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Tribute to Intore Hon.

Inyumba Aloysia

Uwicyeza Sheila on FaceBook There are no words to express how i feel right now. To so many she was a great leader, to others she was a friend, us she was an Auntie sister Mother a wife! oh God why now when we all need her most? But one thing for sure you will always be in our hearts for ever.RIP Auntie Inyumba we love forever. Karekezi Alice on FaceBook Igendere wari intwari ntituzakwibagirwa mubyeyi!!

Shirley Kaye Randell on FaceBook Tributes to our late sister, friend, mentor, inspiring international and African leader Aloisea Inyumba, founding member of the Rwanda Association of University Women and strong supporter of the Centre for Gender, Culture and Development, are pouring into Kigali from RAUW members across the world. We all mourn the loss of one of Rwanda's greatest patriots, moral authorities, and hope for the future. As we celebrate her life as a true Rwandan hero, and find some peace in her profound legacy and the memories we share, we send our condolences to her mother, husband, two children and other family members. Mugeni Kayitenkore on FaceBook Irremplaable... A lire, pour ceux qui veulent comprendre pourquoi tous les Rwandais restent attachs au Rwanda, ayant grandis au Rwanda ou pas. Daedalus Interview: CFO of the Revolution - An Interview Minister Aloisea Inyumba | Daedalus Experim

www.daedalusexperiment.com The Daedalus Experiment's Michael Fairbanks convened an international panel of influential thought leaders and practitioners in the field of economic development. Readers won't agree with everything... Nina Kay on FaceBook RIP to a very inspirational women Ms Inyumba you kind and wise words will never be forgotten!! Jean Pierre Rwamugenza on FaceBook Inyumba ni tuzakwibagirwa Ubwo twashingaga umubyango w'Urubyiruko rwacitse kwicumu nagiye ku mureba arabwira ati nzaza ku bashyigikira ahageze afata ijambo ati mbateye inkunga 500 000 hashize umwanya ati bongeye 500 000 byo gufasha abana babakobwa Inyumba ati president ndabasaba kuba umunyamubyango ati ariko ndabona aribyiza nu mugabo wange mumugire umunyamubyango wi cyubahiro. Mukakigeli Mireille on Facebook Ndagushimira kuko ur'umwe mub'ategarugori bafashe iyambere murugamba rwo kubohoza urwatubyaye.you was so sweety and humble. RiP. Inyumba A.kandi mwarakoze pe. Richard Hitayezu on Facebook What devastating month for rwandans! Still questioning why us? Gone Honorable Minister Inyumba. Gone Sifa Nsengimana founder of Agahozo Shalom Youth Village. Gone Artiste Henry Hirwa. All of them were public figures in our renaissance. Shakilla Umutoni on faceBook Sometimes, the Lord just takes blessed people because they've filled their purpose early. Everyone plays their own song. They sing their story to the world and leave behind a melody of memories. Sometimes... their song is cut short and ends too early. But that doesn't mean their music was any less sweet or that they left any less of an impression. RIP Inyumba, we will never forget you.

Annette Gakwerere on FaceBook

Oh Lord,the only woman that i know who lived for and loved her people,who gave support to the women and men of RPF,worked for Rwanda's Unity.she is indeed a hero.My dearest Inyumba,Rwandans will miss you so much,we shall miss yo soft voice that was full of love and care.wisagiye Intwari ngezi zawe.it was a great honor to hava sat on yo laps,played with you,danced with you Amaraba. RIP dear mother of Rwanda. Jacklyn Musemayire Muganga on FaceBook Urutabarutse ntwali mu bakobwa, igendere ntituzibagirwa ubutwari bwawe, ubunyanga mugayo, ukwicisha bugufi kwawe... Igendere ujye kwitetera munzu kwa Data, wiruhukire, washoje mission y'Imana kubw'igihugu cyawe. Ukwiriye kuvugirizwa impundu n'....akalumbeti!!!!! Raima Mug on FaceBook Wari intwari... U Rwanda rubuze umuntu w'agaciro...igendere mama... RIP HOnorable Inyumba Steve Ndeba on FaceBook RIP INYUMBA our world has lost a soldier of peace security and real progression. I fighter till her last breath and a testiment of real role model to women in our country!!!!!!! May her soul rest in peace and my prayers are with her family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Habineza on FaceBook Rest in Eternal peace Hon. Aloisea Inyumba. You have been a true friend since we met for the first time in April 1994! You have been a true Patriot and a Pillar for the New Rwanda. I will never forget your endless efforts to make every Rwandan feel proud of his/her country especially those from Diaspora. Ugiye ukiri umujeune, u Rwanda rukigukeneye! Adieu tres chere Soeur et Amie! Condoleances ku banyarwanda twese especially my friend and brother Dr. Richard Masozera! Uwambaye Peace on FaceBook RIP OUR HERO Hon INYUMBA Sandra Malaika on FaceBook Rwanda has lost an incredibly smart and great woman,gender champion and liberation icon!You will greatly be missed,Honorable Inyumba Aloysia!We as rwandans will never forget you.You are leaving behind you a legacy full of dignity!May the Lord be with your family and loved ones.

Mandela Jannet on FaceBook Aunt Inyumba, may you rest in enternal peace! you're my great inpiration , i remember our good times at home in kiyovu, you always had time to check on me be4 going to bed. i will miss u all my life. u served rwanda with all your heart love! Eugne Ngabo Gisanura on FaceBook #RIPInyumba #Inkotanyicyane wari #Intwari, utashye usize umurage mwiza kubashiki bacu! Ndik Dave on Facebook 25 years on and the struggle continues... R.I.P. Inyumba Inkotanyi Nkuru. J-l Lukiza Kayitenkore on FaceBook R. I. P. Intore Hon. Inyumba Aloysie You were a real hero. My condolences to your family. J-L K Angelique Kantengwa on FaceBook For Inyumba, one of the Unsung Heroes, rest in peace dear friend!

For those who never found it too much trouble To help their fellow man nor asked the price, For those who wield their shovels in the rubble While scholars scoff at building paradise; For those who fetch and carry for their neighbours, Or wash the sick or sit beside the frail, For those who earn a pittance for their labours, But never play the martyred tattletale:

For those for whom a word of thanks suffices, Or deem that it was meant, if never said,

For those who run a mile from fames devices, And hide their medals underneath the bed; For those who slave in worn out wards and clinics, Or work beside the nurses, hand in glove, For those who pay no mind to whining cynics, Who know the worth, if not the price, of love: For those who give their lives to teaching others, Yet never learn the meaning of conceit, For those who treat the homeless as their brothers, For men who empty bins and sweep the street; For volunteers who listen but dont lecture, For coppers who would rather wear no gun, For juries who can cast aside conjecture And steel themselves to do what must be done: For friends who keep their temper, yet stay candid, For citizens who stand up to the yobs, For those who bring up children single-handed, For companies who tailor-make them jobs; For those who blew the whistle as they hung us, For those who stood when you and I would fall, For these, the unsung heroes here among us: Please raise your glass to bless them, one and all. Dorsington

His Excellency Paul Kagame on Twitter What a great loss in the passing away of A. Inyumba For #RPF, Nation & All of us at a personal level!!!? Among the best of RPF & National Leaders

A. Inyumba will be greatly missed & remembered among others- for her Liberation and Gender credentials / effort (s) ! May her Soul Rest in Peace

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