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Character Bible

Character Bible
Solar Goddess

All through history there have been many interpretations of the Suns power being controlled by a deity, the majority being male, but there are also a great many solar goddesses, ranging from tales of beautiful women who bring life to earth through the light of the sun to those fleeing from misfortune, searching for safety. Though I find these tales inspiring, looking at the topic from a scientific point of view, the majority of the sun is formed of naturally occurring gases, mainly hydrogen and helium, which I believe would make an excellent location for the secret lair of a goddess, especially a solar goddess, but it has also influenced the design of the character, as I find it would be beneficial to have her composed of the same gases as the sun, imitating its power, but also allowing her personality to be visually represented by her appearance. As a fiery personality can have many representations, including passion and wrath, her personality should reflect the contradicting properties of fire and the sun, with its ability to create and sustain life, providing warmth and safety, but also the destructive powers, creating bush fires and the ability to destroy worlds in a supernova. There are also aspects of fire and the sun that, when combined with the ideals of a goddess, can enhance the connotations of beauty and power, such as the flickering of a flame and the magnificent spectacle of a solar flare. Due to the combination of these attributes, I decided to focus on the ideals of Feng Shui as the basis for my character, utilizing the five elements, wood, fire, water, metal and earth.

Experiencing abuse from her grieving father, due to the loss of her mother, Solena, was often thrown into a dark, dank well as punishment from a young age. Taking pity on the girl, the four goddesses of the feng shui elements, wood, water, metal and earth, provided her with food, water, warmth and protection every time she was forced to undergo such an outrageous ordeal. This continued for many years until she reached 18, when the chief god, Hallendor, creator of all beings, appeared, in the form of a stranger, to aid Solena in escaping such a terrible existence. He offered a solution to her troubles, granting her freedom and great power, encased within a magical stone amulet, and providing her with a safe haven, a solar lair surrounded by the energy of the Sun.

Character Bible Provided with great powers, she gradually becomes unruly, displaying great wrath, created by her past experiences, almost engulfing the world in destruction, but the compassion and life energy she provided before convinced Hallendor that her power is greatly needed, but should be controlled. Due to the need of control, he has Solena encased within a sculpture of herself, so that she may dwell in her minds paradise, diluting her wrath, which causes great solar flares and tremendous forest fires, that flows towards the Earth. It is said that if you peer into a naked flame as it flickers, you will see her dancing within her minds paradise. It is foretold that one day, in the distant future, she will be released from her sculptured prison, engulfing the world in fiery death and destruction.

Hero Prop
Often referred to as Brimstone, the characters hero prop is a magical stone amulet, a gift from the chief god Hallendor, comprising of a central crystalized jewel, which contains constantly burning liquid sulphur. When placed around the neck of the sculpture, the amulet aids in diluting the extremely destructive energy emitted by Solenas wrath, also aiding in binding her inside the sculpture.