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Ad Clerum 10/12 December 2012

Ad Clerum December 2012

I greet you in the Name of Jesus Christ Our Lord. May you continue to be blessed in your Advent Fast, and may you lead your people with integrity and zeal. In the last Ad Clerum [No 9/12] we explored the way in which we are to position ourselves in a changing world, and ready ourselves for a far tougher Christmas season than before. I also put before you the very clear challenge from St James the Apostle to excel in your performance as a Christian. In the light of that challenge, I thought you might enjoy this quote from Sir Winston Churchill.

Number 10/12

Ad Clerum 10/12 December 2012 Being satisfied with the very best is a habit we need to develop, as often, especially where there are no church buildings or a lack of finances, we use our difficulties as excuses for a lower than acceptable standard. It was precisely because of the lack of resources and a poor general standard that we began our Stoles and Altar Linens Project two years ago. We have equipped you all with stoles and altar requisites that can be compared with the best that money can buy. We took the decision that we will be the sharpest and most well-equipped clergy in Southern Africa, no matter what our difficulties may be. I was so incredibly proud, at the recent Ordination in Kimberley, to see the way in which the clergy present were turned out. Some visitors had their eyes opened! Being the best at what you do requires a great deal of practice. When asked why he always seemed to have such good luck in tournaments, our own great South African golfer, Gary Player, said the more I practice, the luckier I get! Being a competitive Christian is exactly the same. Unless a Priest practices the Presence of God, he will not excel in virtue or holiness. Unless he studies ceaselessly, he will not have the full knowledge that is required for his profession. If he does not zealously exercise his pastoral ministry, he will not be able to show the compassion of Jesus in the community, and unless he speaks constantly to his Coach he will lose sight of the game plan..I am speaking about time on your knees in prayer. If you were getting a little out of shape, Advent is the time for regaining your drive and determination to excel. Practice does make perfect, it is a fact. The dedication and discipline required to be the very best Priest or Deacon you can be is lifelong and intense. Brothers, if our Lord is perfect and holy, there can be no excuse for mediocrity. I try to ensure that I am constantly striving for perfection in all I do; it is a stiff challenge, but I will not compromise on quality in any area of my life of faith. I sincerely believe that I am surrounded by like-minded men; deeply committed to Jesus Christ as Lord and to a fierce and dedicated proclamation of the Gospel under any circumstances. I have been watching you closely, and wish you to know that I am inspired by the discipline you show, and your determination to bring the Message of Salvation to all people. One thing is for certain; people like being a part of a winning team. All over the world, as the Traditional Anglican Communion has stabilised and has once again picked up the pace under stable and godly leadership, men and women and clergy have been coming and asking to join our number. Here, is Southern Africa, through you hard work, professionalism and dedication, we are seeing growth and development that speaks of the need for people to find their roots and express themselves in the beauty of our traditional Anglican faith. There is no doubt that we will become the dominant Anglican force in Southern Africa within our lifetime.

Ad Clerum 10/12 December 2012 Ordination, All Saints, Kimberley, 25th November 2012

I will go unto the Altar of God; even the God of my joy and gladness

Regional Deans Augustine Koliti (Eastern Cape) and Canon Jacob Masakala (Free State)

Ad Clerum 10/12 December 2012

The Procession enters the church and the Deacons prostrate during the Litany

The six Deacons are introduced to the congregation by Bishop Michael Kimberley was the venue for the first of two Ordinations held in the latter part of 2012. Some of these men had waited several years for this day and the sense of expectation in the parish of All Saints, Beaconsfield, was intense. The men had been in retreat in Kimberley and were brought to the church by the retreat conductors, Fr Willie Meyers and Canon Jacob Masakala. Many had travelled from various parts of South Africa to reach Kimberley, but even so, the turnout was excellent. Fr Willie and Beryl Meyers ensured that all were fed and watered, and the people of All Saints were most hospitable.

Ad Clerum 10/12 December 2012

From left to right: Rev Lennox Busani, Rev Zewlidumile Kama, Rev Siyabonga Tambo, Rev Phillip Semenyane, Rev Denzil Philander and Rev Angelo Ericksen We wish these fine men every blessing in their parishes and in their ministry. I ask for your prayers for them and their families. In a few days time we will journey to All Saints Pro Cathedral in Seshego, outside the city of Polokwane in the Limopo Province. There, we will be joined by many of our brethren from Zimbabwe, and another joyous event will take place. I commit those recently Ordained and those to be Ordained on 15th December to your prayers. We are blessed to have so many new men prepared to give of themselves in the service of Jesus Christ our Lord. May your journey to Polokwane be a blessed and a safe one. In Christ