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Jonathan Kreisberg Ideas

Jonathan Kreisberg Lick (Circle of 4th with 1235 Pattern in Groups of 5) 1st D Pedal...

Transcribed by C. Neuhaus

b 4 b bb b b b b b n ## n b &4

4 4

2nd b n n n n## # n n n n n b b &

5 b b &

b b

b n # # n

b b

3rd # n n n n n # # n n n &

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Jonathan Kreisberg Lick 2 (Idea with Fourth shifted in major thirds in Groups of 6)



b nb bnnb bb nb b bb nb b


b b b b bn nb nb b nb n b nb n nb &

Jonathan Kreisberg Lick 3 ( D HTWT Octatonic descending with passing tones)

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