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1. EXCUTIVE SUMMARY OF PROJECT Title of the Project A study on impact of service quality on customer e level of members in Spring Time Club
The proposed research is designed to find out the level of satisfaction and the factors that aid in retaining the members of the club. It is designed to understand the sensibilities of the modern day members and thereby understand the factors that motivate the customers and affects the sales and sustainability of a membership taken in the club.

This study is related to customer satisfaction level in Springtime club, Kalyan, Maharashtra. The term club is usually applied to a particular organization of people who are tied with a common interest or goal. The term club has a broader implication these days. Clubs may include sports clubs like racing clubs, rowing clubs and they may include elite social clubs also. The term club is also loosely associated with a night clubs of discotheques. Social and dining clubs are usually permanent institutions with a fixed club house. This concept of club culture in India is a legacy of its colonial past. It is the British who introduced the club culture in India. India can now boast of a host of premiere social and sports clubs. This club culture preserves the old world to some extent and quaint charm of colonial India.
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People interested in getting membership of exclusive Indian clubs often have to face long waiting lists of people who are already in queue to get admission there. But this site brings good news for those who want to introduce themselves to the club scenario of India. This article tells you about the newly opened Springtime Club in Kalyan. It is an exclusive recreational club which sprawls of over 2.5 acres of verdant land. The pocket pinch for the club membership is also delineated here. So visit this site and get going with a refined club experience

This Project was completed on the basis of survey method, where samples were chosen by the memberships which have already been taken. The project was conducted overall in Kalyan city only. The samples also comprises Promotions too, whose are part of Promotion channel. Areas within the city limits like Rambaug, Kalyan station, Khadakpada , Adharwadi, Syndicate, Kala Talaw, Gandhi Chawk, Shivaji Chawk, Tilak Chawk, Raheja Colony were covered.

The results says that, the Springtime Club has moderate demand in the kalyan city, because there are reason like club is Monopoly in kalyan, all services under one roof and lifestyle too. The brand partners of club are VLCC, Cinemax and Reliance fresh.

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A study on impact of service quality on customer satisfaction level of members in Spring Time Club

This project outlines the problem statement of Spring Time Club for customer satisfaction level and marketing strategies in kalyan city. The company is, currently, facing the problem of customer dissatisfaction where management of the club and members are involved. As per the expectation top line of the company is not improved over the span of four year. So, there are some problems in the member relationship and the companys marketing strategies and pricing strategies too.

Intern took this project, as title mentioned above, to find out the customer satisfaction level toward the clubs sales management. Since, the member satisfaction is very important for the increase in the sale of the company. And hence, intern tried to find out and study the same.

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To study the membership pattern and members expectation of Springtime club in Kalyan. To analyze How Often members visit the club To study the factors which attract the members towards the Springtime club. To study members Satisfaction towards services and maintenance of Springtime club


To study the impact on sales when offer is given to people by the club. To study the overall sales after service facility offered by club to members

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To study the members satisfaction towards the clubs delivery and payment system. To analyze the overall satisfaction and evaluation of the members


1. The study will be useful to organization in content of understanding member satisfaction and it will also useful to organization in relation to possible modification in present sales and promotion system. 2. The study will be useful to the other experts and the students researchers to study in the same area. 3. The study may help the organization to improve their quality and service that providing to its members satisfaction. 4. The study will be remaining as guidance for the organization for better customer satisfaction. 5. The study may help the organization to plan future policies and strategies for better customer satisfaction.

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6. The project study will be help in finding solutions of the problem faced by customer and the problems faced by the organization.




Spring time Club is a part of the Milestone Group. This group specializes in Property development. The company strongly believes in offering the best hospitality facilities
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to the people of Kalyan, Ulhasnagar, Dombivali and Mumbai. It is from this tenet that Springtime has emerged, becoming the oasis of leisure in the city. Spring time club spread across 2.5 acres of sculpted landscape; provide unique facilities to their members. There's a reason why this club is called Springtime and you don't have to dwell too long to understand this. Built specifically to take you away from the hustlebustle of everyday routine, this club is as refreshing as the advent of spring. To make sure this happens, the club boasts of recreational facilities that are maintained to international standards so that you can spend quality time with your family.

Besides what's the point of working so hard to earn a living if you can't enjoy those little moments in life with your loved ones. At Springtime, we give you a variety of ways to do that. Like having a dip in the swimming people for one or how about engaging in a game of Table tennis for another.

For young shutters, there is Badminton too! But if you looking forward just to relax, you could avail of our health zone to get some peace of mind. From Yoga, to Naturopathy or even Aerobics, everything that you could possibly want to do, can be done at Springtime.

And if all that activity stresses you out, how about a sumptuous meal at the Multicuisine restaurant or a light brunch at the Coffee shop .For those of you who just can't get away from work, there is the Conference room so that you can mix business with pleasure. We really have thought of everything at Springtime, and the best part is, you hardly have to go too far to experience all this.
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Company Profile:-

Company Name

Springtime Clubs & Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd.

Countr y/Territory Country/Territor India Springtime Clubs & Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd. Club Road, Opp. K.D.M.C. Road, 'B' Ward Office, Khadakpada, Kalyan(w) 421301 We offer international quality(club facilities) and multicuisine restaurant and bar, Giggles, Gym, Banquet Hall, Jacuzzi, Kerla Spa, Conference Hall, Etc. UpperMiddle ,Class people and Highly Qualified people like CA, Doctors, Corporators, Lawyers, Builders, Etc. Kalyan, Ulhasnagar, Dombivili, Ambarnath,

Products/Services We Offer

Industry Focus

Geographic Market [Type text]

[Type text] Titwala

No. of Employee Annual Sales Range Year Established Legal Representative/CEO

50 People 50 lac to 1 crore 2006 Mr.Chetan Shitole

3.2. Springtime Our Social Responsibility:-

The month of November was dedicated to the future, the ones closest to the Chacha Nehrus heart, our children! A host of activities were lined up on Saturday, 13th November and 14th November to make kids feel special. Gaming Zones are the newest and the most popular way of childrens fun activities. Why should these zones be accessible only to fortunate individuals like us who can afford this luxury? Owing to this, 50 kids from Aasra, an NGO working towards welfare of destitute & street children in & around the slum communities of Kalyan, Vithalwadi & Ulhasnagar were invited to the newly inaugurated kids destination in Springtime Giggles on Saturday, 13th November for Childrens Day.

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Inviting these kids to playsome techno games at the kids gaming zone, was a small effort by Springtime to bring smiles in their dismal lives this Childrens Day. A business flourishes only if it is able to give back to the society for what it takes from it. The Milestone Group recognizes its responsibility towards the local community and we think this is the least we can do to fulfill it.

3.3 Facilites and Services Multicusine Restaurant and Bar

Springtime's multi-cuisine restaurant and bar will satisfy even the choicest of foodies amongst you. Our chefs would be delighted to serve up absolutely anything that your taste buds dictate for that exquisite wine and dine experience. And we have taken care not to offend sensibilities either. That's why we have a separate kitchen to specially cater to our vegetarian guests.

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COFFEE BITE If you aren't in the mood for a full-fledged sumptuous meal, you could try out some snacks at our Coffee Shop. If you aren't in the mood to eat, you could kick back with just a coffee. Either way our coffee shop really is the perfect setting to laze around or catch-up on family and friends. As they saya lot can happen over coffee

Swimming Pool
To help you beat the heat is our very own swimming pool. But don't worry if you don't know how to swim. Our fully trained instructors will help you go from being a novice to a water baby in no time. For those of you who just want to have fun, Kalyan's first mini-sized Olympic swimming pool is the perfect venue.

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Depth of the Swimming Pool is 3 feet to 7 feet and the width of the swimming pool is 25 metre as per the rule of government. There is also a separate swimming pool for childrens below the age of 7yrs and the depth of that pool is around 2.5 feet. There is also a special trainer available whenever the swimming pool is open for members and customers. The maintanence part is also very properly done in the pool on daily basis so that the members feel safe

Taking care of the family is one thing, but taking care of yourself is quite another and something we often lose out on. That's where our Health Zone comes into the picture. Equipped with a Gymnasium, an Aerobics room, Yoga and Naturopathy centre, herbal massage room and even a Steam-Sauna. Needless to mention that all these

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facilities are well equipped and have trained professionals to look after your needs. That's why we say that at Springtime, you could really pamper yourself silly!

Gym Is only available for members and they can visit the gym any time and many in a day not like other gym. In this gym also there is a trainer available for every member and if the member wants special personal trainer in that case also the club provides the personal trainer to the members but conditions apply*

Apart from all the usual activities at Springtime also has a Virtual Park. A recreation centre for all age groups, this gaming centre takes you to the realms of impossibility;
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it gives you the experience of a life-time. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and brilliant sound effects, these virtual gaming consoles will set your pulse racing. Virtual park, real fun!


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From our well-trained marketing team to our unique promoting programs, Spring time Clubs marketing efforts have been developed with two goalsto establish and promote a global brand identity and to help our people better serve their members.


At springtime club, Services quality is our top priority. Whether were helping you build

a new Facility from the ground up or working to ensure that your existing service has the latest

state-of-the-art technology. In addition, our experienced engineers and chemists (for chlorine level

checking in swimming pool) are available to help you safeguard the quality of the finished services



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i). Promotion network:

We have a promotion network consisting of levels between the club and the costomers, i.e. promoters and customers. Membership Information given directly to the customers that to from door to door services and then through cold calling from where it generates its primary sales. Kalyan is divided into different zones. In each zone, whole city is covered. In each zone at least one promoter is present. Zone wise promotors are given below (Each zone name signifies one promoter)

Kalyan City:In Kalyan zone the promotion network is divided in two segments. One is the promotion in the city and the other is promotion in the connecting routes to surrounding areas. We have different promoters for different routes.

Sales Department:We have following sales staff in Maharashtra sales team. Sales Manager Sales Executive Sales promoters Tele Callers
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-1 -3 -3 -6

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Spring Time club officers along with the names and duties of each staff member is given below-









Palms Water Club

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[Type text] Cool and calm under the Palms

For a comfortable stay in Townville, Palm Waters offers you one and two bedroom villas located just 400 meters from the Kalyan Station. Everything you need to be a home away from home. Spacious and affordable, fully self contained Holiday apartments. Stay a while in Townsville with an average temperature of 28 degrees and an average of 320 sunny days a year! Palm Waters Holiday Villas are a family owned and managed complex. Our goal is to make you feel welcome in our relaxed and friendly environment

(This Club is yet to come)


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Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Limited. (previously known as Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Pvt Ltd.) commonly famous as Talwalkars, is one of the India's largest chain of health centres. It has over 100 ultramodern branches across 50 cities in the country, with over 1,00,000 members. Talwalkars' growth can be attributed directly to the trust our customers have in us, and the benefits they derive from our expert advice, personalised supervision, ongoing facility upgrades, result-oriented approach, and above all from Talwalkars' know-how and experience in this field.


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Customer Expectation
If you're a service provider, customer expectations can pose a major challenge. That's because expectations are wondrous creatures: They grow, they shrink, they change shape, they change direction. They shift constantly, and they shift easily. And how satisfied (or dissatisfied) your customers are is determined by these expectations and your performance in meeting them.

If expressed as a calculation, customer satisfaction might look something like this: Customer Expectations Of course, customer satisfaction is influenced by a complex interplay of factors; it's hardly as simple as plugging numbers into a formula and calculating the result. Nevertheless, this calculation serves as a reminder that your customers' level of satisfaction can be affected by changes in either their expectations or your performance. That means you have to pay attention to both. And that's where things can get tricky, because how you perceive your performance may differ from how your customers perceive it. In fact, discrepancies between your perceptions and theirs would not be at all unusual; I routinely encounter such discrepancies when I interview a company's service staff as well as its customers. So, even if you're working yourself to the proverbial bone, if customers view you as unresponsive, then you are unresponsive in their eyes. The reverse is also true: If you really are unresponsive, but customers perceive that you deliver superior service, then you do (in their eyes), and you gain little by trying to convince them otherwise. I'm not advocating bumbleheaded service, of course, but merely emphasizing that customer satisfaction is driven by their perceptions, not yours. Their perceptions are their reality, and any overlap between their view of the world and your own may be simply one of those delightful coincidences.
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Customer Satisfaction =

Your Performance

[Type text]

Watch for changes

If your customers' satisfaction level is changing, find out if something has happened, either at their end or yours, to affect their expectations or perceptions. Whether that change in satisfaction level is skyward or in the direction of the bottomless pit, analyze what's happening. If satisfaction is rising, find out what you're doing right, so you can keep doing it; if satisfaction is slithering downward, figure out how to reverse the situation before it falls off the chart

Make sure you don't get so wrapped up in delivering services that you lose sight of your customers' expectations and how well they think you're meeting them. Be conscientious in observing what's going on in your customers' environment and your own that could affect their satisfaction level. Just a caution from the We Can Always Dream Department: If you're among the mathematically inclined, don't make the mistake of concluding from the above formula that if customer expectations fall toward zero, customer satisfaction will rise toward infinity. Math works that way, but customers don't. Sigh ...

What Do Customers Want, Anyway?

Have you ever had customers who want the universe, gift-wrapped and delivered yesterday? Was that a resounding YES I heard? Fortunately, most customers don't demand the impossible. In fact, what they want is exceedingly reasonable. And what's that? Well, switch for a moment from your service provider hat to your customer hat. When you're a customer, what matters to
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you? What matters when you're at the car dealer, the doctor's office, or the airport? What matters to you when you're on the phone ordering flowers, or awaiting technical support, or ordering a million-calorie pizza and a zero-calorie beverage? Over the years, I've asked many hundreds of participants in my customer service seminars what matters to them when they're the customer. Their responses are overwhelmingly similar, demonstrating that most of us want the same things when we are customers: We want to be treated with respect. We want to be listened to. We don't want to be bounced around or ignored or treated like dummies.

Customers Main Expectations

1. To be taken seriously 2. Competent, efficient service 3. Anticipation of my needs 4. Empathy 5. To be informed of the options 6.To be listened to (and heard) 7.Dedicated attention 8. Knowledgeable help 9. Friendliness 10. Respect 11. Honesty 12. Feedback 13. Professional service


The word research from the Latin word means to know. It is a systematic and a replicable process that identifies and defines problems, within specified boundaries. It employs well-designed method to contribute to generalized knowledge.

Definition of Research:[Type text]

[Type text]

According to Clifford Woody, Research comprises of defining and redefining problems, formulating hypothesis or suggested solutions, organizing and evaluating data, making deductions and reaching conclusions, and at last carefully testing the conclusions to determine whether they fit the formulating hypothesis. Research is a scientific and systematic search for pertinent topic. Research is a systematized effort to gain new knowledge. information on a

Definition of Methodology

Methodology is the analysis of principle of methods, rules and postulates emplo yed by a discipline

Types of research

There are generally three types of research.

1. Exploratory research

[Type text]

[Type text]
2. The objective of exploratory research is to explore through problem to provide

insight and understanding. The secondary data method is used.

3. Descriptive research

It requires planned and structured design. Experimentation is the main method of

casual research.


The scope of the study was limited to Kalyan city. As the sample size was 200 clients only. In todays cut throat competition to increase the market share there is need to satisfy the customers needs and wants. For this purpose all organizations are required to conduct research work to understand customers needs and expectation from the company. For every research work the study may have geographical conceptual scope. As subject to the products limited to the study to the thane district. The survey conducted will give the details about the customer satisfaction level responding facilities and services.

The research is conducted in the Kalyan city, in the major areas where most of the members are satisfied or not with facilities of the club. So covering these major areas can make a good representative sample.
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[Type text]

The areas wereRambaug lane no. 0,1,2,3,4,5,. Khadakpada Vaylenagar, Godrej Hill, Beturkargpada, Kala Talaw. Adharwadi Shree Complex, Lal Chawki, Durgadi Killa. Shivaji Chawk Gandhi Chawk, Raheja Complex, Tilak Chawk. Others- Syndicate, Yogidham, Ambarnath, Dombivili, Ulhasnagar.

I had given a period of two months. The areas that I am supposed to cover were manageable in this period. I started my project from 14 th May, 2012 till 30th June 2012.


A research design is the logical and systematic planning and directing of piece of research The word design suggests a research plan or design in purposive. It also brings out the interrelationship between all these phases and highlights the implication of every step with reference to the previous as well as further steps in study. It thus helps the researcher to better appreciate the study in its totality. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
[Type text]

Research approach Survey Data source Primary & Secondary Research instrument Questionnaire Sampling plan Data analysis

[Type text]

Sample unit:- Service and Hospitality Industry:

Research methodology used to complete this project is given point wise as follows:
o o o

Identification of the subject/ problem to be studied Defining the objectives to be achieved while studying Collection of the necessary relevant data from various primary

& secondary sources of data.


Data processing which includes classification and tabulation of

data Preparing the observations & findings in the basis of the data

o o

Arriving at a conclusion Based on the findings and observations, recommending an

amicable solution to the problem observed.


The data collection for research work is one of the crucial ventures to be done. In order, to come out with the strength and weakness of the club by the way of data in terms of - communication and observation. In order to reach some accurate and reliable conclusion, we require some set of information. This informations are nothing but the systematically processed and
[Type text]

[Type text]

relevant ideas. So, in other words we can say that, Information Is out Come of Processed Data.

There are mainly two types of data:1. 2. Primary data Secondary data

It is collected to solve a problem or take the advantage of the opportunity on which decision is pending. In this project the primary data is collected through a survey and well designed questionnaire. It is of close ended questions of multiple choices.

These are the existing data, collected from known sources like:

Calling and taking appoinment Website Company records

[Type text]

[Type text]

Data Analysis
Data analysis was done mainly from the data collected through the Customers and Members. The data Collected from secondary sources is also used to analyze on one particular parameter. Qualitative analysis was done on the data collected from the primary as well as secondary source.


It is a framework laid down by the researcher to obtain data from every unit/ representative portion of the population to be used. It is the approach, where only a few units of population under the study is considered for analysis is called sampling method

The two aspects that have been taken into consideration of doing the study:I. Population/ universe of the research defined as :People of Kalyan City.

Sampling frame or the research is developed as: {A} Sampling unit (who is to be surveyed) Members of the Springtime Club.

[Type text]

[Type text]

{B} Sample size (how many are to be surveyed) - 200 {C} Sampling design (how are they selected) - Random probability.


The survey was limited for Kalyan region only. Random samplings of Members were selected under the Club survey. Due to the restricted time frame the sample size was small. Bigger sample size would have made few aspects more clear. The information gathered was based on members response to questionnaire. Even then a genuine attempt has been made to get correct data from them.
Afternoon time is only the time when members entertain, for rest of the time

is considered as rush hours; so intern can target maximum of 7-8 members per day

[Type text]

[Type text]



16 0 20 8 12 0

Family Single Corporate Senior Citizen NRI

[Type text]

[Type text]

According to the survey which was conducted for the Spring Time Club for Customer Expectation, it was found that 80% of the membership was taken by family. Most of the people prefer to take family membership because its the only MONOPOLY club in Kalyan and it has various facilities provided for family members and get together. The main reason behind family membership is that the PRICING factor. For single membership the cost for lifetime membership or for 25years is 1lakh and for family membership it cost around Rs 1.75 lakh , which include four members of a family that is husband, wife and two children


Daily Weekly Monthly Quarterly Halfly Yearly Not Yet Visit
[Type text]

40 30 10 50 50 18 2

[Type text]

According to the survey done it has been noticed that the members who have taken single or family membership but only for GYM purpose, they visit club daily, as there is law in that club that for single use of any facilities the membership is not given to anyone, they either have to take full membership for full facilities or no membership is given.


Sports Gym Restaurant Games Socialization Relaxation 60 70 32 22 10 6


[Type text]

[Type text]

Badminton Indigo Steam Gym Swimming Tennis Table Tennis Jacuzzi Pool Table Card room Giggles

20 30 2 32 66 0 6 2 10 2 30

According to the research done in the club the members are mostly keen to use Swimming pool. 33% of the member used swimming pool, 15% of the member used giggles, 16% of the member used gym, 10% of the member used badminton, 15% of the member used indigo, 5% of the member used pool table, 3% of the member used table tennis, 1% of the member used steam, 1% of the member used card room, 1% of the member used Jacuzzi, 0% of the member used tennis,


[Type text]

[Type text]

Kids Events Club Nights Bar Night Sports Competition Food Festival Not Attended any of the events Kitty Party

20 10 20 0 100 30

According to the survey done, most of the members do not attend the events conducted by the club, 50% of the member not attend any of event in the club. 15% of members attend kitty party, 10% of members attend kids events, 10% of members attend club nights, 5% of members attend bar nights, 10% of members attend sports competition, and no one of member attend food festival.


New Year Bash Holi Party Christmas Party Diwali Cracker show
[Type text]

30 10 20 6

[Type text]

Dandiya Night Musical Evening Not Attended

30 4 100

According the survey conducted, the annual events is been conducted by the club on a every quarterly basis and the participation rate differs from event to event. For New Year bash the participation rate was 15% as it was organized properly and it was well coordinated. But 505 of the member do not attend these events, 5% of members attend holly party, 10% of members attend charismas party, 3% of members attend Diwali cracker show, 15% of members attend dandiya nights, 2% of members attend musical evening,


Swimming pool Excellent Good Average Poor 60 100 30 10

[Type text]

[Type text]

According to survey it is noticed that the 33% of the member who using the swimming poll gave maximum good ratings to it. 30% of people gave excellent rating, 50% of people gave good rating, 15% of people gave average rating, 5% of people gave poor rating,


Gym Excellent Good Average Poor 20 60 80 40

[Type text]

[Type text]

According to survey it is noticed that the 16% of the member who using the gyml gave maximum average ratings to it. 10% of people gave excellent rating, 30% of people gave good rating, 40% of people gave average rating, 20% of people gave poor rating,


Badminton Excellent Good Average 80 80 20

According to survey it is noticed that the 10% of the member who using the badminton gave maximum good ratings to it. 40% of people gave excellent rating, 40% of people gave good rating, 10% of people gave average rating, 10% of people gave poor rating,


Restro and Bar
[Type text]

Excellent Good Average Poor 30 40 50 80

[Type text]

INDIGO restauant & bar is one of the facility which is available for both members and non-members. And its a multi-cuisine restaurant. In indigo all type of liquores and foods(indian, chineese, thai ) are available.Members are un-satisfied with the Quality &Quantity provided by indigo.According to members the food quality is not good and the price is also not reasonble.Most of the jain members demand that veg food must be prepared separeately.While both veg & non-veg foods are prepared in same place.


[Type text]

[Type text]


Excellent Good Average Poor 100 60 30 10

Giggles is the only facility which is specially dedicated to childrens. Members and non-members both can use this facility,and childrens has to purchase Cards to play the game . Charges for the games ranges from 25-30. The equipments are well maintained.while our priority is childrens safety and their Happiness. But some of the members are unsatisfied with the fact that there is no special schemes are discounts available for Members.


Kids Events Excellent Good Average Poor 140 60 0 0

[Type text]

[Type text]

Kids events are organised by club on a frequent basis in a year. According to survey it was found that most of the kids and their parents are quite satisfied with the events.and there is no complaints related to this events from members.


Club Nights Excellent Good Average Poor 140 60 0 0

[Type text]

[Type text]

According to survey it is noticed that the 10% of the member who using the Club Nights gave maximum excellent ratings to it. 70% of people gave excellent rating, 30% of people gave good rating, No one member give average or poor rating to it.


Sports Competition Excellent Good Average Poor 20 60 40 80

According to survey it is noticed that the 10% of the member who using the Sports Competition gave maximum poor ratings to it. 10% of people gave excellent rating, 30% of people gave good rating, 20% of people gave average rating, 40% of people gave poor rating,


Kitty Party Excellent Good Average Poor 80 120 0 0

[Type text]

[Type text]

According to survey it is noticed that the 15% of the member who using the kitty party gave maximum good ratings to it. 40% of people gave excellent rating, and 60% of people gave good rating, No one member give average or poor rating to it.


Helpfulness & courtesy shown by staffs Excellent Good Average Poor 100 80 10 10

[Type text]

[Type text]

According to survey it is noticed that for the Helpfulness & services rendered
by staffs gave maximum good ratings to it. 50% of people gave excellent rating, 40%

of people gave good rating, 5% of people gave average rating, 5% of people gave poor rating,


Overall Satisfaction with your Experience Excellent Good Average Poor 10 30 40 120

[Type text]

[Type text]

According to survey it is noticed that for Overall satisfaction with Your Experience gave maximum excellent ratings to it. 60% of people gave excellent rating, 15% of people gave good rating, 20% of people gave average rating, 5% of people gave poor rating


How Do you evaluate Excellent Good Average Poor 10 30 60 100

[Type text]

[Type text]

According to survey it is noticed that for the Evaluation of Decision to becoming Springtime Club member gave maximum excellent ratings. 50% of people gave excellent rating, 15% of people gave good rating, 30% of people gave average rating, 5% of people gave poor rating,



By making the overall analysis of data, intern finds that most of our members are unsatisfied due to poor communication system, and defaults in service. Most of the memberships were family membership. The main reason behind family membership is that the PRICING factor. For single membership the cost for lifetime membership or for 25years is 1 lakh and for family membership it cost around Rs 1.75 lakh , which include four members of a family that is husband, wife and two children Most of the members were not visited the club in last 3- 6 months. Due to their busy working schedule and some of the members were un-satisfied with services which was regularly used . The main reasons of the visits are sports and gym.

[Type text]

[Type text]

Only few services are regularly used by members like swimming pool, gym, giggles and restaurant. While swimming pool, gym and restaurant are mostly by members and giggles gaming zone is mostly used by kids

Most of the members are not interested in regular events except kids events and kitty parties Most of the annual events are not attended by club members due to unawareness of schedules Swimming pool is the main attraction of club and it was mostly used by members and regularly maintained by club. Members are satisfied with the maintenance and safety features of swimming pool.

Members are satisfied with the GYM facilities and it is regularly used by members. Members can visit the gym any time and many time in a day. While non-members are not allowed to use this facility.

Badminton is one the facility which is mostly used by members for sports. members must wear sport shoes to use this facility and they also have to bring their own kits to play the game. The members are not satisfied with ventilation system,and sometimes they have wait to play because only one court is availiable.

INDIGO restauant & bar is one of the facility which is available for both members and non-members. And its a multi-cuisine restaurant. .Members are un-satisfied with the Quality &Quantity provided by indigo.According to members the food quality is not good and the price is also not reasonble.

Giggles is the only facility which is specially dedicated to childrens. Members and non-members both can use this facility,and childrens has to purchase Cards to play the game . Charges for the games ranges from 25-30. The equipments are well maintained.while our priority is childrens safety and their Happiness

Kids events kitty parties are organised by club on a frequent basis in a year. According to survey it was found that most of the kids and their parents are

[Type text]

[Type text]

quite satisfied with the events.and there is no complaints related to this events from members. Most of the events were not attended by members due to several reasons like pricing, improper scheduling, restriction for guests and personal reasons etc... members are happy with the behavior of the staffs and the treatment given to them in club. According to survey it was found that members are satisfied with over all services and maintenance of the club. Members are happy for becoming a part of the club.


Poor communication system, Non transferable membership. Increase in price of annual maintenance charges, Fake commitments by old management body, Restriction of guests to events & high guest charges, Members are not up-to-date in the events happening in springtime club. Less parking area allotted to club members Guest are not allowed to events Less discounts for members in restaurants and banquet hall, Poor quality and quantity of foods in restaurants, There is no separate restaurant for veg. Which is a main problem for jain members Out dated equipments in gym, Poor ventilation system in badminton court,
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Tennis court is not ready. Low discount and high charges in banquet hall Swipe card/entry cards are not delivered to several members Improper schedule of events,

9. RECOMMENDATIONS Following Recommendations and suggestion are applicable on the basis of given Project

Transferable membership from previous member to the family member or the recommended persons should be done

Proper survey should be done to find out the commitments done by the old management body and rectify it

Members should be kept up to date with the information of the events happening in the club

Gym equipments should be upgraded and infrastructure should also be maintained properly

Guest should be allowed in annual events with extra cover charges so that it will increase the members participation towards events.

[Type text]

[Type text]

Events should be organized on a proper schedule according to the members convenience and should be taken prior appointments

Food quality and quantity should be improved and the discount rate should be increased for the members in the INDIGO club

The separate veg restaurant should be there for jain public Marketing strategies should be improvised as it should target only potential customers.

Swipe /Entry cards should be given to the members as soon as the membership is taken that is with in a week


While concluding this, intern agrees with sales promotion activities help to increase the sales of the company.

Springtime Club is carrying out different sales promotion activities like, special schemes to delight the customers, promotion though providing One day free trial etc and they are getting positive response in their sales promotions activities. But these activities are not carrying for the customers to take membership on an account.

SpringtimeClub is not present all over India, so that club can easily go for other states in order to tap the large unrepresented market.

[Type text]

[Type text]

Promoting is also not centralizing. Therefore they are not able to maintain the same quality in terms of other big clubs are providing. From these studies it was found that there is an increase in sale. But they need to do hard work to become market leader. Springtime Club clients and customers as well as channel partners i.e. Promoters and Customers are not fully satisfied with all the facilities that provided by the club, except the brand name which is blinking in the mind of the prospects.




Name of Member: __________________________________ Membership Pattern.



Corporate NRI

Senior Citizen

[Type text]

[Type text]


How often do you visit the Club ? Daily Yearly Weekly NotYet Visited Monthly Quarterly Halfly

What do you use Club for?

Sports Socialization





Which facilities do you use most often? Badminton Gym Swimming Pool Jacuzzi Pool Table Other Indigo Restaurant Tennis Card Room Steam Table Tennis Giggles


Kids Events Food Festival

Club Night

Bar Night

Sports Competition


[Type text]

[Type text] New Year Bash Christmas Party Holi Party

Diwali Cracker Show Musical Evening

Dandiya Night

4 RATINGS: Swimming Pool

Excell ent

3 Goo d

2 Avera ge

1 Po or Not using Comment

Gymnasium Badminton Restaurant & Bar GIggles Kids Event Club Nights Bar Night SportsCompetition Kitty Party New Year Bash Dandiya Nights Holi Rain Dance Diwali Helpfulness & Courtesy

[Type text]

[Type text] shown by the Staff Overall satisfaction with your experience How do you evaluate your decision of becoming Springtime Club Member

Can you suggest any improvement to the existing facilities or to the Club?


Can you suggest any new facility that you would like to see?



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[Type text]

[Type text]

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http://www.springtimeclub.com http://www.mumbai.burrp.com.com http://www.brupt.com http://www.marketingresearch.com http://www. wikimapia.org

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