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Prepared by Mahak Balani Faculty


-" Module

Written Communication

1.1 lntroduction Objectives 1 .2 Business Correspondence

1.2. 1 Purchase Correspondence

.2.2 Sales Correspondence

.2.3 Agcounts Correspondence

1.2.4 Personnel Correspondence 1.3 Corporate Correspondence 1.3.1 Email Messages 1.3.2 Memos 1.3.3 Positive Messages 1.3.4 Negative Messages', 1.4 Business Reports 1.4.1 Basics of Reports 1.4.2 Report Writing

1.5 Summary l.6Terminal Questions 1.7 Answers

1.1 lntroduction:

Written Comnlunication an integral part business Communication. A Businessman has to communicate with different parties in his day to day dealings. The Communication in the form of letter writing undertaken by a businessman is known as business correspondence..Corporate correspondence has also gained momentum in organizations which takes the form of e-mail' messages, memos, positive and negative messages. Report writing is undertaken in organizations and business houses which is quite useful in taking important business decisions. This unit deals with different types of corrbspondence undertaken by a businessman in his day to day transactions.




Prepared by Mahak Balani Faculty


Learning objectlves
After studying this unit, you should be able toF Write business letters in different formats D Write e-mails and memos F Write positive and negative messages P Understand the basics of reports ! Write a report

1.2 BusiVess Correspondence


Comm)frication undertaken by a businessman in t is day to day dealings with different parties in the form of letter-writing is known as business correspondence.
Let us now study the basics of business correspondence through knowing the various parts of a letter and the format of the business letters.

Parts of a business letterHeading is the name and address of the sender which is centre aligned. Companies usually use printed letter heads with the name and address printed for its day to day correspondence. 2. Dateline: - Dateline should be mentioned two or three lines below the hea.ding. Dateline is a reference point for any correspondence in future. ln all formal letter the date can be written irr either of the formats mentioned below 16 June, 2011 June 16,2011 3. lnside Address: - lnside address is the name and address of the receiver which is mentioned below the date line. 4. Salutation: - Salutation is a greeting to the receiver of the letter depending on the writer's relationship with the receiver. This is written below the inside address. 5. Reference Line: - Reference line is given below the inside address to direct the attention to a specific person or for drawing attention to the subject matter. 6. Body of the Letter: - The body of the letter is divided into paragraphs. The first prragraph should attract the reader's attention, the second paragraph should contiin the main subject to be communi:ated and the closing paragraph should end on a positive note with the action that is expected to be taken by the reader. 7. Complimentary close: - This is a polite way of ending the letter and is given on the left or the right margin accordingly to the format adopted. 8. Signature: - This contains the initials of the person who is signing the letter. The name of the person is typed below the signature along with the designation. 9. Enclosure: - This is given below the signature towards the left margin. lt contains a list of the material enclosed with the letter.



I . . .



Let us now study the format of business letters,

Prepared by Mahak Balani Faculty


Format of Business letters-

1) Full Block Form This is the modern style of writing letters, Here the heading is centEred with the date, inside address, salutation, paragraphs, complimentary close left aligned. ln this format there are no punctuations used except in the body of the letter.(opeh punctuation)


Semi-Block Form

Here the heading is center aligned, inside address and salutation are left aligned and the date and complimentary close are right aligned. This format follows open punctuation i.e.,no punctuation except in the body of the letter.


Modified Block Form ln this format, the name of th6 company is centered and the address of the company is right aligned. Dateline is given towards the right. lnside address and salutation is left aligned. Paragraphs are aligned to the left. Complirnentary close'is taken to the right. This format also follows open punctuation.
Hanging lndentation Form Here the heading is centered, date and complementary close are. right aligned. lnside address and salutation are left aligned. The opening line of every paragraph hangs out and the subsequent lines of every paragraph are indented 3 to 5 spa,ces,
Here closed punctuation is used i.e. punctuations can be used wherever required.


Now as you are awarq of the parts of a business letter an<J the different formats used, let us study the kinds of business letters.

Kinds of Business Letters1.2.1

ii. iii.

Purchase Correspondence i. Enquiries and replies


Complaints and adjustments


Sales Correspondence

i. ii.

Sales letter Circular letters


Accounts Correspondence
Collection letters



Prepared by Mahak Balani Faculty


L lt.

Person nel Correspondence

iii. iv,

Application letters (cover messages) lnterview letters Appointment letters Letters of termination

Let us ndw know the meaning of the kinds of business letters listed above with a
sample of each.

1.2.1 PurchaseCorrespondence
Enquiries and replies Enquiry letters are written by buyers to seek information from sellers regarding goods to be purchased, the terms and conditions of sales etc. W hen an enquiry is made in response to the advertisement given by the seller'it is called a solicited enquiry and when it is at one's own initiative it is calted an unsolicited

A letter of reply contains all the details which an enquiry seeks like specifications of the product, prices, terms and cohditions oJ sale and other necessary information like discounts, mode of delivery etc.
Figure 1 Sample Enquiry letter

Jiwan Book Depot Mall Road'Mysore

Letter No. AC/38 M/s Lyall Book Depot, Chaura Bazal Laudhiana. Dear Sir, Date: Jan 12,2001

You are well publisher and book seller in the region. We are interested in selling your
publications in the city.

Prepared by Mahak Balani


Kindly send your price list and state the terms and conditions of doing business with you on wholesale basis, We like to place order with you. Subject to the suitability of your terms and conditions.
Sincerely Sanjiv Kumar Jiwan Book Depot

Figure 2 Sample Reply letter Lyall Book Depot Chaura Bazaar Ludhiana August 1O,2OO7 M/S Jiwan Book Depot Mai Hiran Gate Jalandhar
Dear Sir We are pleased to receive your letter dated Jull 29, 2007 enquiring abo0t the terms and conditions regarding trading with us. Thank you very much for the interest you have shown in our publications. Latest catalogue and price list of our publications have been enclosed here with. We allow 25% discount of the catalogue price for ca5h sales and 2OVo lor Credit sales if payment is made within 2 months. Packing and Fonrarding Charges will be borne by us if the order exceeds Rs2000 /.

Yours Truly Raj kumar (Proprietor)

ii. --^

Orders Letters written by buyers to sellers for placing orders for products on satisfactory evaluation of price and quality of products are known as order letters.

Prepared by Mahak Batani Faculty


Figure 3 Sample Order lettEr


S.K Traders 45 Cool Road Bangalore Jan 29,2011 M/s BBN Appliances Nagarjun Road Mysore Dear Sii Subject: Placement of order' We thank you for your quotation of July 20, 2007. We find both qualities and prices satisfaclory, I am pleased to place an order with you for the following appliances at thd prices and on thi terms quoted: 1 ltem Quantity Price (per pc)
20 40

Sandwich Mixer Citrus Swisher Pop-up Toaster


Above prices to include delivery by railway with a cash-payment discount at 3o/o. We ptace the order on the understanding tnit tne goods will be dispatched to reach us not later than August 05, 2007.

Yours Tiuly S. Roya Rao



Complaints and

adjustments letter. the

When the buyer is not satisfied with the executionbf tne order he brings the mistake to the notice of the concerned person through writing a complaint


The reply letter written to take action on the complaint is known as

adjustment letter.

Prepared by Mahak Balani Faculty



Figure 4 Sample Gomplaint letter

Ashok Leather Limited l3 Raj Kumar Road Bangalore


August 25, 2009 M/S Javid Ghemical Limited Mall Road Hyderabad Dear Sir Subject: Delay of goods ordered


We regret to say that chemiials ordered by us on July 2, 2009 have not been received till now. We placed the order by clearly stating that chemicals should reach us on or before August 15, 2009. We also stressed the importance and reasons behind


t spoil

The inordinate delay on your part has created an odd situation for us. The. delay in delivery has brought the work in our unit to a standstill, and it may well the prospects of our project. Due to this delay, our company will have to pay'the overhead expenses everyday.
Keeping irlr view the urgency, we request you to inform us about the exact date when the delivery can be made. Please deliver the goods before September 05, 2009, Otherwise we will have no other alternative except to cancel order and purchas.e from nearby suppliers

Yours Truly Varun Soni Managing Director

Prepared by Mahak Balani Faculty


Figure 5 Sample Adjustment letter

Javid Chemical Limited

G.T Road Gaziabad

Date:Aug, 28,2001
ttl/s Ashoka Leathers Limited 13, Zaalter Market Bangblore

Dear Sir,

Please accept our sincere apology for delay in execution of your order dated July 2, 2001 Oving to month long strike in the factory, followed by power cuts bnd strikes o( U.P Electric Board Employees, the production has remained suspended for more than one month. This resulte{' in our falling behind the delivery schedule. Kindly understand our posiiion that circumstances were beyond our control. We feel extremely sorry about this inevitable delay that has caused you inconvenience. Now the situation has changed. we are doing our best to execute the pending orders. We hope you will be supplied your goods before Nov 5, 2001

Yours faithfully, Twakal Hussain Sales Executive. 1.2.2 Sales Correspondence

Sales letter


A sales letter is written to persuade a buyer to buy the product. lt acts as a significant
means of advertisement for promoting sales.

Prepared by Mahak Balani Faculty



6 Sample Sales letter

Chandra Crockeries, Rajkumar Road, Bangalore

Jan 22,201J

Dear Friends, America's No.1 Brand Corelle is now available to you!

Here is a special introductory offer: A free 1 liter serving bowl worth Rs 425lwith every 20 piece dinner set order. The Corning Consumer Products Company ( CCPC ) CORELLE Singapore has recently launched its world-renowned range of dinneiware in lndia. The range is unique for its combination of good looks and durability. Corelle is break, chip, stain resistant, light and easy to handle. lts uniqueness extends to. the fact that it can be used to re-heat food in microwaves and ovens without the.risk of any


Corelle's durability

three layers of special glass material providing extremely light weight dinnemare.. The spepial application method used on Corelles designs fuses the patterns into bare glass ensuring ,that the designs are long lasting and don't fade over the years! At last a dinner set, you can handle without carel
Configuratign has been designed to suit lndian eating habits. Currently the 20 pc dinner set is available at'affordable price of Rs3450/-.

is due to its unique sandwich fabrication which


20 pieces Corelle dinner set is available in lndia consisting of 6 large plates, 6 quarter plates, 6 vegetable bowls, one serving platter, one large serving bowl. This
This offer ends on October 31, 2009. Hurry up! Visit our showroom or
Yours Cordially Sanjeev Bharadhwaj Sales Executive

contact us a|624444. Providing quality products with quality Service is our motto.

. ii.
Circular letters

Circular letters are written to communicate the same information to a large number of people at the same time.

Pr'epared by Mahak Balani



Sample Gircular letter

Garments House Mall Road Ghandigarh

July 10s 2009

Dear Customer

With Pleasure we announce summer clearance sales of all garments. With this, the finest of garments fior ladies, gents andJ<ids are now available at ridiculously low prices at 50% lo75o/o discount I . At their amazingly low prices , they are really splendid value for your' money. As you are one of our regular customers, we Would advice you to come to the show room and select the best before the news of siles in the newspaper. Hurry Up! , do not delay! Come to our show room and get more value than your money spent .

Yours Truly B.K Laxman Proprietor


.2.3 Accounts Correspondence


Collection letters
Collection letters are written to collect dues from custome'rs starting with reminders about payments to warnings'



Prepared by Mahak Balani


Figure 8 Sample Collection letter

Vishal Enterprise Nakodar Road Jalandhar

Jan'15, 201 M/s Vikas Traders Jalandhar Road

KapurthalDear Sir
We just want to remind you that your account shows unpaid amounts of the following bills :

Date of

25-07-09 07-09-09

Bill 10-03-09



No. 8og
905 909


n" o,zoo
Rs 4,505

Rs 5,000

Most probably it is just an oversight on your part. We know that it is a small amount and could easily escape your attention. We have enclosed herewith the photo copies pf bills to facilitate your verification, in case you have misplaced them. Please remit the amount due at your earliest.

Yours Truly Vishal' (Partner)

j ' i.

1.2.4 Personnel Gorrespondence

Application letters (cover messages)

Application letters are written when an applicant is looking for a job with a prospective employer. W hen an application is written in response to the advertisement given by the employer it is called a solicited application letter and when it is at one's own initiative it is called an unsolicited application letter.



/ \i3 \ -\. I^a

'\ \


Prepared by Mahak

Figure 9 Sample Application letter August 17,2009
The Managing Director Ashoka Contribution Corporation Phase Vl, Mohali
Sir / Madam,

Balani Faculty .JU.CMS


Your advertisement in the Tribune dated August 15, 2009 for the post of marketirtg manager, caught my attention. Since your requirements closely parallel my working experience and expertise, I chose to apply for the same. My enclosed resume indicates that after doing my engineering in computer science, I have been marketing computer hardware & software for Rajinder Computers forthe last six years .l shall be happy to discuss in more details with You can contact me at0172-770017 or mail me at raiinder@vahoo.com.. I would be available for intervibw on any afternoorl ' next week. Thank you,


Yours Truly Rajinder Singh 27, Sector Chandigarh



lnterview leffers

lnterview letters are written to candidates calling them to appear for an interview after the initial screening process.


Prepared by Mahak dalani Faculty


Flgure 10 Sample lnterview lefter

r1 -{
S.K lndustries Sector 16, Mathura Road, Faridabad

. July 20, 2009

Raj Marhawa
7/90 Tilak Nagar

New Delhi-O9 Dear Mr. Marhawa

We are in receipt.of your application for the post of Assistant Manager, Production. lt appearslhat your qualification and experiences are adequate enough for the post;

You are therefore requested ,o .rp"a, for the interviey on August 10, 2OOg at 9 am in the office of the company. Please bring your original certificates of academic records and experience.

Yours faithfully Rakesh Arora Managing Director


- ili. &




the details regarding the appointment.



Prepared by Mahak Balani



Figure 11 Sampte Appointmeni


S.K lndustries Sector 16, Mathura Road, Faridabad

August 16, 2009

Mr. Raj 7t90 , Tilak Nagar


'New Delhi-09 ,
Dear Mr. Marhawa

Subject Appointment as Assistant Manager, Production

We are pleased to inform yqru that you have been selected fol the post of Assistant Manager, Production. t he Company offers you this post in monthly pay scale of Rs 7,000-100 8,000- 12$10,000. You will also be entitled to drawDearness Allowance, Housd Rent Allowance and Conveyance Allowance as per company's rules applicable from time to time. The present rates for these allowances are'DA 50% of basic HRA 20o/o oi basic, and conveyance allowance Rs 500/- p.m

Please inform your acceptance immediately and report for duty to Mr. S.S Grewal , Production Manager on or before September 1, 2009, 10 a.m.

We look forward to happy association with you.

Yours Faithfully Managing Direclor


Letters of termination Termination letters are written to terminate the services of an employee on accdunt
unsatisfactory work or conduct.





August 31, 2009 Mr. Kewal Shah 14 Garden Colony Mysore Dear Mr, Shah
I regret to inform you that after considering your progress; the Board of Directors have decided to terminate your services w.e.f September 30, 2009. Since the issue of memo to you on March 15, 2009 your performance have been regularly reviewed by the Board. They could not find any signs of improvements on your part & were left with no other choice except to dispense with your services as Branch Manager. I dm instructed to give you one month notice of termination as per terms of your appointment. On personal note, I wish yoti to flnd a position where your abilities suit the


Truly A.B Yusuf Managing Directof


(Source of letters -Business Communication, Varinder Kumar, Kalyani Publishels, 2010)

Self Assessment Questions


. is a greeting to the receiver of the letter depending on the writer's relationship with the receiver. When an enquiry is made in response to the advertisement given by the seller it is called

3. The reply letter written to take action on the









4,::,::.::...:::..:.:::L'fur. are written to

number of people at the same time.

communicate the same information to

a tarse,

1.3 Corporate Correspondence

1.3.1 E-mail Messages


is an easy and popular medium of

Communication. E-mail facilitates

communication and is cost-effective method of transferring information. Emails are considered to be more convenient as they enable an employee to
communicate even outside the office environment.

Prepared by Mahak Balani


Fig 13 Specimen E- mail


To: Shireen Jones Cc: HR'Department incharge

o ,

From:'Audry Roach" Subject Welcome to our Team!




Welcome to our Team!

We are excited to have you join our team, and we hope that,you will enjoy worklng with our Li colnparp. lt has been stated in youi appointment letter that you will be under training period for
six months.

lf you have any qyestions during your training period, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can reach me at my email address.
Warm regards,





1.3.2 Memos:Memorandum or memo is a means of Communication used within the organization. tt is short piece of communication used for purposes like transferring issuing instructions, asking explanation on some issues regarding conduct etc.

a routine information,


" "
! t


Prepared by Mahak Balanl Faculty



Figure 14 Specimen memo by Managing Director to an employee asking explanation for absence from duty.

J.K. Chemlcals Ltd. Bangalore



Date: June 20,2001

To: Mr. S.K. Bhandari, Accounts clerk. From: Mr. R.D. Sharma, M.D. Subject: Absence from duty on June 29,2001
It came to my notice that you were not present in the office on June 29, 2001 application for leave has also not been recgived





\Mll you kindlf explain the cause for being absent? lf your reply does not reach on or before July 3, 2001 administrative action can be taken against you.



Rishi Sharma yanaging Director


(Source -Business Communication, Varinder Kumar, Kalyani Publishers (2010), Pg 208)


1.3.3 Positive Messages:-

. .-

positive message

is to give

pleasant information

ln the

form,I of

appreciation or thanks.


Prepared by Mahak Balani

Faculty .


Figure 15 Specimen of a Positive Message (congratulating someone)

V.S. Raman Managing


Date : 30th Dec 2001


Mr. Rohit Sharma,

Managing. Director, Bharat Textile Mills, Ahmedabad.


Dear Mr. Rohit Sharma, Congratulations! I feel immense pleasure to know that you. have been
appointed managing director of the Bharat Textile Mills.

Because of your hard work and exceptionally leadership qualities you

have attained this position. Because of your untiring efforts, Bharat Textile Mills
has grown from very humble beginning to leading industry in the region. We hope that the industry will flourish under your dynamic leadership.

Wishing you good luck and bright future Cordially V.S.Raman

(Source -Business Communication, Varinder Kumar, Kalyani Publishers (2010), Pg 194)

1.3.4 Negative messages:Negative message conveys unpleasant information

to the reader. ln


situations it is best to convey the messageidirectly but at times it is irnportant to

convey the message in a manner which red'uces the impact of the bad news

Therefore negative messages should be written in tactfully.


Prepared by Mahak Bblani Faculty


Figure 16 Specimen of a Ne$ative Message (Refusa! of lnformation)


Etop Chemicals 23, Mall Road, Mysore

Feb 20, 2Op1

To Mr. Rajnish Gupta,

68, Rajinder Nagar, Ludhiana

Dear Mr.


We received your letter asking for information about details of the shares held various share holders that you for your research purpoges. We regret to state that as per our company'S policy this information is kept confidential. Any
other help we can do for you, please let us know.


We appreciate your interest in our company and wish best of luck.

Truly yours, Raman Ahuja Finance Manager


(Source -Business Communication, Varinder Kumar, Kaliani Publishers (2010), Ps 19e)

1.4 Business Reports

: ' i

A business report is a significant document which provides information that is useful for
important business decisions.


According to Raymond V.Lesikar and John D. Pettit, 'A business report is an orderly objective communication of factual information that serves some business purpose'.


Prepared by Mahak Balani Faculty






Let us now study the basics of reports.

1.4.1 Basics of Reports


Featuies of a good report


.1'. Clarity A good report should have clarity of thought and expression. lt should convey
information without any confusion.


2. Objectivity
A good report should be unbiased and without any prejudices.

- 3. Accuracy . Accuracy of report helps in good decision making therefore

utmost care to give accurate information.

a report writer should take


A report writer should consider the readers tlme as important and give information in a
concise mann'er avoiding all unnecessary details.


Types of reports

O '
1. 2.

on the basis of mode of presentation


Oral Report


Written Report

Oral report: - An oral report is a'simple and easy way to transfening infonrlation which proves to be useful at times but can be time consuming for the listener who has to be
careful in listening to the information


Prepared by Mahak galani Faculty




Written report:- Written reports tend to be formal and more reliable in comparison to






lt can be saved as a

permanent document which can be used for future


@ '

O"the basis of legal formattties

1', Formal reports


Formal reports- A formal report is based on a formal structure and is pr.epared

to prescribed rules.



lnformal reports-An informal reports is flexible in nature gnd.does not stress on formal


On the basis of function


lnformative reports

2: lnterpretative reports

1 Informative reports-An informative report presents the information without any interpretations
about the facts given.

2.lnterpretative Reports-An lnterpretative report not only presents the information but also evaluates the data and gives interpretations thereof.


on the basis of frequency of issue


1. Periodic / Routine 2. Special reports


(\ \

Prepared by Mahak Balani




/ Routine reports-Periodic reports are presented at regular intervals


on the requirements.

Special Reports- Special Reports are not presented at regular intervals but on special occasions or events that occur once in a while.


n V
1. 2.

on the basis of number of persons

Reports by lndividuals Reports by Commlttee
Reports by lndividuals-These reports are submitted by lndividuals according to the
needs of the day to day working of an organisation.

Reports by Committee-These are prepared by a committee comprising of members

on subjects that require the expertise of more than one person.

on the basis of methodotogy of report drafting

1. 3. 4.

Progress reports Recommendation ieports

2'. Examination Reports Statistical reports


Progress reports-These reports are prepared to present the progress of work during a stated


2. Examinatidn Reports-These reports are prepared after careful examination of

the past and present conditions. These reports also give suggestion on what
is to be done on the basis of the conditions studied.


Recommendation reports-These reports give specific recommendations with the objective of suggesting a definite plan of action.

Statistical reports-These reports analyze financial data with the objective of giving interpretation using




Prepared by Mahak Balani. ' Faculty


1.4.2 Report Writing


Structure of Reports

A report can be organized in three forms-


Letter form A report in the letter form is brief and informal in nature. This contains heading, date,
inside address, salutation and complimentary close. The body of the report contains the objectives, findings, conclusion and recommendations as per the requirements of the subject matter.


17 Sample report in the letter form

(Report bV


Resource Manager on labour unrest in Barnala plant)

Mr. Ashish Kapoor

Human Resource Manager Sept, 10,2001


The Managing Director Arvind Chemicals Limited, Bhartpur Road, Mathura.




Subject: Report on labour unrest in Barnala



ln accordance with your letter No. 34874 dated Aug solution. ln this connection,

, 2001, I was appointed to look into the

problems of unrest prevailing among workers at Barnala plant and to recommend the possible

I persbnally

visited the Barnala plant thrice to have separate


Prepared by Mahak

Balani . Faculty t
a, I

detailed discussions with the manager of the plant, all supervisors, union leaders and twenty
workerb selected at random. The following are my findings and recommendations.


1) The unrest is widespread

among all the sections of the factory. lnitially the unrest was

expressed in the form of occasional outburst of ill-tempers. On July 28, 2OOi a meeting

of the general body of labor union was held anf action plan for the future course of
protests and token strike was decided, On Aug 6, 2001 a memorandum was submitted

to the plant manager regarding their demands with dead line of Aug,24,2001.
clearly stated in the memorandum

, ,,

lt,was that in case of failure to accept their demands,



workers will daily observe two hours strike w.e.f Aug 25, 200J.


The workers made the following

complaints: process.

a) The plant canteen does not provide hygienic and nourishing food and
chares very high



There is no proper facitity of ventilation and sanitation in the factory. Even water coolers are not provided for drinking fresh and cool water.


There is no suitable bus service from the bus stand to the factory. lt
causes a.lot of trouble for workers coming from nearby villages,

80% of the workers working in the factory come from nearby villages.
Because of the location of plant 3km away from link road and poor bus

seryices,.a lot of time is wasted in waiting for bused. Workers coming

from nearby villages sometimes have to pay fine in the form of deduction
of wages resulting from their late entry irito the premises.


The-plant manager behaves like a dictator and has no concern

consideration for workers' genuine problems.



3) I found the quality of

ordinary standard. The prices charged by the contractor were also higher compared with market
reireshment and meal very poor and much below




F r
Prepared by Mahak Balani

t !



1) The canteen

contractor should be asked to provide quality refreshment at reduced

prices. ln case he fails to do so, alternate contractor should be brought in through


A bus service should be introduced between the factory and nearby village within radius
of 5 Km to be run fout times daily to coincide with the two shifts.

3) The sanitation and ventilation of the plant should be improved.

to be

To avoid any possible unpleasant situation, the top management of the company
union leaders for a dialogue and assure them about these welfare measures.

We hope that the management of the company will take quick actions based upon
long way to improve the productivity and performance of


recommendations. The above action will not only prevent the unpleasant scene, but also go a


Yours faithfully Ashok Kapoor Human Resource Manager

(Source -Business Communication, Varinder Kumar and Bodh Raj, Kalyani

Publishers (2010), Pg 288)



forms are used in ori;anizations for internal communication.

Memorandum folm is the simplest way of organizing reports, Printed memorandum



Prepared O,


t ii

This form contains Date, To, From and Subject. The body of the report contains the objectives, findings, conclusion and recommendations.

Fig f 8. Sample report in the memorandum form (A report in Memo form of the senior Marketing Manager on the change of branch premises)

Baroda Gtoth Mills

New Delhi

Date : June 26,.2001 From: Mr. Rajinder Narayan , Senior Marketing Manager To:Mr. Ashok Dutt, Managing Director Subject: Report of change on suitable premises for shifting the Jalandhar showroom.

I was appointed wide letter No. AC/3/84 dated June 15, 2001 to suggest alternate site for
changing the premises of Jalandhar showroom.

Findings: I visited the Jalandhar showroom situated at Rainak Bazar and personally observed the actual
trading there,l found that:

a) The space of 20 x 12 meter is insufficient for showroom to accommodate the growing

number of customers

b) c)

During peak hours, whole atmosphere appears to be congested bdcause of great rush.

Scooters are difficult to move in the narrow bazaar and cars are impossible during days.


.d) Present day money-rich and time-poor customers wanting individual attentions
expeditious service, prefer not to visit in the bazaar.



Prepared by Mahak Balani Faculty



Mr. Singh was justified to request immediate shifting of the premises to nearby open
area,. This branch was started in 1975, when there used to be lesser rush But now, because of growing population, it is becoming congesteci area,
I tried

irtthe bazaar.

to find bigger show room in the nearby open area and found one premises of 30 x

40 meter area with basement located at G.T. road most suitable for our Jalandhar
branch. The owner of the premises

Mr Atul S.harma is anxious to let at molthly rent of


Rs. 70,000,

Recommendations: I
As our product is becoming popular, especially among rich and upper middle class with

rapidly growing demand; it is imperative to shift the showroom to greater space at relatively open area which provicled facility for car parking. Not only space be large, but
showroom should be air-conditioned. In addition to'this, accommodation facility, sales
counters should be computerized to expedite the customer tranSaction and to reduce the
rush. 2

The showroom should be shifted in the nearby open area within 200-300 meter, not at


G.T. road showroom, hardly 150 meters away seems to be the best choice in the
present circumstances. lt is located in the heart of the city on wider road that provides car parking facility also,

Though the rent of the showroom Rs 70,000 p.m. is high, but considering its strategtal

location and expected future benefits, I strongly recommend that immediate action be
taken to shift the premises from Rainak Bazar to G.T Road.

(Source -Business Communication, Varinder Kumar and Bodh Raj, Kalyani

Publishers (201 0), Pg 284)

i t,


Letter Text Gombination form

These reports are fornral and quite lengthy. Here the subject matter is dealt with in a detailed and systematic manner.




Pripared by Mahak


Balani Facuttv ,e

Y A"

i i ; '

Parts of a letter text combination reportf

Title page-The title page gives the title of the report, the name of the person to


whom it is submitted, the name of the report writer and the date of submission. Table of content- This contains the titles of the chapters includecl in the report with the page numbers. 3. List of Tables ahd charts- This contains the titles of the tables and the charts included in the report with the page numbers. 4. Executive Summary-This is a brief explanation given for providing an overview of the main points covered in the repod. 5. Body of the rcport-This contains the introduction, description of the concepts, data analysis and interpretation, conclusion and recommcndations. 6. Bibliography-This is a list of references consulted by the report writer d,irlng the course of research. 7. Glossary- This contains the definitions of techiiical terms used in the reports. 8. Appendix-'l'his coiltains materials such as questionnaire, chads, diagrarrrs used by the repprt writer while preparing the repoit. 9. lndex- This is th: list of topics covered in the report. This is given in alphabetic order with page numbers.

Self Assessment Questions:


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Format of Business letters-Full Block Form -Semi-Blcck Form -Modified ltlock Form ;Hanging lndentation Form

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