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Sanjay Dixit [UTD ID 2021125950]

Factors with Positive Influence Staffing was one of the key factors that influenced the time management of the project. Planning resources ahead of the schedule and staffing them at right time to work on project tasks produced clarity for meeting implementation deadlines. Spending on recognition had a positive impact on task completions. Recognition made team members feel satisfied with their work and motivated team to put in more efforts for their individual tasks. Training Software engineers for task 5 on quality had a huge impact on defect ratio. The defects reduced by a huge margin and resulted in good quality deliverable. Factors with Negative Influence Absenteeism of key team members was a key factor that would have caused delay in project delivery deadline. The productivity would reduce, which in turn would make the schedule to lag. Requesting resources before their actual task start date resulted in wastage of resource budget since these resources would have to sit idle till their particular tasks come up for execution. Utilizing unskilled resources for skill specific tasks, adds to the total project defects and reduces efficiency of the delivery process. Takeaways: Recognition and Motivation were the keys factors that led to successful implementation of my project within schedule and within budget. Team should always be encouraged by recognizing their achievements and motivating or counseling them whenever they need help. Managers should show that they care for their team members. Planning Resource allocation should be done in sync with schedule and delivery deadline. If the manager misses staffing right resources on right time, the project lags behind and quality issues can surface and add to defect level.

Always a manager should be prepared for worst case scenario where a key resource may stop working or issues with teamwork can hinder the progress. Its always best to create backup resources by training them on other skills as well.

This Simulation has taught me the real life scenario when risk and uncertainty form an integral part of project management. The project needs extreme attention with respect to time, costs and resource planning. I will be very careful with resource allocation and costs associated with team work. There will be instances of constant pressure from higher management to work on quality and reduce costs. This project delivers a key learning note for handling project management issues and work pressure that a manager can face in real time environment and also understand the role of a manager with respect to handling various aspects of project delivery.