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yachting enthusiasts, Kavas Yachting is a well-established Athens-based Greek yachting company with over 25 years of experience, offering luxury sailing yacht charter services in Athens, Kos Island and Lefkas Island, as well as crane & shipyard services in Athens and Lefkas. We reach out to you because we believe there is ample room for cooperation between us, in a mutually beneficial framework. But, let us first, introduce ourselves. Kavas Yachting The Company Kavas Yachting was founded in 1985 by Evangelos (Vaggelis) Kavas, a former Greek Naval Officer, whose passion for yachting and the sea led him to venture into yacht chartering. It was a very humble beginning, with a tiny 30 yacht. Today, Kavas Yachtings company-owned fleet comprises of 50 sailing yachts of all types (monohulls & catamarans) and sizes (61 30) The company maintains three bases in Athens (Alimos Marina), Kos Island and Lefkas Island, which practically cover the Argo-saronic Gulf, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese & South-Eastern Aegean and the Ionian Sea regions. Nevertheless, Kavas Yachting is more than just about yacht charter. It is the only company in Greece to be able to offer a universal charter yachts service: a) Yacht Charter Greece (bareboat, skippered or cabin charter), b) Charter management for third parties, c) Crane services and d) Shipyard services. The company owns five (5) cranes for lifting/launching yachts from/into the sea, as well as two (2) travel lifts (70t & 150t), while it also has a unique hydraulic remotely-controlled self-moving trailer that can haul and place in position yachts of up to 85 tones each. Needless to say, there is also a small fleet of trucks and trailers to support our numerous crane & shipyard activities. Marina Alimos is the largest marina in Greece; every year, Kavas Yachting undertakes more than 50% of the crane and shipyard services bough by its yacht professionals. Hence, it is only natural that we do our own maintenance work to our boats, which is why they always look their best! You should also note, that Kavas Yachting is a certified partner of the Greek Tourism Organization (GTO) and also a member of the Hellenic Yacht Brokers Association (HYBA), the Hellenic Professional Yacht Owners Association (HPYOA) and the Greek Professional Yacht Owners Bareboat Association (SITESAP). You can find a lot more information, rent yacht, yachts photos/videos etc. about us, at our website: http://www.kavas.com, you can also visit out Facebook and Twitter pages we would love it if you Liked us. Yours Truly,

Vangelis Kavas