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The Mercy of Allah

Analysis of Surah Ibraheem (Quran chapter 14) This Surah (chapter) was revealed in Makkah period towards the later stage and before taif. The Muslims in Makkah were going through a very difficult stage and they were being tortured by the local community. This surah was revealed (as if a case study) to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Sahabahs (radiAllahu anhum) so that they may take lessons from it and also to give them hope under the trial that they were facing. The verse before shows a khutbah of Musa (alayhi salam) to his people and it began by him saying to his people to make mention of the favours of Allah upon you (This is a condition for being grateful). Hes mentioning this to a group of people who have gone through a terrible phase under Pharaoh who not only tortured but also killed their children. To show gratitude, remember favours of Allah then this pushes you to the next step which makes you grateful. In the middle of the khutbah we see what Allah has offered (verse 7).

Then your master declares taathana. The word Taththana is not often in the Quran its not the norm and unique language even for the Quran (the common words used are usually -qala rabukum, iz o ha alaykum, is anzala kum etc... Allah didnt use any of those, He used something unique - Taththana comes from two origins in the Arabic language - ithn (permission) and athana (you hear it well) therefore this means that you better listen to what is after this word very carefully. Therefore, everyone should pay extra attention to what is being said.

The immediate statement which follows is: la-in sha-ker-tum (This is kalam shartie a conditional speech).This verse is composed of an If and then statements. E.g If you do this then I will give you this. Even IF (your part) you show one instant of gratitude, I swear to you, I (ana) will absolutely/guarantee increase you present tense is used for continuity... increase you over and over (many folds) again (Allahs part). Increase you in what? Allah doesnt answer this question; silent says a lot than speech and Allah didnt want to limit it. Allah due to His mercy could increase you in everything if you can be grateful by remembering Allah (dhikr) for His favours upon you. Allah will increase opportunity and change our situation if we have the right attitude. When Allah talked about gratitude, He made an If and a Then. However, in the second part if you were ungrateful now Allah only mentions an If and not a then. If you are in denial then what will happen? If this verse included a fa (then) my punishment is extremely severe.... Then it would mean that every time we show ingratitude then we know what is coming (His punishment) that little fa would have been jawab al-shart. Therefore, we need to be grateful for the fact that there is no fa (then) and its only (dot, dot, dot) all I say is my punishment is extremely intense but I wont make a correlation between the two (Due to His mercy). Allah may forgive us even if we are ungrateful.

Nouman Ali Khan lecture - Student Notes