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SURAS AND ASURAS Initially Aryans are one family in antiquity.

In ancient time, Sage Kashyap had two wives. But, those wives differed in social status so apart. This is very very ancient information from Sanskrit texts This created exactly two families of Aryans. who are born to first wife of Sage Kashyap along with their relatives formed Sura family which is Vedic Aryans. Those who were born to second wife along with their relatives formed the Asura Aryans. The severe enmity existed among the wives in antiquity started and continued to many many generations afterwards. The Asura group shown so much enmity, discarded supremacy of Sura Aryans and claimed, they are superior These Suras and Asura family being so much equal to one another, created so many great people who always opposed other. Those two families produced so many heroes par with each other. There happened very great wars among each other.But,Suras even tried to maintain peace with Asuras.But,Asuras,having so much pride and jealousy always forced Suras to war. The very important historical reference in Rigveda is ten kings war or Dasarajna.The Asuras joined as confederation of ten kings went war with Suras who are headed by King Sudas.This is very much decisive battle for both of them.Vedic Sudas defeated the ten king federation of Asura Aryans. The detail of the war very clearly explained in Rigveda.It happened on the banks of the mighty Saraswathi river which

dried completely in 1900BC. It referred in the Rigveda that time, Saraswathi was very mighty river and so,many Asura warriors were carried away by the mighty current of Saraswathi river while crossing the river.Asura Aryans accepted their defeat. Vedic King Sudas compelled Asura Aryans to move out to have their own separate existance.Defeated,Asuras accepted this.They lost claim on Vedas also. Because,it is proved,there were previously great Vedic scholars among Asuras. So,very huge migrations started with Asura kings with their people. They initially settled in Afghanistan and moved out to finally settle in the present day Iran and nearby Areas. See,the time of this as follows. Here,we have wonderful reference on river dried Saraswathi and as per Rigvedic reference, a mighty river than Ganges. Dried paleochannels of dried Saraswathi river confirmed by satellite photography and in some areas the width of the paleochannel exceeded more than 10 kilometers which proves the mightiness of the river. Scientific isotopic dating by experts, proved that the river dried completely in 1900BC This created second wave of Aryan migration out of India but second huge migration. The first huge migration of Aryans was due to ten kings war. The experts now confirmed that the river was mighty only in 5000BC or before.so,the minimum time cap for the Dasrajna was around 5000BC. The Asura Aryans spoken more or less exactly the same language of Suras Aryans.

But,the Asura Aryans,later not followed Vedas and Suras method of preserving the originality of text like Shruthi system ..Because, this already owned by Suras. So, we see exactly everything in Avestan language like Rigveda,but small phonetic difference started to creep in Avesta over the time,as Asura Aryans being exposed to different places with different people with different dialects. The absence of preserving the originality of the text like Shruthi system of Vedic Aryans which they are following till date in India also lead to many changes in phonetic aspect of Avestan. For.example,Originally the river Sindhu referred in Sanskrit changed to Hindu to later Asura Aryans(Persians)

In Sanskrit Vedas and other Vedic literature, so many ancient information are there and maintained by most reliable way by the Brahman community of India. But, still most of the western political set up by jealousy and bias, doing great injustice to the truth and history of Aryans by twisting exactly opposite all the details contained in Vedic texts. As per recent genetic study, Aryans are in India around 40,000 years. R1a which is considered to be Aryan haplogroup, proved to originate in Northern India. Not, only that ,Rigveda clearly gives those family names of Aryans whom migrated out of India., who are the first ancient ancestors of present day westerners.

Still, many people thinks those Asuras or Ahura Aryans history starts from Iran from Cyrus time onwards.Now,Iam referring those Asura Aryans in Persia as Persians.The reality is, many ancient references of Persians were lost because of those Islamic Invasion and subsequent torching of Persian library by Arabs. But, luckily Vedic Aryans preserved everything most intact. Persian ancestors in Persia more than 6000 years after their migration out of India around 5000BC. Those, Zoroaster, came from Asura family, created his religion basing on Asura beliefs. He created the powerful God of Asuras as Asura(Ahura)Mazda. Vedic noble God Indra as demon. These concepts he got from his Asura family. We have very good and powerful references from Mahabharata where many Persian Aryans participated in the war arriving from Persia.. Mahabharata war fought on 3129BC.For this we have to prove that Mahabharata war indeed happened on 3129 BC. Mahabharatas astronomical references like 2 eclipses within 15 days time which is now proved accurate, confirming those details are noted down by physical presence of Vedic seers. Our modern advanced scientific computers also confirm this. No body cant twist the astronomical combination before thousands of years correctly in later days. Greeks being very distant Sura Aryan group angered those Asura Aryans of the Persian Emperors to prove their superiority which only made them to invade Greece. The egoistic Persian Emperor Xerxes invaded Greece.

Later,Alexander great retaliated to avenge the Persians for this, all are now popular history. This is the truth!