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Dr. Wajih Naqvi, our CoA Mr.

Balakrishnan, Sundaresh and other office bearers of the NIO Staff Club, my colleagues from NIO, Students, Project Assistants, Ladies and Gentlemen I joined this institute, I believe, on Thursday 14th of October 1982. Today marks the concluding day of a journey that has lasted 29 years and 11 months. It has been a worthwhile journey for me and I dedicate this farewell talk to all those who made it memorable. Soon after I joined, for some reason that I never really understood, Sundar in Physical Oceanography Division, decided to work with me. A bit later Michael, Shenoi, and Albert Gouveia joined and subsequently Unni and Shankar. That made our core group, though we interacted with many others in the institute. We also worked with Jay (nice to have you in the audience Jay!) and Vinay at IISc. This small group made my world outside of my home! We worked together over two decades. It was a wonderful, peaceful and tranquil time, of which I carry fond memories and will remain ever grateful that I met these guys. My tranquility changed dramatically eight and half years ago when I moved to the Directors office. I now had many problems on my lap: How should be performance of a scientist judged objectively? How do you find resources for starting laboratories that many were keen to launch? How do we find ship-time for carrying out observations that many in the institute were interested in? How do we improve our services to the industry? I consider myself extremely fortunate that mighty men from this institute came forward to make these problems their own. Dr. Bhosle first, then GC Bhattacharya, with Dr. Tapaswis help, evolved an honest effort that aimed at providing this institute an objective package of evaluation of performance. I think by doing so they started a tradition that will serve this institute well.

Tapaswi took it upon himself to convert our website to a position of one of the most popular in the world amongst ocean science institutions. Besides this he and GC Bhattacharya did just about anything that they felt needed to be done to make this institute richer: computerization, being true to RTI, weeding out documents, etc. etc. Dr. Rajagopal looked after our resources. He managed to provide the funds this institute needed, organized our administrative and financial systems so that 100+ audit paragraphs were reduced to a handful, and so on. This effort produced a rejuvenation of our laboratories whose benefits this institute will reap in the years ahead PS Rao made it his life mission to secure ships for the institute. At a time when a decade-long effort by the institute to acquire one ship had produced no dividends, he cooked up schemes to acquire two. He managed to get CSIR to go with plans. This institute will benefit from his efforts over a long time, and I salute PS for what he has achieved. 8 years ago we had an acute crunch of space. The number of students and project assistants was beginning to increase, new labs were coming up, where was the space for all this? Kamlesh Vora and Chandra Naik made it their business to worry about this. If today we have aspirations for getting decent office space and lab space it is because of Vora jis tireless efforts day after day spread over many years. Eight years ago I remember sitting with the business development group to evaluate how much earnings we would have that year. It was clear then that only a miracle would take us to 4-5 crore. At the end of financial year 2010-11 we had exceeded 35 crore. It is Dr. Sanil Kumars efforts that this possible. If we find ourselves today in comfortable position with regard to the funds of our own, Sanil led the effort that made it possible. Year 2011 will go down in the history of CSIR as a milestone year, because now in addition to having national laboratories, it had a

university. To make the best of it, the institutes had to be prepared for it. It is Dr. Banakar who ensured that NIO was prepared. His handbook for students of AcSIRs School of Oceanography was ready when the first batch arrived, I am sure the only CSIR lab to have it then. I sincerely believe that the School will define the future of oceanography of the country. Banakars effort also gave this institute an administrative system to manage our fast growing population of young ones that joined this campus. Generous support from the government, CSIRs efforts to bring in young blood through its project assistant and doctoral fellowship schemes, encouragement to become a teaching institution, and so on, have changed our four campuses forever. I will miss all the smiling young faces that have brought about this change. My only solace is that my interaction with at least some of these young boys and girls might continue because many are linked to Goa University.

If the institute today has a technology edge over other institutions in the country, it is because two individuals have taken it upon themselves to develop that edge. Vijayan Fernando developed the expertise to launch deep sea moorings that is today making a lot of our research possible. Paneer Selvam is ensuring that we have the best IT infrastructure available. This institute does not have enough schemes to express how much we value these efforts. I can only say that their work has made a permanent place for them in my heart. When all these developments were taking place on the campus, I was shielded from the mundane task of running an office by Simon, Tresa, Namdev and Digambar. Simon is such an institution on the campus that on more than one occasion I had this distinct feeling that the mighty from Delhi would prefer to interact with him rather than with me. I also learnt that there is no modern office technology that Tresa

cannon master and that too with a smiling face. I will miss such an office. When the honourable Prime Minister hands out Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar and CSIR Young Scientist awards on the 26th of this month in New Delhi, NIO will be well represented. NIOs publications record both in quality and quantity is today three times higher what it was a few years ago with distinct signs that this momentum can be sustained. This is no small achievement, and the credit for it goes to you all. I have not mentioned you by name because it is not possible in the time available. As I bid you farewell, I carry with me wonderful memories of the silent majority across the institute, wonderful human beings, that made our achievements possible. In return, I can only wish that may there be blessings showered on you in the days ahead to ensure your health and prosperity, and most importantly happiness. Wajih, you have known this institute longer than I have. You know its pulse better than I do. I wish you all the strength and all the luck as you take this institute to greater heights.

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