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Vol. 73 No.44 January 1 - 8, 2013 50 cents

Lynda Barnes and Jason Couch Elected to USBC Hall of Fame

By Matt Cannizzaro USBC ARLINGTON, Texas - Lynda Barnes and Jason Couch have been elected to the United States Bowling Congress Hall of Fame in the Superior Performance category. The two will join six other inductees, who were elected in November by the USBC Hall of Fame Committee. They are Rick Steelsmith, Shirley Levens, Sandra Postma and Frank Santore in the Outstanding USBC Performance category, Don McCune in the Veterans category and Tamoria Adams for Meritorious Service. The induction ceremony will take place May 2 at the 2013 USBC Convention in Reno, Nev. Here's a look at the newly elected bowlers: Lynda Barnes, Double Oak, Texas PBA photo A two-time USBC Queens champion (1998, 2008), Barnes also has six top-five finishes at the Lynda Barnes and Jason Couch USBC newest Hall of Fame members U.S. Women's Open. She won dozens of interRanked No. 24 on the list of the 50 Greatest Players in PBA national medals competing for Team USA, including the 2005 History, Couch has finished in the top 10 at the USBC Masters QubicaAMF World Cup. Barnes, the wife of Professional four times, with his best finish being second in 2001. Bowlers Association star Chris Barnes, also owns four USBC A USBC panel of veteran bowling writers, hall of famers and Women's Championships titles and was a standout collegiate board members vote on USBC Hall of Fame nominees. This bowler at San Jose State. year's ballot also included Steve Cook, Granite Bay, Calif.; Doug Jason Couch, Clermont, Fla. Kent, Newark, N.Y David Ozio, Beaumont, Texas; Danny .; Couch made history in 2002 by winning a third consecutive Wiseman, Baltimore and Larry Laub, Lincoln, Calif. PBA Tournament of Champions title, also claiming the event in The USBC Hall of Fame was created in 2005 by merging the 1999 and 2000. His 16 career PBA titles include four majors - the former ABC and WIBC Halls of Fame. With the eight new three TOC wins and the 1993 PBA Touring Players inductees, there will be 402 members of the USBC Hall of Fame Championship. - 267 in Performance, 115 in Meritorious Service and 20 Pioneers.

Sarah O'Brien Blasted 300 At Coram Country Lanes

CORAM, NY - Sarah O'Brien rolled perfect for a 300 game and Dan Brezo shot a 299 while competing in the High Rollers League at Coram Country Lanes. Rich DiBenedetto bowled a 279 game contesting in the Leisure Glen Seniors League.

Joe Cronk Rolled a 300 At Holiday Bowl

OAKLAND, NJ Joe Cronk earned top game honors in the A/C Challenge League at Holiday Bowl when he strung twelve in-a-row for a 300 game and finished the session with a 703 series. Scott Goldberg shot 267-247757, Shawn Aiello 264-728, Charles Anderson 254-700, Sharon Chrzanowski 257, Pam Kruegger 246, and Linda DeFreese 240.

John Sperone 300-835 at Lodi

LODI, NJ - John Sperone found perfection in a 300 then added a 279 game for a very impressive 835 series while rolling in the Monday Early Mixed League at Lodi Lanes. Walter Robinson posted a 286 game followed by Lisa Friscioni with 279-739, Kathleen Weissman 245-634, Terry Drenth 237-653, John Montagna 691 and Jason Rybak rolled a 706 set.

Brad Angelo Won PBA Viper Championship

By Bill Vint - PBA LAS VEGAS Brad Angelo of Lockport, N.Y, with two strikes and an eightcount in the 10th frame, ended four years of frustration with a 233-232 victory over Finlands Mika Koivuniemi to win the Professional Bowlers Association Viper Championship at South Point Hotel and Casino. Angelo, who won his only PBA Tour title in the 2008 Viper Championship in Omaha, Neb., came into the Viper Championship finals as the top qualifier, but got help from Koivuniemi in the final frame before pulling off his clutch victory. The Viper Championship, the second of five PBA Tour events held as part of the GEICO PBA World Series of Bowling IV at South Point, aired on ESPN. The finals are airing on my birthday, and I guarantee there will be an absolute blow-out Christmas party, slash birthday party, slash victory number two party at Brad Angelo Lanes, the now 43-year-old Angelo said. Koivuniemi started the title match with a 4-10 split and an open frame. Angelo returned the favor in the third frame when he left a 4-6-7 split and opened. Neither bowler missed the pocket after those errors, although each left and converted a single-pin spare. The contest came down to the 10th frame where Koivuniemi, working on a string of four strikes, added a fifth on his first shot. Needing nine pins and a spare to lock up the title, Koivuniemi left the 3-6-9-10 to give Angelo a chance to win with a double and eight pins, and thats exactly what the 11-year PBA
PBA photo

Brad Angelo

Tour veteran got.



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January 1 - 8, 2013

Continued from page 1 Mika gave me a chance, but I tion on the lanes here in Las feel for him, Angelo said. Ive Vegas, a guy like me without the bowled against him for 25 years speed and rev rate some of the and hes about as classy as they power guys have, is pretty much come. He made some great shots nullified. to virtually shut me out, and the Some of these guys and theyre next thing I know, he got six (pins). great players have an advantage All you ever want is a chance. over guys like me. My weak 10 pin Thats what I kept saying to is their messenger 10-pin strike. My myself, give me a chance, Angelo 2-10 split could be another strike continued. I thought I needed for them because they can send the nine pins to win. I guess it didnt headpin off the wall. register that he got six pins, not Its been a struggle, but today I seven, but I didnt look at the feel great. Great, he said with a score. Thats the first time in my grin. Hopefully Ive silenced some career I didnt look to see what I of the people who decided that my really needed; I just got up and career is over. Hopefully Ive tried to make three quality shots. shoved that right in their mouths. The victory was redemption for Koivuniemi advanced to the title four years of extreme frustration match with a 214-150 victory over for Angelo. Mike Fagan of Dallas in the first My slow years were certainly match, and a 258-180 win over not for lack of effort, he said. I reigning PBA Player of the Year dealt with the evolution of the Sean Rash of Montgomery, Ill., in sport. Bowling with so much fric- the semifinal match.


Monday Mixed Handicap Doreen Galtieri 300/675 James Williamson 290/703 Rich Quinones 280/680 Benny Vozza 279/720 Tuesday Mens Handicap Harvey Kaplan 277/678 Robert Calabrese 268/663 Marc Avena 245/704 Wednesday Parking Lot Mixed Anthony Vasile 278/691 Mike Damore 268/685 Charlie Marino 267/718 Joe Santino 264/711 John Grable 250/719 Thursday Matchpoint Steven Maruffi 278/693 Joe Bracco Jr. 277/721 O.J. Muir 276/711 Sal Sparacino 269/712 Frank Seggio 258/707 Peter Radioli 257/731 Saturday Night Teens Gary Pacheco 248/694 Anthony Ramirez 220/650 Michael Martell 225/647 Emmanuel Vazquez 247/541 Joe Trapani 223/515 Michael Settanni 212/475 Sally Anderson 192/494

Joe Meyers 707 at Parkway Lanes

ELMWOOD PARK, NJ Joe Meyers led all pin attackers with scores of 236-234-237 for a 707 series to lead the Teterboro Bowling League at Parkway Lanes. Jim Viola rolled 268-701 while Mike Guglielmino stroked 259699, Rob Byrd243-678, Scott Dunning 235-655, and Ed Bakelaar Sr. 234-651

Ron Dennis 669

At Parkway Lanes
ELMWOOD PARK, NJ Ron Dennis led all pin attackers with scores of 198-245-226 for a strong 669 series in the Wednesday, Teterboro Bowling League at Parkway Lanes. Matt Dunning tossed 254-663, Mike Guglielmino 230-662, Rich DeLorenzo Jr. 225-662, Rob Roman 257-655, Esteban Moran 222-654, and Kenny Demchak bowled 236-646.

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There is no such thing as tournament time---because there are fine tournaments being conducted 12 months of the year. Ever stop to think of how many bowling tournaments are available in the world each year? An educated guess might put the figure at more than 10,000. There are big money, small money and no money tournaments. There are family, school, church, business, profession, city, county, state, sectional, national, zone, continent and world tournaments. There are pro tournaments and amateur tournaments and pro-amateur tournaments. There are singles, doubles and team tournaments. There are events for boys, girls, men, women and mixed covering every age. There are sibling tournaments, husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter, and any other relationship tournaments. There are club tournaments and shop tournaments and office tournaments and religious tournaments. There are tournaments for people who can't see or can't walk or can't hear. And with all that only a small percentage of the number and scope of the variety of bowling tournaments staged annually have been touched upon. Yet, many bowlers never have rolled in a tournament. Let it be known that there is a tournament for every bowler, regardless of the size of your average---or budget. Look through any bowling publication, check the desk or bulletin board at your bowling centers and read all your communications and you're sure to find one or two tournaments designed just for you. Tournament bowling is the extra icing on the bowling cake.

Tournament bowling is fun, and always profitable. It isn't always profitable in a financial sense, though many have won cash, merchandise, trips, and other goodies, large and small. But you always enter into a new and exciting phase of the sport where the competition is different but the game is the same. How can you tell if a tournament is a good one? Check out those conducting the tournament, where it is being run, and read closely all the rules and fine print on the entry blank. A tournament survives only if bowlers are given a fair shake and tournaments don't last unless they have needed participation. In many tournaments, particularly local and state and national association events, plus most charity tournaments, many dedicated people work hours that would stagger the imagination. In some tournaments you can win six figures or more. In others you can't win much more than satisfaction in being a player, and or maybe a title and trophy, be it thimble size or taller than you are. You can't gain the full rewards bowling offers unless you roll in tournaments even now and then. So give your local or state tournament a whirl. Don't miss some of the fine competition your local center offers. Check out tournament clubs. There is as wide a variety in tournaments as there is in the aims of bowlers but bowlers can find the right one with a little effort. If you've never rolled a tournament, roll one in the near future. If you have, roll one more. There can be problems at times, like when the nudist convention ran a bowling tournament. Nobody looked at the scores.

January 1 - 8, 2013


Toms River South High School Roll with the Indians Bowling Tournament
The tournament has both girls and boys bowl three games and then the top four teams bowl three game Baker roll off. There were 30 teams entered in the tournament. Fifteen girls teams and fifteen boys teams. Some of the top teams in the state participated in both the girls division and the boys division. After one game in the boys division Jackson jumped on top with a 1072 game, a spot that they would not relinquish all day and Jackson Memorial was second. On the girls side Manchester Township was on top followed closely by Brick Twp, but Brick overcame that early advantage. In the initial three game set, the boys top teams were: Jackson Memorial 3,355, Manchester Township 3,036, Toms River North 3,027, andToms River East 3,010. In the initial three game set for the girls, the top four teams were: Brick Township 2,952, Manchester Township 2,880, Brick Memorial 2,756, and Toms River South 2,453. The top four teams in the Baker format roll-off had to bowl three games with total wood determining the winner. First seed vs. fourth seed and second seed vs. third seed. In the semi-finals for the boys Jackson Liberty posted a 660 to defeat Toms River Easts 560 and Toms River North 612 defeated Manchester Township 521. In the consolation game, a one game roll-off for third and fourth, Toms River East 203 defeated Manchester Twp 188. In the three-game total wood finals Jackson Memorial 574 defeated Toms River North 547, earning Jackson Memorial the title of Champions. In the semi-finals for the girls it was Brick Township 583 defeating Toms River South 404 and Manchester Township 581 defeated Brick Memorial 528. In the consolation game roll-off for third and fourth Brick Memorial 220 defeated Toms River South 156. And in the three-game total wood finals Brick Townships 557 defeated Manchester Townships 497 giving Brick Township the Champions title. Individually the top scores were: High game boys: Tyler Brooks, Toms River East 298; Justin Henderson, Matawan 297; Mike Ormsby, Jackson Memorial, 289; Nick Francese, Monsignor Donovan, 289; Alex Simsen, Manchester Twp, 288. High Series boys: Mike Ormsby, Jackson Memorial, 730; Alex Simsen, Manchester Twp, 724; Nick Scelfo, St. John Vianney, 720; Kyle Moran, Toms River South, 710; Don Kane, Jackson Memorial, 707. High games for the girls: Kelsey Krumeich, Manchester Twp, 248; Tina Shahinian, Manchester Twp, 246; Tori Boughton, Brick Memorial, 242; Tori Campbell, Brick Memorial, 234; Sydney Scelfo, Brick Township, 226. High series girls: Tina Shahinian, Manchester Twp, 642; Sydney Scelfo, Brick Twp, 633; Kelsey Krumeich, Manchester Twp, 626; Tori Boughton, Brick Memorial, 595; Amber MacLeod, Brick Township, 597.

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January 1 - 8, 2013

Adult Leagues Monday Early Birds: Kevin Sikora 256-716, Ken George, Doug Scholtz 243, PJ Lee 242-639, Karen Evangelista 192-465, Kathy Bradley 189-509, Tina Richardson 182-513, and Frances Haines 168. County Tuesday Night Mixed: Gene Pukas 266-692, John Scott 256, Robert Scott 253; Dan Richards 252-630, Nichole Spratford 299-795, Sandy Turner 279-769, Sue Marrero 204-490, and Mickey Pukas 194. Morris Hills Mixed: Bill Hamilton 181-487, Manny Barroqueiro 169-494, Bob McClughhan 167-458, Violet Indyk 165-418, Flo Wormer 158-408, and Beth Williams 157-435. Rockaway Women: Lois Kehmna 205-560, Susan Chillemi 194-542, Pat Somers 191-532, Kathy Bradley 181-527, Susan Ruiz 177-471, Annette Rossi 177-474, Tamy Baldwin 176, and Gay Raab 165. Rockaway Foursome: George Dakak Jr. 257-668, Donald Bryant 255, Joe Serico 235-652, Joe Kentos 237, Liesl Apgar 278-705, Joyce Hulbert 227-627, Kim Piombino 193, and Joan Daka 192. Thursday Nite Mixed: Charlie Dolice 266-737, Mark Novembre 256-682, Jim Westergaard 248-638, David Ireton 248-651, Dori Tingoli 224-608, Tami Mehesy 213525, Lynn Coleman 212-528, and Joann Brown 211-507. Lake Hiawatha A.C.: Tom Schweizer 277-716, Jaren Lopez 258-678, Doug Basch 257, J. W. Albensi III 246, Martel Ellis 245, Mike Harris 241, Vincent Opalewski 240677, and Jack Safkan 236-667. Rockaway Mixed: Dennis Nielsen 251-682, Jack Nielsen 246, Jim Testa 242, Glen Malmstone 237, Kristina Arocho 278-769, Keri May 268-668, Nichole Malson 213-619, and Julianne Crowell 211-564. Friday Nite Mens: Kevin Sikora 259-694, Bob Webb 257-609, Ken George 257-665, William Landrum 244-684, Ricky Exner 232-624, Jim Westergaard 229-654, Lou Pace 227, David Ragucci 217,and Ed Cook 213. Junior Leagues Sizzlin Strikers: Benjamin Cruz 124-337, Andrew Dunleavy 105-268, and Dante Garrido 66-187. Gutter Busters (2 games): Christopher Dunleary 85-151, Ella Dunleary 79-153, and Chelsey Cruz 62-106. Rockaway-Denville Recreation (2 games): Brendan Kovar 150-277, Eric Ustupski 140, Mark Howarth 130, Austin McCaffrey 115, and Brett McCaffrey 111. Bumper Busters (2 games): Jacob Paniconi 108-183. Lucky Strikers: James Taylor 126, James Gallagher 117, and Mark Howarth 115. Ball Busters: Jack Cook 224-640, Zachary Clark 184544, Brandon Kwestel 171, Mike Murray 165, Robert Murray 149, Haley Paccione 160, and Steph Sihlanick 105. Monday Rec Program (2 games): Joe Taylor 123-213, Christpher Cavalie 109-189, David Longedyck 105-196, Jimmy Johnson 98, Ricky Rodriguez 94, Kyra Morris 109, Julia Signorelli 92, Jack Hartsuiker 88, and Cassidy Cavaliere 86. Dover High School Kingpins: Tony Greene 143-388, Christian Espinoza 134-312, Miguel Gonzalez 126-312, Yanina Olivares 109-296, Monika Mancera 95-244, and Jonathan Sosa rolled a 94 game.

Justin Puchalski Tops Youth Travelers

By Vince Albrecht BOONTON, NJ -Montville junior Justin Puchalski is zoned in these days on the lanes. He followed up last weeks outstanding 299-757 with 228-230-223-681 to again pace the Stan Niemiec youth travel league. His effort, along with teammate Pat Teshimas 222-230-630, helped lift Boonton past a shorthanded Montvale team. Colette Malyack held her 210 average with 234-215-638, Austin Hackett had 187 and Caitlyn Castillo 180, but it wasnt nearly enough to stop Bowler City II from sweeping its fourth straight match and close to within two points of second place. Southpaw Justin Garcia led the victors with a triple deuce 203-226-203-632 while his mates added deuces of their own: Kyle Schellberg 221, Jonmikal Sepero 216 and Welmer Paguay 204. Holiday I salvaged the last game of its match with Bowler City IV to stay in third place, seven back of league-leading Boonton. Ana DeLeon scored a triple deuce 202-222-202-626, Nick Cilento fired 208-213-601 and anchor Brian Rizzi a 225. Highs for Bowler City IV were Alijah Jackson 207, Greg Khan 195-554 and above average stints from both Caitlin and Nathan Tombo. Thirteen-year-old Matt Myers 256 was the afternoons high game and he added a 210 to finish with 622 for Fair Lawn which earned five points from the vacancy. Also contributing to the outcome were Hassan Izzard 194 and Tyler Nappi 176. Bowler City IIIs Arielle Wallace 210-533 was her finest effort of the season; Pat Sucero 188-549, ten-year-old Louis Ferrante 183 and Olivia Wank 175 all were factors in the team triumph over Bowler City I. Best for the latter were Vin Santoro 213-216-602, Eric Grabusnik 198 and Ryan Sweeney 192.


By Gloria Volpe

Monday Night Trios Joe Leardo Jr. did a nice job with his 279-717, Chris Murphy had a nice 278, followed by Rick Smith 267, Dave Cirkus, our own Steve Ratkowski and Joe Szewczyk each with a 248, Seif Fahmy 247, Chris Vitale 246, Anthony Maisonet and Nick Kochell 244, Charles Petros 243, Dom Mancini and Craig Bagnoli 242. Tuesday Bud Light 4 Man A very nice high scores in this league by TJ Valentin 289, 267, 754, Gaberial Tineo 277, Bob Kozma 268, Anthony Maisonet 266, Paul Tortrici 265, 712, Joe Leardo Jr. 259, John Jawor258 along with Paul Stamos, James Judge, Don Fregans, and Ellis Jones. Pres. Lou Tullo, Carson Lowder and Tom Twist who still had a high game left after the 1st league and shot 257. Public Safety Carlstadts own Bill Ochiuzzo had a nice game and series of 256, 654, John Petrosino 254, John Colordo 251, Dennis Figueroa 247, Bill Zika was on fire with his 245, 236, 640, Danilo Cabrera 242, Ken Cook 234, Ed Schell and Robert Truppner 232, Robert Day with draft in hand scored a 228. G and L Friday Night Mixed Ed Smith came up with the high one of 279, Dave Cicero 275, Will Henkelman and Derrick Cauvers 255 each, Peter Pollicino 253, Ron Gilbert 247, Gianvite Clavelli 244, Bob Southway 241, Nicky Tores 236, Mrs. Peaches Rock 223 along with Joely Jackowitz. Thursday Early Mixed Vinnie Troncone had a great game of 267 the high score of the night. Lori Biggy came up right behind with a 264 followed by Ken Scheck 258, Mike Minervini 257, Chris Agnoli 248, Vito Banci 242-233, Nick Mancini and Glen Bonomo each hit a 236, Mancini added a 234, Mike Rochiniski 234-233.


Maple Family Centers Coram Country Lanes, 615 Middle Country Road, Coram, 11727, phone 631732-2022, www.coramcountrylanes.com and Farmingdale Lanes, 999 Conklin Street, Farmingdale, 11735, phone 631-249-4300 www.farmingdalelanes.com are hosting weekly USBC Master Qualifiers. At Coram Country Lanes, bowlers may choose one or two evenings, Monday and Wednesday, 9:30 p.m. to enter the 3-Game Qualifier. Entry is $30.00 for 1st. qualifier and $20.00 for all re-entries. At Farmingdale Lanes a Wednesday evening 10:00 p.m. 3-Game Qualifier is being offered. The same entry fees apply. These are weekly events through January 2013. The top 5 qualifiers advance to in-center finals where theyll compete for fully paid entries to the 2013 USBC Masters, at Carolier Lanes, New Jersey in February this is a $500 value. For more information please call Coram Country or Farmingdale Lanes.


January 1 - 8, 2013

Mike Agosta 772
FARMINGDALE, NY Mike Agosta topped the leader board in the Friday Late Mixed League firing games of 235-269-268 for a high series of 772. Bob Starzec rolled 279-279-754, Wingo Hom 248-217-278-743, Hari Soedarmasto 279-697, Preston Weeks 255, Issy Medak 245, Craig Keller 236, and Anthony Crocitto 236-235. Joseph Reddy shot 224, and Jake Diamond 200 in the St. Martins Seniors League.

Bob Starzec 752

FARMINGDALE, NY Bob Starzec topped the scoring in the Friday Late Mixed League firing games of 237-248-267 for a high series of 752. Richard White rolled 278-257-693, John Lennon 268, Issy Medak 256, Mike Agosta 250-228-692, Howie Delman 244, Hari Soedarmasto 242-234-691, and Anne Will 203. In the Sunday Adult/Junior Scholarship League Rosie Snyder hit 180, and James Prince 157. Michael Droshin shot 219 in the Saturday Junior League.

Brian Siemers 668

FARMINGDALE, NY Brian Siemers led the scoring in the Wednesday Party League firing games of 237-225 for a high series of 668. Lloyd Hasluck shot 244-243-654, Jim Whitton 258-215, Bob Laurice 226, and Rene Jackson 219. In the St. Martins Seniors League Joseph Reddy rolled 212, Thomas Calandra 210, and Aahish Chohan 200.

Jonathan Smalkin 245

FARMINGDALE, NY Jonahtan Smalkin led the scoring in the St. Martins Majors League firing a high game of 245. Brandon Soedarmasto shot 224, Tyler Smith 223, Emily McLaughlin 235, Meghan Wing 223, and Liz Ferraro 202.

Ken Tamburrino 697

FARMINGDALE, NY Ken Tamburrino paced Thursday Good Timers League firing games of 206268-223 for a high series of 697. Tim Jackson rolled 237-205-600, Howie Garfinkel 236, Gary Incandela 228, Pat Berardino 205, Cheryl Bove 203, and LuAnn Garfinkel 200.

Ken Reid 663

FARMINGDALE, NY Ken Reid led the scoring in the Saturday Nite Friends League firing games of 268217 for a high series of 663. Thomas Dorsey rolled 245, Steve Clickner 242-212-647, Rick Dorsey 234-215-637, Mark Testa 234, Steve Flapan 232, Ron Goebel and Jodi Nappi 222, and Allyson Malusa 215. In the Friday Sunshine Kids League Joe LiVolsi shot 220-202190-612, Pat Monaco 195-174, Jerry Hoeler 178, Barney Kral 172, and Virginia Karpinski 171.

Zbigniew Kamirowski 748

FARMINGDALE, NY Zbigniew Kamirowski led the scoring in the Thursday 3-Man League firing games of 234-258-256 for a high series of 748. Eric Smyth rolled 266-259-734, Damon Brown 279-244-721, Matt Traina 278-266-720, Jeremy Schaffer 2592-37-715, John Cummings 278-704, Franlie Montgoris 233-247-227-707, and Joe Traina, Jr. 255-701.

Gary Incandela 689

FARMINGDALE, NY Gary Incandela topped the scoring in the Thursday Good Timers League firing games of 260-226 for a high series of 689. Mike Weber rolled 246, Mike Bagnato 233-215, Frank Berardino and Tim Jacksono 224, and Pat Berardino 202. Kristie Testa shot a 205 in the Saturday Junior League.

January 1 - 8, 2013


John Boughton 635
LAKEWOOD, NJ John Boughton led the scoring in the Saturday Junior Classic League firing games of 244-202-191 for a high series of 635. Chris Swinder rolled 234, Cathy Jones 233, Andrew Lazarchick 205-232, Vinny Miles 220, Lisa Director 218, Angela Kozma 213, Vicky Sparo 210, Alexandra Laurenzano 208, Robert Guzman 207, and Craig Rossi 201.

Justin Savers 256

LAKEWOOD, NJ Justin Savers led the scoring in the Saturday Scratch Trio League firing a high game of 256. Matt Russo rolled 248, Amber MacLeod 244-247, Mitchell Collier 237, Amanda Nardiello 236-226, Noah Zawadzky 236, Ryan Melia 235, Shaun Dillon 233, Shawn Kollmer 226, Kaity Lash 220, Sydney Scelfo 218, Faith Meder 216, and Tori Boughton 213.

Livia Spalluto155
LAKEWOOD, NJ In the Pin Hitters League Livia Spalluto hit 155, Joey Tedesco 152, Anbel Gonzalez 134, Frankie Billero 131, Michael Schamber 124, Sean Hasmiller 113, Hannah Foray 107, and Mikalah Carter 101.

3rd Annual Pin Gobblers Youth Scholarship Tournament

LINDEN, NJ - Nicholas Campanelli took home the scratch division title of the 3rd Annual Pin Gobblers youth scholarship tournament at Jersey Lanes. Nicholas Led qualifying with a 300 game and a 990 4 game series. In the 10 year-old and up division Peter Hancock of Boonton Lanes defeated forty two other bowlers to earn the right to be called tournament champion. Peter bowled 387 pins over his average for 7 games. The Pin Gobblers tournament also had a six 9 year-old and under bowlers. The division was won by Maryann Ellis. Maryann entered the tournament with a 70 average. She bowled 175 pins over her average for 5 games Receiving scholarship prizes in the scratch division were: 1st Nicholas Campanelli $207; 2nd Daijon Smith $150; 3rd Nicholas Stawicki $85; 4th Steven Kotowski $67. Highest Scratch qualifying scores: Nicholas Campanelli $50.00; Gia Bethea $50.00. In the 10 and up: 1st Peter Hancock $381.00; 2nd George Gwaldis $175.00; 3rd Sabir Alim $75.00; 4th Dylan Camche $50.00; 5th Alex Stigliano $50.00; 6th Lanasia Neal $50.00. Highest Scratch qualifying scores: Demetria Bethel $50.00; Justin Pavlik $50.00; Alex James $50.00. In the 9 and Under: 1st Mary Ann Ellis $152.00; Highest Scratch qualifying scores: Maryann Ellis $50.00; Kieryn Knox $50.00.

Dan Pridham 694 at Plaza Lanes

MADISON, N J Dan Pridham earned top game and sereis honors while contesting in the Tuesday 400 Doubles League at Plaza Lanes when he fired the high game of 279 and the session high series of 694. Danny Prisco hit 236 followed by Scott Harwood and Dave Hanft rolling a 225 game each.

By Michelle Wright CUSTOM THUMBZ DOUBLES On the Mens end we have Richie Russo who shot a 279 game and a 730 series; Mike Frey followed also with a 279 game but also threw a 258 game and ended with a 756 series; Rick Boremki came through with a 276 game and a 748 series; Joe Austin followed with a 268 game and a 709 series; Frank Rugolo threw a 267 game and a 677 series; Scott Rufer threw a 266 game; Kevin Isler shot a 264 game; Bob Thorne bowled a 258 game and a 710 series; Billy Viccora also came in with a 258 game and ended with a 706 series; Leroy Singletary came through with a 695 series; Steve Friedman shot a 688 series and Dexter Sapp threw a 685 series. OSIDE K OF C On the Mens side we have Joe Lupo with a 279 game and a 653 series; Phil Tinker shot a 266 game and a 707 series; Robert Aiello bowled a 259 game; Pat Zenker bowled a 258 game and a 726 series; Joe Butt Jr. also shot a 258 game but ended with a 676 series; Keith Massimillo bowled a 257 game and Kyle Smith shot a 252 game; Greg Centamore finished with a 662 series; On the Womans end we have Heather Maxwell who shot a 243 game.

January 1 - 8, 2013


RVC 4-MAN CLASSIC Yosh Novichonek shot a 299 and a 258 game and a 780 series; Pat Zenker came through with a 267 game and a 707 series; Jeremy Slade followed with a 260 game; Joe Anderon bowled a 256 game and a 684 series; Thomas Saitta followed with a 253 game 675 series; Eddie McCree shot a 278 game and a 705 series; Tommy Winchell threw a 266 game and a 706 series; Joe Conigliaro bowled a 258 game and a 688 series; Warren Brown came through with a 256 game and a 706 series; Peter Cornell came I with a 252 game and a 669 series; David Hernandez bowled a 275 game and a 741 series; Bob Schmid shot a 265 game; John Balbi came through with a 256 game and ended with a 673 series; Steve Freidman shot a 699 series; John Khantzian finished with a 675 series; Dave Goldman came through with a 692 series; Bill Diemer threw a 685 series; Eddy Piaza bowled a 683 series; Richie Salcedo Jr. finished with a 670 series; Charlie Torres shot a 691 series; Bill Koste followed with a 685 series; Rick Boremski came through with a 673 series. KOFFEE KATS Lori Flacks came through with a 222 game and a 561 series and Adrienne Lupo finished with a 592 series.


Vinny Medvetz 706
HOPELAWN, NJ Vinny Medvetz earned top of the list in the Thursday Nite Mixed firing 213-269-224 for the high series of 706. Andrew Smith rolled 226-267-204-697, Kyle Januzzi 225-206-200-631, Thomas Poulos 217-209-200-626, and Scott Akalewicz 222-215-622. Erick Kerekes shot 221-249-667, Bob Joseph 248-204-646, Brian Vicidomini 256225, Paul Harney 259, Robert Terefenko, and Ralph Doerfler 246.

Anthony Serignese 669

HOPELAWN, NJ - Anthony Serignese led the scoring in the Academy Madness League firing games of 246-235 for a high series of 669. Frank Viverito shot 224-235-646, Tom Poulos 204-225-212-641, Don Anione 237201-628, Dennis Fitzmaurice 222, and Joe Defelice 214.

Joe Herber 705

HOPELAWN, NJ Joe Herber led the La Buona Pizza League firing games of 244-216245 for a high series of 705. Kristen Troutman rolled 235, Joe Britton 224, John Baginsky 214-223, and Rich Pignone, Lenny Novak and Scott Akalewicz 222. In the Winter Majestic Senior Citizens League Rich Rowley rolled 213-224, Wayne Michel 209, and Larry Johnson 180.

Aaron Williams 666

HOPELAWN, NJ Aaron Williams led the competition rolling in the Sunday Nite Mixed League firing games of 257-237 for a high series of 666. Tini Mendez rolled 203-222-619, Rene Rodriguez 211-224-614, Robert Krimin 254, and Suzie Bleacher 226. In the Avenel Youth League Branden Barrese shot 202, and Andrwe Shaw 201.

Joseph Krupinski 684

HOPELAWN, NJ - Joseph Krupinski led the scoring in the Atlantic City Trios League firing games of 203-267-214 for a high series of 684.