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Delaco launch

Case study

communication campanign

December 03, 2012 ASE

Client: chooses the agency based on credentials or on a pitch (a contest) writes the brief: market background, product description, target description, competition objectives, budget, timing evaluates the agencys proposals Helps with the fine tuning of the proposals if needed.

Agency: Client Service Strategy: Media interface btw. the Understands the Plans when and client and the context of the where the creative dept., market, the target campaign will be suppliers. and sets some communicated Project management: guidelines to be Buys the media understanding of the followed when space from TV, brief, budgeting, developing the Press, Internet, coordination of all creative concept. OOH etc. teams involved sells the agencys Creative team: Production work to the client - art director + Makes sure that Helps with the copywriter things get done actual realization develop the In time, CS can of the campaign creative concept evolve to materials: with texts and consultancy. layouts (designs). TVC (production houses) Printed materials (printing houses) Radio (audio studios)

Back in 2007 Delaco was a good and profitable family business active in imports and distribution of cheese products . But it was inexistent as a brand.

Delaco was a low profile local player, on a very segmented marked that was dominated by a multinational company who invested huge budgets in marketing and communication (Hochland).

The research said that Delaco wasnt associated with the category. Had no awareness. Had a chaotic portfolio. Had nothing intrinsic worth communicating, that would differentiate it from the competitors

More The prices for their products were comparable with the competition The products they offered were not significantly different than the competition. The packaging of the products was dull, had no unity and had no visibility among other similar products on the shelve.

But Delaco had: Owners and a management team with merchant skills, young and with a lot of guts. A very good overview of the cheese market A 13% Market share after 7 years of hard work.

What Delaco wanted Some awareness Sales increase An identity

Step 1 Make order in the portfolio and solve the shelve visibility problem. Changing the priority from assortment (generic: Rucar, Dalia) to brand Delaco Keeping in mind the technical and budget restrictions.

Step 2 Differentiate Delaco through communication, not through the product (branded entertainement). Make the consumers try the product. Define a clear territory that is visible and hard to follow (copy) We created a mascot, a character that had the power to carry Delacos product portfolio on the long term.

The launch Choosing the category that Delaco could sustain (quality, price) yellow cheese

Target Instead of showing a happy family gathered around the table, we chose to create this mascot character. We turned on a flashlight with the purpose to draw as many as possible without excluding anyone.

Toni Delaco The CV: Cheese merchant, businessman who lived in Italy (Delaco name resonance). Hes a modern character, has connections, has opinions and most important the has good stuff.

The launch campaign: Results - 7 weeks on air (TV) - Some press ads From 13% 19% market share

- Internet: a Blog and a Spectacular growth banner campaign in sales for Delaco Sofia (the - Point of sales premium assortment materials (POSM) in the portfolio) posters, a standup, sampling, flyer - Outdoor (billboards and subway)

3rd place in spontaneous awareness (after Hochland and LaDorna) and 3rd place on the consumers shopping list.

Thanks Questions anyone?