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Optical Instruments

The amalgamation of sound infrastructure and technical knowledge brings forth the wide range of high precision plano products like industrial optical instruments, polished optical prisms, optical instruments, flat optical prisms. Our products are widely appreciated in domestic, as well as, in overseas marketplace. The wide spectrum of superior quality products is:

Optical Prisms

We are offering high quality optical prisms. Optical prisms are the blocks of optical material with flat and polished sides that are arranged in a precisely controlled angles to one another. Technical Specification

Prisms Material Right Angle Dimensional Prisms Tolerance Penta Prisms

Standard Precision BK-7/Fused Silica 0.15 mm 0.02 mm 20-10 l/10 <5 secs

Surface Quality 80-50 (Scratch & Dig)

Equilateral Surface l/2 Prisms Flatness@632.8nm Dove Prisms Angle Tolerance 3 Min

Amici Roof Bevel Prisms Anamorphic Size Range Prisms Corner Cube Prisms Coatings

0.2 mm x 45 5 mm --- 100 mm Al+SiO/ SLARMgF2

Optical Windows

Optical windows are used to isolate different physical environment while allowing light to pass unimpeded. Technical Specifications Sta nda rd Material Pre cisi on

BK-7/Fused Silica 0.15 mm 8050 l/2 0.02 mm 2010 l/10

Dimensional Tolerance

Surface Quality (Scratch & Dig) SurfaceFlatness@632.8n m Angle Tolerance

3 Min

<5 secs

Bevel Size Range

0.2 mm x 45 5 mm --- 100 mm Al+SiO/ SLARMgF2


Optical Mirrors

At- Prisms India Private Limited manufactures complete range of optical mirrors. It is widely used in a range of optical, laser and imaging applications. Technical Specifications Mirrors Sta nda rd Material Pre cisi on

BK-7/Fused Silica 0.15 0.02



Front Surface Mirrors Elliptical Front Surface flat Mirrors Plano Mirrors




Surface Quality(Scratch&Dig )



SurfaceFlatness@63 2.8nm Angle Tolerance



3Mi n

<5s ecs

Bevel Size Range

0.2mmx45 5 mm --- 100 mm Al+SiO/SLARM gF2


Optical Flats

Optical flats are polished flat surfaced device used as references against which the flatness of an unknown surface may be compared. Technical Specifications Material Surface Quality Surface Accuracy BK-7/Fused Silica 80-50 l/4,l/6,l/10@632.8n m l/2@632.8nm <5 minutes 0.3mm x 45

Second surface Angle Tolerance Bevel

Part No (Prefix A



for Fused Silica)

ter (mm) 25 30 50 75 100 125 150

ess (mm) 10 12 15 20 25 30 35

OF-25 OF-30 OF-50 OF-75 OF-100 OF-125 OF-150

Accompanied by Flatness Inspection Report Cosmetic Defects: According to US MIL Std Supplied in Wooden Box Inspection carried out in Laser Fizeau Interferometer with 100 mm diameter /20) traceable to NISTReference Flat ( Evaluation of flatness conducted with Licenced Quick Fringe Software

Applications: Inspection of flatness of Mechanical Seals, Pump Valves, Lapped Components

Optical Parallels

We offer high quality optical parallel for use in large capacity switches, routers and data transport equipment. Technical Specifications Material BK-7/Fused Silica(SuffixA) 0.15 mm

Dimensional Tolerance Thickness Tolerance Surface Quality Surface Accuracy Parallelism Bevel Part No

0.01 mm 80-50 0.2 microns 0.1 microns 0.5mmx45X

BK7/Fused Silica(Suff ixA) OP30 mm

Thicknes s (mm)

OP-01/ 01A

12.000, 12.127, 12.250, 12.375 25.000, 25.127, 25.250, 25.375

OP-02/ 02A


50 mm

Accompanied by Flatness Inspection Report Cosmetic Defects: According to US MIL Std Supplied in Wooden Box Inspection carried out in Laser Fizeau Interferometer with 100 mm diameter Reference Flat (/20) traceable to NIST Evaluation of flatness conducted with Licenced Quick Fringe Software Parallelism Inspection by Haidenger Fringe method using special Software

Application Inspection & Calibration of Flatness of Micrometer


Laser Interferometer

Avail from us, superior quality laser Inferometers for linear measurements. Features

Small size and low weight Easy beam alignment Easily transportable Simple operation High resolution High precision Low price Applications Positioning of CNC and CMM Machine geometry Inspection Flatness Measurement Angular Positioning Ball Screw Inspection Servicing Application Technical Specifications Range Resol ution Acc ura cy 1,5 m/ m



0-30 m

0,01 m(0,0 01 m)* 0.25 m/s


0-0,3 m/s (0,1 m/s) 0-3600 arc sec

0,1 %


0,04 arc sec 0.02 m (for 100

0, 2%

Straightness Measurement (with angular optics)

0-12 m


mm base) Flatness *** 0-12 m ( 3 mm) mm flatness measur ement range) 0-3 m 0,02 m ( for 100 mm base) 1 %

Straightness measurement (with wollaston prism ) Squareness

0.01 m


1000 arc sec

0,03 arc sec

1 % (1,5 arc sec) 0. 2%

Rotary measurements

0,04 arc sec

The maximum velocity for 0.001 m resolution is 0.1 m/s, the 0-15 m range request, moody method and grid method.

Fizeau Interferometer

Flatness measurement interferometer set-ups such as this, are used for the metrology of surface flatness of plano elements such as mirrors, prisms, windows & lapped mechanical components. This is a non-contact measurement, unlike using Optical Flats by contact method, wherein the reference Optical Flat is damaged after constant usage. The transmission/ reference flat serves as a reference which is compared with the test component. The basic Interferometer has two operating modes Alignment Mode & View mode. In the Alignment mode, the integral tilt-table is adjusted to superimpose the images on the video monitor. View mode yields high contrast fringes.

From the fringe pattern, the flatness of the test component is evaluated. Technical Specifications Orientation Light Source Vertical He-Ne Laser 632.8nm Imported Flat l/10 with Traceability 8" x 8" at -

Reference Accuracy


Work Table (Tilt Table) Dimension Warm-up time Power Weight

< 10 minutes 220V,50Hz Approx 40 Kgs

Colour / Mon Video Monitor CCD Camera Selection Mode for rapid Alignment and Fringe viewing Vertical Model 100 mm Vertical Model 50 mm Vertical Model

Model LFI-100/V LFI-50/V

Optional Static Quick Grabber. Fringe Analysis

Accessories Software & Frame

Michelson Interferometer

We offer Michelson interferometry.




Michelson Interferometer Setup

Determination of wavelength Refractive index of transparency slide Precise comparing of wavelengths Refractive index of air White light fringes Interference fringes Equal thickness fringes

Fabry-Perot Interferometer Setup

Multiple beam Interference Equal inclination fringes

Twyman-Green interferometer

Demonstration of Twyman-Green interferometerCombination of Michelson & Fabry Perot Interferometer is Universal Interferometer. Combination of Michelson, Fabry Perot & Twyman Green Interferometer is precision interferometer.


It is an optical instrument used for non-contact measurement of angles. They are used to align components & measure deflections in optical or mechanical systems. An autocollimator works by projecting an image on to target mirror, and measuring the deflection of returned image against a scale. Educational Use Model ACT-01S ACT-02D Resolution 3.0 Secs 1.0 Sec

Industrial Use Model ACT-03D ACT-04D ACT-05D Resolution 1.0Sec 0.5Secs 0.2Secs

List of Accessories

Standard Reflector Custom Built Reflector Penta Prism Std/ Precision Optical Polygon Std/ Precision Metal Polygon


Calibration of Rotary Tables Calibration of Surface Plates Alignment of Machine Beds Straightness Inspection of Table Movements Measurement of Squareness & Parallelism of Machine Guideways

Interference Autocollimator

We offer Interference Autocollimator for the measurement of flatness of lapped & polished mechanical components. Features

Technical mass products with flat surfaces specified to be better than 0.1 m, over a few cm, are produced by millions per month The production processes are lapping & polishing and, increasingly more often, Micro machining; 90% have diameters under 50 mm. ISO 9000 requires tight inspection often 100% The most common tool for this is The Interferometer having an esteemed value for engineers, as does the stethoscope for the medical practitioner.

Alignment Autocollimator

We offer all types of alignment autocollimator. Serves as a Alignment Telescope and an Autocollimator. Used for alignments of various points along a reference line as well the orientation/ angular tilt in two axis. Application Area

Aerospace Industry Bore Alignment Gear Box Axis Alignment Ship Building Industry Roll Alignment Automotive Industry Die Casting Industry Machine Tool Industry

Linear Resolution: 10 Microns shift @ 1 meter distance Angular Resolution: 1 arc sec. Prisms India provides complete solution in design and fabrication of target fixtures to suit wide range of applications.

Monochromatic Light Source

Wooden Frame with acrylic white sheet for diffused/ extended light of low pressure SOX Sodium Vapor lamp.

Model MLS1: Optical Flat to be placed on top of the specimen or component under test for viewing the light band from top. Model MLS-2: Specimen or the component under test is placed on top of the Optical Flat. The Light Bands or the fringe patterns are viewed through the mirror placed underneath the optical flat.

Applications Used as a light source for Inspection of flatness of Mechanical Seals, Pump Valves, Lapped Components with Optical Flats.

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