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Title of magazine: I have chosen to name my magazine NRG! , said quickly sounding like energy. Its because the growth of indie music is very popular and the wave that it passing over everyone is suggestive of an energy living in everyone to let out. The name also is essential for reminding my audience that energy within the bands makes them greater. Choice of genre: I have chosen Indie/Rock as my genre, as I already have background knowledge within the genre, also as it is my personal interest in music. I am also aware of the style associated with Indie/rock culture due to having a lot of exposure towards it; therefore this will help me knowing what the model of the front covers main image should be wearing in order to appeal more to my target audience. My Target audience: The Indie/rock has a vast target audience and would aim toward a wide audience but I have chosen to narrow mine to a specific range that don not think that there is a magazine for them out there that exists; however I am choosing to challenge this by aiming the magazine at males aged 12-24. Also I have decided to use a white indie male, this is because it will be the target audience so that they have someone to relate to. The image I am going for is one of an alternative rocker much like the Foo Fighters. Initial ideas for Front Cover: For my front cover, I am planning to use a medium/long shot of an indie looking, teenage artist, who is dressed appropriately so its instantly noticeable what the genre is. Also, the image to reflect the overall portrayal of indie culture shall be used for the sake of the target audience wanting it. I have also decided to colour the title of the magazine red, white and black, and use it as the house style colours throughout the magazine contents. For the sell/cover lines, I would like it to be related to the artist on the front cover, latest fashion trends, popular indie artists, and for the younger audience: a variety of pictures for them to look at. Initial ideas for My Contents page: The contents page masthead will read NRG CONTENTS which shall be placed at the very top so easily visible and everything on the page shall be underneath it, suggestive that the bands featured will not exist without their energy. The title will be in a contrasting colour against the background so that its even more visible. I will also place all the page numbers along the side which will be categorised with clear headings and a brief sentence explaining what its about, beneath. Smaller pictures shall be used by these headings for the younger audience taking more interest in pictures. Throughout the whole of the contents there shall be one large image as the background and then lay all the text upon so that the large image will intrigue the readers into seeing more of this inside. Initial ideas for my article: For the double page spread, I intent to do an interview with the alternative musician/band featured on the cover ensuring that it differs greatly from the cover image by changing their position, scenario and clothes. The text shall be a

Q&A asked us toward the musician(s). It will not be dominantly text based, as I will leave one page of the spread entirely for the use of the image of the musician(s), then I will use another smaller image on the text page behind the text so able to read the text and view the picture. For this, I shall need to large images to fill both pages both adequate enough so that the large title of the band name will fit in along the top. This gives the readers their own judgment and representation of the musician(s) and can be intrigued by these images.