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Workforce Central Suite

Feature Chronology Overview I Purpose
The purpose of this document is to assist you in the process of upgrading to Kronos Workforce Timekeeper v6 from an earlier version of Workforce Timekeeper (formerly known as Timekeeper C/S). The document outlines the majority of new features and enhancements that have been added with each release, beginning with v3.0.

II Overview
If youre considering an upgrade to Workforce Timekeeper v6, youll want to understand the major differences in functionality and system architecture that this platform offers. The information that follows describes these differences at a high level. In addition, the feature chronology chart lists the majority of features introduced with each new version.

System Architecture
Initial releases of Timekeeper C/S v1 and v2and subsequently, Workforce Timekeeper v3operated in a traditional client/server environment. This architecture involved distributed, two-tiered processing between thick clients networked to a central database server. With the introduction of Workforce Timekeeper v4, Kronos made available an entirely Web-based, three-tier architecture consisting of browser-enabled clients communicating over the network with Web and application servers on the back end. Released in June 2007, Workforce Timekeeper v6, when running on Oracle, can scale to handle from 100 employees to more than 1 million. Whats more, Workforce Timekeeper v6 is J2EE compliant, making it an open and scalable platform language. On the desktop, Workforce Timekeeper v6 uses Java applets and HTML to deliver the user interface. Your power users will typically need sophisticated display functions with a highly interactive user interface that can efficiently access multiple employee records. To meet these needs, the Kronos solution provides Java applets. While the thin Web client offers a low bandwidth option for remote usersor for those with low-end desktops or Macintosh computers. In versions 2 and 3, apart from time entry and timecard approvals, which were licensed via Workforce Web, access to manager functions was available from Windows desktops only. Now, with Workforce Central v6, access for both employees and managers is browser-based. Workforce Employee licenses are required for employees who enter their time and leave via the Web. Workforce Manager licenses are required for employees who need to access manager functions such as timecard approvals.

Feature Updates
The feature chronology chart that follows includes a list of features and product components associated with the version and date of release.

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Aprimo: #40708

Workforce Timekeeper Feature Chronology

Feature Description

Introduction of fully Web-based Workforce Central Suite with three-tier architecture Fully interactive, Web-based client Embedded workflow technology Intuitive Web interface that can be tailored to the preference of each user Exclusive Workforce Genie queries Workforce Genies: o Detail Genie (T&A) o Roll-up Genie (T&A) o Quickfind Genie (T&A and People Suite search) o Schedule Planner Genie (scheduling) o Schedule Snapshot Genie (scheduling) o Schedule Outline Genie (scheduling) E-mail integration Workflow notification Display totals and accrual balances at the clock Three Web-based time-entry formats: o Hourly timecard: punch-based o Project timecard: duration-based o Time stamp Employee self-service features Newly designed embedded Scheduler: o Four ways to build, maintain, and view schedules in v4.0: Schedule Planner Schedule Outline John M. Fox Page 2 of 21 6/10/2008

Aprimo: #40708 Individual Schedule Schedule Snapshot o Scheduler features: Schedule periods Shift templates Pattern templates Simple Sums in Schedule Genies Schedule builder Newly designed Hyperfind searches for all types of people (both managers and employees): combines Hyperfind I and II

Event manager: o Schedule events such as reports, imports, batch events, and automatic instantiation of employee shifts

New People Editor: replaces common employee application and user account browser

New employee-only data elements: general information such as demographics, person ID, home labor account assignments, person-specific dates, and contact information

New employee attributes added in People Editor, including: o E-mail address o Expected hours fields (daily, weekly, per Pay Period) o Manager field for Employee o Ten site-definable custom fields with custom labels o An additional telephone field as well as site-definable custom labels for all telephone fields

o Multiple Profile assignments for Workforce Manager and Professional roles including Pay Code Profiles, Work Rule Profiles, and Labor Level Transfer Sets

o Employee group John M. Fox

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Aprimo: #40708 o Manager reports profile o Function access profile o Display profile Three types of access profiles define how a user can access the system and what the user can see and use:

o Logon profiles o Data access profiles o Display profiles Introduction of Crystal Reports: simple report writer tool with wizard capability Ability to link custom reports into application menus Expanded report options: allow users to filter data on report beyond Hyperfind New actual vs. schedule report Define labor level sets New import features: o Import one or more import tables o Schedule imports o View Import Statistics and/or errors via reports o Delete data from import table(s) via GUI o New import of Labor Level Sets Remote system administration NT domain and LDAP authentication support URL-addressable components to enable the product to be embedded into an organization's B2E portal or intranet

Development Toolkit - Standard XML-based APIs permit tight integration into existing back office systems

New system-logging package implemented to allow better detect and correct errors

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Aprimo: #40708 New System Settings user interface Internationalization: o A 100% internationalized user interface for both Web and Windows o The ability to use a single database for multinational or multilingual organizations o Multiple application servers, with each server supporting a single language o Translated documentation and training materials o Translated sales collateral o Support for localized time, date, and currency o Ability for customer to translate text Data Collection Manager v4.2 new features: o Totals and accruals o Sentinel startup set from system services: Device manager Device wizard Advanced device manager Communications monitor Advanced communications monitor Activity code applet DCM access profiles applet Device configurator Transaction data editor

UNIX Web Server support (Sun Solaris, IBM AIX) Today timeframe added for Workforce Genies, reports, editors Hyperfind: search on employees based on whether they worked the home account or transferred in

Accrual list reports

V 4.2
Time stamp: display application server time and time zone John M. Fox Page 5 of 21 6/10/2008

Aprimo: #40708 New access control point for accessing individual employee reports in My Reports New Workforce Genie enhancements: o New columns: approved manager names, individual labor-level description

o Sub-sort capability Hyperfind: create and assign personal Hyperfind queries for other people System information: run log reports against multiple servers People Editor: view employment status history Labor level set restrictions Reports: o Timecard audit trail report o Punch origin report o Data access profiles list reports Basic scheduler: o Off days with work rules o Create personal schedule Groups on the fly Security: single sign-on support Setup applications: o Hide accrual codes in timecard editor and reports o Specified number of days reset value added to overtime work rule building block (FLSA Support for police/fire)

o Work rule day divide based on schedule Suite-wide usability features: o Tool tips display until mouse pointer is repositioned

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Aprimo: #40708 o Automatic refresh of data after Hyperfind or time period is changed DB2 database on NT, 2000 Server Timecard: o Ability to remove a comment from a punch, amount, or event o Option to restrict entries to inactive/terminated employees o Option to carry over labor account transfers from previous to current pay period

o Option for auto-totalization

Workforce Record Manager: o Copy, archive, purge historical data to archive database

o Copy rules from test to production database Workforce Accruals: o Addition to fixed and earned accrual o Grants to include grant expiration at the end of the month o New definition of day in accrual rules o Grants expire to a different Accruals bucket o Ability to reset partial carryover increments based on date patterns Workforce Genies: o New Accrual columns in Genies permit Accrual columns in detail or rollup o Genies for both accrual debits and accrual credits by accrual code Import: o Ability to terminate employees with effective date in a signed-off pay period In People Import

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Aprimo: #40708 o Import ignores employee group security o Addition of ad hoc labor-level entries via People Import People Editor: o Improved Granularity of Badge number assignments o Deletion of people along with transaction data o Personal overtime (contract hours) o People time zone improvements Reports: o Function access data list report o Custom report options o Display Totals pay code configuration setting reflected in reports as well as pay code report option

Scheduling: o Pay code comment visual indicator in schedules o Indicator if a transfer exists on a shift in schedules o Schedule view-only access control point for managers o Schedule outline by employee o Pattern editor/pattern template editor redesign o Pay codes in patterns o Multiple pay codes and shifts in a day presentation Setup applications: o Order of assignment rules in pay rule o Sign-off restrictions. Option to limit a supervisors ability to perform sign-off based on the state of the employees timecards:

Missing punches Unexcused absences Zero Hours in a specified pay category o Flexitime John M. Fox Page 8 of 21 6/10/2008

Aprimo: #40708 o Core Hours: time not worked within defined core hour period tracked and reported as an exception

System settings and information: o Employee totalization status and option to submit to totalize o Validation of system setting changes o Ability to filter reconcile errors on log report o Additional database information in system information o Administrator e-mail notifications Suite-wide usability: o Horizontal pull-down menu structure Timecard editor: o Move accrual amount dialog boxes in timecard editor o Reset accrual amount dialog boxes in timecard editor o Display accrual balances and totals at the same time in the timecard editor o Repeating absences and transfers o Edits using scheduled amounts o Unapproved overtime Technology: o IBM AIX 5L 5.1 Web server support o Oracle 9i support o DB2 on OS/390 support Workforce Employee: o HTML client support Time stamp-specific function access control points Core hours: time not worked within defined core hour period tracked and reported as an exception

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Aprimo: #40708 Personal Overtime (Contract Hours) - define one or more overtime rules differing from standard overtime rules, specific to an employee(s)

Define multiple home accounts with start and end dates Workforce Accruals: o Flextime o Move accrual amount and reset accrual amount dialogs in Timecard Editor

o New interval type (calendar months) in qualifier for earned accrual grants

o Ability to reset earned accrual grant carryover amount based on a date pattern

New sign-off controls: limit ability to sign off on employees timecards based on the following disqualifying conditions:

o Missing punches o Unexcused absences o Zero hours in a specified pay category New group-edit error summary Effective dating for badge assignment and reuse New reset value in overtime rule: supports overtime rules for any number of standard hours for any work period

Accruals overview window: control the display or non-display of these untracked accrual codes

Workforce Accruals: o Addition to fixed and earned accrual grants to include grant expiration at the end of the month

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Aprimo: #40708 o Accruals: grants expire to a different Accruals bucket

Organizational maps and jobs: o Effective dating o Job transfer sets o Labor account validation Historical edits with retroactive pay Effective dating of work and pay rules Daily approvals o Enables approval of timecard data on daily basis o New access rights prevent edits to previously approved timecard Overtime Equalization Genie o Overtime refused, offered, accepted o Overtime equalization report o Filter by job seniority Reports o New organizational maps and jobs configuration reports o Support for Crystal 9.0 o New comment categories Schedule editor enhancements: o Customizable columns o Navigation improvements o New visual indicators o Restore deleted shift or pay code o Improvements to net hour totals XML import enhancements: o Reports o Schedule XML import as an event o Maintain and delete existing values o Transaction assistant Support for multiple database schemas Support for Workforce Manager HTML client John M. Fox Page 11 of 21 6/10/2008

Aprimo: #40708 Workforce Employee self -service enhancements: o Enter employee availability and schedule preferences o o o o Enter job-specific transfers View online pay stubs Request for time off Vacation bidding

Introduction of Workforce Scheduler: o Automated employee scheduling Introduction of Workforce Activities: o Labor activity tracking

Calendar Genies: o View worked time, schedules, and absences in an online, intuitive calendar format

o Available in Java and HTML client o Available for manager and employee self service Web-based setup application: o Pay rules, wage profiles, labor levels are Web-based and accessible via the nav bar in Workforce Central

APIs for Setup Applications: o New XML API's for simple import and export of data (e.g., import wage profiles via API)

Pay rule auditing: o Capture login information, session activity, and functional activity within a login session 9/80 rule for non-standard pay periods Hidden pay codes: o Ability to exclude pay codes from body of timecard and typical pay code reports

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Aprimo: #40708 o New visible-in-report options and report totals allow selection of pay codes in reports, but not in timecard totals, or vice versa

Punch interpretation rules (formerly terminal restriction rules): o New simple-schedule enforcement o New full-schedule enforcement o New break restrictions Workforce Accruals enhancements: o Future accrual projection enhancements o Taking-based grants o Accrual balance limits Working time directive (European customers) Schedule editor enhancements: o Schedule Groups enables employees to belong to multiple groups o New schedule group Rollup Genie o New Schedule Group Multi-line Genie o Shift editing functions for multiple employees o Add shifts across multiple days o Perform partial shift overrides o New shift builder result cleanup alert Process manager templates: o New workflow templates o Localization of Process Manager Vacation bidding: o Bid editor enables managers to request bids for a future time period Optimized Reports for Faster Run Times: o Accrual detail o Time detail John M. Fox Page 13 of 21 6/10/2008

Aprimo: #40708 o Accruals summary o Accrual balances and projections o Timecard audit trail Record retention policies: o Options to configure number of days of data to retain for certain data types: Logon audits Session audits Import batches Messages Workflow instances Pay stub data Scheduling reports data Common data schema for time and labor, scheduling, and HRMS schemas to unified database

Support for multiple database connections and multiple languages on single physical server

Improved security: o Enables separation of web and application servers to different physical machines for support of DMZs

Workforce Genies: o Export Genie columns to Excel or CSV People Editor: o Effective dating of employee base wage o Edit and view pay code data access profiles Calendars: o Ability to add employee sign-off status as a timekeeping data element in calendar views Supervisor delegate authority

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Aprimo: #40708 o Ability for a manager to delegate authority for their management responsibilities to another licensed manager

Timecard audit trail qualifiers: o Ability to filter timecard audit-trail data using new filter selections, data source, and manager name

Scheduling: new transfer home option v6.1 Workforce setup applications: o All remaining configuration building blocks are accessible from the Web client, including access profiles, accruals, comments, and display preferences v6.1

Percent allocation: o Automatically allocates an employees work hours between two or more accounts based upon pre-configured percentage splits

Rest between shifts building-block rules: o Ability to properly allocate worked time to overtime, or premium rates when an employee is denied a contractual or legislated rest interval

Rules analysis: o Diagnostic tool that enables analysis of pay-related employee issues

V 6.0
Expanded multinational support: o Support for Unicode and double-byte Unicode accommodates right- to-left languages and multi-byte storage of character, such as those used in languages in Asia Pacific regions

o Phonetic and Romanized employee name fields have been added to the People Editor to aid with pronunciation

o Bradford factor

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Aprimo: #40708 o Multi-regional configuration numbers, dates, and currencies are automatically displayed and formatted based on locale preferences. Pay rules and holidays can be administered and enforced separately by operating unit.

User-experience enhancements o Fresh, new user interface, improved navigation and style sheets allow users to modify the look and feel to suit their preferences

o Powerful reporting tools: Microsoft reporting services are now used, permitting data drill-down capability

Business-driven intelligence: o Web-based views o New industry-specific analysis tools, e.g., for manufacturing: a new measure of efficiency, quality, and productivity, called Overall Labor Effectiveness (OLE). OLE is the equivalent to Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Innovative scheduling features: o Priority Schedule Generation: automatically create schedules that comply with seniority, skills, and labor rules

o Optimized Schedule Generation: healthcare staffing managers can automatically create schedules that optimize skills, certifications, cost, and hours per patient day (HPPD)

o Call List: fill open shifts from a list of the most qualified, cost effective, available employees by filtering and prioritizing based on union, regulatory, or company rules

o Action palette o Schedule groups Workforce Timekeeper: o Time card audit-trail enhancements eliminate unwanted information from timecards o Time stamp restrictions can now be enforced from Workforce Employee timecards John M. Fox Page 16 of 21 6/10/2008

Aprimo: #40708 o Indicate if hours reported to one overtime type should "count" toward other types of overtime.

o Display accruals in days/hundredths or days or days/hours and minutes Absence management applications Workforce Attendance: o Supports lost time-attendance policies o Supports non-chargeable time by incidents such as "snow days" to be flagged as non-absences, exempting attendance events, such as absences while inactive.

o Bradford factor: a business metric used in the EU to quantify the impact of lost time on operations. It is a calculated score for each employee. It uses a weighted formula that considers a specific period of time and the length of absences.

Workforce Leave: o Managers can enter FMLA time on a schedule or timecard. This application integration reduces time and errors.

o Historical leave edits can be linked to attendance events to avoid duplication o Unlimited user-defined data fields and validation provide flexibility and reduce implementation time

o Documents-status audit trail supports compliance adherence and security requirements

V 6.1
Addressing TCO/CIO Workforce Integration Manager Replace Connect with WIM, a web-based application built into WFC Lowers system TCO by reducing hardware footprint and streamlining maintenance WIM will be SAP certified for customers that require vendors to have SAP- certified integrations Workforce Device Manager Replace DCM with WDM, a web-based application built into WFC Lowers system TCO by reducing hardware footprint and streamlining maintenance

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Aprimo: #40708 Series 4500 Device-Initiated Protocol Configurable feature allows device to initiate all communication 4500s can communicate securely over the open internet without a VPN connection Enhanced Security Stronger password encryption Configurable password strength controls Improved system account password management User password reset self-service - #1 cause of help desk calls for most customers rd Easy integration with 3 party system monitoring tools Important system health and performance information exposed via J2EE JMX standard rd Easy consumption by common 3 party system monitoring tools customers have already invested in Health and performance metrics for the following: i) Totalization processes and background processor components ii) Data Collection processes iii) Integration (WIM) processes iv) WFC Health metrics (JVM Free, overall memory, DB connections) Enhance Error Capture/ Problem prevention Log Oracle and SQL Server database parameters at startup Ability to turn on SQL Trace without restarting Expand coverage of internal utility in its use to troubleshoot WFC Expand to work with WFC 5.2 and 6.0 Best Practice Violations Visual indicators display configurations that do not follow best practice recommendations Logs display changes to system settings that travel in and out of best practices HyperFind risk scores BestPractices.log at startup Expand to work with WFC 5.2 and 6.0 Process Manager Troubleshooting Enhanced search filters within Process Administrator improves ability to troubleshoot tasks New tools enable Kronos professional services and global support to be more efficient supporting customer Process Manager configurations SAP Certification Workforce integration Manager will be certified to meet SAP interface standards Control risk and cost of adding a non-SAP application into the SAP environment Kronos Global Initiative User Interface now provided in Dutch, German and French (France) Multiple currencies enabled allows local currencies to be applied to calculations on a site-by-site basis without a unique server for each location, and includes a configurable conversion rate for centralized rollup Supports customers who have employment contracts for their employees, rather than an employment at will agreement.- common in Europe and China. Changes made to People Editor, Schedule Editor, HyperFinds, Genies, reports and holiday profiles to help track and manage stipulations of the employment contract. Simplified pay code edits: additional options for pay code edits to help support terms of employment contracts used worldwide. Configurable options include: Cascading pay codes configurable order for using accrual balances to satisfy time off requests Day-based pay codes* use of days, rather than hours to better support exempt employees Duration pay codes paid as scheduled Marked Exceptions ability to change timecard exceptions to resolved so they will not be displayed in exception HyperFind queries John M. Fox Page 18 of 21 6/10/2008

Aprimo: #40708 Absence manager to support day-based pay codes (as described above*) Advanced overtime calculations configurations are now available that support overtime pre-processing, reverse allocation and prorated overtime Wage and Bonus Adjustments: effective dated wage changes and special bonuses can be allocated for specific jobs, labor accounts or pay codes helps adhere to standards common in global markets Workforce central can now transmit source to gross labor data to payroll before a pay period is over common practice in Europe Proactive Alerts: Timekeeper can monitor employees worked hours and alert managers when they exceed a pre-defined threshold for overtime legislation compliance and enforcement very relevant for Europe, India and Asian markets Capability to monitor and restrict cumulative total break time, as well as break sequence, ex: 15 minute break must be taken before 1 hour lunch break. This is especially important in France Average working time limits: Overtime can be averaged over a period longer than a single pay period. If average hours dont exceed the overtime threshold, no overtime is paid. Legislated working time reports for India 3 reports added to help businesses comply with manufacturing legislation China overtime request and Approval- Process Manager form is now available that allows employees the opportunity to approve overtime before it is assigned Easier interface for editing time zone settings Certifications acquired for shipping Series 4500 terminals to Japan, France, India, Dubai, Singapore, American Samoa, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Iceland, Lithuania, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia Customer-Driven Core Enhancements Workforce Worksheet Workforce Worksheet is a direct connection via Microsoft Excel 2007 to live data within Kronos Workforce Central Users can customize spreadsheet format, or merge Workforce Central data with data captured from other systems. Excel templates can be refreshed on-demand, without disrupting formatting or design made by the user Workforce Worksheet provides greater access to Workforce Central data, and more freedom for users ot work with via Excel 2007, a common and familiar desktop tool. As a result, users have less reliance on I/T to develop custom reports Business Objects Adaptor Microsoft reporting technology (RDLC) replaces Crystal Reports - only RDLC will be embedded in WFC and supported The Kronos Business Objects Adaptor (Kronos BOA) is a way for customers to take advantage of more visually effective standard reports developed in Microsoft RDLC, while leveraging their investment in custom reports developed for Crystal Kronos BOA is a gateway to produce custom Crystal reports via an external Business Objects environment, yet through a seamless user experience in the Workforce Central UI Effective Dated Assignments Employee records that control calculations for worked hours, wages and leave balances now offer more control over when a rule change will take effect HyperFind Access Profiles Assignable profiles can be created, helping to control which HyperFind queries each user has access to Users will only have access to relevant HyperFinds eliminating clutter and improving usability Historical Edits Visibility Visual cues display when retroactive edits have been made to a timecard verifying that an error was caught and corrected Prevents duplicate edits from being made and provides a historical reference Improved Biometric Enrollment and Viewing An extra configuration setting lets customers choose whether non-enrolled employees can use the 4500 biometric terminal without verifying their identity, or restrict these employees until they enroll Employees can no longer purposely skip the enrollment process and continue buddy punching when the setting is turned on General improvements have been made to the enrollment process at the terminal to minimize future problems with verification

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Aprimo: #40708 Strengthening Strategic Products Workforce Activities Web parts provide a real-time comprehensive dashboard of shopfloor activity data, enabling managers to make mid-shift adjustments to improve productivity 6.1 includes the following web parts i) Navigator provides an overall summary of shop floor activity ii) Inactive past Due commitments Identifies bottlenecks by showing inactive tasks that are past due iii) Shop Expense Alerts Identifies employees or resources charging time to non-productive activities iv) Current Shop Status Helps managers identify what labor and resources can be redeployed to respond to bottlenecks v) Activities By Due Date Summarizes active work orders with due dates to help prioritize resources Resource Utilization allows customers to track utilization of machines and equipment, making Workforce Activities a more complete solution that can now track labor, material and machine data in one integrated solution Enhanced Cell Tracking - groups of people, groups of resources or a combination of both can now be tracked as a single unit to better fit the way that many companies operate and reduce data collection time and efforts Event Monitor Customers can navigate, view and manage shop floor data by work order, widget or any other element of their shop floor, where data was previously organized solely in an employee-centric manner Simple Swipe allows employees to clock in and out, and start and stop activities events automatically with one swipe Actual Cost of Labor Job costing will now reference wage rate based on the appropriate date, overtime, holidays and other business rules Workforce Activities Record Manager Administrators can now cop, purge and archive data from Activities, reducing the amount of data stored in the database and avoid performance issues that may be caused by large volumes of data Workforce Absence Manager Workforce Leave and Workforce Attendance will now be sold together as Workforce Absence Manager, a simpler and more complete absence solution On-demand Leave Grant Calculation automates the common practice of calculating leave time accrued based on hours worked during the previous 12 weeks, rather than fixed amounts. This will reduce manual calculations for managers, which will reduce errors and improve productivity Workforce Scheduler Improved employee self-scheduling that provides a new simplified one-screen interface with features that improve automation of scheduling Schedule Planner provides new configurable options that create an easier-to-use interface for managers, requiring less training and less time actually using the application. Options include: i) A set of saved locations for future use ii) Control of what tabs are displayed iii) Export to Microsoft Excel iv) A new metrics tab displays new user-defined hours calculations v) Search and modify multiple shifts at once New Assignments Decision Support proactively suggests changes in departmental coverage to address over and understaffing Joint Commission Compliance: provides a specific audit trail regarding date-specific staffing levels and how staffing decisions were made on that day to help pass Joint Comission audit Workforce Scheduler now utilizes the Workforce Timekeeper Callable Totalizer, so schedule hours are in alignment with timecard hours In accordance with adjustments made in Workforce Timekeeper to accommodate contract hours, Workforce Scheduler can now apply contract hours to the rules violation and Priority Scheduling Engine Hours of operation is now available for viewing directly on the Schedule Planner useful for retail customers Workforce Forecast Manager Formerly a part of Workforce Scheduler with Optimization is now re-packaged as its own entity John M. Fox Page 20 of 21 6/10/2008

Aprimo: #40708 Effective dating is now available on forecasting to help reflect and report organizational changes Important forecast metrics are available in the Schedule Planners metrics tab which will help managers measure how they optimize schedules Users can now freeze headings when navigating a plan to help keep data in context similar to functionality found in common spreadsheet applications Workforce Analytics A near real-time feed is established between Workforce Timekeeper and Workforce Analytics as opposed to the previous interval, which was once daily. The end result for customers is data within the Workforce Analytics data mart that is current to the last minue- enabling virtually any kind of report to be developed against the Workforce Analytics data mart, providing superior performance without overhead on the Workforce Central application server. Tips & Tokes A new add-on module added for the domestic gaming industry Enables tracking and reporting of employee tips for compliance with the Gaming Industry Tip Compliance Agreement Program with the IRS Tips rates are calculated based on occupational categories Enables tracking of Toke pools which are distributed daily or weekly to eligible employees Allocation is usually based on time worked in eligible job, tasks and labor accounts

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