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Pre placement

Learners Guide


The ever-growing number of aspirants to the entry level positions in any growing entry-level organization, demands the employer to conduct a meticulous screening process. It involves different stages of evaluation before selecting the right es candidates for jobs. Dear learner, As you know that, there could always be a written test in Aptitude t that serves as an initial qualifier if you are aspiring for a fresher entry level position, especially in IT/ITES/Core Engineering sectors. In the name of Aptitude tests, m majority of the employers test your language, logical, analytical and problem solvi skills using Objective/Descriptive solving type questions in Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, and Verbal Ability. If you qualify in the Aptitude tests (Generally the cut off score percentage cut-off in the Aptitude Tests will be 60% or above) then your verba and nonverbal verbal communication skills and other soft skills will be assessed in the subsequent stages of the recruitment process. These stages will usually be Group Discussions, Debates, Presentations, HR Interviews etc. Different companies have different styles of recruiting a prospective candidate. But ruiting most of the selection procedures start with an Aptitude test and end with HR Interview. In a nutshell an aspirants aptitude and attitude will be thoroughly assessed besides his/her skills in English language communication communication. The self-training modules under Pre Placement of GEMS (Globarena training E Mentoring System) aptly and adequately help your learning, preparation and practice for the recruitment procedure of a company. In order to be successful in recruitment procedures of several companies, we want you to take and implement the relevant inputs from this STUDY PLAN on Pre Placement. The preparation for a job interview / a competitive examination shall be incomplete if every aspect of testing has not been covered in the preparation.

If you have already started or about to start your preparation for a JobInterview/a competitive examination then make sure that you should examination, carry out a Systematic P Preparation(SP) by giving ample coverage to all the testing aspects. SP is a proper blend of diagnosing the week areas, strengthening the knowledge of concepts, extensive practice, simulated testing and a detailed performance analysis. This study plan supports your SP for Job-Interviews of different Interviews companies. This plan also helps you in cracking competitive examinations like RRB, BANK EXAMS,, GATE, Management Admission Tests, General Aptitude Tests, Civil Services etc. ervices, Keep in mind the following prerequisites flavor your SP if you want to realize your dreams: 1. Determination: Determination is the fuel for your journey towards success. Success favors you if your determination is hard and inflexible till you reach the goal. Do remember Pains will give you gains and the world bows to the determined mind that strives for noble causes 2. Diligence: To be industrious in pursuit of excellence is the order of the day. As long as you stick to the ropes of intelligent hardworking, then there would not be failures in the success path. Do remember There is no short cut for success and there is no substitute for hard work. 3. Planning: The great and the noble in the world are effective planners.. The good you plan, the better the rewards you reap, , because Planning is the back bone for success. Plan your . preparation well so that you utilize the available time to the optimum possible level. Try to accommodate some time on regular exercise vel. (about 15 - 20 minutes) and relaxation also, so that your body and mind are fit simultaneously. Do remember Failing to plan is planning to fail. 4. Punctuality: It is common in everybodys life to get disturbed by something or the other and deviate from our regular practice/plan, which at times will be unavoidable. But be quick and prompt in getting back to your routine practice/plan and continue to be punctual again. Do remember Punctuality ensures prosperity. !!! Happy preparation!!

In general Aptitude tests are followed by Group Discussions and HR Group Interviews in the selection process of a company. Of course your resume should speak about you in advance, before you are called for a selection process. Let us quickly know how the GEMS courses under Pre Placement help your SP (Systematic Preparation)

GEMS Courses

Brief Description
First Impression is the Best Impressions irst


Are you effective? Hows your written communication?

A Resume is the document that first reaches a recruiter or a HR person. A Resume can leave a good / bad impression on a candidate based on how well it is prepared. GEMS module on Resume focuses on the importance of effective Resume and the guidelines th you have to nd that follow while writing a Resume.
SPEED and ACCURACY determine your SUCCESS

As discussed above, Aptitude tests test an aspirants Language, Logical, A Analytical and Problem solving roblem abilities. In simple words, an aspirants IQ and Language Communication are tested in Aptitude Tests. The main objective of these tests is to weed out inept candidates from the race. GEMS self explanatory module on Aptitude provides you an extensive practice on Aptitude. This module takes you through all the concepts that are covered under Aptitude.

Are You Accurate? Hows your IQ? Can you solve problems?

Group Discussion

An aspirants communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills etc, besides other personality traits, are tested during a Group Discussion. GEMS module on Group Discussion takes you through various tips with live examples of dos and don in a donts Group Discussion.

Are You Communicative? Are you a Team player? Are you a Time manager? Are you a Leader?

Interview Skills


Many graduates/post graduates dream to embark the corporate ladders as soon as they graduate from their colleges. The degree of success directly varies with the degree of preparedness for a Job Interview. There are several specific and important strate strategies to enhance ones chances for a successful job interview.

Are you presentable? Are you Trainable? This module on Interview Skills delves in such delve Are you Creative? Are you a trouble shooter? important and specific strategies.

Now let us look at this Suggest Study Plan that supports your SP uggested

Suggested Study Plan

(In line with GEMS training modules under Pre Placement)

Include the following guide lines in the study plan for y your SP Step 1: Take an Assessment in Aptitude and diagnose your performance. You find a link button as Assessments on the left margin under Testing Arena in MY PAGE. Step 2: Gain virtual command on the fundamentals, theory and philosophy, formulae etc, involved in the concepts covering , Resume preparation, Aptitude, Group Discussions, and Group Interview Skills. Do exercise a thorough study under Study Material to strengthen your basics. As soon as the thorough study on a particular concept/topic in the Study Material is over, then over proceed to Practice Tests Do not proceed to the Practice Tests unless and until your command d on the basics is very strong. Take practice tests under simulated test conditions. Dont get disturbed while taking the practice tests. At any cost dont take breaks while taking the practice tests. Dont use calculators while attempting the tests in Quantitative section. The Practice Tests in Aptitude Test are designed in a test-wise increasing test wise difficulty level within the same topic/concept, Practice Test - 1 is of a lower difficulty lev Practice Test 2 is of bit increased level, difficulty level, and so on.

Step 3:

Step 4:

Watch and diagnose your performance by clicking Reports in nd My Page. If you are able to exceed a score of 60%+ in the first go, then you proceed to the next topic/concept in Step 2 mentioned above. If you are unable to score 60%+ in the practice test, then go back to Study Material on the same topic and study it again, but this time more seriously.

The same cycles have to be carried out till you are done with all the topics. Step 5 Now you can experiment with Generate Test to test yourself further, especially the topics which you would like to re-assess re yourself due to poor performance in the first go mentioned in Step 3. After taking good numbers of tests through Generate Test take mock tests and analyse your performance Now be in touch with other periodically added practice tests/assessments.

Step 6

Step 7

Suggested Priority of GEMS courses in Pre Placement for Study and Practice

Priority No. 1 2 3 4

GEMS courses Module on Aptitude Module on Resume Module on Group Discussions Module on Interview Skills

Now its the time to allocate time for your SP. You can follow the following Time Allotment Tables for GEMS Pre Placement Courses. Note: 1. The Suggested Time may vary from learner to learner and from topic to topic. It indirectly varies to the amount of preparedness, in a particular topic that you possess already. topic, already

Time Allotment Table for Study Material on Aptitude Phase Area Concept(Order of Priority) 1 Arithmetic 1 Ration & Proportion 2 Mixtures & Alligation 3 Partnership 4 Percentages 5 Profit & Loss 6 Time & Distance 7 Boats & Streams 8 Races & Games 9 Time & Work 10 Number System 11 LCM & HCF 12 Numbers & Ages 13 Simple Interest & Comp.Interest Comp. 14 Calendars & Clocks Total time to be spent on Arithmetic 2 Reasoning 15 Directions 16 Blood Relations 17 Cubes 18 Letter Series 19 Number Series 20 Coding & Decoding Total time to be spent on Reasoning 3 Algebra 21 Mensuration 22 Set Theory 23 Permutations & Combinations 24 Probability 25 Polynomials 26 Quadratic Equations 27 Surds 28 Progressions 29 Modulus Total time to be spent on Algebra 4 Verbal Functional Grammar Grand Total - Time on Aptitude - Quantitative Study Material Suggested Time 1 Hour 30 Minutes 1 Hour 1 Hour 1 Hour 1 Hour 1 Hour 30 Minutes 30 Minutes 30 Minutes 1 Hour 4 Hours 30 Minutes 1 Hour 30 Minutes 1 Hour 2 Hours 2 Hours 20 Hours 3 Hours 3 Hours 4 Hours 4 Hours 4 Hours 3 Hours 21 Hours 3 Hours 1 Hour 1 Hours 1 Hour 2 Hours 2 Hours 1 Hour 1 Hour 1 Hour 13 Hours 20 Hours 74 7 Hours

Time Allotment Table for Practice Tests on Aptitude - Quantitative Suggested Time S.No Area Concept(Order of Priority) (Including Review) 1 Arithmetic 1 Ration & Proportion 2 Hours 2 Mixtures & Alligation 2 Hours 3 Partnership 2 Hours 4 Percentages 2 Hours 5 Profit & Loss 2 Hours 6 Time & Distance 2 Hours 7 Boats & Streams 2 Hours 8 Races & Games 2 Hours 9 Time & Work 2 Hours 10 Pipes & Cisterns 2 Hours 11 Number System 2 Hours 12 LCM & HCF 2 Hours 13 Numbers & Ages 2 Hours 14 Simple Interest & Comp. Interest 2 Hours 15 Calendars & Clocks 2 Hours Total time to be spent on Arithmetic 30 Hours 2 Reasoning 16 Directions 1 Hour 30 Minutes 17 Blood Relations 2 Hours 18 Cubes 1 Hour 30 Minutes 19 Letter Series 2 Hours 20 Number Series 2 Hours 21 Odd Man Out 1 Hour 30 Minutes 22 Coding & Decoding 2 Hours 23 Logical Venn Diagrams 2 Hours 24 Problem Solving 3 Hours 25 Data Sufficiency 2 Hours 30 Minutes Total time to be spent on Reasoning 20 Hours 3 Algebra 26 Mensuration 2 Hours 27 Permutations & Combinations 2 Hours 28 Probability 2 Hours Total time to be spent on Algebra 6 Hours
Grand Total - Time on Aptitude - Quantitative Practice Tests
56 Hours

Time Allotment Table for Practice Tests on Aptitude - Verbal


Concept(Order of Priority) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Synonyms Antonyms Analogies Word Substitutes Composite Words Idioms & Phrases Cloze Test Sentence Arrangement Sentence Completion Spotting Errors Reading Comprehension Total time to be spent on Verbal

Suggested Time (Including Review)

2 Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours 1 Hour 30 Minutes 1 Hour 30 Minutes 1 Hour 30 Minutes 1 Hour 30 Minutes 1 Hour 30 Minutes 2 Hours 1 Hour 30 Minutes 19 Hours

Time Allotment Table for Study on Resume, Group Discussion & Interview Skills Note: 1. Take Pre Test before going through the study material 2. Take Post Test after going through the study material
S.No Area (Order of Priority) Suggested Time (Including Study, Pre, Post Tests & Review
1 Hour 30 Minutes 1 Hour 30 Minutes 3 Hours

1 Resume 2 Group Discussion 3 Interview Skills

Here are few more tips: Prioritise the order the topics in your SP rioritise Though CRT (CAMPUS RECRUITMENT TRAINING) is known for its coveted format you must definitely get to know the priority of the topics that you should prepare. Here is the suggested priority order.

1. Algebra
1.1 Progressions 1.2 Permutations & Combinations 1.3 Probability

2. Geometry
2.1 Problems in 2D 2.2 Problems in 3D

3. Arithmetic
3.1 Percentages 3.2 Profit Loss 3.3 Averages 3.4 Time, Work and Distance 3.5 Ratio & Proportion 3.6 Simple Interest & Compound Interest imple

4. Reasoning ability
4.1 Coding Decoding 4.3 Blood relations 4.4 Direction

5.1 Problems on cubes 5.2 Data sufficiency

6.1 Arithmetic Puzzles 6.2 Reasoning Puzzles 6.3 General Puzzles

Manage Your Time to implement the Study Plan Time Management occupies the top position in the list. Everyone preparing list for competitive exams knows that this is the determining factor for succes success. But only gifted few know how to manage TIME. Since you have a basic idea of how much time you can spare, you can make some decisions for your study plan. Make a detailed study schedule. Use a calendar to set specific deadlines. If deadlines make you nervous, give yourself plenty of time for each task; otherwise, you might have trouble staying calm and keeping on track.

Stick to your plan schedule Despite how good you are at remembering the things you make sure to have your plan written on paper and post it at clearly visible place in your home, like near your study desk, at a corner of dressing mirror, etc, so that it serves a frequent remainder of the things to do and schedules to follow. (Dont just keep it in your head!) Checking your plan regularly will also help you see how much progress you have made along the way. Keep in mind that you should not give up if you fall behind because of unexpected events. For example, if you have your semester exams you may need to postpone your plan. Just remember to postpo reschedule your study time. Better to study later when you can concentrate than to waste time studying when you are unable to concentrate. So, dont get panic if you are not able to meet the deadlines. You can always try to squeeze in more time during weekends. o Participate in our Virtual Classroom Sessions: GEMS provides regular virtual classes on various topics pertaining to Employability Skills. You find subject experts interacting with the students during these classes. These experts will be addressing the queries of GEMS learners through the virtual classes. Last but not least Do write to us Post your queries relating to your career and about the usage of GEMS through the link provided in GEMS My Page as ASK EXPERTS. Or you EXPERTS can mail us at support@globarena.com support@globarena.com.

We wish you the best of luck in your journey towards a Successful Career