuees. SeCTiOn 19. mandaTOry revieW It shall be mandatory for the sangguniang Bayan to review this Ordinance five (5) years after its approval, in order to evaluate its relevance and propose any appropriate changes. SeCTiOn 20. miSCeLLaneOUS PrOviSiOnS a) The municipal government shall immediately establish and maintain contact with the PDRRMC, the Philippine National Red Cross, and other pertinent agencies during a disaster. b) The municipal government shall provide a temporary site for the municipal government offices whenever a disaster may destroy municipal government facilities and infrastructures in order to continue government operations. c) The municipal government shall establish inter-local cooperation with adjacent local governments in the event of the occurrence of a disaster. d) The municipal government shall coordinate and work with the BDRRMC in the organization of zones where a cluster of barangays may be grouped together for better coordination of disaster response. e) Upon the declaration of a state of calamity in the Municipality, the Municipal Price Coordinating Council shall be automatically activated to prevent overpricing/profiteering and hoarding or prime commodities, medicines and petroleum products. Section 21. Penalties. Failure on the part of any person to comply with any of the obligatory provisions or who violates any of the prohibited acts of this ordinance, in the absence of a specific penalty, shall suffer upon conviction, the payment of fine from five hundred pesos (Php 500.00) to two thousand five hundred (Php 2,500.00) or an imprisonment of from five (5) to six (6) months or both fine and imprisonment at the discretion of the court. Section 22. Separability Clause. Should any part or portion of this ordinance be declared null and void by the courts, the remaining portion not affected thereby shall continue to have full force and effort of law. Section 23. effectivity. This code shall take effect sixty (30) days after publication in a news paper of general circulation. enaCTed : November 5, 2012 FinaLLy aPPrOved: November 26, 2012. xxx xxx xxx I HEREBY CERTIFY to the correctness of the afore-quoted ordinance. (Sgd) LeTiCia T. aGUra Secretary to the SB

ATTESTED: (Sgd) henry P. raGOdOn Municipal Vice-Mayor APPROVED:

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(sgd) eMManUel s. reQUeJo Municipal Mayor 11/28/2012

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pnp deploys more cops . . .
STFM, which was created before the 2010 national and local elections, is an elite unit of lawmen from the PNP Bicol Regional Mobile Group (RMG), the Criminal Investigations and Detection Group (DILG), the Police Special Forces (PSF), and the Philippine Army (PA). The campaign of the Task Force resulted to a relatively peaceful and orderly conduct of the 2010 elections in the province. We have standing orders for PNP chief Deputy Dir. Gen. Alan Purisima to give priority to the dismantling of PAGs in Masbate and anywhere in Bicol and the deployment of additional policemen is necessary to provide more operatives in the province towards this end, Delos Santos said. These additional policemen will be distributed among all police units in Masbate to conduct checkpoints in search for loose firearms also as part of the regional polices Oplan Kontra Boga, an intensified drive to recover as many loose firearms not only in Masbate but in the entire Bicol. Based on the regional PNP records, Camarines Sur had a total of 11,412 unregistered firearms, the biggest compared to the other five provinces in the region. Albay came next with 7,829, followed by Masbate with 4,403; Camarines Norte with 2,860; Sorsogon, 2,777; and Catandunes, 694. We wanted to recover as many as we could if not all of these loose guns before the next elections to minimize if not totally prevent electionrelated violence in Masbate and in the entire region, De los Santos said. So far, he said around 200 unlicensed guns have already been confiscated under this Oplan from all over the region since its implementation this year. This is an estimated total of 30,000 loose firearms in

decemBer 2 - 8, 2012
rdc Bicol oks p1.484B infra. . .
enhance the attractiveness of Bicol as a tourist destination. Salceda further cited that the clusters need the completion of several priority projects with the likes of infrastructure development to make the region fully accessible for its external market access. the hands of illegal holders in the region and based on the regional PNP records, Camarines Sur had a total of 11,412 unregistered firearms, the biggest compared to the other five provinces in the region. DPWH and DOT has since been pushing for an aggressive program on providing quality roads and bridges that will encourage tourist influx in Bicol. Increase in tourist arrivals will certainly step up economic opportunities not only in rural areas but also in urban centers, RD Dequito said. For the current year, P849.728M is allotted for roads leading to tourist destinations wherein P409.460M is allocated for the province of Camarines Norte, P250.268M for Camarines Sur and P190M for Sorsogon.

from my window . . .
is a good decision in order to avoid conflict and not to recognize Chinas claim. It is best to use legal and diplomatic means in solving our dispute with China but China is against bringing this to the UN International Tribunal because of the UNCLOs to which it is a signatory. China, however, continues with another provocative action. The China Daily reported that Chinas has granted its border patrol police the right to board and expel foreign ships entering disputed waters in the South China Sea including parts known as West Philippine Sea. Effective January 1, China will allow its police in Southern Chinese province of Hainan to board and seize control of foreign ships that illegally enter Chinese Waters. President Aquino recently said the Philippines would protect its exclusive economic zone. It would fight for its territory in the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea. Lets pray for our President on this matter.

a question of . . .
gross injustice committed against those who are supposed to enjoy the protection of the justice system. ***** Camarines Sur promises to have a lively elections by May, 20l3 with prominent personalities engaged in a fight for several top posts. But the atmosphere in Albay province may be different. In fact today, the election fever is nowhere to be felt. Albay Gov. Joey Salceda has reportedly no opponent for the gubernatorial post. If true, the Albayanos will hand the post over to Salceda on a silver platter. No pains, no sweat , no expense on the part of the governor. Is Salceda difficult to dethrone? Many said they do not think so. There are many qualified Albayanos who can give him a run for his money. Their problem is where in Gods hand to get they resources. If we let him take the post in so easy a manner because he has ample resources, we give to people with money the reins of the government. Time will come when a poor mans talented son wont have a chance to occupy public office because he has little money. Expensive elections are not, however, the creation of rich politicos. The people are much to blame. They are part and parcel of the existence of the monster. They wont vote unless somebody hands them money. That is practicing the right of suffrage in the most perverted kind. The recent presidential polls in the US should be the model for our voters. Over there, the Americans chose candidates with the best government programs. Vote buying is completely unknown. Over here, Filipinos prefer those with so much cash. And yet we aspire to copy the American election model.

young writers vie for top . . .

John Bongat, Vice Mayor Gabby Bordado and councilors of Naga City; Regional Directors and heads of the different government agencies concerned and private institutions. Sarion said winners of the regional competition in both categories will receive a trophy and cash prize of P10,000; P7,000 and P5,000 for the first, second and third placer respectively and three consolation prizes of P1,000. The provincial winners will also be awarded on the same day in both categories with a trophy and cash prize of P5,000 for first place, P3,000 for second place and P2,000 for third place. Seven consolation prizes of P500 will be also be given. The co-sponsors of the competition are the Philippine Information Agency (PIA), Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), Local Government of Daet, Department of Education (DepEd), Commission on Higher Education (CHED), SM Naga and ABS-CBN Naga. It is also supported by the Local Government Units of Naga City, Iriga City, Legaspi City, Albay, Tabaco City, Ligao City, Casiguran of Sorsogon, Catanduanes and Masbate City.

eXTraJUdiCiaL SeTTLemenT OF eSTaTe WiTh SaLe Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the legitimate children and the surviving heirs of the late Spouses LOrenzO C. rOSaLeS and SaLvaCiOn Margallo rosales, who died on July 25, 2002 and October 3, 3003, respectively both in Naga City, Camarines Sur, without any WILL or TESTAMENT and with no known debts, left a parcel of land situated at Concepcion Pequea, Naga City with OCT No. 265, that the parties adjudicate among themselves the described property; that for and in consideration of the sum of SEVEN MILLION pesos (Php7,000,000.00) in hand paid by Sps. William de Lara Tan and Elizabeth Dolor Tan, the heirs do hereby SELL, CEDE, TRANSFER and CONVEY by way of Absolute Sale the described property, as acknowledged before Notary Public Milagros Ramin Francia, Doc. No. 130, Page No. 26, Book No. XIII, Series of 2012. BIKOL REPORTER Published: December 2, 9 and 16, 2012

Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the sole and legitimate heirs of JOAQUINA Q. BORJA who died on July 4, 2004 at Caraycayon, Tigaon, Camarines Sur, with no known debts, left parcels of land situated at Caraycayon, Tigaon, Camarines Sur; that pursuant to Rule 74, Sec. 1 of the Revised Rules of Court, the parties with full capacity to contract waive their rights and interest in favor of co-heir Gemma Q. Borja the parcels of land described; as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Jacinto B. Peaflor Jr., Doc. No. 2469, Page No. 492, Book No. VI, Series of 2012.
BiKOL rePOrTer Published: nov. 25, dec. 2 and 9, 2012

eXTra-JUdiCiaL SeTTLemenT WiTh Waiver

Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the sole heirs of the late ZENAIDA FUENTEBELLA-GUERZON who died intestate in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., on August 11, 2005, leaving real and personal properties situated in the Philippines, with no known debts or obligations due against the estate of the decedent, the parties hereto adjudicate among themselves the entire estate particularly the real properties described as mentioned in the Extra-judicial Settlement of Estate, as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Luzviminda E. Milton, Doc. No.11488, Page No. 245, Book No. XXXI, Series of 2012.
BiKOL rePOrTer Published: nov. 18, 25 and dec. 2, 2012

eXTra-JUdiCiaL SeTTLemenT OF eSTaTe

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.

name OF deCeaSed Barbara n. Terceo Santos Q. Terceo romeo O. San Lorenzo Jr. Clemente m. Camba manuel m. meneses miguel a. Pardias milagros d. Pardias Guillermo U. abellera antonio a. alacar Jr. Lilibeth v. rastrullo Gregorio r. rastrullo Josefina v. rastrullo Jose v. rastrullo dante r. magno Franklin m. Llorin Lourdes B. Lucena emiliana B. Bermudo rosalinda e. novio Samuel e. novio

daTe OF inTermenT October 1, 2012 October 1, 2012 October 2, 2012 October 6, 2012 October 7, 2012 October 6, 2012 October 6, 2012 October 14, 2012 October 17, 2012 October 19, 2012 October 19, 2012 October 19, 2012 October 19, 2012 October 18, 2012 October 25, 2012 October 23, 2012 October 26, 2012 October 27, 2012 October 27, 2012

decemBer 2 - 8, 2012
franchise holder of the Miss Tourism World Pageant. Miss Kings title is doubly significant for Albay because a native beauty will again represent the country in an international competition; and she is a product of the Albay Pageant Academy, the first ever school formally organized in the country for would-be beauty titlists. Salceda said the Albay Pageant Academy is a conscious effort to develop local beauty talents who can make it big in national and inter-

Bikol reporter
alBay Beauty to represent . . .
national competitions. The academy has Board Member Glenda Ong Bongao, as executive director. Salceda has staunchly supported Bicolana beauty queens competing in world beauty tilts. He said Albays numerous festivals, like Magayon and the current Karangahan:Green Christmas, include beauty pageants that provide the province a pool of beauty title holders, all trained under the Albay Pageant Academy. Pretty and smart Albay

girls have reasons to aspire for the beauty pageants crown in their province. Aside from the title they also get cash prizes ranging from P200,000 to P300,000, and other perks including scholarships, gifts from sponsors, public exposure, and most importantly, the opportunity to be part of the provinces prestigious list of beauty queens. Provincial Tourism chief Dorothy Colle said the yearly Miss Magayon beauty pageant of Albay offers an outright cash gift of P300,000 which increases yearly. prove to them that we are at par with the best professionals in the world, Moraleda stated. The 11th Asia University President Forum 2012was hosted by Dongso University has gathered the best academic institutions to update themselves on the current trends and allowed them to engage in a meaningful ties as they raise their commitment for quality education.

atty. moraleda represents unep . . .

DAlAn sA KAlAngitAn stARs

Colorful in their glittering gowns are last years winners in the dalan Sa Kalangitan grand finals led by ivy Temporal (2nd from left), grand champion; rosalyn navarro (extreme left) first runner up; diane Lopez (3rd from left) 2nd runner up and heavenly Grace Boaga (extreme right), 3rd runner up. this year, sponsors gov. lray Villafuerte and son, Migz are bent to discover new singing talents with another edition of the provincewide amateur singing competition.

Judy ann santos: its . . .

of young superstars Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber and of course, OPM. Even though shes very busy, Judai also finds time to read self-help books as well as novels, like her favorites, The Alchemist and Five People You Meet in Heaven. These reading materials uplift her soul and she appreciates the valuable life lessons she learns from them. Believe in what you endorse Speaking of endorsements, Judai has been quite visible in different TV and print ads. But despite the many products she is promoting, the versatile actress makes sure she only endorses products that she actually uses. I dont want to give false endorsement, she shares. Dapat, unang-una naniniwala ka sa brand, iyun talaga ang requirement ko adding that its not all about money, but it is also about believing in the product. Indeed, Judai says its all about making good choices, like opting for Sun Cellular as her communication partner. For more than two years now, shes been enjoying the benefits of being part of the Sun community. She loves that her Sun-powered mobile phone enables her to be in touch with her family seamlessly at very affordable rates. Case in point is when Judai relies on the network to call her daughter Yohan and check the latters school work and daily activities. its a good choice to be under the sun! Judai is a firm believer in the

benefits of Sun Cellular. Aside from its unlimited local Sunto-Sun calls and texts, Sun Cellular also allows her to stay connected with her relatives abroad at an affordable cost. Because she uses Sun Todo IDD Tawag to call them,she enjoys longer talk time for as low as P2.00 per minute. Sun Todo IDD Tawag is available via call card, Xpress load or load conversion by texting TODOIDD 50, TODOIDD 100 or TODOIDD300 to 247. No doubt about it; Sun is the network for me! Imagine, calling and texting all you want,anytime I want, 24/7! Plus I can instantly communicate with my relatives abroad at a cheaper cost! What could be better than that? Choosing Sun Cellular is one of the best choices I made! she enthuses.

UNEP had been gearing up for this for a long time and her participation in AUPF is but a part of the operationalization of UNEPs effort to internationalize its programs. The ASEAN 2015 will actually serve as a channel for ASEAN Member countries to exchange their best practices and for our professions to be recognized in other member-

countries. Those who have toiled hard to establish their profession here in the Philippines will now have a chance to practice their profession in other countries. This goes to say that what we have built here will also be acknowledged in other places, making us globally competitive. We will be given a fair chance to

csc: govt execs running . . .

office and must vacate the same at the start of the day of the filing of his certificate of candidacy. The same ruling also applies to government workers under job order contract, he said. While job order employees are not considered government employees due to the absence of employeremployee relationship, we cannot discount the fact that

they work, though indirectly, for the government, Jalmanzar stated. Jalmanzar also stressed that government employee who lost in an election, shall not be eligible for appointment or re-employment to any office in the government within one year after the election. However, this policy in barangay elections so candidates for officials in the barangay level can automatically re-apply right after the election, Jalmanzar said.

Albay beauty to represent PH in Miss Tourism World finals

LEGAZPI CITY Albay Gov. Jose Salceda and his provincemates take pride in their newest national beauty queen, 23-year old Miss Tourism World Philippines Meryl Angeline King, a nurse who will represent the country in the Miss Tourism World finals in Bangkok, Thailand this December. She was crowned first Miss Tourism World Philippines 2012 only last November 11. She is the latest in Albays long list of 37 regional, national and international beauty queens since 1980 when Agapita Sigue of Legazpi City was crowned Miss Philippine National Red Feather 1980. The record has earned for the province the monicker Venezuela of the Philippines. . Albays roster of beauty titlists include Precious Lara

10 Bikol reporter

decemBer 2 - 8, 2012


Meryl angeline King Quigaman, Miss International 2005; Miriam Quiambao, Miss Universe 1999 1st Runner-up; Venus Raj, Ms. Universe 2010 4th runnerup; Dianne Necio, 2010 Bb. Pilipinas-International who won the Peoples Choice and Miss Internet Awards in the 51st Miss International Pageant in China; Jane Banares, Mutya ng Pilipinas 2009; and Melody Gersbach, Bb. Pilipinas-International 2009. Venus Raj and Meriam Quiambao are now celeb-

rity TV hosts and product endorsers. Venus, a journalism graduate from the Bicol University here, briefly served as spokesperson of the Center for Initiatives and Researches on Climate Adaptation, under the Office of the Albay Governor. The coveted Miss Tourism World 2012 crown is Meryl Angelines third title this year. She also reigns as 2012 Miss Pulang-Angui of Polangui town and Miss Tabak Festival of Tabaco City, We are excited about our very first Miss Tourism World Philippines winner. She possesses the elegance and beauty of a true Filipina and personifies the charm and warmth of our country, a real Ambassador of Philippine Tourism, says Francisco Gareth Blanco Jr., national director and Philippine
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6ixty 8ters
Cordially invites you to its


Dec. 15, 2012, @ 8:00 a.m. Avida San Francisco Village II Club House Pacol, Naga City

Theme: @ 44 we will make a difference

Part i - december 7, 2012 @ naga City hall 3:00 pm assembly of Finalists and Coaches 4:30 pm Briefing Orientation Getting to know you & meeting with the press 5:00 pm Welcome Program invocation national anthem Welcome address: Coun. nelson Legacion - Kn member opening remarks: mayor Tito S. Sarion - daet, Cn Messages: mayor madeline alfelor Gazmen - iriga City mayor John Bongat - naga City Host: Myles Mella video Presentation 6:30 pm dinner with entertainment numbers 8:00 pm Billeting @ naga City youth Center Part ii - december 8, 2012 @ Sm City activity Center 8:00 am - 11:00 am Competition Proper 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Judging / Working Lunch 1:30 pm awarding Ceremony: atty. leni robredo Mayor John Bongat Mayor tito s. sarion sM amy Villafuerte engr. Wesley Villanueva the Board of Judges Hosts: issa Borromeo Jonathan Magistrado (Note: There will be a related activity at 3pm - Launching of the Book on the life of sec. Jesse M. robredo @ ateneo de naga University) regional BoarD oF JUDges

mayor Sherwin Gatchalian - valenzuela City mr. harvey S. Keh - Kn Convenor Mr. Mark yu - seaoil VM gabriel H. Bordado rD Blandino M. Maceda - Dilg rD orfelina o. tuy - Deped rd Freddie T. Bernal - Ched OiC rd aida naz - Pia

atty. maria Leonor Leni robredo