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In India the central government and state government IMPOSES certain TAXES on MANUFACTURES or GROUP OF PEOPLE or INDIVIDUAL for certain objectives. The total TAX SESSION STRUCTURE has been classified into 1) EXCISE DUTIES or CENVAT (central VAT) 2) SALES TAX (VAT) 3) WITH HOLDING TAX (TDS)

1) EXCISE DUTIES or CENVAT (central VAT) ::---- It is a Tax, in India on the MANUFACTURING of exsisable goods by the manufactures. When those goods LEAVES manufacturing premises. They are 3 types of EXSICE DUTYS and 2 types of CESSES are going to be collected .That are A) BASIC EXCISE DUTY (BED) ::--It is going to LEAVIED ON food stuffs, metals ,machinery and leather goods etc.. B) SPECIAL EXCISE DUTY (SED) ::-It is LEAVIED ON luxurious goods , pan masala , sparkling water, furses, yachts etc C) ADDITIONAL EXSICE DUTY (AED) ::--- It is LEAVIED ON textile ,sugar ,cotton ,wool ,etc CESS:-A tax LEAVIED ON foodstuff, and education. 2) SALES TAX (VAT)::---A TAX levied on sale of products and it is on gross price on goods INCLUSICE EXCISE DUTY There are 2 types of sales taxes are going to be imposed. That are a) CENTRAL SALES TAX (CST)::- Same rate through out the COUNTRY.. b) TOTAL SALES TAX (TAX) ::-- Same rate through out the STATE.. 3) WITH HOLDING TAX (TDS)::- ( TAX DEDUCTION AT SOURCE ) ::-- According to the INCOME TAX 1961 TDS- is going to be carried out on a)payment to the contractors and subcontractors (SEACTION 194 C) b) Insurance commission (SEACTION 190 D) c) Rentals (SEACTION 194 I ) d) Fees for professional or technical services (SEACTION 194 J) e) Interest other than interest on security (SEACTION 194 A) EXCISE DUTY ONPROCUREMENT::-On the procurement of line items , capital goods etc.. Different types excise duty are LEAVIED according to the material type and there chapter IDS.


So as to calculate excise dutys SAP has delivered different types of pricing procedure in FI MODULE. That are TAXINJ::- formula based (and condition based also) TAXINN::-Only condition based with relevant condition types. When purchase order is going to be created system automatically calculates relevant excise components by using pricing procedure along with respective MM and SD pricing procedure.. Depending upon the plant excise dutys can effect all materials on INPUTS against OUTPUTS. Manufacturing plants only can effect excise duty excise duties on input materials against output materials. And depot cannot offset any against output. Business has to REMIT the excise duties that are collected from customers to the central excise monthly once from CENVAT ACCOUNT or PLA A/C. For some industries business are allowed to set of certain percentage of excise duties only. the remaining amount is going to be added to material value.(ASSESABLE VALUE) Small scale industries are allowed to LEAVIED excise dutys at reduced rates. and they can file the returns quantity once (3 months). --:: EXSISE REGISTER ::-According to excise authority business has to maintain no. of register that capture, excise related data. EX:- excise duty, goods movement , like inward or outward A) RG-1 :_In this excise register ALL goods movements of FINISHED PRODUCTS are going to be captured and it is going maintained MANUFACTUREING PLANTS. During runtime of application system doesnt update/generate entries in RG-1. By using certain standard reports only this REGISTER gets updated. B) RG 23A/ 23C::-This register records goods receipts and goods issues of excisable materials that are manufactured by manufacturing plant. That consists of two types. That are a) It shows the quantity of excisable materials. and it creates entry for all excisable materials when MIGO goods receipts takes place and it will ask the user whether it has to create PART-1 of RG 23A or RG23C.. NOTE:-system doesnt generate PART-1 entry for GOODS ISSUES, except for scenarios like returns to vendor and STOs..

b) PART-2 :-- IT Shows the amount of excise duty on the excisable material and system automatically creates PART-2 entries as soon as incoming/outgoing excise invoice are created and posted with relaxant PART-2 entrys in RG23A/RG23C. System automatically assigns one serial number- 1 for all entrys in part-2 and it generates one accounting document (SA) and transfer various types of excisable dutys to appropriate CEN VAT account.

RG23A for RAW MATERIALS RG 23C for CAPITAL GOODS c) RG23 D::-- it is a register that is going to be used to capture all types of goods movement at DEPOT only When goods receipts takes place system automatically generates PART-1 entries in RG 23D. For every goods receipt system generates serial no and for every line item has its own FOLIO number In addition to these register other register like PLA (PERSONAL LEDGER A/C) ::-It shows the bank a/c which is going to be transfer excise duty to excise authoritys.. D) RT-12 ::- IT is summarization of CENVAT and PLA for specific period.. EX:- monthly once.


FACTORY SALES ::-WHEN METERIAL going to be sold to the customer or to its depots excise invoices to be created with ret to commercial invoices or proforma excise invoice.. CONSACTIONAL / EXMPTION FORM ::- customer cab submit exemption form to get full or half exemption on excise duty. Ex:- export sales.. During sales ordering processing by using tax classification number as a zero.-NO TAX.. tax exemption can be specified. TYPES OF EXMPTION FORMS::-A) FORM-C::- Govt pays to the business as customer pays to the govt in advance.

B) FORM-F::- TO excise duty-for intercompany sales C) FORM-H::- For consignment .. D) FORM ARE-1 , ARE-2, ARE-3 ::ARE-1 :- For export sales for excisable materials ARE-2 :- For export sales for NON-excisable materials ARE-3:-For deemed exports B) STOCK TRANSFER SALES::-- So as to avoid excise duty multiple times manufacturing plants establish various deports as PLANTS.. so that stock are going to be replenished from manufacturing plants to depots through ST0 along With excise invoice and that as to be captured and passed to there customers by depots. So that depots need not to created new excise invoices. C) DEPOT SALES ::-Depots receives the stock along with excise invoices and passed to there customer as it is.. D) EXPORT SALES::- When business procures and produce materials that intended to export on those materials excise duty need not to be paid as long as they accomplish consational FORM ARE-1 or ARE-2 or ARE-3.. If they were exported with in allowed export period otherwise exporter has to FORGO. exemption on excise duty on CENVAT CREDIT has to reversed. They are 3 types of exports can be identified.. A) EXPORT UNDER BOND and NO BOND. B) EXPORT UNDER CLIENTS FOR REBATES C) DEEMED EXPORTS

LOGISTICS GENERAL CIN SETTINGS IMG LOGISTICCS GENERAL-> TAX ON GOODS MOVEMENT INDIA-> BASIC SETTINGS-> a) AINTAIN EXCISE REGISTATIONS:-Every organization should be registered with local excise registration for which excise department grants excise registration no. Go to new entries and define excise registrationsEx :- 01- plant 02- depot EXCISE REG 1:Ecc no :- ECC/1/2001 EXCISE REG NO REG -10001 EXCISE RANGE BANGULORE RANGE EXCISE DIVISION Bangalore div COMMISSIONRETE Karnataka commissionerete Liable to AED- CHECK IT Liable to SED- CHECK IT

Liable to CESS- CHECK IT EI TERMS -- 2 REG. SET--- sample excise registration PARTIAL CREDIT-CHECK IT INDICATOR NCCD Check liable to AED , SED, CESS ,, if one plant is liable to pay all this excise duties in addition to BED. EI-> EXCISE INVOISE ITEMS:- specify no.of excise line items that are allowed in excise invoices by local excise authority. REG.SET::-- Specify description of excise registration Check PARTIAL CREDIT:- Check this control as a prerequisite to claim partial credit by excise registration. B) MAIN TAIN COMPANY CODE SETTINGS::Go to new entries.. and maintain table.. CENVAT document type ::- SA UTILIZATION FU document ::- SA Debit a/c over rate ::- CHECK IT. AUTOMATIC ADJUST indicator ::- CHECK IT. IMMEIDIATER credit on capital goods ::- CHECK IT.. SPECIFY first month ::-4- APRIL of the fiscal year for V3 Excise selection days ::-ex: 30 days.. No of excise invoice ::-10 Excise selection procedure ::- FIFO or LIFO Rounding duty on procurement ::- check it Rounding duty on removel ::- it is for out going invoices. Exchange rate type for CVD ::- M- Standard CVD A/C ::- 14810000- customs provision C) MAINTAIN PLANT SETTINGS ::Go to new entries..and maintain table.. Specify plant ::MUP1 , MUP2

Check depot indicator ::-to specify technically the plant as a depot Excise Registration ::- MUP101 MUP2-- 02

Goods recipts-GRS per EI :BLANK single goods recipt 1 multiple goods recipts , single credit. 2- multiple goods reciepts multiple credit.. The value of this field specifys whether single or multiple credit can be taken on multiple credit goods recipts. D) MAINTAIN EXCISE GROUPS ::- go to new entries.. and define two excise groups ONE for PLANT. ANOTHER for DEPOT.. EXCISE GROUPS :- assign excise registrations Ex:- 01 MUP1 02- MUP2. NO.of GRS per EI:- EX:- 1 Default challan qty for GR ::- check it.. OUT GOING EXCISE INVOICES::-Excise invoice during belling :-- if it is activated system generates excise invoices as soon as commercial invoice has been saved , so that user cant create excise invoice manually.. Create and post invoice single step ::-- if it is activated excise invoices can be created and posted in a single step by single user. So that excise clerk and exsice supervisor cant perform to separate transactions.. PART 1 posting trigger ::-CHECK CONSUMPTION ::- If it is activated system automatically part-1 rg23 A. It is for capital goods recipts.. DEPOT SETTINGS ::-- It is for DEPOT.. MIGO settings ::- ( for sd and mm ) Excise invoice capture ::-- check this control to capture excise invoices at thaetime of goods recipts.. POST EI in MIGO ::--If it activated user at manufactures plant to post incoming and outgoing excise invoices and also it enables the users at depot for post incoming excises and RG23 D selection.. DUTY Diff at GR ::-- If it is activated system allows the user to post GR even through excise invoice has been changed . ex:- excise amounts.. EXCISE CREATE/ RG23 D selection ::-- if it is activated then it allows the user at manufacturing plant to create , outgoing invoice when goods issue takes place . and allows depot user RG23 D. UPDATE RG1 at MIGO ::--If it is activated system automatically update entries in RG 1 register , when goods movement takes place ( GR ) manufacturing plant it is only for finished products.

DEPOT SETTINGS ::--Depot indicator :- active this control to specify one control group belongs to one DEPOT.. FOLIO NO ::-- Check this control to as a prerequisite to generate FOLIO nos .. for each line item in RG 23 D REGISTER DEPOT EXCISE INVOICE ::-- If it is activated system automatically verifies and post the excise invoices , that were assigned to delivery from depot , in depot sales E)MAINTAIN SERIES GROUP ::-- Series groups allows us to maintain multiple no.ranges for outgoing excise invoices. And that are to be declared wit local authoritys.. Go to new entries and maintain table.. Series group :- 13 ,14 Excise register -01 ,02 No.of utilization ::-( check it both ) Check this control if manufactureing plant doest need any cenvat utilization.. If it is activated system will create an excise invoices under specified series group without posting and without creating PART-2 ENTRIES IMM. UTILIZATION ::- if it is activated system automatically pays the excise amounts from CENVAT a/c(debited) and creates part-2 entries as soon as business creates excise invoices and it will be listed in the fourth night ( 15 days ), or monthly utilization list EXPORT PERIOD ::- Specified the time period with in which business has to export the goods otherwise exemption on BED has to be FOREGO REBATE PERIOD ::- Specified the REBATE PERIOD in which the business has to reclaim any excise duty that has been paid already on exports . it is relevant for exports under rebate.. FAST CREDIT :- Check this control as a prerequisite system automatically credits the excise duty from ARE-1 back to the running bound a/cs soon as business enter data on which counter signed ARE-1 from customs office..

F)MAINTAIN EXCISE DUTY INDICATOR ::---- Go to new entries and maintain table EXCISE INDICATOR DISCRIPTION 1 - 100%TAX 2 - 50 % TAX 3 - NIL DUTY G) MAIN SUBTRANSATIONS ::-- GO to new entriesand define subtransactions type.. EX ------ EXPORTS RE-----REVERSALS S2-----CANCEL S3-----IMPORTS

Subtransaction type one of the factor in a/c determination . and it can be to differensiate a/c determination process. H) DETERMINATION OF EXCISE DUTY ::---1) SELECT TAX EXCISE PROCEDURE :COUNTRY India(in) ---PROCEDURE TAXINN

2)MAIN TAIN EXCISE DEFAULTS:--- Go to new entries and maintain table TAX PROCEDURE CVD CONTENT EXPORT TAX CODE TAXINN -------JCV1 -----A0

Assign relevant condition type of BED,AED, SED and CESS , EX:- JEXP I)CONDITION BASED EXCISE DETERMINATION :-1) TAX CODE FOR PURCHASING DOCUMENT :- (for MM) 2) ASSIGN TAX CODES TO COMPANY CODE :-- go to new entries and maintain table. Company code MUIL MUIL MUIL tax code

----- V0 ----- V1 ----- V2

(NOTE :- If tax codes were not assigned in this table system doest calculate input and output taxes in respective documents ) 3)SPECIFY CONDITION TYPES:- go to new entries and maintain table JINFAC , JINEXP , JINSTO , JINDEP , TAXINN. Make sure that FI and SD Tax procedure taxinn ,jinfac,jindep ,jinexp ,jinsto , have ED and total excise condition types mandatory. In this work step all a/cs receivable and a/cs payable condition types should have been assigned to TAX procedure. Othrwise system doest copy excise component from commercial invoice to excise invoice ============= basic settings 1 is OVER ==================== 2)MASTER DATA ::-----A) MAINTAIN CHAPTER IDS :-Go to new entries and maintain table CHAPTER ID :- 1000.01

UOM EXCISE :- EA B) ASSIGN USERS TO MATERIAL MASTER SCREEN SEQUENCE FOR EXCISE DUTY :--Click on USER SCREEN REFERENCE .. go to new entries.. User name ---- screen ref SAPUSER --01 In this work step respective user ids should be assigned doess activate CIN tab pages in customer master and vendor master C) ACCOUNTS DETERMINATION :I) DEFINE G/L ACCOUNTS FOR TAX:- (OB40) II) SPECIFY EXCISE A/CS EXCISE TRANSACTIONS :- Go to new entries and main table EXCISE TRANS TYPE:SUB transactions types :DLFC ,It specify what kind of excise transaction it is.. ex:-DLFC BLANK



Go to new entries maintain table EXCISE GROUP:--13




VI )BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS.:::----A) INCOMING EXCISE INVOICES :- Specify which movement type invoices excise. New entries

Movement types 561 601 315 311 313 301 303 305 643 645 647 641 101


--- RG1 --- RG1 --- RG1 --- RG1 --- RG1 --- RG1 --- RG1 --- RG1 --- RG1 --- RG1 --- RG1 --- RG1 --- RG1

( Imp NOTE::--I f relevant movement types are not assigned system doest update registers for each goods movement )
b) UTILIZATION DETERMINATION ::----- Select standard excise group , copy and RENAME without excise groups and specify BED PERCENTAGE(%) FOR utilization 50 % or 100 %.. E2 PLAAED PLA AED A/C - 50 % E2 PLAAED PLA BED A/C -50 % E2 PLABED PLA SED A/C -50 % E2 RG23A AED RG 23A AED A/C - 50 % E2 RG 23A BED RG 23A BED A/C 50 % E2 RG23A SED RG 23A SED A/C -50%

c) Excise registers::-Specify SAP SCRIPT FORMS Select standards copy and rename all with our company code. SAP has developed copy certain standard SMART FORMS for all registers.. these can be used as a template and can be modified according to business requirement.



TRANSACTIONS ------------------------1..FACTORY SALES :-------(JINFAC)

When manufactureing plant dispalches excisable materials to the customers and to ots depots excise invoices has to be created ,in this scenario there are two sub scenarios existed. That are A) Commercial invoice along with delivery B) Commercial invoice after delivery.

A) COMMERCIAL INVOICE ALONG WITH DELIVERY :IMG SETTINGS :IMG LOGISTICES GENERAL->TAX ON GOODS MOVEMENT->INDIA-> 1) A/C DETEMINATION a) define G/L A/CS FOR TAXES :- (OB40):- In this work step output tax transaction type EXD assigned with one G/L A/CS. b) specify excise A/CS per excise excise transaction :- In this work step A/CS names are going to be assigned with relavant / credit indicators for excise transactions. DLFC CR CreditPLABED PLA SED A/C Excise type specifies what kind transactions it is.. DLFC Goods removes through sales. ARE-1- Export processing UNDER ARE-1 . ARE-3 Demmed exports UNDER ARE-3. OTHR- Excise invoice for other movements. c)specify G/L A/CS for excise transactions :-- This is called A/C determination for excise duties. Relevant G/L A/CS should be assigned for relevant excise transactions types. 2) BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS a) ouy going excise invoices :1) Assign billing types to delivery type :-- LF- F2 2) Maintain default excise groups and series group :s.org --- MUS1 D.chnlD1 DIV -----D1 SHP.POINT- MUP1 PLANT ---- MUP1 EXC.GROUP --- E2 SERIES GROUP--- S1 3) TOOLS :-Define no ranges (J1I9-T.CODE) Define no.ranges objects J_1IEXCINV J_1IRG1 IMG settings over MASTER DATA:-XD01 :-- Create customer master , With region 10

Customer pricing procedure -1 Deliverying plant MUP1 Tax classification no -1 And maintain CIN details excise indicator 1-100 % Note down customer number MM01 :- Create material master With CHAPTER ID in CONTROL CODE FIELD 1000.01- FORIGN TRADE EXPORT tab VK11 :-Maintain condition records for PROO , JEXP , JLST JEXP 10 % JLST -2 % CIN MASTER DATA Goto J1ILN cin easy access screen Goto INDIRECT TAXES->MASTER DATA -> J1ID- EXCISE RATE MAINTAINCE -> A) a) MASTER DATA :- 1000.01 b) MASTER and CHAPTER ID COMBINATION :- go to new entries and maintain table MATERIAL NO 21 PLANT MUP1 CHAPTER ID 1000.01 MAT.TYPE- FINISHED PRODUCTS GR-X.REF- 1. Multiple goods recipts and multiple credit. Material types A-Assets B- CONSUMABLES C-RG1 N-NON CENVATABLE T-TOOLS This material type specifys two factors to the system A ) relevant register B ) The CENVAT CREDIT AMOUNT .that is 100 %-or 50% or 0 % c)CENVAT DETERMINATION :- New entries and maintain table PLANTMUP1 INPUT MATERIAL -21 OUTPUT MATERIAL -21 INTIAL DATE- 01/04/2012 (fiscal year start date v3)

B) EXCISE STATUS :a) Customer excise details :_ our customer details automatically updated. b) Excise indicator for plant :Company codenupl

PLANT MUP1 FIRST MOUNTH- 04/2012 EXC.INDICATOR1 c) Excise indicator indicator for plant and customer :Exc.ind.company--- 1 Exc.indicator customer-1exc.indicator -1 VERY IMP STEP :---PREREQUISITE RG1 REGISTER MAINTAINCE BEFORE GOING TO LIVE ALL OPENING BALANCES OF FINISHED PRODUCTS SHOULD BE UPDATE IN ONE TABLE J_2IRG1BAL. That should be done in quality and production servers.. 1. EXGRP 2. DATUM 3. MATNR 4. FORM 5. WERKS 6. OPFNUOM 7. OPBNUOM 8. US. NAME 9. CPUDT 10. CPUTM Goto se11/ se12- specified table J_2IRG1BAL go to utilitys-> table content-> create entries Specify excise group E2 DATE 01/04/2012 MATERIAL -21 MATERIAL-P/L Save it Goto MB1C Goto MMBE- check stock RG1- UPDATIONS- goto J1ILN INDIRECT TAXES-> REGISTERS-> EXCISE TAX-> a) J1I5- Update rg23A/C Issues and RG1 Specify company MUPL Plant -MUP1 Exc.group- E2 Mat.doc.no49000020 Posting datetoday,s date Classification RMA-Recipts

SELECT RG1-Register Click on F8 SELECT DOCUMENT , Click on SIMUATE , click on register entry icon

MESSAGE :- Processing over 1 records b) J2I5 :- EXTRACT specify group E2

START DATE01/04/2012 END,S DATE- TODAY DATE Select RG1 , click on f8.. now open a pop up box WITH GREEN RIGHT MARK.. c)J2I6- PRINT UTILITY PRORGAM select RG1 EXC.GROUP- E2 START DATE- 01/04/2011 END DATE- to day,s date Click on F8 specify OUT PUT devise LP01 Save it TRANSACTIONS :- Go to VA01 create sales order for 10 materials . Go to item condition screen observe JEXP, JLST and JEXT Go to VL01N carry out picking and PGI

Note material doc. No 490000221

RG1 UP DATION :- J1I5Wih classification key IDH J2I5 - EXTRACT J2I6- FOR PRINT OUT Goto VF01:- Create commercial invoice . and NOTE down commercial invoice number 900000048. Create EXCISE invoice Go to J1IIN Indirect taxes-> sales/outbound movements -> excise invoices-> for sales order -> J1IIN-OUTGOING EXCISE INVOICE/ CREATE Click on from billing ( F5 ) Specify COMMERCIAL INVOICES NOEXCISE GROUP E2 SERIES GROUP- S1 BED1000/And observe EXCISE INVOICE TYPE - LOCAL BED- 1000/- click on F8.. Specify BED AMOUNT 1000/- in PLA. CHECK IT messageno errors found ; doc can be posted SAVE IT. Message--- Excise invoice created . MOD VAT database updated..

Display excise invoice J1IIN go to change ICON Click on ALTERNATIVE SELECTION icon.. Click on DOCUMENT FLOW ( CTRL+ F11 ).. ============= FACTORY SALES 1ST SCENARIO IS OVER ==================


When commercail invoice is going to be transported after delivery. In this case delivery document JF is going to be used with reference to which proforma excise invoice JEX is created. IMG configuration settings :-Goto OVLK Delivery doc type and define delivery doc type JF. Goto VOFA billing doc type , JEX- Excise invoice india.. Copying control 1:- VTLA ----- TA to JF Copying control 2 :- VTFL ----- JF to JEX Billing qunatityD , PRICING TYPE G.. Logistices/General configuration settings :-IMG-> Logistices/General -> Tax on goods movement -> india -> business transaction -> outgoing excise invoices -> assign billing type delivery types.. JF --- JEX NOTE :- other configuration settings is SAME as previous scenario.. Master data :--- XD01 , MM01, VK11.. Goto CIN master data :- goto J1ID main tain CIN MASTER data same as previous scenario.. TRANSACTIONS :---- Goto vao1 create sales order.. Goto item condition screen and observe EXCISE , CESS. And VAT Goto vl01N create delivery by using delivery doc. Type.. JF Goto VF01 create proforma commercial by using doc. Type JEX Goto J1ILN Goto J1IIN - create excise invoice ( LOCAL ) with ref to JEX. Goto VF01 Create commercial invoice by using doc. Type F2 with ref. to JF..

RG1 UPDATION :- J1I5, J2I5, J2I6

===================== FACTORY SALES 2ND SCENARIO IS OVER ====================== 2.. STCOK TRANSFER ORDER- S.T.O (JINSTO) When manufacturing plant replenishes excisable material to its DEPOTS excise invoice has to be has to be created. So that depot has to capture it has pass the SAME to its customers. IMG configuration settings :-Goto VOFA define JEX. OVLK definr delivery types NL.

Copying control :- NL TO JEX. Logistices/General configuration settings :IMG -> Logistices/General -> INDIA -> BUSINEE TRANSACTIONS -> OUTGOING EXCISE INVOICES -> ASSIGN BILLING T0 DELIVERY TYPES --- NL to JEX NOTE:- other configuration settings is SAME as previous scenario.. MASTER DATA :- XD01 , MM01 , VK11. CIN MASTER DATA :- goto J1ID

MASTER DATA :- CENVAT determination EXCISE STATUS :-a) vendor excise details. b) Excise indicator plant and vendor.. Remaining MASTER DATA is SAME as previous scenario.. NOTE :- maintain STO- General- configuration setting:--IMG -> MATERIAL MANEGEMENT -> PURCHASING -> PURCHASE ORDER -> SET UP STOCK TRANSFER OREDR -> DEFINE SHIPPING DATA FOR PLANTS Choose receving plant MUP2 and assign customer number Choose supplying plant MUP1 and assign SALES AREA Goto ME21N Create stock transfer order by using doc. Type UB. By specify plant MUP1, Material name qunatity 10, AND Receving plant MUP2, and storage location SL2.. Checking SHIPPING tab and observe Check it.. save it.. note down no.4500000024. Goto VL10B -> Create REPLENSHIMENT delivery from supplying plant MUP1 , with ref to STO number - .4500000024

SUPPLYING PLANT MUP1. Click on F8.. select it and click on BACKGROUND , Select it and goto detils icon , now open a pop up box with sales document number. Copy it . and save it 80000005 Go to vl02N -> carry out PICK and PGI Go to VF01-> Create PROFORMA INVOICE with ref to REPLENISHMENT DELIVERY.. Save it . note down the number10000005. RG1 UPDATIONS :- J1I5, J2I5, J2I6 Goto J1ILN -> Goto J1IIN and create LOCAL excise invoice with ref to proforma excise invoice.. J11IIN -> Click on CHANGE ICON excise invoice and check the doc. Flow and excise invoice no Capturing excise invoice by DEPOT :---Goto J1ILN -> INDIRECT TAXES -> PROCUREMENT -> EXCISE INVOICE -> INCOMING EXCISE INVOICE -> FOR DEPOTS-> J1IG-create / change/ display Excise invoice F5-function key Excise group- E3 Material doc. NoPress ENTER. Goto ITEM details ICON , SPECIFY INTERNAL DOC NUMBER. YEAR. Observe total BED AMOUNTSave it.. MESSAGE :- ENTRY CREATED RG 23 D REGISTER , INC. DOC.NO- 28 RG23 D U pdations :--- J2I5 , And J2I6.




When depot sales the materials to its customers excise need not be calculated secound time . what are the excise invoices has been received from manufacturing plant to depot customers as is is IMG CONFIGURATION SETTING :--Same as factory sales MASTER DATA :Goto xd01 create customer master with region 13 - MAHARASTRA DELIVERYING PLANT mus2. Save customer number.. Goto mm01 create material.. Goto VK11PR00. JEXP and JLST.. CIN MASTER DATA :-Goto J1ID maintain CIN master data like FACTORY SALES TRANSACTIONS :----Goto VA01 .. Goto ITEM COND SCREEN Check JEXP and JLST.. Goto VL01N :--- Create OUTBAND DELIVERY with MUS2. Goto VF01 - create COMMERCIAL INVOICE.. Goto J1ILN INDIRECT TAXES SALES and OUTBOUND MOVEMENTS EXCISE INVOICES FOR DEPOTS J1IJ- Create/ change/ display Goto DELIVERY RG23 D selection . _ Specify delivery no :Specify excise invoice no-

Select line item and goto details ICON and click on excise invoice .. Select our excise invoice and click on continue. SAVE IT. Note down depot excise invoice no Go to RG23D EXTRACTION J1I5, Go to J2I5, Go to J2I6,

=================== DEPOT SALES IS OVER ======================= 4. EXPORTS When excisable materials are going to be exported with in specified export period business need not to pay any excise duty as long as it submits ARE documents. Depending up on the export type relevant ARE document ARE 1 or ARE 2 or ARE 3 is going to be submitted . business has to get

different types of excise BOUNDS from the excise department for certain worth of ecsise amounts . excise depot issues diff.types of BOUNDS like.. FIXED BOND , RUNNING BOND , LETTER OF UNDERTAKING , NOBOUND REBATE etc. SCENARIO 1 :- EXPORT UNDER FIXED BOND :- it is a one of the way of exporting goods without paying BED. Is to obtain excise authoritys and fills out ARE1 to go with every export.. IMG settings :- IMG-> SALES AND DISTRIBUTION-> FOREIGN TRADE / CUSTOMS A) BASIC DATA FOR FOREIGN TRADE 1) DEFINE BUSINESS TRANS and DEFAULT TYPES a) DEFINE BUSINEE TYPES :- New entries and maintain table.. specify country IN business trans 1 discriptionPURCHASE/ SALES b) DEFINE DEFAULT BUSINEE TYPES (SD):- New entries and maintain table.. Country IN Sales orgMUS2 D. chnlD1 Item category TAN Business trans type1 2) DEFINE PROCEDURE and DEFAULT VALUES :a) DEFINE PROCEDURE :- New entries and maintain table. Country IN ProcedureA DiscriptionSTANDARD b) DEFINE PROCEDURE DEFAULTS :- New entries and maintain table. Country IN Sales orgMUS2 D. chnl- D1 Div4w Exp/ import group- 0001 DiscriptionG0001 Item categoryTAN ProcedureA 3 ) DEFINE COMBINATIONS ALLOWED ; BUSINESS TRANS TYPE PROCEDURE :-

New entries and maintain table. Country IN Business type 1 DiscriptionPURCHASE / SALES Procedure A DiscriptionSTANDARD 4 ) Define PRODCOM numbers :- New entries and maintain table. Country IN PRODCOM no- PRODCOM1

B ) TRANSPORTATION DATA :1 ) DEFINE CUSTOMS OFFICE :Country IN Custoums office- BAN Discription BANGULORE CUSTOMS OFFICE 2 ) DEFINE MODE OF TRANSPORT :Country IN Mode of trans . border- 3 Discription ROAD 3 )DEFINE VALID COMBINATIONS : MODE OF TRANSPORT- CUSTOMS OFFICE :Country IN Mode of trans . border- 3 Custoums office- BAN.. 4 ) DEFINE DEFAULT VALUES FOR FOREIGN TRADE HAEDER DATA :New entries and maintain table. Export / import 2 Departure country of expoIN Destination country of expoUS Mode of trans . border- 3 Domestics mode of transport3 Office of exit BAN

Export customs officeBAN Office of destination USCUST C) LOGOSTICS / GENERAL CIN CONFIGURAION SETTINGS :-IMG LOGOSTICS / GENERAL -> TAXS ON GOODS MOVEMENT -> INDIA -> A/C DETERMINATION ->SPECIFY G/L A/CS PER EXCISE TRANSACTIONS EXSICE GROUPE2 , E2 E.T.T -ARE1, ARE2 CO.CODE ---MUIL Chart of a/csCAIN RG23 A BED24820000 , 24840000 G/L A/CS RG-- 24820000 , 24840000 BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS-> OUTGOING EXCISE INVOICES -> MAINTAIN DEFAULT EXCISE GROUPS and SERIES GROUPS MUS2 D2 2W MUP1 MUP1 E2 S1 B- EXPORTUNDER BOND. D) EXPORTS UNDER EXCISE REGULATIONS :1) EXPORTS MAKE SETTINGS FOR ARE-1 PROCEDURE :- New entries and maintain table.. Series groups1, From ARE-1 Days- 180, Days- 180, -J1IB PRINT OUTS FOR ARE-1 PROCEDURE :a) Maintain output type :-configure output typeLP01 b) Specify printers :- New entries and maintain table.. - J1IB - BAP1 - SL1 - LP01.. Check IMMEDEATE and RELEASE c) TRANSACTION CONFIGURATION :1 ) DEFINE PROCESSING MODES FROM TRANS CODE Trans codes-- J1IA101, J1IA102 , J1IA102 , J1IA102 , J1IA102.. Proc modes A11 CREATE ARE-1 A02 CHANGE A03 DISPLAY

A04 POST A06 UPDATE ACTIVATE ---------- check ALL If this t.codes are activated that system allows the users to perform the function.. 2 ) J1IA101 A02 Change R07 INTERNAL EXCISE INVOICE J1IA101 a02 Change R10 ARE1 internal document Activate it Activate it..

Ifit is activated relevant ref. document types can be use for relevant processing modes.. 3)MAINTAIN REJECTION CODES :-- New entries and maintain table R1DUE TO SHARTFALLS -------------------------- IMG Setting is over ----------------------------------MASTER DATA :----Goto xd01 create customer master with Country key US Customer pricing procedure -3 CIN DETAILS 1. Goto MM01Goto VK11 CIN Master Data :-- Goto J1ID and Maintain CIN master data in addition PATH :- Goto J1ILN INDIRECT TAXES MASTER DATA EXCISE BOND J1IBN01 CREATE Specify plant BAP1 BOND TYPE FIXB-Fixed bond BOND NO10000.FB BOND VALUE 10000 /TYPE OF DISPATCH Multiple dispatch EXECUTION DATE Todays date EXPIRY 31/03/2013 SAVE IT. Int bond no. 000000004/2012 Goto VA01 Create sales order for EXPORT CUSTOMER VL01N Create delivery VF01Commercial invoice and goto HEADER.. FORIGN TRADE/ CUSTOMS tab and maintains DETAILS . Goto ITEM condition screen FORIGN TRADE/ CUSTOMS tab and maintains DETAILS

Goto J1IIN Create outgoing excise invoice .. Goto UTILIZATION icon and CLICK ON change excise invoice tye EXPORT UNDER BOND CHECK IT and save it.. excise invoice created.. A) CREATE ARE-1 PROCESSING ::---Goto J1ILN INDIRECT TAXES SALES/OUTBOUND MOVEMENT EXPORT UNDER EXCISE REGULATIONSEXPORTS INDIVIDUAL/ CENTRAL PROCESSING J1IA101-CENTRAL-CREATE J1IA102-INDIVIDUAL- CREATE.. Specify transaction A11 ARE-1 , SPECIFY REF TRANS-R09 OUTGOING EXCISE INVOICE Specify excise invoice no 000000005/2012 press ENTER Goto BOND / UT-1 DETAIL tab Specify bond no 000000004/2012 CHECK IT and POST IT.. ARE NO. 00000000031/2012 has been successfully saved. Goto J1IBN03- DIPLAY BOND And OBSERVE the RESERVATION amount 100 /--B) POST ARE-1 :-- The excise CLERK POST ARE1 after approval from excise officer by specifying time and date of dispatch.. Goto J1IA101 POST Specify A04-POST , Specify ref doc.no- R10ARE1- INTERNAL DOC Specify internal no 00000000032/2012

Check document process IN PROCESS.. Goto CERTIFICATION DATES tab specify dispatched on TODAYS DATE Specify time currebt time.. Check it and post it PRINT. Goto J1IBN03- Display BOND BOND CURRENT BALANCE-9900/- RESERVATION AMOUNT 0/-. UPDATE ARE -1 :- When goods are arrived to customs those will be checked along with excise invoice as well as ARE -1 and they take -3 ARE -1 Copies.. 1-COPY will send to business :- so that excise CLERK has to maintain arrived at customs , counter signed by customs and arrive back by going to J1IA101 UPDATE ARE -1 :- Select update A06UPDATE R10 ARE1- INTERNAL DOC 0000000032/2012 Press ENTER Goto CERTIFICATION DATES tab and MAINTAIN ARRIVED AT CUSTOUMS - Current date.

COUNTER SIGNED BY CUSTOMS Current date. ARRIVED BACK Check it and POST IT. Goto J1IBN03 BOND WHERE USED LIST click on Ckeck status L Arrived BACK from customs SENDING ARE-1 TO LOCAL EXCISE DEPARMENT :- After updating ARE-1 in SAP SYSTEM business has to SEND the ARE-1 to LOCAL EXCISE DEPARTMENT. Goto J1IA1101 UPDATE A06-- 0000000032/2012 tab. Goto CERTIFICATION DATES tab sends to excise depot- Current date.. -- Current date.

CHECK IT and POST IT.. Goto J1IBN03 DISPLAY Bond 000000004, Year 2012,

Check status E SENDS TO LOCAL EXCISE DEPOT. CLOSEING ARE-1 :When excise depot sends the CONFIRMATION of ARE-1, then we close the ARE-1 BY MAINTAINING EXPORT CONFIRMED field in the DATES tab..page. A06 UPDATE R10 ARE-1 internal doc no.. Goto CERTIFICATION DATES tab EXPORT confirm - Current date.. Check it and POST IT.. Goto J1IBN03 bond where used list--CHECK the status X- CLOSED .. ==================== EXPORTS SALES IS OVER ======================

********CIN IS OVER*******

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