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CAD/BIM Consultant Resume

Daniel Ebuehi Los Angeles, CA 626-428-8119 Adapttips@gmail.com Objective I would like to associate myself as a CAD/BIM consultant with a highly successful organization where I can offer/utilize my skills and experience for mutual growth and benefit. Technical Skills and Personal Qualities • • • • • • • • Wide spread experience in CAD, CADD designing with a proven track record of successful execution of projects In-depth knowledge of Autodesk AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, Revit, ECOTECT, GBS and other sustainable design applications Ability to communicate and coordinate effectively with clients and colleagues alike Well versed with sustainable design principles and standards followed in different industries (including passive and active techniques) Ability to make necessary calculations for energy savings (on a cent/kwh basis for Net Zero Electrical, etc) Excellent analytical, problem solving and organizational skills Curious to learn new skills and technologies that enhance my productivity Adaptable to work for long periods and under the most stressed situations without losing focus and patience

Work History Organization: Architecture For Humanity Period: April 2012 - Present Designation: Project Architect Job functions and responsibilities • • • • • • • Coordinate with the client and develop the project deliverables Network with the design team and assign responsibilities with the project manager Provide cost estimates and material specifications Communicate with other departments involved in production process to ensure proper execution of project and processes Research the project site in Lamas, Peru and develop a strong sustainable design concept Revise existing building designs to include advanced features for proposed construction Execute different performance tests and metrics on the design

Present Designation: Designer Job functions and responsibilities • • Design architectural solutions for remodeling and renovation projects directly to the client Develop new designs based on existing buildings . Revit – Cultural Center Design (Schematic Design)] Organization: UrbDeZine Period: June 2012 .[AFH Sectional Render.Present Designation: Journal Panelist Job functions and responsibilities • • Write blogs and journals for architectural events around the Los Angeles areas Network and post on social media. like Facebook. etc Organization: Arcbazar Design Period: January 2012 .

Present Designation: CAD Designer/Drafter/Renderer Job functions and responsibilities • • Create designs. Revit – Residential design (Tolbert Design Architects)] Organization: IR Period: April 2006 – July 2008 Designation: Drafter Job functions and responsibilities . Revit . and render different architectural solutions Network with industry professionals and supply designs in a timely manner [Exterior rendering.[Exterior rendering.Florida home remodel (Arcbazar)] Organization: Freelance Design Period: June 2012 . draft.

materials research/setup and light drafting Academic Qualifications and Certifications • • Certificate: LEED Green Associate (#10537076) Institute: GBCI Year: 2009 Degree: Master's Degree in Architecture Institute: University of Pennsylvania Year: 1999 -2011 . AutoCAD – Scupper details] Organization: IR Period: April 2005 – April 2006 Designation: ADA specialist Job functions and responsibilities • Produce/coordinate extensive ADA surveys and barrier removal as a consultant Organization: HHJA Period: December 2004 – April 2005 Designation: Intern Job functions and responsibilities • General office work. residential. hospital. commercial. solar projects etc Produce/coordinate extensive building shoring and support systems [Intres Drafting.• • Produce construction documents for several project including retail.

Berkeley Year: 1999 – 2004 [Exterior rendering. Rhino – Multi-Family Housing (Freelance)] References • • Zaria Media Group: 909-319-2107 Tolbert Design Architects: 408-218-0410 .• • Certificate: Ecological Architecture Institute: University of Pennsylvania Year: 1999 -2011 Degree: Bachelor's Degree in Architecture Institute: University of California.