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Feedback for : Nestle By : Shubham Khadria Placed in : Nestle Session : 2011-12

Q. How did you prepare for this company? i was thorough with all my projects and their related subjects.one should be aware of every aspect that is mentioned or even slightly touched upon in the resume. I Chose areas of interest with great caution and was prepared to face practical questions on them. Apart from that standard HR questions were also practised. I read newspaper to keep up with the happenings because topic of discussion in the GD comes mostly from current affairs (nestle is the consideration here). Q. Briefly explain the prelimnary process (GD/Written test). short list based on cgpa cutoff (>6.5).

Topic of discussion: FDI in educational institutes for higher studies (10 minutes+ individual conclusion) suggestions: Be involved with the group, dont always try to be the leader because that is not necessary, speak good and clear ideas and in a oneliner way so that people get an opportunity to discuss on that rather than merely agreeing to it and moving on(it would be an advantage to you only), at the time conclusion speak about what all that has been discussed instead of mentioning your ideas. Q. Describe the interview process. I have jotted down every possible moment of my interview, hope it helps: 1. What did you had for lunch? (Ice breaking question) Suggestion: This question is not a part of their judgment. Its an initiative of HR people to make you comfortable with the atmosphere. Be a happy face, carry a smile with you and its obvious to be nervous but dont panic. Interact with them and dont answer it in a one word style and please dont define all the ingredients of your diet. Utilize this question to loosen up.

2. Tell me about yourself and your family (emphasis was on family) Suggestion: Nestle is a company that looks into values and ethics with deep consideration. Frame your answer with less emphasis on you and more on your family. Try introducing them to your family ethics, moral preachings, their role in your life etc. Be honest and dont exaggerate.

Technical: all questions were based on my resume. It is strictly advisable to be thorough with your resume and be prepared for practical questions related to your projects. For Example: 3. Explain your project during the internship. (emphasized on result) My answer: explained about the projects and further basic questions were asked related to the same.

4. 2nd year internship project: cooling towers. Question asked: what type of cooling tower would be advisable for a humid area.

My answer: I explained them my reasons for the choice that I ll make using proper pchyrometric chart. My answer was not completely correct but they were happy with the level of depth I thought about at that moment. Question: What is approach (technical term, need not bother about it) My answer: rough idea, explained it. Accepted that I dont remember the exact definition. No harm done. Further small and basic questions were asked.

5. related to my btp. Question: what is the difference between a HAWT and a VAWT? (Completely basic, again dont bother) Suggestion: use some hand gestures to explain. Dont be bookish. Rather show some practical awareness.

Question: what is design speed of a turbine? (This was a practical question) Answer: I was not at all confident with the answer. I was framing my answer by judging the reaction of the interviewer. He was also helping me to explain what I was thinking.

Question: what will happen to the power being produced if wind speed increases? (Practical) Answer: I said it would increase but they didnt agree with it and said that gears will be present to modulate the speed of generator accordingly. So I twisted a little suggesting that I didnt included gears into my consideration and I was emphasizing on the energy limits that can be captured by the turbine. Show some presence of mind. It would be a real help.

6. Really Important one and asked abruptly: How was your CAT exam? I didnt appear for one but if you do, try to escape the question by declining to it. best answer: If my growth stagnates in the future i ll definetly go for higher studies.(courtesy : akshay)

7. what sort of work you are looking for? Try to reason out your choice. Use some reference from your last encounter with similar organization if possible. Also, make sure that your answer is apt with the work they are offering. Dont be a sycophant.

8. What are you most passionate about? My answer was rather a stupid one. Try to have an honest answer to the question but please dont mention about gamming, movies, sitcoms as they dont really give a good impression. Here again you can add about some ethical, moral values etc. Q. Other comments/feedback. Bookish knowledge never pays. Be a little practical in your approach towards answering a question. even if you know the answer, take some pause to recollect your thoughts.

its a good practise to be aware about the company, its work, products, market etc when you are sitting for the interview. Best of luck!!