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Saturday/Sunday, December 20/21, 2008 Jakarta  Globe City Beat C13

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Seeing World Press Photo 2008 Exhibition

Dec. 13 to Dec. 28
Picture It: Camera Lover
Amasses Record Collection
The World
Open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Free admission
Pacific Place Mall, Ground Floor,
Jalan Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52 - 53, The movie cameras cover the A line of switches near the

Central Jakarta wall, all neatly arranged, dusted entrance of the museum is
and labeled. So the only place for hooked up to run projectors,
the laminated posters of old film operate a drop-down screen and
rally in December 2007, when an attacker stars and Greek actors is the floor. activate an alarm system. The

fires at her car and a bomb explodes. Moore’s The tiny basement houses the museum is in part of central
sequence of photographs, which won first world’s largest private collection Athens where crime is common,
prize in the spot news stories category, show of movie cameras — 937 vintage so the basement stays padlocked.
the attack, the chaos and the casualties. His models and projectors, all owned Visits are by invitation only.

final image of a grieving man standing among by retired postman Dimitris Pistiolas’s family watched his
dead bodies, arms opened towards the Pistiolas. The collection made it collection grow over the decades,
heavens, seemingly reveals a moment when a once again into the Guinness moving from disbelief to
man’s faith in humanity and the divine is lost. World Records in November. acceptance to pride.
While disasters, conflict and social “It’s been listed in the Guinness The collector’s daughter,
injustice are explored in many of the images Book of Records eight times,” says Theodora Pistiola, remembers
on display, some lighter moments are also Pistiolas, a silver-haired, soft- being filmed by her father as a
Ashlee Betteridge skillfully captured. spoken, 78-year-old. “I don’t want child — “like Big Brother in the
Ariana Lindquist’s sensitive portrait of a anyone to catch up with me.’’ house, but in a nice way.” She has

here was something disconcerting about Shanghai girl waiting backstage during a Pistiolas started buying hopes of moving the collection to
the Christmas carols blaring in the Cosplay competition, a Japanese subculture cameras at age 15 and never a bigger space, perhaps with the
background during my visit to this year’s in which people dress up as popular cartoon stopped. The cameras steadily help of private or government
World Press Photo exhibition in Jakarta. characters, took first place in the Arts and filled the cupboards and shelves sponsorship.
Viewing a series of harrowing shots Entertainment singles section. of his house and eventually took But her father might take some
depicting violence and sexual assault victims In the story category, Polish photographer over his wife’s craft shop, now the persuading. Pistiolas admits he’s
in Colombia to the peppy sound track of Rafal Milach compiled a winning series of museum. Press clippings are turned down a couple of offers.
“Jingle Bell Rock” added a layer of irony that I photographs of former clowns who had taped to the back of the front He’d like to get space for his
don’t think the photographer originally studied at the Julinek circus school, which door, next to a prized certificate collection, but he wants to stay on
intended his work to convey. had to close due to financial problems. His from the Guinness World Records. as supervisor. “I don’t want a civil
The hanging of this show on the ground quirky and somewhat surreal portraits walk The cameras in the cabinets, all servant looking after all this, not
floor of Pacific Place, a mall currently decked the line between being humorous and restored to working order, fill a someone who doesn’t care,” he
with boughs of holly and teeming with invoking pathos, and are tinged with a warm space of about 25 square meters, says. “Because if I lost one of these
children wearing reindeer antlers while nostalgia for these traditional circus arts that the size of a storage shed. Pistiolas cameras I’d be very upset. This is
frolicking in fake snow, seemed somewhat have fallen victim to the passing of time. says there’s every kind of camera my little church.”
flippant considering the serious subjects Even in photographs that depict troubling for every kind of film. Pistiolas says his collection is
depicted in many of the images. “American soldier resting at bunker , Korengal Valley, Afghanistan,” top, by Tim Hetherington for subjects, there are moments of humor and joy: “There’s 8 millimeter, super-8, his hobby, his way of staying sharp
But on the plus side, there were moms, Vanity Fair won Photo of the Year; “Assassination of Benazir Bhutto, Rawalpindi, Pakistan,” left, by a little girl proudly showing off her smart new 16 millimeter, 35 millimeter, and young in mind. He insists he’ll
dads and even a few pembantu (maids) John Moore for Getty won Best Spot News Single; “Retired circus artists, Poland,” by Rafal Milach dress before Passover in Christopher amateur and professional,” he never stop collecting. Cameras, he
looking at the works with their antlered for Anzenberger Agency won Best Arts and Entertainment Story.  World Press Photos Anderson’s series on daily life in Bethlehem, says. “I don’t have a favorite.” says, are his lovers. AP
charges­— an audience that may not usually and elderly friends walking side by side
have the time or inclination to go to a and sports. It forms an eyewitness record of exhaustion at a bunker in Afghanistan’s through a park in Carolyn Drake’s study of
traditional gallery. international events that occurred in 2007. Korengal Valley, proving that a blurred photo Torez, a Ukrainian coal mining town where
The exhibition is the result of an annual In the past, I have viewed the exhibition in is not necessarily a bad one. Hetherington, there is high unemployment. These images
competition run by the World Press Photo Sydney at the State Library of New South whose winning work appeared in Vanity Fair provide relief and a glimpse of hope in
organization, which invites entries by Wales, where images are reverently displayed magazine, captures the disorientation and desperate situations.
photojournalists working for publications against a backdrop of white walls, and the anguish of life on the battlefield in a single In the sports categories, exhilaration
around the globe. only distraction is the clip-clop of stiletto candid moment. seems to be the main theme. Australian
Following judging by a panel of 13 heels worn by the city’s chardonnay set. Gary Knight, the chairman of the panel of photographer Tim Clayton’s black-and-white
international photo editors, journalists and But considering the exhibition carries judges, commended Hetherington’s image for series documenting land diving on the island
curators in Amsterdam each April, the weighty messages about contemporary social representing “the exhaustion of a man – and of Pentecost in Vanuatu is a vertigo-inducing
winning photographs go on tour for 12 and environmental concerns, the mall — a the exhaustion of a nation.” standout. The men and boys on the island
months, showing in more than 100 cities favorite monument to vapid consumerism for John Moore’s work documenting the final build tall timber towers and leap off them
worldwide. Jakarta will be hosting the many Jakartans — might not be a bad place to moments of Benazir Bhutto’s life and the headfirst with only a vine tied around their
exhibition until Dec. 28. try and get people thinking about more than chaos following her assassination, is a ankles to rescue them from death.
World Press Photo 2008 showcases designer labels and their credit card limit. compelling study of how quickly a violent Every photo in this collection is moving
striking individual images and photo stories The overall winner was a British attack can spin normality in to chaos. The and eye-catching. And if you can handle the Camera collector Dimitris Pistiolas at his museum in Athens. The
across a number of categories, including photographer, Tim Hetherington, with his former Pakistani opposition leader is shown Christmas carols, the exhibition is certainly museum is the largest of its kind in the world.  AP/Thanassis Stavrakis
portraits, spot news, nature, entertainment image of an American soldier collapsing in addressing crowds of supporters at a political worth a look.

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