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Changes in Version JM 18.4 (since JM 18.

3) ------------------------------------------ turn HM like configuration option off by default - fixed for high bit depth and lossless Changes in Version JM 18.3 (since JM 18.2) ------------------------------------------ encoder: allow coding with the same GOP/reference picture settings like HM5 (B iL) - add HM-like example configurations (BiL) Changes in Version JM 18.2 (since JM 18.1) ------------------------------------------ encoder: fix MVC interlace encoder/decoder mismatch (AT/YHe/PeP) - encoder: reference picture list performance fixes (AT/YHe) - decoder: fix deblocking filter strength for SP frames (KS/AT) Changes in Version JM 18.1 (since JM 18.0) ------------------------------------------ encoder/decoder: Direct Mode updates (YHe/KS) - encoder/decoder: MVC (Stereo High Profile) Interlace Bug fixes (PeP/YHe) - encoder: Coding structure updates and bug fixes (AL/AT) - encoder: On the Fly Interpolation for ME/MC (JlT/AL/AT) - encoder/decoder: Architecture and various software cleanups and naming convent ions (KS/AT) - encoder/decoder: DPB code updates (AT/PeP) - decoder: Predictive High 444 bug fixes (KS/AT/JjC/JGG) Changes in Version JM 18.0 (since JM 17.2) ------------------------------------------ MVC decoded picture buffer separation (YHe/AT) - move MVC parameters into a separate config file (KS) - add MS Visual Studio 2010 work spaces (AT/KS) - bug fixes (see bug tracker) Changes in Version JM 17.2 (since JM 17.1) ------------------------------------------ encoder: fix memory leak for picture based RD-decision (YY) - rtpdump: fix build in old workspaces (KS) Changes in Version JM 17.1 (since JM 17.0) ------------------------------------------ decoder: fix delta_pic_order_cnt[0] in IDR frames (KS, bug #57) - decoder: Direct mode fixes (YHE) - encoder/decoder: various cleanups and bug fixes (AT/YHE) - encoder/decoder: rewrite of deblocking functions (AT) - decoder : rewrite of intra prediction functions (AT) - encoder/decoder: MVC bug fixes (PeP/AL) - encoder/decoder: Frame Packing SEI Message (AL) - decoder: Minor CABAC updates (AT) - encoder/decoder: Update work spaces for VS 2008 and XCode with x64 and OPENMP support (KS) - encoder/decoder: Update Makefiles for OPENMP support (KS) - encoder: avoid crashes by prohibiting incompatible tool combinations (KS/YHE) Changes in Version JM 17.0 (since JM 16.2) ------------------------------------------

- encoder: TIFF input support (LZL) - encoder: Reorganization/Generalization of RDPictureDecision (YY) - encoder: Weighted Prediction bug fixes (YY) - encoder: Hierarchical Coding structure bug fixes (AL) - encoder: Architecture changes/bug fixes for error resilient video coding (ZC, PeP) - encoder/decoder: Codec architecture reorganization/structure renaming (AT, AL, CV, PeP, YHe) - encoder/decoder: lossless coding bug fixes to align code with the spec, and va rious encoder/decoder mismatch bug fixes(LZ/YY) - encoder/decoder: initial MVC extension, i.e. stereo high profile, support (CL/ SWi/TN) - encoder/decoder: various architectural improvements/bug fixes for stereo high profile support (AT/AL/PeP/YHe) - encoder/decoder: deblocking filter reorganization/rewrite (AT/YHe/CV) - decoder: Multislice handling support (YHe) - encoder/decoder: motion information handling reorganization (AT/YHe) - encoder/decoder: direct mode handling reorganization/rewrite (YHe/AT) - encoder/decoder: 4:2:2/4:4:4 profile support bug fixes (YHe) - encoder/decoder: Interlace handling bug fixes (YHe, AT) - encoder/decoder: intra prediction process rewrite (AT, CV) - decoder: Motion Compensation operation rewrite (CV/AT/YHe) Changes in Version JM 16.2 (since JM 16.1) ------------------------------------------ encoder: changes necessary for low delay anchor generation (DHo) see doc/jm16.2_changes.doc for details - encoder: update encoder.cfg for high performance based on VCEG common coding c ondition (KS) Changes in Version JM 16.1 (since JM 16.0) ------------------------------------------ encoder: check slice group parameter size for slice_group_map_type equal to 2 (KS) - encoder/decoder: SP/SI bug fixes (YL/AL) - encoder: Integer distortion cost calculation (YHe/AT) - encoder: Updated and Improved Sequence/GOP design architecture (AL) - encoder/decoder: Various cleanups/bugfixes (AT) - encoder/decoder: Deblocking speedups (AT) - encoder/decoder: add version information command line switches (KS) - encoder: NAL unit priority bug fixes (KSw) - encoder: RDOQ bug fixes (YY) - encoder: Motion estimation and mode decision bug fixes (YHe/AT) - decoder: fox cropping for IMGPEL equal to 0 (KS) Changes in Version JM 16.0 (since JM 15.1) ------------------------------------------ encoder: Early termination in various distortion computation functions (AT) - encoder/decoder: Various speed optimizations/restructuring/cleanups (AT) - encoder/decoder: removal of almost all global variables (AT) - encoder/decoder: Severe restructuring and merging of Various encoder and decod er functions in lcommon (AT) - decoder: Deblocking bug fix in the presence of errors (TB/AT) - encoder: Rate Control Improvements/Reentrancy (AL) - encoder: RDOQ/Mode decision bug fixes (YY) - encoder: Motion Estimation/Mode decision bug fixes (YHe) - encoder: Motion Estimation reorganization/cleanups (AT) - encoder/decoder: doxygen cleanups (YHe/AT) - encoder/decoder: add workspaces for Visual Studio 2009 (Windows) and Xcode (Ma cOS)

Changes in Version JM 15.1 (since JM 15.0) ------------------------------------------ encoder/decoder: Redundant picture bug fixes (KS) - encoder: fix config limit type for IntraProfile (KS, bug id #153) - decoder: fix copy and paste bug in pps_is_equal() (KS, bug id #157) - decoder: cleanups to intra prediction functions (AT) - decoder: 4:4:4 bug fix (AT) - encoder/decoder: Various bug fixes/cleanups (AT/KS) Changes in Version JM 15.0 (since JM 14.2) ------------------------------------------ encoder: Various bug fixes relating to MBAFF and High 444P profile (EM) - encoder: Adaptive Rounding reorganization and bug fixes(EM) - encoder: Motion Estimation reorganization (AT) - encoder: Various bugfixes related to 8x8 transform and submacroblock partition s (AT) - encoder: Extension to support VLC codes > 32 bits (AL) - encoder: RC bug fixes (ASe) - encoder: SEI/AU support & cleanups (AL) - encoder: Various bug fixes and cleanups, including bipred ME (AT) - encoder: Weighted Prediction offset computation using Motion Compensation (PC, MK, YY) - encoder: support of explicit sequence information functionality (AT/KS) - encoder: support of separate & interleaved raw video files (AT) - encoder: don't allow GenerateMultiplePPS in baseline profile (KS) - encoder: encoder support of some ANNEX A level limits (AT/KS) - encoder/decoder: Lossless encoding bug fixes (AT) - encoder/decoder: memory alloc/free speedups (AT) - encoder/decoder: VLC speedups (JaB/AT) - encoder/decoder: don't access uninitialized memory in cabac.c (PL/KS) - encoder/decoder: various cleanups and bug fixes (KS/AT) - decoder: Support for 64 bit bitstream I/O (AT/KS) - decoder: Severe code reorganization and various bug fixes, some relating to Hi gh 444P (AT) Changes in Version JM 14.2 (since JM 14.1) ------------------------------------------ encoder: fix cabac_zero_word calculation (KS) - encoder: bipredictive ME bug fixes (EM/AT) - encoder: MBAFF qp bug fix (AT) - encoder: Statistics collection rewrite (AT) - encoder: RDOQ CAVLC support & improvements (PC/YY/MK/LL/AT) - encoder: fix range of DFDisable* parameters (KS) - decoder: Fix copy and paste error in sei.c (KS) - decoder: Fix syntax of full frame freeze SEI message (KS) - encoder/decoder: convert time measurement system calls to be more consistent a nd don't use "obsolete" functions (KS) Changes in Version JM 14.1 (since JM 14.0) ------------------------------------------ encoder: fixes in lossless coding (KHH) - encoder: Improved MC precision using Reordering & Weighed Prediction (AL, AT) - encoder: Weighted Prediction Extensions (AT, AL) - encoder: MS-SSIM distortion computation (PeP) - encoder: Rewrite of Error Resilient RDO (PeP/AT) - encoder: SSIM distortion computation (ZHL/WK/AT) - encoder: RGB color space distortion computation (WK/AT) - encoder: Distortion/Statistics functionality cleanups (AT/WK)

encoder: RDOQ and Quantization cleanups (LL/AT) encoder: RC cleanups (AT) encoder: Adaptive Rounding Support for Low Complexity RDO (EM) encoder: Multipass RD coding bug fix for PicAFF (AL) decoder: Motion vector limit checking (LlL) encoder/decoder: Various code optimizations (AT) encoder/decoder: Various cleanups /reorganizations (AT) decoder: SP/SI slice decoder fixes (AT) encoder: fix 4:0:0 encoder bit depth initialization (KS) encoder: use SPS id parameter in GenerateSequenceParameterSet (KS) encoder: fix number of bits calculation for pic aff with slices/DP (CS)

Changes in Version JM 14.0 (since JM 13.2) ------------------------------------------ encoder: Bipredictive ME bug fixes (AT) - encoder: Intra mode decision reorganization (LL/AT) - encoder: Quantization/transform process reorganization (AT) - encoder: Trellis based quantization (VCEG-AH21) (PC/YY/MK/LL/AT) - encoder: WP Cleanups (AT) - encoder: Lossless Coding Cleanups / Bug fixes (AT) - encoder: Profile/Level Conformance code cleanups (AT) - encoder: fix trace file for data partitioning (KS) - encoder: fix encoding for picture aff (KS) - encoder: fix memory allocations with num_ref_frames=0 (KS) - encoder: fix rate control config error message (AL) - encoder: fix 4:2:2 chroma transform (KS) - encoder: fix 4:2:2 chroma scaling matrices (SSe) - encoder: improve profile restrictions (KS) - decoder: fix 4:2:2 decoding (SWi) - decoder: allow intra-only deblocking filter configuration in decoder.cfg (KS) - decoder: add quantizer initialization for data partitioning (PL) - encoder/decoder: memory assignment reorganization (AT) - encoder/decoder: deblocking cleanups (AT) Changes in Version JM 13.2 (since JM 13.1) ------------------------------------------ encoder: 4:4:4 chroma mismatch fix (4x4 intra) (KS) - encoder: 4:2:2 chroma mismatch fix (THi) - encoder: fixes for negative QP (AT) - encoder: fix trace file and average qp calculation for slices with fixed byte size (AL) - encoder/decoder: various 4:4:4 fixes (HY) - decoder: fix temporal direct mode (KS) - decoder: implement I_PCM for more than 8bpp (KS) Changes in Version JM 13.1 (since JM 13.0) ------------------------------------------ encoder: 4:4:4 performance fix (4x4 intra) (KS) - encoder: always use ChromaMEEnable for 4:4:4 common mode (KS) - encoder: 4:2:2 transform fix (AT) - decoder: fix slice_group_id allocation (KS) - encoder/decoder: fix inline functions for compilers without c99 support (KS) - encoder/decoder: makefile updates (LW/KS) - encoder/decoder: 4:0:0 fixes (KS) - encoder/decoder: further cleanups (AT/KS)

Changes in Version JM 13.0 (since JM 12.4) -----------------------------------------Professional Profiles: - encoder/decoder: 4:4:4 combined color coding mode - encoder/decoder: lossless coding encoder/decoder: remove MS Visual Studio 6 workspaces (KS) encoder/decoder: various optimizations (AT/AL) encoder/decoder: fix mbuffer.c copy and paste error (KS) decoder: allow loss of single partitions (DA/KS) Note: some loss pattern will require usage of RTP file. - decoder: indicate wrong emulation prevention (ZH) - decoder: make memory allocation for slice_group_id dynamic (KS) - add simple tool for pseudo-random RTP packet loss (KS) Changes in Version JM 12.4 (since JM 12.3) -----------------------------------------Professional Profiles: - encoder/decoder: 4:4:4 independent mode quantization matrix bug fix (SSe) - encoder: 4:4:4 independent config file update (SSe) Changes in Version JM 12.3 (since JM 12.2) -----------------------------------------Professional Profiles: - encoder/decoder: 4:4:4 independent mode (SSe) encoder/decoder: add top level Makefile (LW) encoder: initialize lprc->AveWb (AL) encoder: restrict pel values in simulated decoder (CS) encoder: closed IDR GOP support (AT) encoder: delayed IDR GOP support (AT) encoder: rate control extension for adaptive rounding (AT) encoder: chroma ME bug fix (AT) encoder: RC bug fixes (AL) encoder: top/bottom field slice type decoder output consideration (AT) encoder: adjustments to frame_num consideration (AL/AT) encoder: removal of secondGOP concept (AT)

Changes in Version JM 12.2 (since JM 12.1) -----------------------------------------Professional Profiles: - encoder: 420/422 intra only coding (SWi) - encoder/decoder: post-filter hint SEI (SWi) - encoder/decoder: tone-mapping SEI (ASe) encoder/decoder: cleanup and speed improvements (AT/AL) encoder/decoder: deblocking filter speedup (AT) encoder/decoder: CAVLC entropy coder speedup (AT) encoder/decoder: CABAC arithmetical coder speedup [JVT-U084] (GM/DM/KS) encoder: VUI support (AL) encoder: further rate control fixes (AL) encoder: add error checks for slice group config files (KS) encoder: fix I_PCM encoding with CABAC (KS) decoder: Motion Compensation speedup (AT)

Changes in Version JM 12.1 (since JM 12.0) ------------------------------------------ encoder: fix example configuration files (KS/AT) - encoder: make direct_8x8_inference_flag=1 default (KS) - decoder: fix compilation with trace enabled (KS) - encoder/decoder: fix for shift_right_round functions on 64-bit machines (AT) - encoder/decoder: predict_nnz functions (YDh) - encoder/decoder: cleanups (KS/AT/AL) Changes in Version JM 12.0 (since JM 11.0) ------------------------------------------ encoder: Context Adaptive Lagrange Multiplier [JVT-T046] (JZ) - encoder: Severe Rate Control reorganization and debugging. Support for interla ce coding modes and hierarchical/multi-pass encoding (AL/AT) - encoder: Lagrangian Cleanups based on "layered" motion estimation (YD/AT) - encoder: reorganization/unification of motion estimation and compensation func tions (AL/AT) - encoder: Revised Luma/Chroma interpolation (AL/AT) - encoder: Chroma motion estimation consideration (AL/AT) - encoder: Separation of intra chroma mode decision and RDO (AL/AT) - encoder: split up macroblock mode decision (AT) - encoder: Bug correction relating to 64bit type statistics output (AT) - encoder: Simple "text" SEI message generation and basic support for VUI parame ters (to be extended) (AT) - encoder: reorganization of adaptive quantization and support of 4:2:2 and 4:4: 4 formats (AT) - encoder: resolved 8x8 intra prediction + MB-AFF bug (AT) - encoder: resolved illegal WP value vs Eq.8-294 bug (AT) - encoder: subpel EPZS bug resolutions and addition of bipredictive subpel EPZS (AT) - encoder: resolve bug with IDR pictures + RDPictureDecision (AT) - encoder: fix SP/SI memory leaks (AT) - encoder: bidirectional search for simplified fast ME (BY) - encoder: fix start code prefix length (SN) - decoder: update of decoder input parameters (AT) - encoder: fix incorrect usage of 8x8 transform with direct mode and non-rd-opt coding (DH) - encoder: fix wrong pointer dereferences (KS/SH) - encoder: fix SP/SI file i/o issue (ES) - encoder: allocate less stream buffer memory for slice modes 1 and 2 (KS) - encoder: fix bit statistics for slice mode 2 (enricomasala) - decoder: trace file format cleanup (KS) - decoder: fix psnr calculation for field with IDR (SN) - decoder: error concealment - conceal intra blocks from decoded blocks first (K S) - decoder: decoder cleanups and optimizations (AT/KS) - encoder/decoder: various small code cleanups (AT) - encoder/decoder: correction of fix for predict_nnz with constrained intra and data partitioning (CK/KS) - encoder/decoder: fix memory leaks mostly in error paths (KS) - encoder/decoder: add MS Visual Studio 2005 project files (KS) Changes in Version JM 11.0 (since JM 10.2) ------------------------------------------ encoder: FME updated [JVT-R085 and JVT-Q088] (XX) - encoder: I_PCM support for CABAC (SL) - encoder: fix crash with large number of frames (AT)

encoder: disable writing if no yuv output file is specified (AT) encoder: disallow POC reorder with field coding (AT) encoder: rename Pyramid->Hierarchy (AT/KS) encoder: remove remainings of former redundant slice implementation (KS) encoder: fix IPCM encoding with rate control (AT/HZ) encoder: Intra 8x8 prediction mode write cleanup (KS) encoder: Avoid I_PCM trace data during rdopt (KS) encoder: LA-RDO bug fix (CZ) encoder: disallow DP+CABAC (KS) encoder: SP pictures cannot be IDR (KS) encoder: fix overwritten line buffer in fast ME (KS) encoder: allow picture frame/field encoding of non-reference pictures when DPB is full of reference pictures (AT) - encoder: enable EPZSSubPelME (AT) - decoder: start decoding after recovery point SEI (BL) [JVT-R017] - decoder: remove size restriction when parsing reserved SEI (KS/MW) - decoder: fix weighted prediction initializations (AT) - decoder: fix Motion-constrained slice group set SEI message reading (AT) - decoder: fix dec_picture->slice_id memory leak (KS) - decoder: fix SEI MMCO list free (RB) - decoder: make vlc tables static const (SF) - decoder: fix for poc_order_cnt_type=2 (JXi) - decoder: fix field combine/split for different reference picture size per slic e (KS/AT) - encoder/decoder: Redundant picture for error resilience [JVT-R058] (CZ) - encoder/decoder: don't write empty DP NALUs and handle this at the decoder (KS ) - encoder/decoder: fix predict_nnz for constrained intra and data partitioning ( SMy/KS) - encoder/decoder: fix cabac context initilization (DM) - encoder/decoder: fix various chroma bitdepth related issues (KS/YC) Changes in Version JM 10.2 (since JM 10.1) ------------------------------------------ encoder: fast subpixel motion estimation for EPZS [JVT-Q079] (AT) - encoder: SI picture implementation (ES) - encoder: lossless coding fixes (SSu) - encoder: add warning for bit/mb limit (AT) - encoder: enable I_PCM (for VLC coding) by default (KS) - encoder: fix non-rd-optimized mode decision (AT) - encoder: fix memory allocation in search module (TP) - encoder: fix bitrate output (PP) - encoder: fix data partitioning with constrained intra prediction (KS) - encoder: fix bidirectional prediction with RDOpt=2 (AT) - encoder: fix MBAFF with constrained intra prediction (KS) - encoder: fix MBAFF with slice mode 2 and restrict slice mode 1 (KS) - decoder: SI/SP picture updates (ES) - decoder: add check for QP range (MT) - decoder: fix/add SEI parsing: pan/scan, timing, stereo, deblocking filter, fil m grain (MT) - decoder: fix dummy croma component output for bit depth > 8 (KS) - decoder: work around problems in error concealment (KS) - decoder: fix idr psnr output (SB) - encoder/decoder: update RTP format (SW) Changes in Version JM 10.1 (since JM 10.0) ------------------------------------------ encoder/decoder: apply chroma motion vector adjustment only for 4:2:0 (SZ/KS)

- encoder: write vlc run if last mb is skipped () Changes in Version JM 10.0 (since JM 9.8) ----------------------------------------- encoder: simplified UMHexagonS fast motion estimation [JVT-P021] (XY) - encoder: EPZS fast motion estimation [JVT-P026] (AT) - encoder: fix reference picture reordering problem (AT) - encoder: disallow (log2_max_frame_num_minus4 == 0 && input->num_ref_frames == 16) (AT) - decoder: error concealment for lost pictures [JVT-P072] (SB) - decoder: fix long-term reference picture reordering problem (KS) - decoder: allow differing nal_ref_idc (!=0) in same AU (JSa) - fix example config files (KS) Changes for Version JM 9.8 to JM 9.7 ------------------------------------ encoder/decoder: fix monochrome pred_weight_table syntax (MT) - encoder/decoder: fix cropping_flag usage (KS) - encoder: fix frame_num for reference B pictures (AT) Changes for Version JM 9.7 to JM 9.6 ------------------------------------ encoder: revert zero motion vector change in low complexity mode (YH) - encoder: fix 4:2:2 encoding (KS) - encoder: fix mb_qp_delta CABAC context selection (KS) - encoder: weighted prediction fix - encoder: fix frame_poc setting (AS) - decoder: fix direct mode rare case problem (AS) - decoder: fix pic_struct parsing in timing SEI - decoder: fix parsing of filler data SEI - encoder/decoder: fix deblocking filter strength calculation for negative POC ( AS/KS) - encoder/decoder: fix frame_poc setting (AS) - encoder/decoder: fix SE_TRANSFORM_SIZE usage (KS) - encoder: updates to explicit hierarchical coding and picture coding structure s (AT) - encoder: update/enhance control of log2_max_pic_order_cnt_lsb_minus4 and log2_ max_frame_num_minus4 (AT) - encoder: addition of computation of Sequence Level PSNR statistics (AT) - encoder: fix frame_num setting for pyramid coding (AT) - encoder/decoder: fix invalid line in deblocking filter (PL) Changes for Version JM 9.6 to JM 9.5 ------------------------------------ encoder: FME fixes (WF) - encoder: fixes for I_PCM and encoder output (SN) - encoder: fix rounding for CABAC stuffing - encoder: lossless mode fixes (WK) - encoder: increase maximum slice size (WK/KS) - add platform specific notes to readme.txt Changes for Version JM 9.5 to JM 9.4 ------------------------------------ encoder: open GOP support (AT) - encoder: I_PCM encoding/decoding for CAVLC (AT)

encoder: I_PCM decoding for non-4:2:0 and CAVLC >8bit (AT) encoder: fix encoder/decoder mismatch for non-rd-opt coding (AT) encoder: fix crash with bi-predictive search (AT) encoder: further speed optimization (AT) encoder: fix mismatch in low complexity mode (YH/AT) encoder: fix zero motion vector in low complexity mode (YH) encoder: fix 8:9:9 bit support (WK) encoder: FME improvements (WF) encoder/decoder: fix RCT Cb/Cr order (WK)

Changes for Version JM 9.4 to JM 9.3 ------------------------------------ encoder: fast mode implementation (BJ) - encoder: FME update (WF) - encoder: adaptive quantization rounding offset (GS/SSu/AT) - encoder: restructure encode_one_macroblock (AT) - encoder: weighted prediction fix (AT) - encoder: fix reported bit rate with LastFrameNumber parameter (AT) - encoder: fix cost initialization for Transform8x8Mode=2 (SeS) - encoder: restrict motion vector size (AT) - encoder: fix rate control/non-rd-opt mismatch (AT) - encoder: cleanups (AT) - encoder: remove memory leak and clean up PPS usage (KS) - encoder: fix CABAC zero word calculation (KS) - decoder: fix POC mode 0 calculation (XI) - decoder: fix timing SEI parsing (IP) - decoder: fix dangling field output (KS) - decoder: fix VLC trace output (MT) - encoder/decoder: large performance and memory usage improvements (AT/KS) - encoder/decoder: fix CABAC CBP_block_bit (VG) - encoder/decoder: clean up and fix usage of skip_flag (KS/AM) - encoder/decoder: implement lossless coding for non 4:4:4 cases (SSu) Changes for Version JM 9.3 to JM 9.2 ------------------------------------ encoder: Bi predictive ME (AT) - encoder: encoder parameter tuning (AT) - encoder: fix allocation in error concealment (SM) - encoder: fix allocation in pyramid code (AT) - encoder: fix qp_const_422 assignment (SKa) - encoder: fix padding for automatically added borders (SKa) - encoder: support multiple PPS (AT) - encoder: picture RD-decision (AT) - encoder: rate-control fix (SM) - encoder: restrict num_ref_frames to MaxDpbSize (ZH/KS) - encoder: allocate rate control memory depending on frame size (KS) - decoder: open trace file only once (AT) - decoder: remove duplicate initialization of error states (MA) - decoder: fix timing SEI parsing (PW/KS) - decoder: fix CABAC SI context selection (DM/KS) - encoder/decoder: fix neighboring of TotalCoeff in CAVLC (KS/WC) - encoder/decoder: fix PSNR calculation if cropping is enabled (KS) Changes for Version JM 9.2 to JM 9.1 ------------------------------------ encoder: fix possible integer overflow in quantization offsets (SN/AT) - encoder: fix I_PCM trace (SN)

- encoder: restructure code (KS) - unixprep.sh: also convert config files (KS) Changes for Version JM 9.1 to JM 9.0 ------------------------------------ encoder: RCT: Enabling inter mode selection (WK) - encoder: RCT: Correcting I16 mode selection (WK) - encoder: fix YUV header seek problem (PL) - encoder: reduce memory usage (KS) - encoder: remove assert in RC (KS) - encoder: fix qpBSoffset usage (AT) - encoder: fix stored B-pictures (KS) - encoder: fix qp change (AT) - encoder: fix direct mode selection (KS) - encoder: fix wrong memory allocation in FastME code (KS) - encoder: fix IDR encoding (LP/SKa/AT) - encoder: fix QMatrix config file reading (KS) - encoder: automatically add borders for picture sizes that are not multiple of 16 (KS) - encoder: default config parameter initialization (AT) - encoder: add checks for minimum and maximun values for each config parameter ( AT) - encoder: support for explicit lagrangian parameters (AT) - encoder: support for explicit rounding offset parameters (AT) - decoder: allow 4:2:0 file format for monochrome streams (LW/KS) - decoder: fix VLC coeff reading (WZ) - decoder: fix second chroma qp offset (TS/KS) - decoder: fix VUI syntax (SK) - decoder: new command line interface (AT) - encoder/decoder: RCT: Correcting lossless coding/decoding (WK) - encoder/decoder: fix file reading/writing for non-Intel architectures (KS) - encoder/decoder: Fix YUV 4:0:0 output (SG) - encoder/decoder: Fix prediction weight calculations (AT) Changes for Version JM 9.0 to JM 8.6 -----------------------------------New Features: - import FRExt branch (KS) - encoder: pyramid encoding structure (AT) - encoder/decoder: YUV 4:0:0 support (VG) - encoder: thresholding control (AT) Fixes/Upates: - encoder: clean up includes (KS) - encoder: increase maximum file name length (KS) - encoder: fix failed merge of temporal direct fix (LP) - encoder: fix RCT enc/dec mismatch (WK) - encoder: fix for CAVLC neighbouring total coeff (for RDopt) (SN) - encoder: fix for CAVLC level limit for small QP (SN) - encoder: fix memory leaks (CS/KS) - encoder: disallow RDOptimazation=2 (KS) - encoder: improve parameter names(AT) - encoder: fix rate control diff calculation (SM) - decoder: fix QP output (AT) - decoder: fix paired field output for increased bit depth (KS) - decoder: fix img->quad allocation (KS) - decoder: fix RGB file output (KS)

decoder: don't crash on PicTiming SEI when no SPS is active (KS) encoder/decoder: fix gcc compiler warnings (KS) encoder/decoder: fix inverse DC transform (WZ/KS) encoder/decoder: reduce memory usage by making imgpel "unsinged short" (KS)

Changes for Version JM 8.6 to JM 8.5 ------------------------------------ encoder: fix command line checking order (KS) - encoder: fix coded_frame flag (KS) - encoder: fix skip mode mb pair problem (KS) - decoder: fix macroblock counter (KS) - decoder: fix output field pairing (KS) - decoder: fix POC previous frame num on MMCO=5(BH) - decoder: fix max num ref frames in poc cycle - decoder: allow Annex B leading_zero_8bits and trailing_zero_8bits (ZH) - decoder: fix SI decoding (MWa) - encoder/decoder: fix dpb size (KS) - encoder/decoder: hopefully work around VS compiler optimization bug (KS) - encoder/decoder: remove a number of gcc warnings (KS) Changes for Version JM 8.5 to JM 8.4 ------------------------------------ encoder: fix wrong direct mode selection for non-rd-optimized encoding (KS) - decoder: fix RPLR (KS) - encoder: fix rate-control for non-rd-optimized encoding (SM/KS) - encoder: fix POC mode 1 for stored B pictures (KS) - encoder: fix MB AFF encoder/decoder mismatch (KS) - encoder: fix list 1 reference index selection (SN) - encoder: fix IDR pictures and wrapping around frame_num (TK/KS) - encoder: fix log2_max_frame_num_minus4 and log2_max_pic_order_cnt_lsb_minus4 ( AT) - encoder/decoder: align chroma sample interpolation to standard text (no real b ug, only cleanup) (ZH/KS) Changes for Version JM 8.4 to JM 8.3 ------------------------------------ encoder: fix encoder merge bug (AT) - encoder: count parameter set bits (AT) - decoder: spatial direct long-term support (KS) - decoder: fix colocation problem (KS) - decoder: fix SPS/PPS changes (KS) - decoder: fix reordering with multiple slices (KS) - decoder: allow paired output of unpaired fields (KS) - decoder: fix POC on MMCO=5 (KS) - decoder: fix picture unmarking problem (KS) - decoder: SPS activation on buffering SEI (KS) - decoder: weighted prediction typo (AT) - decoder: fix CeilLog2 function (KS) Changes for Version JM 8.3 to JM 8.2 ------------------------------------ encoder: fast motion estimation fixes und cleanup (WF) - decoder: fix for SP decoding (ES) - encoder/decoder: direct mode cleanup and fixes (AT) - decoder: POC cleanup and fixes (AT) - encoder: set log2_max_frame_num_minus4 dynamically (AT)

decoder: fix dangling fields (KS) encoder/decoder: fix mismatch in B-pictures with RDOptimization=0 (KS) encoder/decoder: fix redundant_pic_cnt syntax element type (KS) encoder: fix num_slice_groups_minus1>0 bug (KS) decoder: fix field mmco bugs and (KS) decoder: fix initial reference picture list generation with long-term pictures (KS) - decoder: fix new picture detection (KS) - decoder: fix weighted prediction (KS/AS) - encoder/decoder: fix max PPS id (KS) - decoder: remove redundant variables (KS) - decoder: re-enable non-normative error concealment for non mb-aff (KS/THi) - decoder: several smaller fixes (KS) Changes for Version JM 8.2 to JM 8.1a ------------------------------------- encoder: merge FMO (DW) - encoder/decoder: add error/warning if DPB size is zero at specified level (KS) - fix unixprep.sh script for Solaris /bin/sh (DD) Changes for Version JM 8.1a to JM 8.1 ------------------------------------- encoder/decoder: fix bug in constrained intra prediction fix (KS) - encoder/decoder: fix version number typo (KS) Changes for Version JM 8.1 to JM 8.0 ------------------------------------ decoder: fix I_PCM decoding for field macroblocks (AS) - encoder: rate control fix (SM) - encoder/decoder: fix max DPB size for level 5.0 (KS) - encoder/decoder: fix constrained intra prediction left neighbour (KS) - decoder: fix crash on SPS activation in SEI (KS) - encoder/decoder: documentation updates / remove encodeiff.h (KS) - encoder: add basic profile checks (KS) Changes for Version JM 8.0 to JM 7.6 ------------------------------------ encoder/decoder: SP filter strength (KS) - decoder: fix decoder snr calculation for streams that contain idr pictures (AT ) - decoder: increase NAL unit buffer size (KS) - encoder: further statistics fixes (AW) - encoder: fix wrong LumaPrediction4x4 call (AW) - encoder: fix reference index writing for MB AFF with one reference frame (AW) - decoder: fix bottom field first decoding (KS) - encoder: add profile and level idc to config file (KS) - encoder/decoder: determine DPB size depending on level (KS) - encoder/deocder: fix field pairing (KS) - encoder/deocder: fix memory allocation for reference picture list (KS) - encoder: decrease list0 size for b slices (KS) - encoder: make FME a config file option (TK) - encoder: add -h help option (AT) - encoder/decoder: fix writing of unpaired field (ZY) - decoder: fix currMB calculation in i_pcm reading (ZY) - decoder: set ref_pic_num for each slice (KS/AS) - decoder: disable deblocking filter P_SLICE simplifications (KS/AS)

- decoder: "hack fix" for direct mode decoding (AT) Changes for Version JM7.6 to JM 7.5c ------------------------------------ encoder/decoder: temporal direct loop index fix (RV/AT/KS) - encoder: fix memory leak (AT) - decoder: reset the wp_offset for the implicit mode (AT) - encoder: temporary fix for slice mode 2, Won't work with FMO (PK) - decoder: don't reset poc of other field (OD) - decoder: fix bw_ref_idx (AT) - encoder/decoder: fix long_term initialization (JK) - encoder/decoder: fix pic_num / frame_num_wrap initialization for intra sclices (JK) - encoder/decoder: datapartition fixed (ZL) - encoder: fix stored B pictures (AT) - encoder: small mbuffer.c fixes (AT) - encoder/decoder: add Visual Studio .NET workspaces (KS) - encoder: fix random intra blocks (TSh) - encoder: fix statistics (KS) - encoder: fix mb delta qp CABAC context selection (KS/AT) - encoder: Rate control fixes (SM) - encoder/decoder: fix initial reference picture list generation for long term p ictures (RV) - encoder/decoder: fix no_output_of_prior_pics_flag handling (KS) - encoder: FAST_ME fixes (JX) Changes for Version JM7.5c to JM 7.5b ------------------------------------- encoder: add DirectInference parameter (AT) - encoder: generate interlaced representation, only if interlaced encoding mode (AT/KS) - encoder: fix picture aff psnr calculation (AT) - encoder: weighted prediction fix (AT) - decoder: small direct mode fix (AT) - encoder/decoder: reference index fix in generation of field representation (AS ) - encoder/decoder: fix CurrPicNum for field calculation (KS) - encoder: fix CABAC contexts for cbp and skip flag / mb aff (VG/KS) - encoder: fix invalid usage of 8x8 temporal direct mode (KS) - decoder: fix field psnr calculation (KS) - encoder: don't try to output reconstructed sequence, if no file specified (AT) - encoder: clean exit if input file reading fails (AT) - encoder: initialize POC before initializing parameter sets (KS) - encoder: fix POC mode 1 (KS) - decoder: rename POC mode 1 variables to match text (KS) - encoder/decoder: fix bottom field access in is_short_term_reference() and is_long_term_reference() (ML) Changes for Version JM7.5b to JM 7.5a ------------------------------------Bug fixes - encoder: b-frame performance fix (KS) - encoder: CABAC context selection fix (KS) - encoder: fix typo in rd-opt labda calculation (AT) - encoder: weighted prediction updates (AT) - encoder: fix wrong reference index if NumberReferenceFrames=1 (KS) - encoder: add IDR picture selection parameter (AT) Changes for Version JM7.5a to JM 7.5 ------------------------------------

Bug fixes - encoder: fix direct mode coding (KS/AT) - encoder: reenable old rd-opt labda calculation (KS/AT) Changes for Version JM7.5 to JM 7.4 ----------------------------------Bug fixes - decoder: SEI parsing (JC) - encoder: merge deblocking filter from decoder (KS) - encoder: merge dpb fixes from decoder (KS) - encoder: rewrite most of MB AFF handling, support list_0 and list_1 properly, etc. (KS) - encoder/decoder: fix first_mb_in_slice for mb aff (KS) - encoder/decoder: deblocking filter with multiple slices (KS) Changes for Version JM7.4 to JM 7.3 ----------------------------------Bug fixes - decoder: lt.ref. pic handling with sliding window (AF) - decoder: fix CABAC parsing bug for skip_flag (KS) - decoder: gaps in frame_num (DT) - decoder: error message, if direct mode fails (BH) - decoder: fix long term reference pictures (KS) - decoder: deblocking filter for picture aff (PN) - decoder: long term picture handling/MMCO (AF/KS) - decoder: chroma QP offset (JS) - decoder: frame cropping support (KS) - decoder: deblocking filter fix (SY, others) New features: - decoder: I_PCM macroblock mode for VLC (DW) - decoder: I_PCM macroblock mode for CABAC (DW) - encoder: fast motion estimation - encoder: rate control Changes for Version JM7.3 to JM 7.2 ----------------------------------Bug fixes - encoder: DPB for field coding (SM) - encoder: Spatial direct mode (SM) - decoder: POC mode 2 with multiple slices (BH) - decoder: data partitioning (has known problem in CAVLC/CABAC parsing when constrained intra an dp are used) - both : reference picture list generation - both : doxygen documentation generation fixes (KS) Changes for Encoder Version JM7.2 to JM 6.2 -------------------------------------------Bug fixes - DPB correlated things, such as motion search etc.(KS,SM) - Direct mode(SM) Changes for Decoder Version JM 7.2 to JM 7.1 --------------------------------------------

Bug fixes - deblocking filter reference pictures (LK) - small POC fixes (KS) Cleanup - remove JVT-F100 syntax support (KS) Changes for Decoder Version JM 7.1 to JM 7.0 -------------------------------------------Bug fixes - loop filter (KS) - weighted prediction (KS) - reference list generation (KS) - 8x8 direct modes (AT) - constrained intra prediction (KS) Changes for Decoder Version JM 7.0 to JM 6.2 -------------------------------------------Bug fixes - POC updates (BH) - CABAC dqant and red_idx_lx contexts (KS) - small cleanups and other fixes Other - removed common directory, put a copy of these file in each encoder and decoder Changes for Version JM 6.2 to JM 6.1b -------------------------------------Note: This is a decoder only release. Encoding is broken. Bug fixes - rewrote DPB (KS) - rewrote most of MB AFF handling (KS) - direct mode updates (AT) - many other cleanups and fixes (various poeple) Changes for Version JM 6.1b to JM 6.1a -------------------------------------Bug fixes * FMO decoding (KS) * fix motion vector predictor (HS/KS) * intra prediction mode selection (KS) * SPS Syntax update frame_height_in_mb -> pic_height_in_mb (KS) * fix memory leak (KSa) Changes for Version JM 6.1a to JM 6.1 ------------------------------------Bug fixes * VLC 0 sign bit (AJ) * Correct rounding (AJ) * Chroma intra pred mode order (AJ/KS) * Loop filter chroma QP mapping (RaS) * Fix memory leaks (KS) * MB AFF fixes (HS) * CABAC text alignment (HS)

* frame_num modulo (KS) * intra pred allowed mode fixes (HS/KS) Cleanups * remove strange postfilter arrays from decoder (KS) * remove duplicte decoder frame types (_1 and _MULT) (KS) * clean up vlc writing (KS) Changes for Version JM 6.1 to JM 6.0a ------------------------------------New features * SEI decoding reenabled and new messages added (KS) * Weighted Prediction Updates (JB) * POC updated (DT) * CABAC slice initializations (HS) Bug fixes * fix mb aff again (KS) Cleanups * remove many gcc warnings (KS) * remove unused code (KS) * clean up VLC reading (KS) * allocate less memory (YW) Changes for Version JM 6.0a to JM 6.0 ------------------------------------New features * chroma loop filter update (CG) Bug fixes * fix overflowing buffer for large image formats (PW/KS) * fix large memory leak (KS) * slice coding (RaS) * fix bit statistics (KS) * call EBSPtoRBSP at the decoder (TS/KS) Cleanups * remove some of the gcc warnings and old files (KS) Changes for Version JM 6.0 to JM 5.0h-suehring ---------------------------------------------New features * post-Awaji slice header and parameter sets (except POC) (KS) Removed features * ABT (KS) Bug fixes * AFF (picture and mb) (KS) * Slice parsing with CAVLC (KS) * CABAC byte alignment (KS) * lots of stuff I can't remember in detail (KS) Cleanups * lots of stuff I can't remember in detail (KS)

Known problems * slices have still encoder mismatch (looks like motion vector prediction) * FMO not tested, but probably won't work * SEI disabled (needs update to NAL units) * weighted prediction implementation in JM 5.0g unfinished * Error concealment disabled (needs new triggers) * DP (???) * I haven't merged any patches, I received since December Changes for Version JM 5.0h-suehring to JM 5.0g ----------------------------------------------New features * Sequence and Picture Parameter Sets * writes Annex B bytestream and RTP packets Changes for Version JM 5.0g to JM 5.0f -------------------------------------New features * Changes for Weigthed Prediction (JB) Note: This version seems to have severe performance problems Changes for Version JM 5.0f to JM 5.0e -------------------------------------New features * Reducing Pixel Dependencies for Intra-Prediction (JVT-E111) (GrC) Changes for Version JM 5.0e to JM 5.0d -------------------------------------New features * alternate scan for aff coding Changes for Version JM 5.0d to JM 5.0c -------------------------------------New features * added POC - for implementation details see changes_detail.txt (BH) Bug Fixes * reorder chroma intra pred modes aligned to draft (KS) Cleanups (no functional change) * cleaner parameter transfer for CABAC stuffing words (FB) Changes for Version JM 5.0c to JM 5.0b -------------------------------------New features * CABC Cleanup and Complexity reduction (FB) Bug Fixes * Chroma intra pred fix (AH/KS) * Loop filter Clipping (AH) Cleanups (no functional change) * 4x4 intra prediction mode order (KS) * remove old qp range support (simplifies loop filter) (KS) * remove some never called code (KS)

Changes for Version JM 5.0b to JM 5.0a -------------------------------------New features * CABAC cleanup (GB/DM) Changes for Version JM 5.0a to JM 5.0 ------------------------------------Removed features * Intra 8x8 sub macroblocks (HS) Bug Fixes * Choose right data partition in RDCost_for_4x4IntraBlocks() MW Changes for Version JM 5.0 to JM 4.4a ------------------------------------New features * Changed startcode length (KS) * SEI for (SR) a) Unregistered (arbitrary) data b) Registered ITU_T_t35 data c) Random access d) Pan Scan Information Removed features * Special Position (KS) * 1/8 pel motion compensation (KS) Bug Fixes * Temporal Direct mode fix for bottom field (LW) * fix statistics file Changes for Version JM 4.4a to JM 4.4 ------------------------------------New features * MB AFF and CABAC (GB/HS) Bug Fixes * fix chroma QP mapping (AH) Changes for Version JM 4.4 to JM 4.3a ------------------------------------New features * FMO mode 3# [JVT-D095] (YW) * FMO modes 4#~6# [JVT-D097] (YW) * Scene information SEI message [JVT-D099] (YW) * Redundant slices [JVT-D101] (YW) Note: FMO is broken. Changes for Version JM 4.3a to JM 4.3 ------------------------------------New features * Spare Pictures [JVT-D100] (DT) * Signaling of Enhanced GOPs [JVT-D098] (DT)

Bug Fixes * state table fix (BH) * fix chroma intra prediction and MB AFF (DH) * double decoder bitstream buffer size for HD material (KS) * SP chroma calcultaion fix (MN) * fix long term picture remove from buffer (DC) Changes for Version JM 4.3 to JM 4.2a ------------------------------------New features * Chroma Intra prediction (DH/GB) Bug Fixes * Data partitioning (TO) * remove assert from ABT (TH/MW) * fix for constrained intra prediction (TWa) Note: MB AFF is broken in this version Changes for Version JM 4.2a to JM 4.2 ------------------------------------New features * Loop Filter Simplification and Improvement (AJ) Changes for Version JM 4.2 to JM 4.1c ------------------------------------New features * Spatial Direct Prediction for MB AFF (AT) Bug Fixes * align simplified intra prediction to text (AH) * fix simplified intra prediction for mb aff (AH) * fix spatial direct (YK) * fix temporal direct (YK) * MB AFF fixes (LW,RG) Cleanups * clean up decode_one_slice (KS) * removed commented out code (KS) Changes for Version JM 4.1c to JM 4.1b -------------------------------------New features * Implicit bi-predictive weighting (YK) Bug Fixes * MAX_QP define (AJ) Changes for Version JM 4.1b to JM 4.1a -------------------------------------New features * Simplification of Intra Prediction (AH) Cleanups * also always enable EncapsulatedNALPayload at the decoder (KS)

* reference frame check AFF fix (AT) Changes for Version JM 4.1a to JM 4.1 ------------------------------------New features * Spatial Direct Prediction (AT) Note: Spatial Direct Currently disabled for MB-AFF Bug Fixes * SP chroma bug fixed (XS) Removed SP Switch flag from SI encoding (AT) Corrected readSyntaxElement_fixed (AT) * close reconstruction file only if opened (LWi) * MB AFF fixes (AT) Cleanups * remove double scan routines (KS) * always enable EncapsulatedNALPayload (KS) Changes for Version JM 4.1 to JM 4.0d ------------------------------------New features * macroblock adaptive frame/field (LW) Changes for Version JM 4.0d to JM 4.0c -------------------------------------Bug Fixes * CAVLC/AFF memory allocation (KL) * Solaris compiler problem (MW) * CAVLC and ABT updates Changes for Version JM 4.0c to JM 4.0b ------------------------------New features * New Macroblock modes for SP-frames [JVT-B055] (RK) Note: some problems related to decoding of SI-frames are reported and have to be fixed

Changes for Version JM 4.0b to JM 4.0a ------------------------------New features * CAVLC [JVT-C028, D034, D036] (KL, JA) * Low Complexity Diagonal Mode for Intra Prediction [JVT-D059] (GrC) Bug Fixes * Bitstream in MSB first order for CABAC (DM, GB) Changes for Version JM 4.0a to JM 3.9a ------------------------------New features * Improved CABAC [JVT-C060] (HS, GB)) * Fast Arithmetic Coding for CABAC [JVT-C061] (DM, GB) * CABAC cleanup [JVT-D019] (GB, DM)

* CABAC and ABT [JVT-D021] (HS, DM, GH)) * New end-of-slice signaling for CABAC [JVT-D020] (HS) Changes for Version JM 3.9a to JM 3.9 ------------------------------------Bug Fixes * fix ABT and VLC (MW) * fix slice mode 2 (KS) Changes for Version JM 3.9 to JM 3.8 -----------------------------------Bug Fixes * fix bitstream NAL encapsulation for slice modes 1,2 and interlace (KS) * merge interlace buffer changes (KP/KS) * fix encoder/decoder mismatch for SP-frames (MW) * remove unnecessary calculations (AT) * fix SP compiling warning (FW) * disable 8x8 intra blocks in data partitioning mode (TO) Cleanups * remove dead code and variables (KS) * free all prviously allocated memory (KS) Note: * FMO is currently broken Changes for Version JM 3.8 to JM 3.7 -----------------------------------New features * Adaptive Block-size Transforms (MW) Changes for Version JM 3.7 to JM 3.6 -----------------------------------New features * Loop filter complexity reduction [JVT-C094] (AJ) Changes for Version JM 3.6 to JM 3.5 -----------------------------------New features * support for FMO, see JVT-C089-C092 (SW) -> FMO requires RTP file format and ConstrainedIntraPrediction = 1 Bug Fixes * many FMO and out-of-order slices related ones (SW) * fix old QPs (KS) * fix chroma coding (AT/KS) * error concealment fix (YW) Cleanups * really remove old start codes (KS) * remove some unused decoder functions (KS)

Note: * in Version 3.5 and 3.6 is in the bit stream format the Slice mode broken * RTP still has the ASCII Parameter Set format Changes for Version JM 3.4 to JM 3.5 -----------------------------------New Features * improved SP technique [JVT-c114] (FW) * add syntax flag for switching (FW) Bug Fixes * new QP range bug fixes (chroma & SP coding) (AT/FW) * SKIP mode support and Runlength Coding for SP frames (AT/FW) * Modified lambda weight in RDO for SP frames (AT/FW) Changes for Version JM 3.4 to JM 3.3 -----------------------------------New Features * stuffing to prevent emulation of start-code [JVT-C064] (SR) * New start-code for byte-stream format. (SR) * New method for slice-level QP signaling [JVT-C136] (SR) * QP range shifted to [0,51] (SR) -> use #define _OLDSTYLEQP_ for old range Bug Fixes * fix single reference frame problem (AT) * fix B-Frame coding (AT) * fix ADAPT_LAST_GROUP (DT) * fix bit statistics (KS) * fix search if _FAST_FULL_ME_ disabled (KS) Cleanups * remove old slice-level QP signaling (KS) * remove old start codes (KS) * large QP handling cleanups (KS) Changes for Version JM 3.3 to JM 3.2 -----------------------------------New Features * Consideration of MVs of Direct Mode Macroblocks in B frame MV prediction [JVTC127] (AT) Bug Fixes * fix deblocking filter for B frames [JVT-C127] (AT) Changes for Version JM 3.2 to JM 3.1 -----------------------------------New Features * Skip mode motion compensation as defined in JVT-C027 (JL) Changes for Version JM 3.1 to JM 3.0

-----------------------------------New Features * Quantization range changed from [-8,39] to [-12,39] [JVT-B039] (AH) * Simplified rounding for transform and quantization [JVT-C136] (AH) * Simplified formula for intra 16x16 plane prediction [JVT-C136] (AH) Bug Fixes * fix RTP assert (DT) Cleanups * remove gcc warnings (KS) Known Problems * AFF + 1/8 pel motion compensation broken * if "LastFrameNumber" is used, "FramesToBeEncoded" must be >= "LastFrameNumber" Changes for Version JM 3.0 to JM 2.1 -----------------------------------New Features * Signaling of "Clean" Random Access Points [JVT-B042, JVT-C083] (DT) Bug Fixes * error concealment fixes (TO) * constrained intra prediction (GRC) * align intra pred to CD text (GRC) * adaptive frame/field fixes - lambda calculation (LW) - average psnr output (LW) - fix slice modes 1 and 2 (LW) - fix data partitioning (TO) * add adaptive frame/field parameter consistency checks (KS/LW) * encoder frame buffer management changes for non-AFF mode (DT) Cleanups * remove old 6 mode intra prediction (KS) Changes for Version JM 2.1 to JM 2.0b ------------------------------------New Features * adaptive frame/field coding (LW) Bug Fixes * intra 4x4 prediction block availability (several people) * DP fixes (TO) Changes for Version JM 2.0b to JM 2.0 ------------------------------------Bug Fixes * fix array bounds overflow in cabac.c (KS/IM) * fix byte sex issues in IFF (KS) * add UNIX preparation script (KS) Changes for Version JM 2.0 to JM 1.9

------------------------------------I dropped adaptive frame/field coding, so only bugfixes for this release Bug Fixes * decoder delta qp decoding fix (HS) * correction of wrong calculation of written bits in CABAC mode (correction according to the new coding engine) (DM) * major cleanup of the routines related to the statistics reported in stat.dat (DM): - correction of wrong calculation of used bits for header and mode info - addition of new table entries "motion info" and "stuffing bits" such that the sum of all entries matches _exactly_ the plotted number of average bits/frame, which in turn is now equal to the number of bits reported on the console * correction of wrong calculation of written bytes for CABAC in RTP mode (DM) * correction of total bits/frame printed out to the data.txt file for with B-fra mes (JL) * fix mprr size for new intra pred modes (GC) * fix frame_rate calculation for B-frames (GH) * fix restriction on reference frames for intra frame period (KS) * first step RPSL fixes (KS) * fix RTP assert (YW) * tracefile fix (DC) * fix spelling of config file parameter "NumberReferenceFrames" (MB) Changes for Version JM 1.9 to JM 1.8 ------------------------------------New Features * Loopfilter revised (PL) * INTRA-Prediction on unfiltered content (PL) Bug Fixes * use for each intra pred mode one CABAC context (DM) * increase version number (KS) * Interim file format updates (DT) Cleanups * GCC compatibility, remove warnings/unused variables (KS) * Add UNIX Makefiles (KS/HS) Changes for Version JM 1.8 to JM 1.7 -----------------------------------New Features * New Intra Prediction Modes [JVT-B080] (GrC) Changes for Version JM 1.7 to JM 1.4 -----------------------------------New Features * New Arithmetic Coding Engine [JVT-B036, Moffat/Neal/Witten ACM98] * Improved CABAC [JVT-B101] (GB) * Improved MB Pred Modes [JVT-B054] (HS) Bug Fixes * Fix MB statistics (HS) * Compile fix ERPS test (KS) * Restrict qp_factor for CABAC initialization (DM/KS) * Uses MAX_QP for IFF qp encoding (KS) * Fix decoder TR calculation (again) (AT)

* Fix wrong concealment for B-frames and TR wrap around (KS) * Correct error handling if first slice (or first frame) was lost (TO) * Introduced macroblock map for concealment of lost or damaged macroblocks (TO) Changes for Version JM 1.4 to JM 1.0 -----------------------------------New Features * Interim file format according to Appendix III of WD-1 [JVT-A003] (DT) * Transform and Quantizer changes [JVT-B008, JVT-B038] (AH) * VLC update [JVT-B029] (LK) * Updated Error Rebust Macroblock Mode and Reference Frame Selection [JVT-B102] (DK) Bug Fixes * DP & CABAC (TO)

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% People: KS Karsten Suehring Karsten.Suehring (at) hhi.fraunhofer.de AT Alexis Michael Tourapis alexismt@ieee.org AF AH AL AJ AM AS ASe AW BH BJ BL BiL BY CG CK CL CS CV CZ DA DC DD DH DK DM DT DW EM ES FB GB GC GM GrC GS FW Arild Fuldseth Antti Hallapuro Athanasios Leontaris Anthony Joch Alan MacDonald Albert Simpson Andrew Segall Armand Wemelsfelder Barry Haskell Byeungwoo Jeon Brandon Lin Bin Li Bill Yi Cristina Gomila Christopher Kotchey ChongSoon Lim Christian Schmidt Chris Vogt Chunbo Zhu D. Agrafiotis Doug Chin Dmitriy Demin Dzung Hoang Dimitris Kontopodis Detlev Marpe Dong Tian Dong Wang Ehsan Maani Eric Setton Frank Bossen Gabi Blaetterman Guy Cote Gunnar Marten Greg Conklin Gary Sullivan Feng Wu arild.fuldseth@tandberg.no antti.hallapuro@nokia.com athanasios.leontaris@dolby.com anthony@ubvideo.com newslists@warpzillion.com ASimpson@amphion.com asegall@sharplabs.com wemel@planet.nl bhaskell@apple.com bjeon@yurim.skku.ac.kr brandon@ubvideo.com yhlibin@mail.ustc.edu.cn bill.xyi@gmail.com GomilaC@tce.com ckotchey@us.ibm.com chongsoon.lim@sg.panasonic.com schmidt@ece.ucsb.edu cbzhu@mail.ustc.edu.cn d.agrafiotis@bristol.ac.uk dougchin@sandvideo.com Dmitriy.Demin@Sun.COM dzung.hoang@conexant.com dkonto@eikon.tum.de tian@cs.tut.fi Dong.Wang@bristol.ac.uk emaan@dolby.com esetton@stanford.edu bossen@docomolabs-usa.com guy@videolocus.com gunnar_marten@web.de gregc@real.com garysull@microsoft.com fengwu@microsoft.com


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