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================================READ THIS=============================== calb, Galtor and _Demo_ hold no warranties of any kind for this product.

You're using ePSXe at your own risk. The authors can't be held liable or responsible for any damage which results from using the emulator, it's plugin or anything described in this documentation in any way. ================================READ THIS=============================== Index ***** 0. Introduction. 1. What's New? 2. What do you need to run ePSXe? 3. Usage. 3.1 Which files are necessary to run ePSXe? 3.2. Controlling the emulator. 3.3. GUI options 3.3.1. File 3.3.2. Run 3.3.3. Config 3.3.4. Options 3.3.5. Help 3.4. Configure the emulator 3.4.1. Configuring the emulator 3.4.2. Configuring the video options 3.4.3. Configuring the CD-Rom 3.4.4. Configuring the sound 3.4.5. Choosing MemoryCards files 3.5. Command line options 3.6. Emulator patches 3.7. Memory card support 3.8. Savestates. 3.9. Netplay plugins. 3.10. Cheat Codes. 4. Implemented features 5. Compatibility in ePSXe 6. Where can I get help with the emulator? Appendix ******** A. FAQ's B. Thanks C. Legal Stuff **************************************************************************** 0. Introduction **************************************************************************** ePSXe is a Sony Playstation emulator for your PC running under Win9x/2k/xp/Vista/7 or linux. It takes advantage of the popular PSEmu Pro plugin system. **************************************************************************** 1. What's New? **************************************************************************** ePSXe v1.8.0, released on 09.11.2012 - Added cheat codes support. Now ePSXe support Gameshark cheat codes. See the Cheat Code section below to get information on how to use it.

- Added support for disc images in PBP format. It supports compressed images, an d multi-disc images (a list of images is shown when you choose a multi-disc pbp) . This doesn't support encrypted files. - Added subchannel support using SBI files from redump.org. To get it working with isos the SBI file has to be renamed with the same filename as the image (except the extension, for example .bin to .sbi) and be located in the same fo lder. To get it working in cdroms, you need to put the SBI file in directory patches , with the PS-EXE name of the game and ".sbi" at the end of the name. (example: SLES_99.999.SBI). Be carefull, ".sub" has priority over ".sbi", so if you prefer to use the ".sbi" file, remove/move ".sub" to another folder. - Fixed changedisc feature, which was broken in 1.7.0, and added fixes to support changedisc in more games that were not previously working. - The internal SPU plugin has been updated to the 1.8.0 version. This version includes multiples fixes and add compatibility with a lot of sound effects that were not properly supported before. Thanks goes to Shalma and Tikalat. The following games work better in this release: Um Jammer Lammy, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy Tactics, Xenogears, Vagrant Story, Misadventures of Tron Bonne, Spyro 2 & 3, Vib Ribbon, Discworld Noir, Tales of Destiny, Extreme Ghostbuster, South Park Chef's Luv Shack, Silhouette, Thousand Arms, Adidas Power Soccer .. . - Added better support to change memcards on the fly (Dragon Warrior 7, Star Ocean 2, Valkyrie Profile ...). This includes a better detection by the games. You can also disable the memcards in the configuration screen (needed in Lifeforce Tenka). Thanks goes to Shalma and Tikalat. - Improved dual shock, mouse, guncon, multitap emulation (vibration on multitap not supported). Mouse is working again in the Pad2 (Quake), and multitap is working in more games like Frogger 2, Rampage 2 and Crash Bash. Thanks goes to Shalma and Tikalat. - Better support for CDDA in games, more games which had CDDA in the previous version work now. It also adds better RepPlay, and AutoPause support. - Some games with GPU status problems are detected and auto-activate the required options in the GPU. These games don't work if you use PEC. The list of affected games includes: To heart, Ishin No Arashi, Dukes hazzard Racing for Home, Hot wheels: turbo racing, U.P.P. Thanks goes to gladiator. - Added support for savestates in some game which didn't work in the previous version because it was unable to find the game code name. It now generates a game code name for the game like SLU_XX.XXX. - Fixes to the CD-Rom decoder and the core which made almost 150 more games playable or working better like. For example this fixed Shaman king, Arcade Pack (Rampage), Virtual Pool 3, Heart of Darkness, Eldergate, Blue's Clues - Blue's Big Musical, Carnage Heart EZ, Simple 1500 Series Vol 006 - The hanafuda, Roswell Conspirancies - Level 7, Armored Core - Master of Arena, Digital Figure Iina, My Dream / On Air...

- Note: for information about compatibility and games's configuration, it is recommended that you visit the "Playstation Datacenter" at http://psxdatacenter.com/. We want to thank Gladiator who has been a very important help in betatesting the new version. ePSXe v1.7.0, released on 24.05.2008 - Multiple changes has been done in the Pad support. This version supports the Axis LRX, axis with +/-/full ranges, and a important bug in vibration support has been fixed avoiding crashes. In the sio emulation section, this version includes better DualShock protocol support, including vibration in more games, and adding 2 new pad types, "DualAnalog" and "Negcon". Finally thanks to the new Pete's gpu plugins, a new type of "visual vibration" has been included, shaking the image when the game triggers a vibration effect. (Note: if you are using epsxe 1.6.0 or older, it could be necessary to reconfigure the pad plugin in this new version). - The internal SPU plugin has been updated to the 1.7.0 version. This version includes new effects like better envelope, noise, interpolation, frequency modulation, reverb and better synchronization between the core and the sound. Thanks to this last fix, the following games work better now: Metal Gear Solid, Valkyrie Profile, Eithea. Besides the spu API now includes support for CDDA playing, getting better CDDA sound and core synchronization, and compatibility with Vib Ribbon. - In this new version, the iso support code has been rewritten. Now it supports the formats BIN/CUE, BIN/CCD and MDS/MDF (and minor fixes to ISO/NRG support). Besides, due to the changes in the internal spu plugin, now the CDDA sound is supported even when you run a iso game. Advice!!!: The files BIN/CUE, BIN/CCD must have the same name and different extension or the games will not be loaded - The MDEC decoder has been rewritten in the new version to get new games playable suach as Area 51, Novastorm, Eggs of Steel and Maximum Force. It also fixes other minor bugs in other games like Rayman and Metal Gear Solid SM. - In 1.7.0, thanks to Pete's help and his gpu plugins, the framelimit management has been changed. Now the framelimit is always enabled on startup and it can be toggled on/off with the F4 key. It is recommended that you update your GPU plugins to the version that will be released around the epsxe release date. - In this new version, a new version of the Pete's Software Plugin is included in the plugins directory with the name "gpu.data. With the F7 key it is possible change on the fly between the selected gpu plugin and that gpu soft plugin. The software plugin "gpu.dat" can be configured in the GPU plugin configuration screen with the 3 bottom buttons. - The XA/CDDA support has been worked in this new version, fixing sound problems in the following games: Gamera 2000, The Putter Golf, Silverload, The Firemen 2 Pete & Danny, Iron & Blood - Warriors of Ravenloft, Chronicles of the Sword. - Fixes to the CD-Rom decoder and the core, which made at least 50 more games playable like, for example, Brigandine, Need for Speed 1, Harry Potter I&II, Danger Girl, Wacky Races, Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor, Shadow Madness,

London Seirei Tantei-Dan, Monsters SA, Equestrian Showcase, Black Down, Paca Paca Passion 1/2/special, This is football 2, Formula 1 EA 2000, Winnie the Pooh, Formula one 99/2000/2001/arcade, Gegere No Kitarou, Konohana - True Report, Yukyu Gensokyoku 3 - Perpetual Blue, Tama - Adventurous Ball In Giddy Labyrinth, Future Cop LAP, Virus 2000, Spot goes to Hollywood, Pop'n music disney Tunes, Cosmic Race, Super Gals Kotubiran, Koran Karon, WWF in your house, Tales of Fandom, Transformers best of wars, Simple 1500 vol57 - the maze, Initial D, Jounetsu Nekketsu Athletes, Rise of Robots 2: Resurrecion, Tora Tora Tora, Victory Boxing Championship Edition, Final Fantasy 4, Vampire Hunter D and otros. - Note: for information about compatibility and games's configuration, it is recommended that you visit the "Playstation Datacenter" at http://psxdata.snesorama.us/. We want to thank Gladiator who has been a very important help in betatesting the new version. ePSXe v1.6.0, released on 05.08.2003 - Fixed some cdrom emulation regressions, and more accurate cdrom emulation. Gran Turismo 2, Dance Dance Revolution series, Gear Fighter Deboh, Hokuto no Ken, Gundam Battle Assault 2. - Changes to cdrom emulation what does that modchips games works. It includes Legend of Dragon US, Winning Eleven 2002, Um Jammer Lammy, Omega Boost JAP, Wild Arms 2nd Ignition JAP, Saga Frontier 2 JAP, Chocobo Racing JAP and possibly others. - Added support for autopause when playing CDDA sound. It should fix the problems with music in games like Tomb Raider I. - Added support for report mode when playing CDDA sound. It fixes tekken 1 music and Lemmings 3D. (if you have problems with this change it can be disabled with the commandline -disablereportmode). - Fixed some problems reading subchannel. (Harvest Moon) - Minnor changes to change disc function. (Arc the lad 3) - Now the memcards are autosaved on the fly. It should solve the problem of lost your memcards if the emulator crashes on gameplay. (Remember that it is a good idea, to backup your memcards sometimes) - Added gun emulation using a mouse. (Time Crisis 1, 2) - Now the mouse emulacion can be selected in the second gameport, anyway only 1 mouse is supported yet, so if you do enable it, it will be disabled in the first pad. - It is possible now select analog, digital and disabled mode in every gamepad. (Thanks to everybody who helped testing it :) - Included multitap support. In this version only 1 multitap is supported. If you select multitap, it will support 4 gamepads, what will be connected to the first gameport of the psx. Multitap only must be enabled in games what supports it, in the rest of the games will not work the gamepads if multitap is enabled. - The keys F5 and F6 have in the new version a different function. F6 is used for select a pad, and F5 will toggles digital/analog mode in the

pad selected. (you need upgrade your gpu plugins to 1.73 or superior) - The dos window what shows the info messages, can be enabled/disabled from GUI. - Included support for CDI isos. (Discjuggler format) - Fixes to the CD-Rom decoder and the core, which made some more games playable like, for example, Spyro 2 PAL, Spyro 3 PAL, Front Mission 3, Batman Gothan City Racer, Duke Nukem: Land of babes, Ridge Racer JAP, Nekketsu Oyako, Bust a Grove 2 JAP ... ePSXe v1.5.2, released on xx.05.2002 - Fixed a bug which got into 1.5.2 regarding several gte flags (Porsche Challenge, Tomb Raider). - Partially rewrote the CD-Rom decoder, now it doesn't need custom flags in order to run various games any more. - Moved the subchannel read options to it's own window in the CD-Rom configuration. Also added a new subchannel reading mode, which works with various LG 852x cdrom drives. - Fixed a bug in the internal SPU plugin, which has been there since v1.5.0! It caused sound effects to repeat and several games to freeze (BOF series, Soul Blade). - Added support for the Nero ISO format (.nrg). - Massive changes to the SIO emulation. It should have better timing now and the F4 trick shouldn't be necessary that often any more. "SIO irq always on" has been removed from the GUI, but you can still turn it on using the F4 key. (affects Silent Hill esp, Track & Field, Metalslugx, NFS5 PAL, Rapshody . ..) - Fixed a bug in the internal ISO reading routines, which prevented some of the last sectors to be accessed. - As the Chrono Cross trick isn't necessary any more, we have assigned a new trick to the F7 key, for the Xenogears dreams sequence: Press this key at the beginning of the scene, and once again after the end ;) - Fixes to the CD-Rom decoder and the core, which made some more games playable like, for example, Theards of Fate, NBA Basketball 2000, Legend of Mana, Rebelt Assault 2, Tekken 2, MegamanX series, Jackie Chan US, Michelin Rally Masters, Transformers Beast of Wars ... ePSXe v1.5.1, released on xx.03.2002 - Included partial support for libcrypt games. Libcrypt is a protection scheme used very often in PAL games. It uses data in subchannel Q. In order to play your original cd games in ePSXe you need a cdrom reader which works with the read-subchannel routines in ePSXe. NOT every cdrom reader with support for read subchannels will work in epsxe. If your cdrom reader is able to read subchannels but it is not supported by ePSXe, you can use clonecd to read the subchannel to a .SUB file, and copy it in the epsxe\patches directory with the same name than cdrom PS-EXE and with the extension .SUB (SLESXXX.XX.SUB/SCESXXX.XX.SUB/SLUSXXX.XX.SUB..) Since reading from subchannel is slow, ePSXe includes an option in the cdrom config window that you can enable to cache the subchannel to disk

the first time you run a game. Of course you can always use some external cdrom plugins, currently only Pete's cdrom plugin supports it. (The support is partial because NO every libcrypt game is working :(, the no working games includes (at least) Spyro 2 and 3 PAL, and formula one 99) In resumen: 1) If you want subchannel support only from files, select in the cdrom config window "Enable subchannel support". 2) If you want subchannel support from cdrom, select in the cdrom config windo w "Enable subchannel support" and "Enable subchannel read from cdrom." If your cdrom is able to read subchannels in epsxe, a message will be shown in the console between the rest of init messages. 3) If you want to caching to disk the subchannel the first time what you run a game, select in the cdrom config window: "Enable subchannel support", "Enable subchannel read from cdrom." and "Enable subchannel caching to disk." 4) If you have problems reading the cdroms after of select "Enable subchannel read from cdrom." probably your cdrom is not compatible with ePSXe subchannel read routines, disable this option, and make your own .sub files with CloneCD. - Added support for Teac cdrom readers to internal cdrom plugins. (Thanks to Pete) - Added support for pov hat joysticks. (Thanks to Roberto Paredes by multiples tests) - Some CD stuff got fixed, like the problem with changing discs, the internal win2k CD plugin CDDA problems and a bug with the ppf support of the internal plugins. - Fixes to the GTE, which solve problems with 102 Dalmatinas, Rugrats in paris, Destruction Derby 2, Nuclear Strike and possibly others. - Changed some internal timing stuff, which should produce better (faster) background sound in several games (FF7, Threads of Fate, Valkyrie Profile) (You can use the old timing with -oldtiming) - Removed the auto detection of game and required BIOS, as this prevented Legend of the dragoon US and Wild Arms 2 US from working. - Removed the two options -cdinc and -nocdinc, as fixes made them unncessary. In this version -noxaread has not some effect. - Added support for MDEC transparency, for the Oddworld series, dw4/dw7 battle effects. - Added support for Capcom MDECs, but you need to use the command line -adjustiming, what will give serious problems with gamepad keys and memory cards (use F4 to fix this problems), and hard slowdowns. (Use this option in your own risk, we recommend to use it only when it will be really necessary).

- Included a new commandline, it is called -nocdoverwrite. It could fix problems with some games like Parappa the Rapper's demo. Sometimes it does the same than -cdtiming. - LINUX version only: added partial support for external gamepad plugins. Actually only works the lamer0's plugin, what is combined with the internal pad plugin. - Fixes to CPU and CD-Rom make games like Star Wars - The phantom Menace, Resident Evil 1 PAL, Legend of Legaia, Star Ocean 2, Gran Turismo JAP and Philisoma playable. ePSXe v1.5.0, released on xx.01.2002 - Fixed a bug in MDECs, which caused Metal Gear Solid and Rayman 1 to crash. Furthermore, the MDEC options aren't read from the windows registry any more, so you can only disable them with command lines from now on. - Rewritten the code what loaded the ps-exe files when starting a game, for a better detection of the games name and the region. - Added native support for ppf files. Now you don't need to patch the games any more, simply copy your ppf file into the directory "/patches", with the same name than the main PS-exe file in the cdrom (SLES*,SCES*, SLUS* ...), in uppercase. ePSXe will load it on startup then and patch the game in memory on the fly ! - MCI code is now disabled in WinNT/2k/XP, expect when you are using an external CD-ROM plugin which has its own CDDA functions (e.g. Pete's). Furthermore, the external CD-ROM plugins can now play some games like Tomb Raider I and II PAL, what was not possible before due to a bug in 1.4.0. - Fixed a bug in the internal CD-ROM plugins, which caused some games to hang when they played CDDA sound and later accessed a data sector (Rayman 1) - Fixed some bugs in savestates. New savestate are not compatibles with old epsxe versions, but the savestates from a savestate from an old version can still be loaded. The command line -ssv0 has been added, which will let ePSXe save the savestates into the old (but buggy) format. (Fixed savestates in square mdecs, and in threads of fate) - Some games which ran only with a certain bios version, should now run with any (only checked with Legend of Dragon PAL) - Fixed some GTE bugs. (Looney Tunes: Perro y Lobo, Nhl 99) - Included a file with help, what can be accessed from help->contents. (Thanks to Bobbi) - Last hour changes in internal spu, what fixes Metal gear solid and Valkyrie profile sound, but we have not had too time for test it ;) - Added a new workaround in order to run Parasite Eve 2 (thanks to Psychojak!). You need to use the command "-pe2". Some PE2 versions are automaticly detected and don't need it though. We didn't play through the complete game though, we can't tell if it's playable until the end.

- Fixes to the CD-Rom decoder and the core, which make some more games playable like for example Valkyrie profile, Syphon filter series speech, Rayman 1, Micromachines V3, Croc 2, Duke Nukem: Land of Babes, Vrally 2 and Nfs 5 menus, Time Crisis 2 music, Casper Around the World ... - Multiples games can be played using additional commands like: Rebelt Assault 2 (-noignorecmd), Micromaniacs (-cdtiming), Front Mission 3 (-nocdinc) ... ePSXe v1.4.0, released on xx.06.2001 - Included a new wizard guided config, what should do easier configure the emulator. - Fixed a bug in the internal sound plugin which caused crash on systems using directx8+geforce and some soundcards. - Fixed a division by zero bug in the gte routines that started in version 1.2.0. It solves the problems with Xenogears, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy 7. - Added the extension .img (clonecd) to the load iso function. - Fixed a bug detecting the name of some games, it is used to detect the format (pal/ntsc). (Metal Gear Solid Pal) - Fixed a bug in the function CDROpen. Fix the psemupro iso plugin. - Added support to the cdplayer included in the playstation bios, you can listen to your cdda with epsxe now :) - Fixed some problems with the bootstrap of the playstation. -nogui should not be needed anymore. (Destruction Derby Raw pal, Breath of fire 3) - Fixed some gte problems. (Vandal hearts 2 pal, Wipeout series) - Fixed a mdec decoder bug. (Xfiles) - Added preliminary support for netplay plugins. (Cyberpad) - Now it is possible to change the memcards file in any moment of the game. (Of course you shouldn't change the memcard while the game is writing it, like in a psx ;-) - Fixed some problems with the change disc function. (Metal Gear Solid) - Included support for a new feature included in the video plugins, it now shows a mini-picture from the savestates when you use the F2 key to increase the selected save slot. (It works only with savestates done with the version 1.4.0 or superior) - Fixed some problems with the XA sound effects and background XA sound which fix Silent Bomber, Megaman X5, Castlevania SOTN, Bloody Roar 1, Dinocrisis 2, and more. - Fixes to the CD-Rom decoder and the core, which make some more games playable like for example Incredible Crisis, Simpsons Wresting, Threads of fate, Tomb Raider I and II (pal),

Fighting Force 2 and so on ;) ePSXe v1.2.0, released on 07.03.2001 - Added better analogic pad emulation and force feedback. It is now possible to configure the analogic axis and the effect of the force feedback motors. (Many thanks to Alex7 and to www.burutter.com, for donating a very nice psx to usb pad converter and giving help on adding support for it). - Now ePSXe includes savestates support. F1 = save state, F2 = increase slot (max = 5), F3 = load state. The savestates are compressed and saved to the sstates directory, with an average size of 1.5Mb. (WARNING!!! In release date it is supported only in the following plugins: Lewpy Gpu, Pete Gpu, Pete Spu and ePSXe Spu, support will be included in more plugins soon by the plugins authors) - Partially re-writen the internal spu, it should be faster, have less sound glitches and better sound quality. - Optimizations added in gte, mdec and core which makes some games work some fps faster than before. - Fixes to the CD-Rom decoder and the core, which make some more games playable like for example Gran Turismo, Resident Evil, Ape Escape, Kingley Adventure, Legend of Legaia (use the "-legaia" command line), Final Fantasy IX PAL and so on ;-) ePSXe v1.0.1, released on xx.xx.2000 - A completly re-written MDEC engine, which should give you better quality and some more FPS during video playback. - More accurate timing, what means that videos should pause less. (MDEC timing should always be turned ON now) - Included two new internal CD-Rom plugins : One for WinNT/Win2k users, which uses WinNT/Win2k's native functions, and an ASPI CD-Rom plugin for Win9x and Win2k users, which is usually faster than the older plugins. - Fixes to XA sound playback in the internal SPU plugin. - Included NTSC/PAL auto detection for a more accurate timing, mainly in Square videos. - The ISOs are loaded directly now, without showing the BIOS logo. - Added support for PSX mouse emulation. (Selectable in Config -> Controller)(*) - Added support for PSX analog pad emulation using Analog Pads or mouse. (selectable in Config- > Controller)(*) - It's now possible to disable the pads; this is necessary for some games which are only playable for 1 player. (qbert) - Included a new memory card selector, which comes with support for the most important memory card formats (.MCR, .MEM, .MCD, .GME) - Memory cards are saved now when you go to the main window and when you exit the emu incorrectly. It's still highly recommended though to close down the emu using the File -> Exit option ;-) - Added an experimental "Change discs" option. To switch a disc, you need to go to File -> Change disc. (this isn't working with some games yet though) - ePSXe should work better with Lewpy's plugins now, so no more crashes when you exit the emu. The reset/continue functions should also work now on several videoboards. - Fixes to the CD-Rom decoder and the core, which make some more games playable

like for example Final Fantasy 9, Grandia, Fear Effect, Tenchu 2 and so on ;-) - Added a snapshot maker in key F8. (you need the "snap" directory). - Since we haven't been able to fix the Chrono Cross bug yet, we added a workaro und, which can be activated using the F3 key while the game freezes at that point (though this doesn't fix the status screen problem yet, you must still use the cheat code for this) (*) We have created a system, where you mouse or one analog pad. You can change We contacted the GPU plugin authors, so ere should be a flag displaying the type of can either use one digital pad and one between those using the F5 key. in the next version of their plugins, th pad you have currently selected.

****************************************************************************** 2. What do you need to run EPSXE? ****************************************************************************** Minimum system requirements: P200MMX or compatible 32 MB of RAM Fast graphic card (like the voodoo 2) Cdrom x16 Win9x DirectX 7a Recommended system configuration: P3 1000 or greater 256 Mb of RAM Very fast DirectX, Opengl or Glide graphic card fast CD-ROM Win9x/xp/Vista DirectX 7a ***************************************************************************** 3. Usage ***************************************************************************** 3.1 Which files are necessary to run ePSXe? * * * * * ePSXe.exe a psx bios (scph1001.bin and scph7502.bin have been tested and proved to work) PSEmu Pro GPU plugin (graphics) PSEmu Pro SPU plugin (sound) (optional) PSEmu Pro CD-Rom plugin (optional)

3.2 Controlling the emulator ePSXe supports direct input and also features an option which allows you to configure the pads through the GUI. It is very simple and intuitive : Click config -> game pads -> pad1/pad2 (the one you want to configure), and you will see a picture of a pad and some fields with the names of the keys. Select the psx button what you want configure and then hit the key you want to assign to it. (in case you want use a joystick, hit the joystick button instead of a key). From ePSXe 1.2.0 you can select the analog axis that you want to use, selecting the axis to configure and moving the axis in your joystick. You can also configure the effect that will be done in every motor

in the force feedback. (Burutter is used in a special PSX to USB pad converter that you can get from www.burutter.com) ePSXe includes 8 fast keys to change some param of the emu: F1-Savestate in selected slot. F2-Increase slot. (max = 5) F3-Loadstate from selected slot. F4-Enable/Disable SIO irq. F5-Toggle Digital pad/Special pad (*). F6-Select what pad will be affected by key F5. F7-Enable Xenogeras trick.

- F8-Make a snapshot to snap directory. (*) Special pad can be: None, Analog pad, Analog pad with mouse T1, Analog pad with mouse T2, and mouse. Player 1 - default -----------------PC Keys PSX Buttons -----------------------------------------S | Square D | Triangle Z | X X | Circle C | Select V | Start W | L1 Q | L2 E | R1 R | R2 Arrow keys | Directional buttons Player 2 - default -----------------Disabled by default. 3.3. GUI options. On startup, you can see ePSXe's menus which include the following options: 3.3.1. File. (*) Run CDROM : Runs a PSX CD-Rom (*) Run BIOS : Runs the PSX bios. (use this to edit the memory cards) (*) Run ISO : Runs a PSX iso file. Select an iso file and click ok to start. (*) Run PSX-EXE : Runs a PSX-EXE file (exe or .zip), or runs a multifile .PLL, which has to be included with the other files in a .zip (*) Change Disc : Use this option to switch between discs/isos in games with multiple CD-Roms.

(*) Exit : Quit the emulator. 3.3.2. Run. (*) Continue : Continues a previously stopped cdrom/iso/psx-exe/bios game (*) Reset : Reset emulation. 3.3.3. Config. (see 3.4. Configure the emulator) 3.3.4. Options. (*) Auto ppf support: use ppf patches. (*) Cheat codes: open cheat codes dialog to enable/disable cheat codes. 3.3.5. Help. (*) Visit EPSXE webpage : Open your browser with the epsxe webpage. (*) About : Credits. 3.4. Configuring the emulator. Basically you need to configure the bios, your video card, CD-ROm drive and your sound card in order to get the emulator fully working. 3.4.1. Configuring the bios. In ePSXe, click config -> bios. In the new window, you can see a text box which shows the currently selected bios and a browse button. Click this button and select the BIOS you want to use. During testing we found out that the scph1001.bin and scph7502.bin BIOS' are compatible, but the scph1000.bin won't work. Please remember you may only be in possession of the copyrighted BIOS when you're legally entitled. 3.4.2. Configuring the video options. In ePSXe, click config -> video. In the new window, you can see a dropdown menu which shows the currently selected video plugin(*). Select your favourite video plugin and click on the configure button, and, finally click ok. (*) EPSXE uses PSEmu Pro's video plugins, so in order to use ePSXe, you need to download them from their webpages first. 3.4.3. Configuring the CD-Rom in ePSXe, select config -> cdrom. In the new window, you can see a dropdown menu which shows the currently selected CD-Rom plugin(*). Select the plugin of your choise and click on the "Configure" button afterwards. There's yet another dropd own menu, in which you can select the drive letter of the CD-Rom you want to use. In case you want to use your primary CD-Rom, just stay with the default entry. For using another CD-Rom, just select the preferred drive and click on OK. We mainly teste d the emulator with the internal cdrom plugins, and with the Pete cdrom plugin.

Win2k users should use the new win2k native CDR plugin, it worked fine during our tests. 3.4.4. Configuring the sound. In ePSXe, select config -> sound. In the new window, you can see a dropdown menu which shows the currently selected sound plugin(*). Select the sound plugin of your choise and click on the "Configure" button afterwards. In the appearing window, there're several check boxes where you can enable disable certain sound options. The playstation uses 3 different kind of sounds : ADPCM, XA and CDDA. * Enable Sound (Select this to enable ADPCM sound) - Used to enable ADPCM sound, and it is necessary to get XA sound. (*) EPSXE can use PSEmu Pro's sound plugin system or an internal sound system. If you want to use psemu plugins you need download the plugins first. Recommeded are Pete, Eternal and the internal one. There is other very good like Andy and Iori plugins. 3.4.5. Choosing MemoryCards files. In this window, you can select the memory cards files what you want to use. ePSXe supports the most important memory cards formats, .MC(R), .GME, .MCD and .MEM. You can disable/enable the memcards from this windows if you need to do it. 3.5. Command line options. epsxe [options] [psx-exe] (*) -lib ning xe in ePSXe's root directory. (*) -nocd d ! ;-) ) (*) -sound/nosound (*) -xasound/-noxasound (*) -audiocd/noaudiocd (*) -forcespu/-noforcespu (*) -cdtiming/-nocdtiming mo 2, ies ...) (*) -forcepad/-noforcepad (*) -memcard/-nomemcard d) : Enable/Disable SIO irq always ON. (F4) : Enable/Disable memcard emulation. (Track & Fiel : Disables the CD-Rom emulation. ( not recommende : Enable/Disable sound. : Enable/Disable XA sound. : Enable/Disable CDDA audio. : Enable/Disable SPU irq always ON. : Enable/Disable CDR accurate timing. (Gran turis Legend of Legaia, Dragon Valor, Point Blank ser : Loads the libps.exe, which is necessary for run several demos. You should have the file libps.e

(*) -mdec/-nomdec

: Enable/Disable MDEC emulation.

(*) -mdectiming/-nomdectiming : Enable/Disable MDEC accurate timing. (*) -adjusttiming (*) -oldtiming (*) -fastboot/slowboot (*) -nogui (*) -ppf/-nppf (*) -loadppf <file> (*) -loadiso <file> (*) -loadcheat <file> (*) -loadmemc0 <file> (*) -loadmemc1 <file> (*) -ssv0 (*) -mouseN (*) -analogN [psx-exe] 3.6. Memory cards support. ePSXe also comes along with memory card support. The used cards are saved in 2 files in your \memcards directory. The first one is named epsxe000.mcr and the second one epsxe001.mcr. Each file has a size of 128 KB (which is PSX standard), and the format is simply a dump of real memory cards. ePSXe doesn't come with a memory card editor, but you can use the option Load -> Run BIOS to get to the real PSX memory card editor, from where you can delete / move savegames. In case you're using Pete's OpenGL / D3D plugins, don't forget to enable offscreen rendering to see this menu correctly. ePSXe 1.0.1 includes a memory card file selector, so you can select which file you want to use in which slot. ePSXe also has support for different memory card file supports, like Dexdrive (.gme), PSEmu Pro (.mc) and several others. 3.7. Savestates. ePSXe 1.2.0 supports savestates. They are files that contain the state of the emulator when the key was hit, so you can restore to the state later in that same exact point. F1 = Save the state to the slot selected F2 = Increase the slot. (If you use the on fly menus in gpu plugins you can see the slot selected) : Enable on the fly re-adjust timing. : Uses pre-1.5.1 timing. : Fast/Slow boot cdrom (psx logo). : Disable internal GUI. : Enable/Disable ppf patches. : Load ppf file. : Loads iso file (CloneCD/Cdrwin). : Loads a internal cheat file. : Map file to memcard 0. : Map file to memcard 1. : Save sstates version v.0 (1.4.0 or less compatible) : Enable mouse emulation. (number of port) : Enable analog pad emulation (number of pad) : PSX-EXE, normal, zipped or .PLL with all files included in a .zip

(MAX = 5 slots) F3 = Load the state of the slot selected ePSXe ePSXe ePSXe ePSXe ePSXe 1.2.0, 1.4.0 1.5.0 1.6.0 1.7.0 >=1.8.0 supports supports supports supports supports savestates savestates savestates savestates savestates version version version version version 0. 0 and 1. 0, 1 and 2. 0, 1, 2 and 3. 0, 1, 2 and 3.

ePSXe for Windows/Linux supports the savestates done by Android and vice versa. 3.8. Netplay plugins. ePSXe 1.4.0 supports netplay plugins. To select the plugin you should use the option config->netplay. Read the docs included in the netplugin pack. 3.9. Cheat Codes. ePSXe supports GameShark cheat codes. You can load cheat codes in the emulator creating a file called "cheats/SXXX_XXX.XX.txt" (where SXXXX_XXX.XX is the PS-EXE name of the game, which you can see enabling the ePSXe Log Console). For example in Final Fantay 8 US-NTSC the file name is: "cheats/SLUS_008.92.txt". ePSXe supports until 256 codes per file. The file format is: #description of cheat code 1 XXXXXXXX YYYY ZZZZZZZZ AAAA #descripion of cheat code 2 NNNNNNNN MMMM For example for Final Fantasy 8 US-NTSC, it could be "cheats/SLUS_008.92.txt": #Zell level 20 800778a4 4a38 Currently, only 80XXXXXX, 30XXXXXX, 50XXXXXX, 1F800XXX gameshark codes are supported, the rest will be ignored. You can find GameShark codes in a lot of webpages in internet, like: http://psxdatacenter.com http://www.gamegenie.com/cheats/gameshark/ps1/index.html After that, re-load your game, and you will be able to enable/disable the gameshark codes from the menu "cheat codes" on gameplay (the codes are disabled by default). Other way to get cheat codes working is download PEC (http://pec.emucheater.com) for in game cheating. ****************************************************************************** 4. Implemented features ****************************************************************************** - The complete r3000 instruction set - Imcomplete COP0 coprocessor emulation

- GTE coprocessor emulation - Sio emulation - Memory card support - ISO support - PSEmu Pro video plugins support - PSEmu Pro sound plugins support - PSEmu Pro CD-Rom plugins support - PSEmu Pro Netplay plugins support - Mdec decoder ( The PSX comes with a jpeg decoder which is mainly used for MDEC movies. It includes a new MDEC engine programmed in v.1.0.1) - CDDA sound support - XA sound support - GUI ******************************************************************************* 5. Compatibility in EPSXE ******************************************************************************* Compatibility in ePSXe hasn't been tested that much yet, actually it has been mainly tested with PAL games. Current compatibility percentage is superior at 95%. Some games known to work are: Colin McRae Rally 1 and 2 Crash Bandicoot 1, 2 and 3 Driver 1 and 2 Fifa 99/2000. Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX Iss98, Isspro evolution Knockout Kings 99, 2000 NBA Live 2000, and 2001 Need For Speed III, IV, V Ridge Racer Ridge Racer type 4 Soulblade Syphon Filter 1, 2 Tekken 1, 2 and 3 Tigger Woods 99, 2000 Tomb Raider 1, 2, 3 and 4 Vagrant Story Xenogears Valkyrie Profile and many more ...

Once you start a game in ePSXe various things can occur: - The game works correctly.

Solution: "Be happy !" :) Send us a screenshot when you're through the game. - The game works but you get graphics problems. Solution : ePSXe uses the PSEmu Pro plugins to draw the graphics to your screen, so you could try a different plugin. - The game works but you get 3d graphics or light problems. Solution: ePSXe has a more or less complete GTE emulation, but several GTE opcodes are still very buggy :-(. Wait for the next version. You can also try another plugin to make sure it's really a GTE problem (Pete's soft GPU plugin is very very compatible !) - The GAME still won't work. Solution: If, after all, the game STILL won't work, than it's most propably simply not compatible with ePSXe right now. You should wait for the next version of the emulator. Sound. ePSXe comes with support for the PSEmu Pro sound plugins in this version. This includes ADPCM, CDDA and partial XA sound. Common problems with the sound: - The game plays no sound at all Solution: Check the sound settings in the menu. - XA sound playback is jerky. Solution: You need 50/60 fps in order to get accurate sound. ****************************************************************************** 6. Where can I get help with the emulator? ****************************************************************************** There are a number of ways to receive help. The first thing you should do is read the documentation, since the majority of questions are already answered in it. Also, you can use the following emulation forums: http://forums.ngemu.com/forumdisplay.php?f=7 You can follow the ePSXe news in our twitter account (@epsxeteam): https://twitter.com/epsxeteam This software is freeware, and we don't have a lot of time to answer questions, but if any of the above methods fail, you can try to contact us using the following ways, but don't always expect a reply from us ! calb, Galtor, _Demo_ ----------------------email: epsxeandroid@gmail.com [Include in the body of the email that you are using the PC Version] ****************************************************************************** A. Frequently Asked Questions ****************************************************************************** * (Your favorite game here) doesn't work with EPSXE? Why not ? We're sorry. For now, try another emulator or a real playstation :).

* When will the next version of EPSXE be released? We don't know and won't tell you. Check the homepage for more infos. * Where can I get the latest version of EPSXE? http://www.epsxe.com/ In addition, a number of emulation related websites will carry it too. ***************************************************************************** B. Thanks ***************************************************************************** Doomed Pts Vood Fennec Kazzuya Pete Roor Expert duddie/tratax JNS Bobbi Gladiator GreenImp CDBuRnOuT Wormie i4get Lewpy Null2 Alex7/Buruttersxamiga psychojak iori shalma tikalat andy fpse team 1964 team A nice docs and love to emulation ;-) Testing and moral support Xplorer supporter A nice xplorer debugger For xa support and nice plugins Some wonderfull plugins and emails A bunch of good ideas Some nice chats and info PSemu Pro crew Gui help and multiple tests. Fixes to docs, beta testing and gui. For his great work testing the emulator. Testing multiples games. Testing features. Testing. Testing. Help with some gpu issues. Help with spu adsr. Help adding dualshock support. Help testing the emulator Help with Parasite Eve 2 Help with timing. Help with issues Help with issues. Testing multiples games. Ideas and help with MDEC, SIO, and Peopsxgl contribution. Gui ideas

Independent JPEG Group's for routines to decode jpeg. Segu, Nik the and rest of the PSEmu Pro plugins programmers. More thanks to: zsknight, Zilmar, Jabo, Willy, Goi, Jose and David Muriel. ************************************************************************** C. Legal Stuff ************************************************************************** EPSXE Copyright 2000/2012 EPSXE team. Sony Playstation is registered trademark of Sony. Gpu.dat is pete bernet's copyright. All mentioned games are registered trademarks of their authors or marks. You may only be in possession of the copyrighted BIOS if you're legally entitled to do so.Neither the ePSXe Team software nor its authors are affiliated with Sony. ePSXe is freeware and can be distributed freely as long as it is not modified or sold and the BIOS isn't packaged with the program. This readme must be included with the executable.

When you use this software you do that at your own risk. The authors are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use or misuse of this software. If you do not agree with these terms delete this software immediately ! ------------------------------------------------------------------epsxeandroid@gmail.com twitter: @epsxeteam ------------------------------------------------------------------http://www.epsxe.com -------------------------------------------------------------------