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From: Rajendra Rakhecha, Founder Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance, NPO Flat No 1, Lotus Enclave 98, Anand Park, Aundh,

Pune 411 007 Mobile 9890927680 Email rrakhecha@hotmail.com, rrakhecha@myefg.in Dated 25th Dec 2012 Reg Avoiding sexual abuse Dear Team I am post graduate mechanical engineer & senior IT professional, am working full time as founder member for No profit organisation and will be available at free of cost for any kind of services needed for this task to contribute to the nation. With ref to appeal appeared in NEWS paper dated 25th Dec 2012, I wish to submit following suggestions to avoid sexual abuse cases # 1 Category Execution Suggestion All suggestions to be compiled & framed/ executed/ implemented within stipulated time frame with appropriate planning A dedicated ministry to be set up. Create data for national & international events, what is happening around the world, what has worked and not worked, etc Finalise the audience School girls, Working professional women, house wife, mother, house mate,etc To finalise media Books, Publication in news paper, video on internet, video in theatres, serials on TV, etc School education about self defense right from standard 1 in school till 10th completing the entire level wise course Awareness program on women empowerment - view presentation on Women empowerment, pl conduct workshops & awake society across the nation. Systematic plan for awareness sessions in schools and social forums . These lessons must be thought in schools. http://www.slideshare.net/rrakhecha/12-earthsoftwomenempowerment-v12 7 Education Comprehensive Sex education in schools Male, Female, Organs, Sex, Masturbation, Protection methods, Aids and other diseases, Menstruation cycle, Pregnancy, conceivation, anti- conceivation

Vision, Strategy





methods, upbringing child, family welfare, limiting number of children, etc 8 Education Ed1ucation & awareness for dealing sex abuse publishing media (books, advertise, video, serial, movies) in various languages 9 Execution What is sex abuse? What is teasing? Types of sex abuse Likely places it could occur To realize at the starting point itself Actions to be taken when sex abuse occurs Awareness of guidelines & Laws Guidance for What next?

Fixing the responsibilities depending on the places of occurrence Office Home Train, Bus, Car, Aeroplane Theatres Public places Road, Garden, etc


Governing security Governing security Governing security Governing security

Protecting the places of likely occurrences


Immediate & strict police action on filing the complaint related to sexual abuse, evening/ college tease, rape, etc Strict action against police officers if complaint is not accepted



No detention of women after 6:0 pm till 8:0 am in police custody. Entire staff should be responsible if it done and to be suspended. Any staff reporting the incidence immediately if detained, then only he/she to be dropped from the charge No bail to be granted for rapist & sex abuse


Governing security Governing security


Fast track enquiry, prompt justice should be given, Maximum one month trial for the cases of sexual abuse, rape & strict punishment. Trial should be in-focus (in-camera). Eve-teasing , rape, physical assault should be non-bailable offence. Free availability of the lawyer for the victim



security 17 Governing security Governing Support Governing security Support Capital execution/ life sentence / removal of penis (sex organ) for the rapist Social & economical establishment of the victim (girl who got raped)



Help desk center running 24 x 7 hours to be set up nation wide and police help should be provided within less than 10 minutes. Office failing in duty should be suspended immediately. It should be using call, sms, email, etc Data to be published on daily basis


Governing security Support Execution

Encourage private business firms to participate in help desk and protection center


To stop serial broadcasting displaying wrong image of the women like weak woman, over exposing women, manipulative women, etc. This will help enhancing respect about women Ban Alcohol, Ghutaka, Tamakhu, Cigarette, Bidi, Viagra, local Viagra etc across nation Educate heritage awareness, basic religion and soft skill enhancements program across nation. Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance will contribute supplying content and managing the programs free of cost Be Religious; follow simple practical religion-18 Sins-9 Holy Points- 12 Promises http://www.slideshare.net/rrakhecha/earthsoft-religious18-sins9holy-points-12-promises-13267043 Avoid ragging , stop ragging, pl utilise for education institutes




Social Education

http://www.slideshare.net/rrakhecha/earthsoft-avoid-ragging14745407 24 Different road (not sure) Make prostitution legal, more open and accessible and affordable. Also allow sex movie display on selected channels and special theatres 25 Security Encourage dummy barbies & sex- toys selling shops

To increase police patrolling on street, Deploy police in buses & trains


Drop what is rubbish Security

Old acts like Colonial act of 1860 must be revived & adopted to todays situation Deploy more women cop, train them regularly on soft skills and ownership issues, entertain the complaint; make online submission of the complaint possible and track till closure. Publish weekly dashboard and make officer responsible for closure within stipulated time frame Entire police department needs to be reformed 360 degree. Soft-skills enhancement programs to be conducted, making them aware of their responsibilities & ownership. To use reward & penalties Attitude of those in power must change, they should not be happy with small achievements & maintaining the status-quo. Visionary implementations to be thought to improve. Political parties should not give tickets. The best solution is restricting this by law that even if single FIR is filed, ticket can not be given for any election. Social Campaigns should be promoted utilizing NGO and social forums Suspend positions of all MLA & MP who have been charged for rape & sexual assault, execute their trials soonest & in special courts





Soft skills







Hope above helps. Thanks & with regards Rajendra Rakhecha