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Humanity First Medical Update

January 2011
Welcome to the Humanity First Medical January 2011 update. We aim to keep you informed about our Humanity First medical activities and talk about the latest in news and controversies, in relation to our line of work in these regular updates. Please visit us on our website www.humanityfirstmedical.org for more about our activities or if you would wish to contact the team.

2011 is a busy year for the Humanity First Medical UK team. Our medical programmes will continue in Uganda, Africa with team visits going ahead as planned. In the winter months, we are continuing to send shipments for Humanity Firsts continued rehabilitative work in Pakistan. We will also continue the Humanity First Disaster Response courses in UK. I am pleased to announce the train the trainers course in United States. This is the first of its kind and will be first of many aiming to set up independent Humanity First Medical satellite training centres outside UK. I have mentioned about our work abroad but many may not know that we are also in continued need of volunteers in the Humanity First London warehouse. I will like to introduce good friend and colleague Dr Noor Ahmad, who has very passionately worked behind the scenes to make it possible for the Humanity First Medical teams to deliver. Last year Dr Ahmad and volunteers were responsible in sending shipments for the Pakistan flood victims. Here is an announcement and appeal by Dr Ahmad.

The Humanity First Medical Supplies team requests your assistance at the London warehouse
The Humanity First Medical Supplies team requests your assistance at the London warehouse. We have recently sent a shipment for the Pakistan flood victims which contained food, nappies and drugs like pain killers, antibiotics and dressing packs. With departure of these shipments, goods in the warehouse need to be sorted and archived. Please join us on both or any of the two days, Sunday the 9 th and 30 th of January, 2011. We aim to meet at 10 AM at our Deer Park Offices (22 Deer Park (ASI logofield building), South Wimbledon, London SW19 3AH. You can email me at ANoorAhmad@aol.com or ring 07941075484 for directions/queries. On the day, you will meet me and other members and hope that you will find it a social, light hearted occasion. As always good preparation is essential and I would advise a hearty breakfast and warm clothing. I hope to meet many of you on the day.

Welcome to the Humanity First Medical Supplies team

Did you know that there are 169,000 charities in the UK employing 608,000 paid workers, 231,000 of which are part-time ? This means that about 1 in 50 people in employment in the UK, work in charities. About 13.2 million volunteers, form the backbones of these charities.

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News Updates Charities as we all know cover a huge range of purposes: disaster response work, education, religion, international development, the environment, animals, leisure etc. Humanity First International is a registered charity in the UK and Humanity First Medical is a part of the charity. I joined Humanity First Medical with the belief that we can change the world for better. I am excited to find like minded team members who share this vision. We are aware that the world is full of hardships, injustices, disasters lurking around corners and therefore full of people who need help. I am delighted a number of training and trained medics have shown interest in our work in recent times. On behalf of the Humanity First Medical team I will like to welcome all of you and hope to regularly update you with our activites. Wish you all a very happy 2011.

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