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Ac Power Transformers, Voltage Regulator Controller and other devices A transformer is a power converter that transforms electrical energy

from one route to another through the coils. From the primary winding, varying current will push varying degree of magnetic flux in the core which will result to non-constant magnetic field in the secondary winding. In the second winding, alternating magnetic field brings varying electromotive force (EMF) or voltage. The process refers to inductive coupling. Electricity flows into two various ways as alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). In AC, electrons are moving in different ways sometimes going backward and sometimes forward. Ac Power Transformers are used to transfer energy from an AC source to and another AC current. It permits power or AC signal to be transferred from one device to another. It also functions to isolate current between electrical circuits. Generally there are various kinds of electronic transformers. They may be classified based on their type of construction, power ratings and intended application. When you need this device ensure that you buy from manufacturers that offer features such as less leakage inductance and low electromagnetic interference (EMI). Another useful device is Voltage Regulators. They are designed to control a constant level of voltage. It can be simple feed-forward design or can be incorporated with negative feedback control loops. It can use electronic components or electromechanical elements. With varying design, it can control either AC or DC voltages. AC Voltage Regulators provide constant voltage supply to various devices. They maintain voltage level and ensure that there is uninterrupted supply of voltage. This device is fully automatic that makes them easy to use. These devices are found useful in many applications including CNC machines, textile machinery, elevators and plants of air conditioner. They are also useful for Medical Equipments, Large Deep Freezers, Communication Equipments, Printing Machines, Packaging Machines, and Microprocessor Machines. Automatic voltage regulators are made with features such as over-voltage, under-voltage, delay and overcurrent protection features, that ensures that your device is always working properly and in the safe level. There are various benefits that can be derived from utilizing the device. These equipments yield stable output voltage, have higher efficiency and they have same output voltage waveform and input. Aside from industry, they are also serve huge demand on domestic applications. Voltage Regulator Controller maximizes operational planning. It increases grid efficiency, reduces energy consumption, enhances power quality and load management, increases asset utilization and ensures that there is real-time control in remote or local locations. These devices are efficient to control pad mounted voltage regulators for Distribution and Industrial feeders or pole-top. They are also installed in centralize or decentralize VAR systems or volt.