December 3, 2012 Dear Monroe K-8 School Families: Last month I wrote to inform you of the proposed closure of Monroe at the end of this school year. Here is an update on the status of this proposal. Contrary to a flier that has been circulated in the Monroe neighborhood, we will not convert Monroe to a continuation high school, nor was such a plan proposed. Staff is proposing that Monroe be used to accommodate our Personnel Commission and its support staff. The Personnel Commission consists of three LBUSD residents who meet biweekly regarding items affecting the employment and compensation of classified employees, or many of the nonteaching staff, who work in our school district. Using Monroe as office space will result in minimal impact upon the neighborhood while allowing us to close offices elsewhere in a consolidation that ultimately makes wiser use of our limited resources. The proposed closure of Monroe will be discussed again, this time for possible action, by our Board of Education at its 5 p.m. meeting tomorrow, Dec. 4 at our Administration Building, 1515 Hughes Way, Long Beach. You are welcome to attend this meeting. The agenda item regarding Monroe is currently posted publicly on our website at www.lbschools.net, but I have attached the item to this document for your convenience. Note that the agenda item clearly states the intended re-use for Monroe as a site for our Personnel Commission. This agenda item also provides details on the proposed redrawing of school boundaries in light of Monroe’s potential closure. Remember, however, that should Monroe close, its students will not be limited to transferring to schools within the newly proposed boundaries, but these students will have a wide array of options available to them through our school-of-choice process. While California voters’ passage of Proposition 30 provides temporary tax increases to prevent deeper cuts to schools, LBUSD still must trim $20 million from its budget. Had Prop. 30 failed, the school district would have faced $35 million in cuts. The Monroe recommendation also is due in part to declining enrollment and reductions in school transportation funding by the state. Only 162 of Monroe’s 655 students live within the school neighborhood. Should the school board adopt staff’s recommendation on this matter, a parent meeting will be scheduled to present more specific information about student placement. Thank you for your patience and support as we strive to maintain high quality programs despite years of deep cuts in state funding for education. Sincerely,

Christopher J. Steinhauser Superintendent of Schools

BOARD OF EDUCATION LONG BEACH UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT ____________________________________________________________________________ Monroe K-8 Boundary Elimination and Enclosures: Exhibit A-B Boundary Adjustment Recommendation ____________________________________________________________________________ CATEGORY: New Business Reason for Board Consideration: Action SUBJECT:

Facilities Development & Planning Date: December 4, 2012 Business Department ____________________________________________________________________________

As the District faces expenditure reductions due to the state’s budget deficit, a boundary elimination for Monroe K-8 School is being recommended for the Board’s consideration. Contingent upon the Board’s approval of the Monroe school closure, a boundary adjustment is being recommended for Cleveland Elementary School and Bancroft Middle School. The entire Monroe K-8 School boundary is proposed to become part of Cleveland’s elementary school boundary, and Cleveland’s proposed new boundary will then become part of Bancroft’s existing middle school boundary.

Approve the elimination of the Monroe K-8 School boundary and approve the boundary adjustment at Cleveland Elementary and Bancroft Middle as follows: Cleveland Elementary School (Exhibit A) – add the existing Monroe K-5 boundary, bounded by Carson to the south, Palo Verde to the west, Centralia to the north, and the San Gabriel River to the east, to the existing Cleveland Elementary School Boundary Bancroft Middle School (Exhibit B)—add the proposed new Cleveland boundary, bounded by Carson to the south, north along Palo Verde to Arbor, west along Arbor to Gondar, north along Gondar to Del Amo, west along Del Amo to Faust, north along Faust to Eberle, east along Eberle past Turnergrove, northeast across the greenbelt to Carfax, northwest along Carfax to Candlewood, Candlewood to the north, and the San Gabriel River to the east, to the existing Bancroft Middle School boundary. In addition, staff recommends moving the Personnel Commission to the Monroe site beginning with the 2013-14 school year.

Prepared by:

Approved and Recommended:

Carri Matsumoto Executive Director Approved by: James Novak Chief Business & Financial Officer

Christopher Steinhauser Superintendent of Schools

Exhibit A: Cleveland ES Boundary Adjustment Existing Cleveland ES Boundary

Proposed Cleveland ES Boundary

Exhibit B: Bancroft MS Boundary Adjustment Existing Bancroft MS Boundary

Proposed Bancroft MS Boundary