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Emmanuel Owusu Addai

Dr. –Ing. Collins Fosu (Senior Lecturer, Geomatic Dept., KNUST)
 GPS Positioning Services in Ghana
 How DGPS comes into play
 The use of Internet Services to aid work
 Why DGPS is been pursued
 Recommendation by a previous developer
 Bringing DGPS service literature into reality
in Ghana.
 Creating an independent website for GPS
 Getting to know advantages of real-time
processing over post-processing
 To determine the best medium of
disseminating Base station information and
corrections to GPS users in real-time with
facilities available to this project
 To encourage the advancement in
automation of Geodetic routines in Ghana
 Study both theoretical and practical routines in
 Make a proper appraisal of the Architecture,
Operations and Maintenance of already existing
 Study existing GPS software and how to
manipulate data files
 Design a comprehensive website (i.e., using
PHP, ASP. Net or java-script)
 Testing the system and analysing results to
make proper recommendations to users
 With 14 weeks, the study hopes to realise its
 If completed, would make real time GPS truly
real in Ghana