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thin it is very important to blog about the process of getting your passport s tamped by Protectorate of Emigrant office because

for a new person it can be dif ficult to figure out what is to be done, in what order and how long it can ta e. Many people who are about to leave Pa istan to accept foreign employment usually do not now that they can t leave the country without a stamp by Protectorate of Emigrant office on their passport. The official website of Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment is at http://www.beoe.gov.p /Emigrants_Registration_Method .asp but it isn t much help in understanding the process and cost involved in gett ing the protector done. Allow me to brea the process down in steps Medical Examination: This is only required for certain countries (Mostly in Midd le East). Call the Protectorate office and chec with them if you need medical e xamination. There are certain gcc approved medical centers for conducting the me dical examination and giving you fitness report that you have to submit at the p rotectorate office.In medical examination following test are conducted Eye sight Chest X ray Blood test Urine test Physical examination They need 4 passport size photographs, photo copy of your passport and ID card. Once you give all the tests, you ll get the report in 2-3 days. It will cost you 3 000Rs. NICOP: National ID Card for Overseas Pa istanis is the English version of your I D Card. Once you go there ta e the pictures, give thumb impressions, fill out fo rm, e.t.c; you get a receipt. This receipt is enough to get your protector done. You get the actual NICOP card after 8 wor ing days. This costs you another 3000 to 5000Rs (Depending upon your target country of stay). Protectorate Office:Now you can go to the office of protectorate, fill out forms and complete the process. You get your stamped passport after a couple of hours . This can cost you 6500Rs or above (Depending upon the target country). You hav e to go to a couple of places to submit chalan forms. Documents required at Prot ectorate Office are: Original Passport Offer Letter/Contract Copy of VISA Your Picture Photocopy of your sibling, child or wife s ID card (For insurance) NICOP card or its receipt Medical report (stamped by GAMCA) Tips: Keep your original passport and original ID Card with you wherever ever you go o r who ever you meet Ta e at least 20 passport size pictures. Everyone needs them on their form. Ta e plenty of your ID card photocopies. Leave home with at least 15,000Rs in poc et. Another step-by-step explanation of the process is at http://www.wi ihow.com/Get -Your-Passport-Stamped-from-Protectorate-of-Emigrants-in-Pa istan Though not directly related to protector but its good to get your bachelor degre es attested by HEC and Foreign office. Your employer might as for them. Protector of Emigrants Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment

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