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A new era in safety and plant profitability

HIMax Understanding your business

Your success depends on profitability You know what drives plant profitability. Thats why you methodically consider everything from the initial process design to the selection of reliable equipment to the implementation of the most efficient maintenance routines. HIMA understands your need to be profitable. We also understand that you buy a safety system to protect your plant and keep your people safe. But does your commitment to safety require a system that makes your business less profitable?

What if your safety system could drive your plants profitability by: Reducing downtime costs? Generating more revenue? Contributing to lower investment cost? Contributing to lower life cycle costs? Eliminating possibilities for human errors? For too long, safety systems manufacturers have asked you to compromise profitability in the name of safety.

Profitability depends on smart safety solutions

We think you deserve better than safety controllers that cause costly shutdowns by spurious trips, force you to stop production to perform maintenance and upgrades, limit your production unnecessarily and force you to buy more than you really need.

HIMA. Safety. Nonstop.

Its a philosophy more than 100 years in the making. Its built on HIMAs singular focus on safety and is proven by decades of technology breakthroughs. It represents our commitment to providing maximum safety and uninterrupted plant operations. Our goal isnt just to design the worlds best safety systems. Its to help keep your business safe and running. No shutdowns. No failures. Maximum uptime. Maximum profitability.

Profit and productivity



Think about it: What drives plant profitability and productivity?

Availability Market demands Plant uptime Operating costs Operations efficiency




HIMax The first safety system that improves productivity and profit

HIMA introduces a new era in safety and plant profitability. Its called HIMax. HIMax redefines what you can expect from a safety solution. You experience legendary HIMA safety performance and a new threshold in plant uptime and productivity.

With HIMax, we offer: Maximum plant uptime

A solution that can increase output Possibilities to reduce CAPEX/OPEX Future-proof, lifetime flexibility Open platform integration with all leading DCSs Superior ease of use

Best of all, youll never outgrow HIMax. Its available for life. Its architecture and capabilities ensure that as your business grows, HIMax grows with you. Seamlessly. Flawlessly. Its the last safety system youll ever need.

Improve business performance with HIMax

Achieve maximum plant availability

HIMax delivers availability for life by enabling uninterrupted system operation throughout your plants entire life cycle. This maximizes plant availability and improves productivity.

Increase plant output

Improving process efficiency is one of the many ways in which HIMax can be used to increase plant productivity and profitability.

Ask yourself
What is the financial impact of an unexpected plant shutdown?

Ask yourself
What is the impact of a 1 percent increase in plant throughput?

HIMaxs XMR architecture eliminates single points of

failure. Redundancy can be customized to ensure optimal protection. Spurious trips are virtually impossible.

Trip level

All changes, additions and maintenance procedures are

possible without stopping a HIMax system.

Set point

Even proof tests mandated by current industry standards

can be conducted online, without any interruption of the safety system.

Process variable Time

Common cause failure protection

Physical separation of redundant components is one way that HIMax maximizes plant availability. If fire or water in a control room causes critical safety system components to fail, redundant components installed in another location continue operation and keep the safety system fully functional.

HIMax eliminates common-cause effects via physical

separation of redundant components.

HIMax is based on the worlds most proven safety

system technology.

How? HIMax is engineered with truly advanced computational capability, providing powerful floating-point calculations in the CPUs and fast I/O processing algorithms. Predictive controls can therefore be used to build dynamic models that safely reduce the band between the set point/process variable and the defined trip level. In an ethylene cracker, for example, such modelling could contribute significantly to the output of high quality product, with no reduction in overall process safety.

Improve business performance with HIMax

Reduce life cycle costs gain lifetime flexibility

HIMax is a future-proof investment. It delivers the safety you need today and accommodates changes in your business. You pay for exactly what you need, when you need it. Today, tomorrow and 10 years from now. HIMax is the safety platform you can build your future on. Once deployed, HIMax stays on and never needs to be replaced. It adapts as your business grows. HIMax enables you to expand your plant without the need to allocate preconfigured spare slots.

The HIMax difference:

Buy only what you need. HIMax adapts to meet virtually
any application requirement. HIMax can be your single platform for all I/O count, response time and fault-tolerance requirements, as well as centralized or distributed applications. Save engineering time and costs using a flexible, intuitive and easily adaptable platform. HIMax integrates with any DCS that you use today or in the future. HIMax offers virtually unlimited expansion hardware and software changes can be performed on demand, without interruption, for the full life cycle. Cabinet size is minimised because there's no need to allocate slots for spares. Benefit from HIMaxs unprecedented performance and system flexibility by integrating more I/Os or greater application complexity per system. HIMax is a cost-effective solution with different rack sizes to match your physical space requirements. No hidden software costs. With a SILworX software license, you get a single intuitive software tool for all tasks.

Make safety simpler

HIMax is an intuitive, intelligent safety platform. It offers tools and features that make it simpler to use than any other system available today. It helps to eliminate possibilities for human error and saves time in the engineering and start-up phase. HIMax makes life easier with the following features:

Improve safety and profitability through simulation with X-OTS HIMax Safety Simulator
The X-OTS HIMax Safety Simulator adds the aspects of safety to the classical OTS (Operator Training System). X-OTS is based on HIMAs programming tool SILworX and a corresponding number of extended soft PLCs. Each HIMax controller will be simulated by one soft PLC. Up to 10 soft PLCs can be run on one PC (performance depending).

Automatic module detection Fully integrated and protected power distribution eliminates the need for external wiring

Fast implementation via HIMA SILworX, a user-friendly

software tool with an intuitive interface, self-documentation and embedded version control Accelerate start-up by building-up and testing the hardware configuration without the application program (Loop check mode) Comprehensive diagnostics, automatic recording of 500/2,500 diagnostic entries on each module Built-in user management for project- and system access HART protocol support simplifies asset management solutions Multitasking

Think about it
Application software can be checked in real
scenarios prior to commissioning, leading to shorter commissioning times Shorter commissioning times lead to an earlier plant start up Application software can already be optimized prior to start up, leading to a higher plant efficiency already at start-up (instead of optimizing in the running plant) Avoiding of plant trips by improved behaviour of operators

Think about it
Applications, modules, system racks and operating systems can be added or modified at any time, without system or plant interruption.

Applications HIMax fits with all safety and critical control applications in the process industry, including:

Think about it
All safety systems require periodic proof tests to ensure compliance with the latest standards. With HIMax, these tests can be scheduled on demand, anytime and without interruption of the system and the plant.

Ask yourself
How will a reduced workload and faster start-up impact your productivity?

Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD) Fire & Gas Systems (F&G) High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS) Solutions for Pipeline Management & Control (PMC) Solutions for Turbo Machinery Control (TMC) Solutions for Burner Control Systems and Boiler Protection (BCS)

Learn more at our website www.hima.com/X-OTS

HIMax Engineered for flexibility and productivity

HIMax is a flexible SIL 3 platform designed for critical production processes that can never afford to go down. HIMax adapts to all I/O count, response-time and faulttolerance requirements as well as centralized or distributed applications. Yet it always delivers maximum plant availability and future-proof flexibility.

Designed for maximum configuration flexibility

1 2

The flexible HIMax rack is available in 10, 15 and 18 slots.

HIMax is loaded with smart features

XMR architecture: scalable redundancy for operation in
quad, triple (TMR), dual and single modes

Unlimited change and expansion of hardware and software, including operating systems, while the system is running

Fully integrated and protected power distribution Three different mechanical sizes, two different field wiring concepts, and rack or panel installation


Multitasking operations: Separate applications independently executed in the same processor module; Each application can be modified without affecting other applications; Each application with user defined scan times Fully enclosed modules Replace module without disturbing I/O or power wiring Three available rack sizes: 10, 15 and 18 slots All racks are panel mountable; the 15 slot is also available for 19-inch rack installation Fully integrated and protected power distribution Different field wiring configurations, including direct wiring and terminal blocks as well as system cable with Field Termination Assembly


Condition monitoring for relay modules

10 15 18



HIMax Engineered for flexibility and productivity


I/O points

Independent multiple applications in one system

Mix different applications/programs in one system,
e.g. ESD, TMC, BCS, HIPPS or others Time-critical and non-time-critical applications in one system Each program can be modified without affecting others Individual checksums for minimal certification effort Add applications reaction free Each program with individual cycle/scan time Fixed cycle time possible for each application

Full integration with DCS operating and monitoring functions.

The advantages of a HIMA solution, including nonstop operation, can be combined with all leading distributed control systems (DCS). DCS SIS integration is achieved through highcapacity, cross-manufacturer communication standards. Based on the extensive integration know-how of our DCS competence team, HIMA assumes responsibility for DCS SIS integration and provides the required functionality (ICSS by HIMA).



10 ms 50 ms 100 ms

Cycle time (Scan time)

Unrivaled system performance

HIMax is the most powerful safety platform ever invented. Its unprecedented performance is based on high-performance components and smart system architectures.

HIMA solutions offer features such as:

Integration of alarms and events into the alarm
management of the DCS

Optimum diagnostics
Stores up to 2,500 diagnostic entries in the processor
module and 500 entries per I/O module automatically

Cycle time of 50 ms with 1,000 I/Os

(split 50% analog/digital) Unlimited complex calculations Impact of calculation of 1,000 PIDs on cycle time: 5 ms Signal conditioning directly on I/O modules with no impact on CPU performance Up to 200 I/O modules in up to 16 racks per system and 250 systems per safety network Up to 2,624 I/Os per cabinet Multitasking: Set fixed scan times for dedicated applications Sequence of event (SOE), 1 ms resolution quality

Maintenance log includes relevant information such as

reload, download, run, stop, force automatically

Integration of faceplates for operating and monitoring Transfer and visualisation of diagnostic data Transfer and visualisation of process data and safety
related locking states Timestamp transfer Maintenance overwrite switch (MOS) Partial stroke test (PST) Start-up bypass (SUB)

All diagnostic information can be transferred to the DCS Condition monitoring, e.g., for relay modules

Supported protocols include: OPC DA and OPC A&E Modbus TCP Master & Slave Modbus RS485 Master & Slave PROFIBUS DP Master & Slave PROFINET IO Controller & Device Send & Receive TCP HART ComUserTask, programmable protocols

With Remote Rack functionality, HIMA offers the widest range of safety-related networking capabilities
Local solution within one rack Distributed solution with racks connected with copper
cables and a maximum distance of 100 m between the racks in a line Distributed solution with racks connected with media converters via fibre optics and a maximum expansion of ~20 km in a line Remote Rack functionality offers the ability to distribute up to 16 racks of a HIMax system in free (e.g. star) topology. The internal system bus can be used in a redundant manner and at theoretical maximum distance of 10,000 km. Remote Rack functionality enables faster reaction time than distributed CPUs via safeethernet. 12

Safety-related networking via safeethernet

No CPU needed CPU

No CPU needed


No CPU needed

No CPU needed

Data transmission at 1 GBit/s Fast response times, even for networked applications No limitations on physical separation Utilises standard Ethernet components and functions for safety-critical applications Use of any transmission media Networking of up to 255 systems in each project Intelligent, diverse redundancy concepts In addition to HIMAs safety protocol safeethernet, HIMax can also use PROFIsafe via PROFINET





System bus with external switches Max. rack distance: 10,000 km Max. system expansion: 20,000 km

safeethernet on any Ethernet infrastructure Virtually no limit in the expansion


XMR architecture Moving beyond TMR fault tolerance and functionality

HIMax is designed to maximize plant availability and therefore improve productivity. Key to this promise is HIMaxs revolutionary XMR architecture. XMR combines the best of all existing safety architectures. As the X in XMR can represent values from 1 to 4, HIMax offers unprecedented levels of redundancy and fault-tolerance. The results are available for life safety solutions with no single point of failure. Even multiple failures will not trigger a shutdown. Spurious trips are virtually impossible. No need to stop HIMax for any kind of hardware or software expansion or maintenance.



Modes of operation




X=1 SIL = 3


Single inputs Single outputs Single CPU

The original safety architecture used wherever multiple process facilities need protection without redundancy.

Modify, add or replace components and software at any time. Your process will continue safely and flawlessly.

X=2 SIL = 3


Dual inputs Dual outputs Dual CPUs

The most widely used safety architecture providing absolute safety and availability.

X=3 SIL = 3
XMR goes for beyond TMR or any other architecture available today. In the event of an internal fault, HIMaxs XMR architecture enables faulty modules to be replaced online, at any time without any restrictions. Using HIMax you integrate all the functionalities of your current safety system solution with benefits such as:


Triple inputs Triple outputs Triple CPUs

A traditional architecture, also known as TMR, which can provide similar safety and availability characteristics as X = 2. This application is offered for customers who require TMR technology.

X=4 SIL = 3


Quad inputs Quad outputs Quad CPUs

An application that provides maximum common cause hardware protection and maximum availability.

Available for life safety configurations that deliver

maximum plant uptime

Additional fault-tolerance: modes of operation 4-3-2-1-0

with nonstop SIL 3 certified safety

An architecture that delivers the lowest probability of

dangerous failure (PFD) Unique common cause protection via physical separation of redundant components Real cost-savings through scalable redundancy at the channel level

HIMax delivers common cause hardware protection via physical separation of redundant safety system components. If fire or water in a control room causes critical safety system components to fail, redundant components installed in another location continue operation and keep the safety system fully functional. This could help to improve availability, plant uptime and productivity.

Control room with a HIMax system

Remote location with a fully redundant HIMax system running the same application 15


Central modules

Type X-CPU 01 X-SB 01 X-COM 01 Type X-DI 64 01 X-DI 64 51 X-DI 32 01 X-DI 32 02 X-DI 32 03 X-DI 32 04 X-DI 32 05 X-DI 32 51 X-DI 32 52 X-DI 16 01 X-AI 32 01 X-AI 32 02 X-AI 32 51 X-CI 24 01 X-CI 24 51 X-DO 32 01 X-DO 32 51 X-DO 24 01 X-DO 24 02 X-DO 12 01 X-DO 12 02 X-DO 12 51 X-AO 16 01 X-AO 16 51 X-HART 32 01 X-MIO 7/6 01 Type All

Description 4 x RJ-45 4 x RJ-45, 2 x 9-pole D-Sub, up to 6 different protocols Description 64 channels, 24 VDC, SIL 3 64 channels, 24 VDC 32 channels, 24 VDC, SIL 3 32 channels, 8,2 VDC, proximity switch, line monitoring, SIL 3 32 channels, 48 VDC, SIL 3 32 channels, 24 VDC, SOE, SIL 3 32 channels, 8,2 VDC, proximity switch, line monitoring, SOE, SIL 3 32 channels, 24 VDC 32 channels, 8,2 VDC, proximity switch, line monitoring 16 channels, 120 VAC, SIL 3 32 channels, 4 ... 20 mA, line monitoring, SIL 3 32 channels, 4 ... 20 mA, line monitoring, SOE, SIL 3 32 channels, 0/4 ... 20 mA, line monitoring 24 channels, 0 ... 20 kHz, SIL 3 24 channels, 0 ... 20 kHz 32 channels, 24 VDC, 0,5 A, short-circuit monitoring LS, individual channel shut-off, SIL 3 32 channels, 24 VDC, 0,5 A, protected outputs, group shut-off 24 channels, 24 VDC, 0,5 A, line monitoring LS/LB, individual channel shut-off, SIL 3 24 channels, 48 VDC, 0,5 A, line monitoring LS/LB, individual channel shut-off, SIL 3 12 channels, 230 VAC/DC, current measurement, cycle counting, SIL 3 12 channels, 24 VDC, 2 A, short-circuit monitoring LS, individual channel shut-off, SIL 3 12 channels, 230 VAC/DC 16 channels, 4 ... 20 mA, pairwise galvanically isolated 16 channels, 4 ... 20 mA 32 modems, SIL 3, X-AI 32 01, X-AI 32 02, X-AI 32 51, X-AO 16 01, X-AO 16 51 3 counter, 4 digital input, 5 digital output, 1 relay channel, SIL 3 Description 310 x 29 x 230 mm

HIMax module specifications

Compliance with all major standards
IEC 61508:2000, Part 1-7 IEC 61511:2004 ANSI/ISA-84.00.01-2004 EN ISO 13849-1:2008 (PL e) EN 62061:2005 EN 50156-1:2004 EN 12067-2:2004 EN 298:2003 EN 230:2005 EN 61131-2:2007 EN 61000-6-2:2005 EN 61000-6-4:2007 EN 54-2:1997/A1:2007 EN 50130-4:1998-2003 EN 954-1:1996 (Cat. 4) NFPA 85:2007, 86:2007, 72:2007 EN 60079-15:2003 ATEX (Zone 2, T4) ANSI/ISA-S 71.04 Class G3 3. Colours (Tropicalisation) UL (UL 508) Examples of certification marks cUL (CSA-C22.2 Nr. 142) Certification Mark The certification mark colours are Blue PMS 286 and Green PMS 370 and Black. FM CLASS 1 DIV2 The certification mark should maintain the original colour and (FM be set preferably 3600, 3611, 3810) on a white background. Achilles Level I Certification Inscription SIL 4 (CENELEC) The inscription may be reproduced: in black or 80% black BUREAU VERITAS in two colours - the colours must be those in the official artwork. For the DNV (DET NORSKE VERITAS) blue and green Pantone colours please consult the colour references. GOST R Certificate in one colour (Blue PMS 286) The management system certification marks in negative: white inscription GOST R Ex Certificatein black and/or PMS 286. can be applied also on a black background. If translating the inscription into other RMRS Russia

Processor module System bus module Communication module Input/output modules Input modules Digital input module Digital input module Digital input module Digital input module Digital input module Digital input module Digital input module Digital input module Digital input module Digital input module Analog input module Analog input module Analog input module Counter module Counter module

01. Introduction. Communicate your certification to the market 02. Basic design elements 03. Colours 04. Basic rules 05. Mark and inscription misuse 06. Distance and size 07. Use with accreditation marks 08. Marketing material and annual report 09. Website 10. Stands, buildings and signs 11. Stationary: letterhead 12. Stationary: envelopes, invoices and fax sheets 13. Business cards 14. Vehicles

Output modules Digital output module Digital output module Digital output module

Coloured background should be used only with light colour (less 30% CMYK)

Digital output module Relay output module Digital output module Relay output module Analog output module Analog output module Further modules HART communication module Overspeed trip module Dimensions
Size of modules

For specific application on a dark background the certification mark can be reversed.

languages, the structure of the inscription must remain unaltered. Colour references PMS 286 (CMYK for four colour printing: 100% Cyan, 60% Magenta, 0% Yellow, 0% Black) RGB : R4 G52 B177 Web: 005EA8 The green in the DNV logo and green lines is PMS 370 (CMYK for four colour printing: 70% Cyan, 0% Magenta, 100% Yellow, 10% Black) RGB : R78 G146 B0 Web: 4e9200

Examples of inscriptions

Blue PMS 286 and Green PMS 370

Blue PMS 286

SILworX highlights:
100% Black 80% Black Negative on a dark background

DNV Business Assurance Management System Certification Mark Guidelines > June 2011

The worlds most advanced safety application manager

SILworX is HIMAs easy-to-use, fully integrated configuration, programming and diagnostic environment. Its state-of-the art interface with drag&drop programming helps users avoid mistakes and speeds up the engineering process. Different levels of user guidance, clear display of all status and diagnostic information and comprehensive validation tools help engineers achieve safe applications.

A single fully integrated software tool for all tasks One licence for all functions IEC 61131-3-compliant, supporting all functions and
variable types for safety-related programming

Flexible programming using function block diagrams,

sequential function charts

Supports reload funcitonality for hardware and logic changes Project saved automatically each time it is loaded Safe comparator for hardware and logic changes,
including detail view and Go to ... functionality

Program validation inlcuding offline simulation, online test Secure double code generation with code comparison Monitored forcing of signals Project-wide cross-references and navigation Password protection for projects and controller access Supports SOE programming Supports multitasking for up to 32 independent programs Hardware import/export via XML Library including function blocks developed in accordance with IEC 61511



HIMA is the worlds leading specialist for safety-related automation solutions. HIMA solutions provide maximum safety and maximum availability and can be integrated into any automation environment. More than 30,000 HIMA systems have been installed in over 80 countries, protecting the assets of the worlds largest companies in the oil, gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and power generation industries for more than 40 years. In the fields of rail, logistics and machine safety, HIMA solutions are leading the way to increased safety and profitability. HIMA develops solutions that provide both maximum safety and availability for processes, plants and machinery nonstop. The HIMA LIFECYCLE SERVICES concept gives customers an overview of all the requirements of functional safety allowing them to always make the right decision at the appropriate time. HIMA solutions therefore offer maximum safety, strengthen a plant's productivity and profitability whilst ensuring compliance to global statutory requirements. HIMA was founded in Germany in 1908. Since 1970, the company has achieved numerous milestones in the field of safetyrelated automation engineering, including the introduction of the worlds first TV-certified safety system. HIMA now has over 700 employees with every third member of staff at the headquarters in Brhl working solely in research and development. Through a steadily growing network of group companies, sales and service centres, as well as representatives in more than 50 countries, HIMA implements projects of all sizes all over the world. Thanks to its corporate independence, the family-run company is able to work in any project structure taking on complete projects or partial tasks, and working both directly for end customers and as part of a team with EPCs, MACs and PCS manufacturers. This enables HIMA to continue to concentrate on safety solutions. The results are quality products, unrivalled specialist knowledge and customer confidence built on decades of successful projects.



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