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Ashmolean Museum; Ancient Greece and Rome: The Parian Marble (Chad2-23) 4

The Parian Marble

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The Parian Marble: Translation

A. 1 The Lost Fragment Introduction & Entries 1-10

[Interleaved Greek and English text (translation by Gillian Newing)]

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[From all the records and general accounts] I have recorded [the previous times], beginning from Cecrops becoming first king of Athens, until [____] uanax was archon in Paros, and Diognetus in Athens.


1) From when Cecrops became king of Athens and the place was called Cecropia, which had previously been called Actica from Actaeon who was native there, 1318 years.


2) From when Deucalion became king near Parnassus in Lycoreia when Cecrops was king of Athens, 1310 years.


3) From when there was a dispute at Athens between Ares and Poseidon, because of Poseidon's son Halirrhothius, and the place was called the Hill of Ares, 1268 years, when Cr[ana]os was king of Athens.


4) From when there was a flood in the time of Deucalion, and Deucalion fled the waters from Lycoreia to Athens to [Cranaos] and [founded the temple of Olympian] Zeu[s, and] made offerings for his deliverance, 1265 years, when Cranaos was king of Athens.




Ashmolean Museum; Ancient Greece and Rome: The Parian Marble (Chad2-23) 4


5) From [when Amphi]ctyon <the> son of Deucalion became king in Thermopylae and brought together those living round about the [tem]ple and named them [Amphictyons], and [sacrificed on their behalf], where the Amphictyons even now still make offerings , 1258 years, when Amphictyon was king of Athens.


6) From when Hellen the [son of] Deuc[alion] became king of [Phthi]otis, and those previously called Greeks were named Hellenes, and [the Panath__ games____], 1257 [years], when Amphictyon was king of Athens.


7) From when Cadmus the son of Agenor came to Thebes [_____and] built the Cadmeia, 1255 years, when Amphictyon was king of Athens.


8) From when _____nices became king, 1252 years, when Amphictyon was king of Athens.


9) From when [the first fifty-oared] ship [ prepared by Danaus] sailed from Egypt to Greece and was called a penteconter, and the daughters of Danaus, _____ and _____ and Helike and Archedike,



Ashmolean Museum; Ancient Greece and Rome: The Parian Marble (Chad2-23) 4

chosen by lot by the rest, [founded the temple of Lindian Athene] and made offerings on the headland ____ in Lindos in Rhodes, 1247 years, [when Erichthonios] was king [of Athens].


10) [From when] at the time of the first Panathenaia, [Erich]thonius yoked up a chariot and showed how to race, and [gave] the Athenians [their name, and the glory] of the mother of the gods appeared in Cybele, and Hyagnis the Phrygian first invented the Phrygian flute in ______, and first played [the music c]alled Phrygian, and other styles of the Mother, of Dionysus, of Pan and _______, 1242 years, when Erychthonius, who yoked horses to a chariot, was king of Athens.
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