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BIRLA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE, PILANI Instruction Division First Semester 2012-2013 Course Handout (Part II)

Date: 03/08/2012 In addition to Part I (General Handout for all courses appended to the Time Table), this portion gives further specific details regarding the course. Course No. : CE C392 Course Title : Geodesy Instructor In-Charge : G MUTHUKUMAR Instructors : Meghna Charde Course Description: The compulsory disciplinary course has been designed to introduce the basic concepts of geodesy (surveying) for Civil Engineering students. Different basic and advanced methods of measurements and traversing have been included so that the student will be able to handle a given project independently, irrespective of whether it is a road or any other infrastructure project. Important issues like curve setting, calculation of areas and volumes, which form part and parcel of any filed civil engineer in his/her day to day activity. Hence in this course, these areas have also been included. Scope & Objective: The course introduces to the students, various basic techniques in surveying, viz. chain, compass, theodolite, plane table, tacheometry, traversing and calculation of areas and volumes along with fundamentals of a few advanced surveying techniques. Text Books: T1. Arora K.R.; Surveying (in SI units), Standard Publisher., (Latest edition) Reference Books: R1. Punmia B.C; Surveying; Laxmi Publishers, Vol I, II and III, (1990) R2. Duggal S.K.; Surveying; Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, Vol I and II (1996) R3. Venkatramaiah, C; Textbook of Surveying, University Press, Second Edition, 2011 R4. Bhavikatti, S.S; Surveying Theory & Practice, Ik International Publishing House Pvt Ltd, New Delhi, 2011 R5. Agor, R; A Text Book of Surveying & Levelling, Khanna Publishers. New Delhi.

Course Plan:

Lecture Learning No. Objectives 1 Introduction to the basic concepts of Geodesy 2-3 Linear Measurements and instruments 4-6 Chain Survey

Topics to be covered Fundamental concepts definitions

Text Book and Chapter 1/ T1 Vol I Chapter 3/ T1 Vol I

Methods, accessories, ranging

Steps in chain survey, field work Chapter 4/T1

7-9 10-11 12-13 14-16 17-19 20-22 23-27 28-30 31-33 34-37 38-40

Compass Survey Levelling Contouring Plane Table Survey Tacheometric Surveying Traversing Curve Ranging Trigonometrical Levelling Computation of Areas Computation of Volumes Advanced Topics

and plotting in field book, obstacles in chaining. Instrument, principles, Bearings Instrument, Collimation method, Rise and fall method, curvature and refraction. Level book Objectives, use, methods. Accessories, methods, errors Theory, instrument constants, methods Methods, adjustments and plotting Types, properties, circular and transition curves.

Chapter 5/TI Chapter 6/ T1 Chapter 7/ T1 Chapter 8/T1 Chapter 1/ T1 Vol-II Chapter 11/ T1 Chapter 15 and 16/ T1 Vol-II Chapter 15/ T1 Chapter 13/ T1 Chapter 14/ T1


Instrumentation and field work in surveying

Geodetic survey, visibility between two places. Different methods, approximate method, planimeter Level section, multilevel section, volume from contour plan, masshaul diagram Total Stations and other Chapter 4/ T1 advancements in surveying, Vol-III Errors & adjustments, Photogrammetry and remote sensing Instruments for various methods of surveying such as Total station, EDM, Robotic Total survey station, Preparation of map No. of turns 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Practicals: No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Name of experiment Ht. of tall objects by two-plane method Profile levelling Obstructions in Chain Surveying Simple circular curve by chain and tape Simple circular curve by theodolite Transition curve by theodolite Contour survey by square grids Chain and Compass traversing

Evaluation Scheme: Evaluation S.No. Duration Component 1 Mid Test 90 min 2 Tutorials/Assign 50 min ments

Weightage 35 10

Date & Time 7/10 2:00 - 3:30 PM

Nature of Component CB OB

3 4

Compre. Exam Lab practice & record

3 hours

45 10

4/12 FN


Chamber Consultation Hour: To be announced in the class Notices: Watch Civil Engineering department Notice Board Make-up Policy: 1. Make-up will be granted only on genuine reasons. However, prior permission is must. 2. For medical cases, a certificate from the concerned physician of the Medical Centre must be produced. Special Instructions for Survey Field Work: 1. Students must collect the instruments in the specified time. Late arrival will not be entertained. 2. The students must come to the field- work with a field observation book or any other specified field book, pencil, scale and a calculator. The field- work record must be submitted in the next field- work class. 3. Since the work may involve standing in the sun for longer duration of time, you are advised to wear caps during field surveys Instructor-in-charge CE C392