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Assignment of Research Methodology in Communication

Ethnography is a qualitative research to explore cultural phenomena which includes culture in community, so that the researcher can understand the group and their life in that community according to the human societies. Ethnography is a means to represent graphically and in writing the culture and society of the people which can include brief history of the individual, its terrain, climate and habitat. It observes the point of the world from a holistic point of view according to the subject taken by the researcher. It avoids casual explanations and understands and observes the behavior taking into consideration the symbol meaning and characteristics of the individual. It observes the behavior and characteristic so that the data can be collected in the parameters of social perspective and the goal is to be completely unbias while doing research. Data can be collected through observation, field notes, interviews and surveys. Being a qualitative research there is no particular format for questionnaire hence it is advisable to tape and then later on transcribed. Secondary research and document analysis are also provided to reach for the insight of the research topic. The ethnographers are advised to research on a community which they have complete knowledge about so that it is easy to understand the respondents and have an unbias outcome. Despite of this, there are researchers who cannot be completely unbias which is a drawback for ethnography. E.g. To understand the quality for Times of India Newspaper, for the city Ahmedabad. 1. With reference to quality how would you rate Times of India? (A) Excellent (B) Good (C) Fair (D) Poor (E) Cant Say

The above question can be easily identified in quantitative basis, where majority of the people found it Excellent but to understand the term quality in each persons language was difficult, where the cultural and social aspect plays the major role. Many people meant it as good in language, good in terms of quality of the paper, good because of the fonts and advertisements. Etc 2. Is the language satisfactory to you? The people who were fluent at English were very satisfied but the people who were not, had major problems and had difficulty to understand as they studied primarily from a gujarati medium. 3. Which are the other newspapers you would prefer other than Times of India? Business Standard and Economic Times were their common answers because it is either already available on their desk at office or majority of their friends and colleagues prefer this. 4. Do you like reading Newspapers or you prefer any other Media for information? Newspapers have been outdated and have to be read due to the pressures of parents is what the college students thought, Business man preferred newspapers because they saw their fathers reading this traditional media and have adopted it. Rest of them, such as Housewives and aged personality preferred TV and Radio specially while travelling.

These were the few common questions asked to the people. As Ethnography is the base of social anthropology, the questions were reframed according to the answers of the respondents. A basic feature used for the ethnographic method is direct, largely informal interaction with the people being studied so as to provide the opportunity to learn about their society and culture as naturally as possible.

e.g. 1. Which newspaper do you prefer reading the most? 2. Is reading newspaper a part of your routine? 3. Are newspaper the correct source of information? 4. Do you find E-papers more convenient or the hard copy? 5. Does the language of newspaper add to your vocabulary? 6. Do you think newspapers would extinct in the next decades?

Submitted to: Dr. Ruchi Tewari Submitted by: Siddhi Jain