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INSTRUCTIONS TO THE STUDENTS AT TEST CENTRE Note: Read the following instructions carefully and sign the declaration printed at the end failing which disciplinary action will be taken as per University Regulations.

1. Before taking end term examinations, read the instructions carefully. If you have any questions, please contact the test centre Administrator for assistance. 2. After reading these instructions, please sign the declaration printed at the end and submit the same to the Test Centre Administrator. This document will be retained for a period of one month after the declaration of results. 3. Please confirm your examination center only from the approved list notified by Acel in advance. Do not visit any of the sites for any information relating to examinations. 4. You must carry the documentary evidence e.g. Bank Challan/Cash Receipt, along with a Photo Identity with you to the Test Centre venue without which you will not be permitted to appear for the examination. 5. You should adhere to the seating plan made by the Test Centre Administrator. 6. You should sign the attendance sheet available with the Test Centre Administrator/ Invigilator. 7. You should visit our website ____________ regularly for any news/changes regarding anything pertaining to the examinations. 8. During the course of conduct of examination, you will be under administrative control and supervision of the Test Centre Administrator. He will monitor your activities during the examination. If necessary, the University may have your session videotaped,webcamera or CCTV . 9. You are strictly prohibited to disclose, publish, reproduce, or transmit any part of this examination in any form, by any means, verbal or written for any purpose. 10. You should not talk to other students or refer to their screens, testing materials, or written notes. 11. Please do not use written notes, published materials, or other testing aids.

12. You are strictly prohibited to carry your personal belongings e.g., laptop computers, palmtop computers, jewellery, mobile phones, pagers, recording devices, photography equipments, briefcases, notebooks, other electronic devices in the test centre during the examination. Items such as food, drinks, cigarettes and other eatables are not allowed inside the test centre. 13. You can use your basic calculator (not scientific calculator or programmable calculator) if specifically mentioned in the question paper. 14. You should not copy questions and or answers, or make any attempt to take them out of the testing area or share them with other candidates. If you have any doubts about the question paper, please contact the Test Centre Administrator who will seek clarifications from the Controller of Examinations. 15. You will conduct yourself in a civilized manner at all times at the Test Centre. 16. Please begin answering the questions when directed by the Test Administrator. 17. Please write your correct enrolment number, roll number, password, programme details. 18. Please ensure that you are responding only to a question paper scheduled for that session. 19. Please reach the Test Centre atleast 30 minutes before the scheduled time of commencement of the examination. You will not be allowed to take the examination if you are late 20 minutes. No extra time will be given to you if you are late. 20. If you do not have a user name and pass word, please contact Manager, Acel. He will provide the same by creating a web account for you. Such requests are processed instantly and most are processed within a few hours. 21. If you want to locate a test center worldwide, you select the examination programme you are interested in testing and then follow the instructions displayed. Then you will see the list of test centers in your area. The centers have the option of describing directions to their centers in different areas. You can view these by clicking on he directions within the Test Centre Administrator. 22. You can be given freedom to choose a testing center of your choice exam-by-exam basis provided that Centre is activated for the programme you are pursuing. 23. Please do not forget to give feedback to us regarding functioning of the Test Centre in the prescribed form