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UPKAR'S Objective Mechanical Engineering [Railway & Other Engineering (Diploma) Competitive Exams.] PK. Mishra © Publishers Publishers UPKAR PRAKASHAN euros 2A, Swadeshi Bima Nagar, ARA-282 OT Phone : 4053333, 2530066, 2531101 Fas = (0662) 4001570, 4095340 E-mail = aber’ i a Branch Office A845, Asari Row, Cary agar, ‘New Deihi-1 10.002 Phone 1 3251800608 sm hepato Kae rls tase catia athlng ois doi, we fo ratinde bar erg nthe pistons ales and br orgponosble fer ate em We Teil book ar omy port thereaf way nae Ar reprandarad! ov ny farm Oy f. MrcSaniral. ar amp ochre evo fer omy ate, echo! reir (permainin fa the Publisher Sih he comet of Apa shal bene ir pec rvion for ay Pp! pate ISBN : OER SE Brice ; Bs, W500 Rs, Minety Five Qraby) ‘Conde Ne, 253 ‘Printed at : UPCAR PMARASHAM (Printing Una) Byc-pone ACI CONTENTS 3B 4, Strengih of Material, Ei 6, % = Applied Mechanics. 48 Fluid Mechanics. eee cel} Heternal Combarstaan ENgine. cocks sor ss sseerremarersiersseerrsesecerescee SRE ‘Steam Boilers, Compressors, Engines, Norzles, Turbines, Gas Turbines and Jet Engines... Heat Transfer, Refrigeration and Air Condilioning.............-... Theory of Machines and Machine Design Engineering. Materials Production Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management ‘Workshop Technology.-ccsscscrs-cereseee+ Automobile Engineering........-.0...0-:-+ Model Set 2.._... sisteersresctiee TSS-161 Model Sex 3 162-169 Whodel Beh 4a secsecieceervisenseisiicensaaueessinvcerieecneriedeeeti vee EEITE