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PERSONAL STATEMENT My passion in acquiring higher education is mostly influenced by my parents financial and educational deficiency and the disadvantageous mindset of rural neighbourhood towards education. I live in an industrial area where people work as employees. They think that education is a second priority because money is easy to get without proper education. In fact, education talks about many things such as knowledge, life values, and attitude. I observed that their drawbacks can be overcome by learning and improving their education and knowledge. This is the reason why I have relentless spirit to study; so that I can educate them. I found myself to have a great interest in both English and teaching. There is a strong passion to share my English knowledge through many kinds of language activities such as teaching, document translation, English debate and discussion, language assistance and community service since I was in the undergraduate program. Those activities give me plenty opportunity to speak English in daily settings and thus enhance my communication skills in English. On the other hand, I have little time to review and advance my knowledge about education development, linguistics, and related English teaching theories. I took higher education in 2002 in the field of educational. This formal education gives me deep insight to implement it in a formal and informal English education. Formerly, I started my profession by teaching at LPK (vocational informal education centre), and my position was an English tutor who taught students, managed the schedule, and coordinated the teachers. In addition, my friends and I founded an English course and a school assistant program that are running until now. This community service helps students to master English and school subjects such as math, physic, chemistry, biology, religion studies and social sciences. Later, my formal job turned into a temporary lecturer at the State Institute of Islamic Studies (STAIN) Salatiga where I teach English for Accounting, English Vocabulary and


General English for 1st year students. Moreover, I always interact with students extracurricular programs (English Debate and Discussion program), with English native speakers, and with other institutions that cooperate with UPB (Language Development Unit) STAIN Salatiga. In UPB, I assist to manage English language development through language practices and services and language research. To have a sufficient exposure of foreign language in its native country is the main reason why I pursue my masters degree abroad. Furthermore, I believe I have excellent communication skills and resilience towards cultural differences. Those will help me to cope with technical problems during my study. Learning English abroad will give me new points of view about how English native teachers teach English to the speakers of other languages. Given those conditions, I can collaborate my practical and theoretical experience to improve my teaching performance. An improved pedagogy innovation in teaching will lead teaching learning process to be more interesting and lead the pupils to have both receptive and productive skills constantly evolved. By having a Masters degree abroad not only can I conduct more advanced English subjects at STAIN Salatiga, my students would also benefit from my ability to provide them with cultural aspects of English based on my experience. My position, as a lecturer, is important because the pupils are teachers-to-be who will continue my passion to develop English language and education in the future.