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Master group of industries was founded in the year of 1982 with the small unit of manufacturing high quality

sanitary fittings. This first unit was named as master sanitary fittings. The major milestone in this journey was the establishment of master tiles in 1995 by sheikh mehmood iqbal. Now it has 5 subunits 3 public limited and 2 private limited which are: (1) Master sanitary fittings industries limited (2) Master poly plastic industries limited (3) Master tiles & ceramics industries limited (4) Master ball point pen industries Pvt limited (5) Z & J hygienic products Pvt limited Directors of Master Group of Companies Mr. Sheikh Javaid Iqbal Mr. Sheikh Pervaiz Iqbal Mr. Sheikh Mahmood Iqbal Mr. Sheikh Nasir Iqbal Mr. Sheikh Maqsood Iqbal Mr. Sheikh Muhammad Akbar Mr. Sheikh Muhammad Asghar They all are the owner of the Master group of industries.

Introduction to Master tiles & ceramics limited

Master Tiles was formed in 1995 by Sheikh Mahmood Iqbal. Master Tiles is one of the biggest Tiles manufacturers in Pakistan. Master Tiles provides the opportunity to upgrade the life style by introducing Granite Tiles for the first time in Pakistan with latest Italian technology. Master tiles have a capacity to produce more than 25000 Sq/meter tiles per day. In local market Master Tiles is a well-known Tiles manufacturing company. Master Tiles captures the 62% of local market share. It manufactures both Wall and floor Tiles. It manufactures good quality Tiles at affordable prices.

Environmental analysis
Internal environment
Management o 7 BODs o Sheikh Mehmood Iqbal CEO o HR manager Mr. farhat o 1 general manager o 1 assistant manager o 3 charter acountents Employee o As they imported the Granite Tile manufacturing plant from Italy. So they also hire the engineers from Italy to operate that Plant. o Also they have hired some foreign employees like Mexicans and Italians who had been working there for more than 13 years. o The total numbers of employees are more than 1000. Production capacity 25000 Sq/meter tiles per day. Internal Culture o Employees are open and extremely co-operative. o Openness and flexibility in working style. o Open door policy means senior executives are approachable at any time i.e. walk-the talk approach. o Lot of freedom and autonomy in work. o Congenial environment for young professional to experiment new ideas. o Positive and purposeful interaction at all level. o Easy accessibility of information. Free flow of communication. o Result oriented attitude is the order of the day. o Employee growth is performance based. o Environment of Continuous Learning. Pressure group o Master tiles facing pressure from government due to changing policies of emport and export. o Labor union sometimes also become a pressure for master tiles industry.

External environment
Task Environment Competitors Sonex Tiles: o Sonex Tiles is a big competitor of Master Tiles. It is also located in Gujranwala. Sonex Tiles is a new player in the market and it only produces Floor Tiles. The strategy of Sonex Tiles is that are doing a direct competition with Master Tiles only in Floor Tiles category but also try to capture those segments which is not targeted by Master Tiles by producing some low price low quality products for low end market segment.. National Tiles:

o National Tiles is also a major Player in Pakistan Tiles industry. But it only manufactures wall tiles. It is located in Karachi and it is mostly competing with Master Tiles in Sindh areas and only in Wall Tiles category. National Tiles mainly target the Sindh market due to low competition in Sindh Market. Unorganized Local Manufacturers: o One of the main competitors of Master Tiles is the Unorganized Local manufacturers. Although these small local manufacturers have less capacity of production as compare to the Master Tiles. But they produce low quality with low prices. So by offering low prices they become a big threat to big manufacturers. Imported Brands: o Some niche segment of market is also captured by importers. In addition small quantity of some multinational brands is available local market. These brands are imported from Spain, Italy, as well as from UK and USA. These brands are mostly targeted in Lahore and Karachi and they target high end segment of the market. Customers o Because of its high Quality It is expensive So that mostly its customers are high class people. o It also produces average quality tiles which has comparatively low price so that the common people also the customers of Master tiles. o It is also exported in USA and UK. Local government o Government is not much supporting. o Taxation rate highly effect the Org. Media o Master Tiles use different media for advertising. Like electronic media and print media. In electronic media they use TV channels for advertising. TV channels are very famous media vehicles and message can be communicated to a large number of people at one time. o In printing media Master Tiles use big Bill boards and digital sign boards which are relatively cheaper than the TV channels. These print media are very effective way of advertising when the people are not in their homes. People can watch the message to the roads in different places and when they are on a journey. So now this print media has become a more effective and cheaper medium for communicating the message. Suppliers It has six branches in six major cities of Pakistan o Rawalpindi, Pakistan House 878 F-Block, Opp. Gate No. 3, Holly Family Hospital, o Gujranwala, Pakistan (Head office) Near Zinco Palace, G.T.Road, o Multan, Pakistan Hassan Parwana Road, Near Rex Cinema, o Faisalabad, Pakistan Main Susan Road Madina Town, o Lahore, Pakistan 80-Abubakar Block, Garden Town

o Karachi, Pakistan House No. 136-B Block No. 2, P.E.C.H.S

General Environment Political factors: o In Pakistan political environment is not stable.. Government policies are changed during regular intervals of time. This political instability affects the tiles industry also. Economical Factors: o Due to economic growth in Pakistan the Tiles industry in Pakistan is growing. The Tiles industry in Pakistan is in growth stage. Government does not finance enough money in the Tiles industry to make it more attractive industry. The raw material which is used in Tiles manufacturing is founded in the province on NWFP and Balochistan. \ o Mining of the raw material in these areas is done on primitive techniques including uncontrolled blasts. This not only lead to wastage but also to low production of raw material which directly affects the Tiles industry. Government does not pay much attention on this which really affects the efficiency of Tiles industry. Socio cultural Factors: o The social and cultural influence on business varies from country to country. It is very important these factors are considered. These factors are: Income level (2) Population growth rate (3) Labor mobility(4) Life style changes (5) Fashion (6) Living condition o In Pakistan demographic factors like income level of people is increasing. Also the population is increasing which results in the construction increase which also results in the increase in demand of tiles in the country. Also there is a good availability of labor which is a really favorable condition for tile industry. Now the people in Pakistan are moving towards change. Their life style is changing.. This result is the increase in the demand of tiles in country. The living condition of people is changing. The rural people are moving towards urbanization and their living conditions are becoming better and better. Technological Factors: Technology is a very important factor for an industry. It is vital for competitive advantage for a firm. o In Master Tiles they use their Italian manufacturing plant for producing good quality products at affordable prices. This technology is their competitive advantage. o Master Tiles use their new technological plant to produce more innovative products. Master Tiles produce new styles with lot of colors and they produce more innovative products. Technology changes in the media industry in Pakistan allow the companies to adopt the new ways of communication with the customers. Now there are new and advanced medium for communicating the message like digital signboards and now advertisement can be done through new cable channels. These new local cable channel are watched every where. So we can say that new technology offers new and affective ways of communication.